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We can  check Miller off our he’s a Game of Thrones Dragon, last night A-Mil  proved he was human, but at least he got slayed by a dude who hit his 10th career walk off home run, Ryan Zimmerman.

What sticks in your craw is for the first 4 AB’s Zimmerman could have been playing for the Yanks for most of this road trip,  he was an extreme innocuous PA, like most of NY’s hitters prior to last night’s 6 run  explosion

His F/8 after the Harper Tater in the first  was an afterthought, with  the Nats slamming  two Taters off Phil Eovaldi you were too pissed off to  even notice the 3rd out of the inning

Then Zimmy let Phil Evo off the hook in the 4th after Babe Escobar ( on base all 4 times up) singled and Harper didn’t see a pitch  within 3 feet of home plate for a walk, so  two on, no  outs in what  we were hoping would be a shut down inning after the Yanks miraculously took a 4-2 lead  in the top of the 4th..Sure enough Zimmerman  was punched out, then Willie Ramos hit into  a 5-4-3 DP to  end the inning.

Even El “Manos de Piedra” Pirela made a nifty turn on that DP, right there you thought maybe the Yanks turned the corner on this game

Then Phil Eovaldi who had settled down by getting 6 Nats in a row in the 2nd and 3rd innings plus worked out of potential  danger in the 4th turned into apparently what he was in the NL last yr,  a Dog,  worse, he’s a Dog that won’t hunt….

After the miraculous escape in the 4th, Teixeira clobbered the fading Gio Gonzalez for a 2 run HR to give Phil Evo a 6-2 lead.. Six friggin runs!!!!!! it took these tired old Yankees 6 games to  score 11 runs and they blessed Phil with 6 in 5 innings, if the kid had even an iota of guts he would have kept this game at bay

In the bottom of the 5th, he walks the lead off batter, no  not Harper, Espinosa,  the 7 hitter in an NL line-up,  that’s like walking Drew-Gorius, except Espinosa is better, still… then he gets behind 3-0  to pinch hitter Clint Robinson, I thought Clint Robinson was a basketball player….

Robinson hit’s a double, then the top of the order smacks 3 singles in a row and it’s 6-5… If Justin Wilson’s baseball  card says he can get both  RH and LHB’s out, at least that  was the bill of goods Cashman  sold the fan base this winter when he traded Cervelli  for him, then  why are we waiting until Harper comes up  to  bring him in?

Phil Evo looked sacred to  death on the mound once the house of cards started to collapse ( the Robinson double)  Have Larry take a walk, get Bubba  McCan’t to  slow the game down, send his fat  ass out there to  chat and kill  some time, he must be good for something, it sure isn’t blocking balls in the dirt or coming up  with  clutch hits

We get the pinch hitter for Wilson, but you might as well  let Wilson hit if your gonna send up Black Hole Jones, and keep Wet Willie out there,  for Christ  sake he got Harper to kill the previous inning, why bring in Carpenter, another dog that  won’t hunt, in a 1 run game?

Sure enough a 3-0 meatball from Carp  and the game is tied 6-6…Everybody in Yankee-ville keeps saying what  a great pitcher this guy used to be.. I see high  heat,  but he can’t command it, we also  saw a splitter that  is swing and miss stuff, but he can’t repeat those mechanics either,  the dude has no  rhythm, sort of like watching the dancing at  a white wedding

I will  admit Chasen Shreve has looked much better  his slider-changeup was moving last night, Wilson, Shreve, and Miller finally cooled down Harper with two K’s and a DP

So moving forward you feel  a bit more comfortable with the Lefty situation in the pen, they just  need to  fix the Martin / Carpenter debacle, which can  start  with Warren  going back in the pen

Betances was great for 6 outs,  but  you knew the game was lost when  the Yanks couldn’t score a run in the 8th off the terrible Door Matt Thornton. Tex got him for a deflected lead off  single, but McCan’t and Headley let him off the hook on 4 pitches, for 2 quick outs,  and Pirela continued to  struggle off RHP once Door Matt was yanked

Part  two in the tea leaves looking like a bad ending was brewing,  with  1 out, Miller was already 11 pitches into  walking Babe Escobar in the 10th.. What  is it with Escobar ? Has hitting in front of Harper turned him into Edgar Martinez?  The Yanks pitched him like Barry Bonds, he’s been on a million  teams and they  bounced him off every one of them, now he’s a weapon?

Harper was punched out much to  the delight of the YES talking heads but with two outs Miller was already  up  to  17 pitches, Zimmerman had him at  22 pitches  before he whacked  one off the foul  pole on a 3-2 meatball

Even if the Yanks score your risking Miller to  come back out in the bottom of the 11th to  close it out.. Miller was trending toward a 40 pitch night, not what  you want to  see from a closer, even with desperation mounting and a win  almost imperative

Anyway Betances threw 28 pitches so he’s limited tonight.. Miller had his worst outing to  date, 22 pitches, only  10  were for strikes, possibly both  guys with a day off Thursday  could grapple for 1 inning each tonight, but you have Warren who might get  through  5 if your lucky, so  a less then ideal  scenario on paper, not to mention  your now 2-6 on this road trip  and have blown the first place lead

The starting pitching looks lost, the hitters had a nice comeback night off Gonzalez who looked dominant for the first  3 innings, all  ground ball outs before Ellsbury walked to  change Gonzalez’s mechanics and he promptly imploded

Ellsbury will be out 15 days minimum, big loss, like taking the V8 engine out of the truck and replacing it with  a 4 cylinder…

 Warren  vs Zimmermann

the Whole 9

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Written by Sal

May 20, 2015 at 8:41 am

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  1. the silver lining for me was it actually got to be a frustrating loss

    the way it started it looked like Gonzalez was gonna throw a perfect game.. 27 up 27 down 27 ground ball outs

    We all knew the other shoe was gonna drop but why did it have to drop on Ellsbury’s knee…

    I’m looking forward to Heathcott getting a chance, and Ellsbury always gets hurt so at least we can get it out of the way, plus he was starting to dive head first into that empty cement pool

    not that you wanna replace steak with dog food as your entree but we have to look at it with a spec of positivity lol….

    Didn’t a wise man once say Oy Vey?


    May 20, 2015 at 8:58 am

  2. just realized it’s now Zimmermann on the bump for the Nats.. whoa that’s a 2-7 road trip chisel it


    May 20, 2015 at 9:26 am

  3. Robinsons double off Eovaldi was his first major league hit! After watching Carpenter,now I understand why GeniusJoe left him in-lol Not really,Eovaldi physically resembles Carl Pavano and is starting to pitch like him too.
    He throws hard but its easy to hit and he does not seem to have the brains to adjust. Miller was due-so is Betances-to give up a run,no one goes an entire season unscored upon. Zimmerman has done it before,he beat the Wanger in 2006-they showed it on YES. The last thing they needed was losing Ellsbury,but he is made of glass,always seems to get hurt.He injured his knee taking a swing!!! WTF!!! GeniusJoe said he was getting an mri
    in the post game,may be back for the next game,then we hear he is on the dl-NOT GOOD!!!!! You can’t watch this team play and not say oy vey!!!


    May 20, 2015 at 10:03 am

  4. This Team shows no pride.
    just a job,, to these players no one ever heard of,
    pathetic and embarrassing.


    May 20, 2015 at 10:17 am

  5. Hey Guys—I’ve been away and it’s good to be back.
    A depressing loss last night, after having a 6-2 lead early. My hesitation on Ellsbury for 7 years at more than one seventh of a billion always has been that he gets hurt so easily and so often. Many times when it looks like not much happened to cause it. 5 more years after this one makes me believe that it will only get worse.
    In spite of the bad last week, I still have to say that I look forward to listening and watching the hard headed manager (cape dost) and his post game presser. He acts as if he’s at an Italian wake, rarely looks at the questioner, and mumbles his answer like someone just ran over his dog in the middle of the street. When he wins, he sips the Poland Spring water and is always sure to screw the cap on. Winning causes him to praise everyone even if they did next to nothing.
    I also just caught a great clip on Mikey Mush at Bob’s Blitz—it’s a little hard to find as it’s a few pages back, but it details a bunch of Mikey’s miscalculations and predictions, despite his protests to the contrary that he is not prone to those sort of things.
    You guys always cover almost all of the stuff I see, and the insight here is always top shelf. Tiny exception to Dallas and his permanent overkill of Ichiro to the death. I like Ichiro and marvel at the way he takes care of himself and plays the game in an all out way, inspite of the fact that he’s closer to collecting Social Security than he is to starting his career. My tywo personal black holes that I nev er liked were Swisher and Damon who really aged out early and stole big money for many years when they had already shit the bed. Swisher’s current contract at Cleveland and his performance there is shameful. Damon is bitter at the entire baseball establishment for finally realizing how useless he had become. His latest brilliant ( and Johnny has always been brilliant) is that no team would sign him the last few years because they only wanted players who were willing to use PED’S.
    Sorry Dallas–I know they were/are two of your favorite and I hope you don’t take it personally. I never liked Damon after 2004 and I still wish they had never signed him. In spite of his contribution in 2009.


    May 20, 2015 at 10:39 am

  6. Nooger I know its hard to believe but I actually did miss you!! We all have our favorites and the players we wish were gone. Comparing Stenchiro to Babe Ruth is disgusting and slap in the face to baseball,he isn’t a pimple on Ruth’s ass. Whether you like them or not,Swisher and Damon had a huge part in the championship of 09.Your boy Cano is not exactly burning up the league while counting his money in Seattle.


    May 20, 2015 at 11:37 am

  7. hey Boys terrific takes.. per the usual

    Donny we have a problem and it starts with the owner and his asinine concept of what it takes to build a baseball team, your disdain is spot on

    Big D good report on Robinson, I didn’t realize it was his first hit, Eovaldi drove me crazy last night

    Noogsie glad your back, we all missed you… I was gonna email you before I split for 4 days tomorrow morning just to make sure you were whole,

    I know you occasionally take a well deserved hiatus so glad that’s the case this time too..

    I’ll look into finding the Blitz stuff, one of Mushnick and or Raismann had taken Mikey to task basically for the same reasons Blitz did, never owning his mistakes I think last week

    part of why we love him hahaha, and he gets downright pissed off when somebody explains when he messed up… mikey doesn’t get it, another reason he’s so wrong he’s spot on Re: entertainment value

    Great stuff fellas keep the fires burning

    Let’s hope Heathcott can go on a run, also hoping Pirela can walk into a few hits we could use some youth hopefully these guys can hold their own


    May 20, 2015 at 12:25 pm

  8. I don’t believe that anyone compares Ichiro to Babe Ruth, any more than they did not compare Sadaharu Oh with 863 homes in Japan to Ruth either.
    Ichiro’s skills are greatly diminished. He still plays very hard, takes great care of himself, respects the game and never says anything out of line. Ichiro is a sure Hall of Famer.
    As far as Cano is concerned, he is off to a slow start for the first quarter of the season, but will likely end up the year close to where his numbers always are, except for home runs, which is more of a product of not playing in the AL East, where not just Yankee Stadium but every park in the division is a bandbox.
    Cano is also headed for the Hall of Fame.


    May 20, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    • Noogsie I found this article the other day, I thought the M’s fans were a little harsh calling out Cano for his lack of power

      I did mention to them they can’t expect him to hit HR’s like he did playing for NY, Re: of my retort to the article, they think something is “amiss”

      I’m wondering if he’s hurt? or as you say he might go on a run and it all evens out… If that’s the case he’s got a lot of hits left in his bat

      I’d say he’s lost his luster for Seattle but he was responsible for them signing Cruz so that can’t be it, anyway check out the vibe


      May 20, 2015 at 7:08 pm

  9. They don’t talk about Ohs homers,the wins Nomo and Puke-K got in Japan so why do they count Stenchiros hits there? In this world of runaway political correctness,maybe Stenchiro could get in the hall.
    Using just his stats in the majors,very difficult since he is a corner outfielder with ZERO power.There are a lot of former players with better numbers.If he does get in,to quote Silvio Dante,”I will go to Cooperstown and throw acid in his face”-lol


    May 20, 2015 at 8:18 pm

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