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Did We Spring a Leak or Capsize?

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It seems like just  yesterday the 2015 baseball  season started but as we wake up on this rainy Tuesday morning, first  we give thanks that we actually woke up, and secondly, the MLB season is just about a quarter of the way behind us, the day off is over, and the long season continues tonight in Washington DC with 2 games vs the Nationals

The Yanks season has been the consummate roller coaster ride, we started out sick to our stomach, the vertical loop that  tuned us upside down was a daunting 3-6  through the first 9 games, we unexpectedly hit a smooth patch in of all places the Trop, a perennial House of Horrors in Tampa and the boys went on an 18-6 ride that  had us either delusional ( see RAB) or consuming dangerous amounts of kool  aid

“A behemoth”, really Blind Boy, slow down on slurping the kool  aid kid.. The roller coaster ride took an  extreme inversion the last 6 games, and it all  started, you guessed it, at  the Trop. After an 11-5 beat down of the Rays  where the Yanks blasted 5 HR’s, they  ran out of gas and scored 5 runs in 3 games to  go on a 3 game losing streak

The streak  continued as they pushed the Yankee Bandwagon up I-70 to Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City where the AL champs Showed them  what  a real Championship  Caliber baseball  team looks like.. They  embarrassed the Bombers Ace, and their front office with a 12-1 ass whipping in game 1

Sabathia  turned back the clock in game 2, Headley and ARod chipped in with HR’s and the boys temporarily avoided a head on collision with Dead Man’s  curve thanks to a solid 5-1 win stopping a 4 game slide

Little did we know but fourteen hours later the Yanks once again  ran out of gas, it’s well  documented Hal is only giving Cashman small  allotments of gas money to  try an  navigate through this long and winding road, and once again Edison Volquez and the KC Monarchs embarrassed scrap heap  acquisition Beano Capunano and the Pinstripes 6-0.

A 2-7 road trip, or as GK2 writes

Now, the last six games in which the Yankees went 1-5 at the end of stretch of 30 games in 31 days have been a lethal cocktail of poor pitching, leaky defense and not enough bats to support the solid work of Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira.

Kudo’s to GK2, he didn’t take the day off like say Marbles Fiensand or the ESPN tag  team of Wally and Marchard, George spent his day off in DC researching, he tried to find any survivors that  might possibly be crawling from the wreckage.

He located the same 7 we did, Ellsbury, Gardner, Teixeira, A-Rod, Pineda, Betances, and Miller.. the Magnificant 7  have carried the Bombers over the first  39 games, but somebody else better start to earn  their paychecks

“Until the bottom half of the lineup hits, they have to get tremendous production out of the top two guys,’’ a scout who has followed the Yankees recently said of Ellsbury and Gardner. “And they have to get home runs from Rodriguez and Teixeira.’’

The first  three culprits  that  come to mind are Headley, Beltran and McCan’t, they  pull  down $45M per yr, that’s just  about 20% of the $230M payroll.. That’s not as bad as Cano’s line for the Mariners, he’s pulling down 20% of their salary structure all by himself, but that’s Jack Z’s problem not ours

Once again thanks to GK2 he’s saving us a lot of heavy lifting

Carlos Beltran’s first extended hot streak (8-for-24) is promising and he is batting .310 (9-for-29) with runners in scoring position, but he has just two homers, an on-base percentage of .271 and is batting .234 overall. Brian McCann is at .237 with an on-base percentage of .290. Chase Headley is at .236.

So Beltran is showing glimpses of life, Headley and McCan’t are way to inconsistent, Beltran is on the books for 1 more year McCan’t and Headley 3 more years after 2015, that’s just bad GM  work right there if this slide continues

That’s the good news Re: the last 5 hitters in this Cashman  constructed line-up, now we enter the depths of depravity, our infamous Drew-Gorius Twins, who  are bottom feeding the 8-9 slots in the line-up

At least Drew is covering 3 positions on the field, at worst he could be a $5M utility player who replaces somebody late in games and gets an occasional  start vs RHP, but he’s your everyday 2nd baseman / spot SS / 3rd baseman…

Gregorius is simply pathetic, good arm, decent range, hands of stone, not much  baseball instinct and one of the worse hitters you’ll find in baseball… What has to  scare you is this guy  has been on Cashman’s radar  for a few years now despite him unable to  crack a D-Backs line-up  that  didn’t exactly have Louie Aparicio manning the position

In fact  after 32 games Nick Ahmad is batting a robust .165 / .248 / .176 / .423, and Chris Owings isn’t doing much better

That’s Tony La Russa’s problem, it doesn’t solve  the Bombers debacle

The middle-infield duo of Didi Gregorius and Stephen Drew are batting a combined .190 (42-for-221) and have on-base percentages of .269 and .264, respectively.

Now we’re up  to  speed on why in the last 6 games the Yanks have scored 11 runs,

a six-game stretch in which they scored 11 runs, batted .215 (43-for-200) overall and .237 (9-for-38) with runners in scoring position has to eventually be corrected in order to stay afloat even in a bad division.

The defense has also been atrocious lately

In the last four games (three losses) the Yankees have committed five errors. For the season they have 28.

“What I see are alarming defensive lapses and I am not just talking about the errors,’’ a scout said. “They don’t get to balls and teams are running on the outfield arms at will. Beltran doesn’t throw anymore. Headley’s throwing problems could be the early stages of the yips.’’

Headley has been extremely bad

Headley, who made nine errors in 135 games last year, has eight in 38 games this season, and six of them have come on throws. Sunday, he turned a routine grounder into two unearned runs in a 6-0 loss to the Royals with an errant toss to first.

The pitching has escaped any wrath at  the moment, but one look at this rotation on paper and where do  we find any confidence outside of maybe Pineda, who  still has to prove he’s not a pretender over the long haul

He bombed big time one outing ofter his 16  strike out gem, juxtaposed to  say Kluber  who punched out 18 in one game came back and diced up  12 more in his following outing

In Kluber’s last 17 innings, 6 hits, 1 run, 30 K’s 1 BB, now thats an Ace.. His team  has scored 3 runs for him in those two  games,

He’s 1-1, in those starts, hence your win- loss record once again doesn’t show how good or bad a pitcher is…”Let’s be honest” it completely drives me insane when I hear Francesa make that W-L on a pitchers record his top  priority stat when he occasionally talks baseball on his show

Anyway, the Yanks have to  light candles that Tanaka will get back to  the rotation, even with a damaged wing have to hope he’s better then Caspuano or Warren who  desperately needs to get back to  the 7th inning role to  shore up  that leaky pen, who out side of the Terminator Two is less then  desirable

Nova is reportedly on the mend also but that’s looking like July so they need to patchwork the staff for 6 more weeks, which means 6 more weeks of Capuano

Nova is expected back next month from Tommy John surgery in April 2014. The righty threw 42 pitches over three innings against Philadelphia minor leaguers.

Eovaldi vs Gonzalez


Written by Sal

May 19, 2015 at 8:20 am

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  1. not that it matters much but Gonzalez and Cole aren’t Scherzer and Zimmermann

    that said Yanks channelling the Red sox by thinking about moving ARod to first base in an NL park at least vs the Lefty Gonzalez

    Maybe Gonzalez will forget how to pitch for a night and Harper won’t want to embarrass his future bosses.. although I think Harper gets extended by the rich Nats long before he’s a free agent


    May 19, 2015 at 8:40 am

  2. All this chatter about our pitching does us squat if we cant turn a simple double play, make a straight throw from deep in the hole w/o pulling our 1Bman off the bag
    if we cant score more runs than the Team we are playing !!


    May 19, 2015 at 12:39 pm

  3. hahaha this is true Donny, we’re well rested Yanks should be able to sweep, despite this Cole kid being an enigma you know how things get when they face pitchers they’ve never faced


    May 19, 2015 at 5:27 pm

  4. Saw the lineup for tonight,Tex at 1b,no Arod. Just another reason to hate interleague play-I really don’t need one-it puts the AL team at a big disadvantage in the NL park with no dh. Very good recap of the season so far. I am surprised and glad that they are in first place,who knows how long they will stay there
    especially with Drew and Gregorious-lol The papers have been full of negative stats they have,if you watch the games you know they have sucked.Now they are going after Headley and his throwing errors,
    “may be the yips”. Somehow McCan’t escapes any criticism,he is a “leader in the clubhouse”. Hopefully the rest has helped them.


    May 19, 2015 at 5:35 pm

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