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Pineda Writes the Script, Despite A Leaky Pen

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Thankfully PineTop Pineda pitched like an Ace last night 8 innings, 5 hits, no  runs, 1BB, 6 K’s, 2.97 ERA, because the pumpkin  patch that has occupied many a flash in the pan starts by Cashman scrap heap pick ups looks ready for a few more occupants. For the 2nd night in a row the pen has leaked, last night it was Carpenter spitting the bit. We should be concerned with Martin Carpenter and Shreve

Yanks still  sitting pretty as a reliever corp, despite two  ugly outings from Carpenter and Martin up in Toronto

From the Blind Boy’s of RAB prior to last night’s 2nd pen implosion in a row

Games like last night are pretty much the exact situation I had in mind when the Yankees acquired Carpenter. Starter goes seven innings, one of Miller or Betances isn’t available, so Carpenter is the guy to pick up the slack. That’s basically what he did for the Braves the last two years, when he had a 2.63 ERA (2.88 FIP) in 126.2 innings. Isn’t that the kind of pitcher who deserves a longer leash than one meltdown before being banished to the far corner of the bullpen?

Girardi is usually really good with his bullpen usage and decisions, I mean really really good, yet Carpenter has fallen out of favor for whatever reason. I really don’t understand it. With Betances and Miller overworked, this is the time to show a little more faith in the right-hander in high-leverage spots. At least more faith than Martin. Carpenter’s pitched in late-inning situations before and he’s capable of doing it again. He just needs the opportunity. There’s no reason to hide him.

Well Blind Boy you got your wish last night in a 6-0 game, Girardi  showed you why Carpenter has been in witness protection. We also  witnessed why John Hart, Braves GM ran this guy out of town, he’s been in the pumpkin patch  for two  seasons after his stellar 2013 campaign

 Shreve who I liked in the beginning, but really didn’t have much of a track record has been a  weak link in the Bomber Pen so far, well  we can  add Martin and Carpenter to  that mix now

Might be time to  cut bait, Lindgrind replaces Shreve, and Cashman needs to  flush out a few kids from  the farm  to replace “Marty  and Carp” if now ASAP, soon.

It won’t happen this soon, but the red flag watch  should start

Blind Boy’s Wrap Up after last night’s 6-3 Easy Chair turned White Knuckler thanks to Carpenter 0.2 innings 3 hits, 3 runs, 1 BB

Messy Ninth
So we’re never going to see David Carpenter in a meaningful spot again. Carpenter, who had thrown only 16 pitches in the last 13 days, allowed three runs on three hits and a walk while getting only two outs in the ninth. Andrew Miller had to come into the game for the final out, which he recorded after walking Jose Bautista to bring the tying run to the plate. Is Carpenter struggling because he hasn’t pitched or has he not pitched because he’s struggling? We’re probably not going to get much of a chance to find out the answer. 

We were all hoping Stephen Drew  was on the verge of being exiled, to  where I don’t know, he has a $5M contract and Cash-Brenner seems to have a man  crush on him, so he’ll have more rope then a Klan posse.. Last night he had 2 knocks. He’s barely off the Interstate, presently at a rest stop near the Mendoza Line so  things can’t get any worse, I don’t think …

This guy is probably  going nowhere, we just have to  hope he can minimize the damage he does  from the back of the line-up.. Pirela is up  so  we probably will  see him tonight vs the Lefty and one of Gregorius or Drew sit

Pretty ironic that  the Flying Gregorio Brother had X-Rays on his HBP hand, coincidence, or coincidently convenient with Pirela needing to  be activated.. Or maybe they ship out Carpenter, regardless opening a spot for a good bat should be when but who

Gregorio Petit had a fluoroscope done on his hand after tonight’s game. That early test came back negative — it’s sort of like an X-ray — and Girardi said the team might do more tests tomorrow. Petit was hit by a pitch in the ninth inning and had to leave the game. “We’ll see how he feels tomorrow,” Girardi said. “If we have to X-ray it, we’ll X-ray it.”

Girardi  claimed Teixeira didn’t come in for defensive purposes in the 3-1 loss on Monday because Tex was nursing a Lat, well I guess either Girardi  was fibbing or Texy got  better quick

Teixeira’s injury a non-factor: If Teixeira is dealing with a nagging lat injury, it sure didn’t show in fifth inning. Teixeira sent a two-run homer over the wall in right to extend the Yankees’ lead to 5-0. It marked career homer No. 373 for the first baseman, who tied teammate Carlos Beltran for fourth on the all-time list among switch-hitters.

 Too many distractions today  to put up  a legit blog so we’ll  copy and paste and get back to  the office later enjoy

Pineda Back On Track

We’ll give the final word to McCann about Pineda: “I felt like he was tough from the first pitch. He creates such tough angles for hitters, that it’s hard to square him up. And it’s hard to do it consecutive at-bats. That’s why he doesn’t give up big innings. That’s why he pitches deep into ballgames. He’s just got really good stuff and knows what he’s doing.”

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

May 6, 2015 at 9:41 am

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  1. man that got sweaty last night Either give Carpenter more outings to work stuff out or get somebody like Ramirez up here..

    Let’s hope Headley is ok they probably wanted to rest him vs the Lefty tonight but that didn’t work out

    Let’s hope Pirela can pick up where he left off, and he doesn’t hurt them on defense need some O from SS and 2nd base

    Light the candles they steal a another series need a big one from Sabathia, Yanks usually take care of Buehrle


    May 6, 2015 at 9:49 am

  2. Carpenter is caught in the old catch-22=he isn’t getting guys out so he’s not pitching but he’s not getting guys out because he’s not pitching regularly. Lou Piniella once said never take a pitcher the Braves get rid of-too bad Cashman didn’t listen. Pirella is back,Petit got hit on his hand,conveniently,may end up on the dl or Scranton.
    Yanks gave Drew $5 mil,Cashman loves him,so he is not going anywhere unfortunately. Pinheada is really doing well,even without his best stuff,hope it continues.Good news,fan favorite Capuano pitching in rehab,could be back soon!!-lol Arod had a big 2 run double in the first inning,driving in Ellsbury & GARDY,then Tex had 2 run bomb-these guys are carrying the team,especially Ellsbury & GARDY!!! They have to do it since the bottom of the order is just a black hole. Didi has been playing better,Beltran has gotten some hits but still has a long way to go.Yanks lead the East by 3 games so we really can’t complain,even though we do!!-lol


    May 6, 2015 at 10:22 am

  3. lol.. Hey Big D good run down…That was a nice knock by Arod, and we have to allow Gardner into the poker game, but on a trial bases lol….. True the two rabbits up front have really been good

    the pitching staff worries me these back of the rotation guys could level out to what they used to be, or maybe they have turned the corner.. Right now we have a lot full of $1000 dollar cars and a Mercedes with a rebuilt motor

    lets hope Sabathia can hold the fort tonight


    May 6, 2015 at 12:10 pm

  4. Man how much does our former Catcher ( # 55 ) love to make us look bad ??
    If he hit in the clutch like that in our laundry he’d still be playing on a real team.
    Apologies to the late great Richard Bell’s perennial faves,, lol,,


    May 6, 2015 at 2:56 pm

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