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Yanks Get Trapped In Canada

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The only bad thing about a good thing is the good thing has to  come to  an end, and vice versus ( see my recent excellent adventure) so  while it’s really good to  be back off the road, it was really bad watching the Yanks lose the proverbial  trap game last night in Toronto 3-1

I don’t want to  compare what  we’ve all been through, grueling work  schedules that  seem to  pile up on occasion, with Sunday night baseball games followed by a 7 PM Monday start, so  I  won’t, but the head scratcher here for me is, why wasn’t Joey’s best  option on the field  late in this game in an  effort to  save a brilliant outing by Chase Whitley?

I get he wanted to  rest Teixeira to  start  this game, but I don’t get not using him for 6 possibly 9 outs once the boys wrestled the lead from a stingy RA Dickey

Apparently Girardi didn’t feel the need to replace Garrett Jones a hack defensive back up with Mark Teixeira a world class vacuum cleaner first baseman after  the Bombers  painstakingly scratched out a 1-0 lead  in the 7th inning

The Bombers offense obviously asleep at the wheel (3 hits) after their Sunday  night marathon with Boston, got a $153M performance from  6th  starter turned Ace, Chase Whitley, only to  see Dr Girardi not reward his troops with their best chance to  win the damn  game

After Chris Martin coughed up  consecutive  one out singles to Donaldson and Bautista in the 8th inning, in came Betances. His first pitch to  the monster hitting Encarnacion was a hanging knuckle curve that Eddie lifted to left field, the ball  had more hang time then a room  full of groupies looking for autographs.

Brett the Face Gardner for some reason looked like Hanley Ramirez on the play,  i’ve seen the Don B run to contribute money to  a Democrat’s candidacy faster then  the Face got under that potential F/7 and the ball  dropped in for a game tying RBI double

Maybe the Face lost it in the dome lights, or maybe he was thinking about his next YES commercial, but before you know it, a good thing had turned bad

Betances got Pillar to  pop  up for the 2nd out and it looked like another potential marathon was brewing, but it wasn’t in the cards

John Wayne Gibbons then  sent up Russ Martin to pinch hit and Betances got behind 3-1, before leveling the count out at  3-2… Martin the ultimate grinder then slammed another meatball  knuckle curve down the third base line

Headley made  one of the best plays you’ll  ever see in a baseball  game, he laid out, stabbed the Martin rocket, got up  and riffled  a  one bounce throw to Jones who couldn’t make the pick and two  runs scored to  make it 3-1, ballgame over as the Yanks went down  quietly in the 9th  to  end their 5 game winning streak

I guess you have to  give the Red Sox an  assist on this win, they  pretty much rode Miller hard on Sunday night (31 pitches) and he was as useless as a Victoria Secret  runway model at a rib eating contest, so it was Martin and Betances trying to get 6 outs

Martin spit the bit, and D-Bet didn’t look crisp, sans a few 98 MPH heaters that Pillar couldn’t really  get around on.. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered but you would have felt more comfortable with D-Bet, A-Mil,  and Texy carrying the mail for 6 outs

That  said, the Yanks will need all  25 men, in fact they’ll need all  40 men before this thing is over, so at some point the other 5 relievers who have all been good, and even Jones will  find themselves in high  leverage situations if we’re gonna watch  a competitive 2015 season, last night just  didn’t pan out.

As for Whitley, he held the best run scoring team in the AL at bay  for 7 innings, 7 hits, no  runs, no BB’s, 6 K’s, 0.60 ERA. If Tanaka did that, they’d name a Japanese Airline after him, so  despite the bitter taste of defeat you loved seeing the Reverend Whitley take down all  those Toronto sinners

He only had two 1-2-3 innings, and he had to  work out of a hell of a 2nd and 3rd no out  jam with Bautista, Encarnacion, and Pillar coming up in the 6th to  preserve a 0-0 tie, but his personal end result was a masterful performance.

Out of the 90  pitches thrown, he was predominately sinker, slider, change up, he threw 6 fast balls all  for strikes, and 9 curves. He averaged  out at 90 MPH, so Whitley has to live with painting the corners, keeping the ball  down and deception, last night he had that  going on, unfortunately RA Dickey was also  great and the  Bomber offense was stranded in a Boston hotel elevator and it never made the trip to Canada

The Yanks were 0-4 with RISP, they left 4 men on base, and the boys racked up  2 errors.

The Whitely E was legit ( bad throw) I don’t know how you give Headley a throwing error on the Martin play, but that  bookkeeping kept Betances’ ERA at 0.00..

Betances didn’t pitch to  that line,  his stuff for the most part wasn’t crisp, despite his pitch FX looking stellar, 98 fast ball subtracting to  84 on the curve, but the hook didn’t seem to have that death grip on it last night

I will  admit Gardner and Jones could have bailed him out, but they  didn’t…

The Bomber run  came on a Carlos Beltran double (8) to right field in  the 7th inning
Drew who  is mired big time  grounded out to first, sending Beltran to 3rd.

Hack Jones grounded out to first allowing Beltran to score.

With Headley who  walked previous, on 3rd, Murphy couldn’t deliver the insurance, not that  2 runs would have been enough  after the 8th inning implosion by Martin and Betances

Yanks try to  even the series tonight with Pineda vs Estrada

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Written by Sal

May 5, 2015 at 7:16 am

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  1. A very entertaining synopses this morning, Sal. I especially like the line about seeing Don B run faster to contribute to a Democrat candidate! Funny stuff! As I’ve stated before, I don’t believe Garrett Jones will be here by the deadline. He’s shown very little bat, and last night was not his best, defensively. Bring back a professional. Bring back Lyle Overbay!


    May 5, 2015 at 9:34 am

  2. I dont understand why Girardi has to give guys days off all the time especially this early in the season. Who knows if Tex would have scooped that throw, but the fact they got 3 fucking hits might have something to do with why they lost. This offense is so inept its very hard to watch. They have the 2 at the top and the rest are automatic outs right now. How the fuck can Drew who is not hitting his weight hit 5th??????????? I knew they cant win every game but they set themselves up for failure with bringing in dipshit Martin then Betances and putting out a lineup that was Z team esque.

    Pretty Ricky

    May 5, 2015 at 10:12 am

  3. hey boys.. the Brew crew might be out of it, Overbay might be available..Drew has hit the skids no doubt I read Pirela is starting to rake but that means Petit goes

    Hack Jones has the Francesa jinx the poor bastid, and yes the offense was asleep last night… Damn they could have possibly stolen one had a few things gone right

    Martin, I’m surprised he hasn’t turned into a pumpkin yet, I do like Wilson, but still not sold on Carpenter, Shreve, and Martin.. time to rush up Lindgren let’s get his feet wet

    let’s hope for the even series after tonight, I’d like to see Pineda get back on track


    May 5, 2015 at 2:20 pm

  4. Dickey was winless and had been getting bombed,but naturally he shut down the Yanks,especially with that lineup. Enough already with Drew,he sucks-he may homer every now and then,but .149 isn’t going to cut it. This was one of those situations where the manager outsmarts himself-instead of having Betances throw 2 innings,starting with a clean slate,he has Martin fuck it up so Betances comes in with runners on 2nd & 3rd,putting a lot more pressure on him. Its just stupid,and GeniusJoe does it all the time!! After the joy of sweeping the sux,this was a major let down,a return to the disgusting days at the start of the season,
    wasting great starting pitching with inept,disgusting hitting-or lack of it.


    May 5, 2015 at 2:24 pm

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