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Yanks Fought the LAW(rie) And the LAW(rie) Won

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So  you think  the Bombers are off the snide because they swept an asleep at the wheel KC Royals, think  again. And  don’t buy  that crap  from Girardi  that  it’s baseball  and it’s unpredictable, last night at Coliseum the most predictable team in MLB once again crashed and burned to  the worst team in the AL 5-4

“It’s hard to figure out,’’ Girardi said. “Baseball doesn’t make sense on a daily basis.’’

In the last 15 games the Yanks are 4-11, the only team  they’ve defeated have been the KC Royals, so  that  can mean only 2 things, the fat  cats on the team only get up for the good teams, or Tampa, Washington, Texas and Oakland were  overdue and the Yanks caught them  at  the wrong time

Well DC is a good team  so  strike that  thought from the record, maybe it’s the latter, or maybe the Yanks are at best  a mediocre .500-ish  team and we should jump on the roller coaster and take the ride

One look at the roster tells me that’s the case, for the whole season it’s been the top  4 in the line-up with an  occasional helping hand from McCan’t, Headley and Beltran on offense… Pineda, Betances, Miller, and Warren are the most consistent pitchers, Eovaldi  and Sabathia occasionally wet their beak if the run support is there

Last night Betances and Miller weren’t available, Warren  should have been the guy pitching the fateful 7th inning but the rotation is so bad he’s now a starter. Handing the ball  to anyone else in the pen is a crap  shoot, and once again DFA Sabathia and Tomato Can Carpenter rolled snake eyes

Pitching wise Sabathia was the main culprit, despite the media targeting Carpenter as the Goat, hitting wise the bottom of the order has been totally useless just  about all  season..Last night Beltran, Drew, Young, and Gregorius were 0-14 with 3 K’s. Toss in an 0-3 from Teixeira and over half the line-up went limp, 0-17

Sabathia has been good in small  spurts, but like most of the team extremely inconsistent, in fact the only thing consistent about the AL East  is it’s inconsistency, so hence the Jekyll and Hyde predictability with the Bombers.

Anyway  there is no  crying in baseball, only whining, so  we’ll hit a few bullet points and move on to  a new day

DFA  (Delusional Fat Ass) Sabathia

Talk about no  communication, how are you in the same locker room but have no idea your two  closers are on the shelf, but worse, why does Sabathia always say he was just  1 pitch short or he only has to  tighten  up  a few things and he’ll be fine?

“It was a changeup up, and he put a good swing on it,’’ said Sabathia, who gave up five runs and eight hits in six-plus innings and is 8-11 in 28 career starts against the team he grew up following from nearby Vallejo, Calif. “I was a couple of pitches short of getting the ball to Dellin and Miller.’’

“There was no reason not to believe [it was a turning point],” Sabathia said. “I threw the ball well. Now I’ve just got to tighten up on a couple of pitches and get the ball to the back of our bullpen, which is the strength of our team.”

Sabathia blew a 3 run handicap 1 inning at  a time starting from the 5th to  the 7th inning, you saw it coming in the 6th and it metastasized in the 7th… Actually you first saw glimpses of the future in the 3rd when  the A’s strung 3 one out singles together, but Sabathia miraculously punched out Seimen and Zobrist who  you know will  be gone from Oakland by July 31st

Staked to  a 3-0 lead, the bottom  started to  fall out in the 5th  when Sabathia rolled a 78 MPH slider to Billy Burns who looks like he’s been a pesky lead off hitter, but he’s only had 1 HR all  season before that line drive landed in the first  row in left field

Lawrie broke Sabathia’s  back in the 6th when he popped a meatball  change-up into  the seats for a two  run game tying HR

Sabathia has allowed 10 HR’s this season, so  at least he leads the team in something

Blood From a Stone

Girardi  went into  a gun fight with a water pistol as Cashman is still  trying to  get Rothschild to figure out how to polish  a turd. If we know it, Ma and Pa Pinstripe know it, why doesn’t  Cashman  relent to  the fact velocity on a fast ball means next to nothing… The two most lethal  bullpen weapons in baseball belong to Cashman’s Bombers and they’re dominant because they’re packing heat, but the put away pitches are devastating breaking balls, knuckle curve and slider..

Tomato Can Carpenter has a live arm but he has no idea where his pitches are  going except for base hits or walks, and he has no consistent 2nd pitch. He gets behind in counts then throws predictable fast balls that MLB hitters get paid to hit

“It’s about getting the fastball located,’’ said catcher Brian McCann, a Braves teammate of Carpenter’s. “It’s a matter of pitching ahead.’’

Everytime they  run this guy  to  the bump, bad things happen, so the most salient  thing to  do  of course is keep running him out there?

“At this point it’s not mechanical. Pitch selection? It could be that,’’ said Carpenter, who was acquired with Shreve from the Braves for Manny Banuelos because he possess a power arm the Yankees lust for but one that so far hasn’t produced.

Would have Carpenter been better served starting an inning fresh instead of Joey running him into  a game with 2 on and no out? Who knows, but a single, a walk, a sac fly later and the Yanks were down  5-3.. Based on how the inning unfolded, yes maybe Carpenter would have fared better if he only had to  carry his baggage and not Sabathia’s

“To have a really successful bullpen, you have to have everyone contribute,’’ said Girardi, who didn’t get that from Carpenter.

The  fact Girardi had no one to  turn to  but the Fabulous Underbellies, Carpenter, Shreve and Rogers, I guess you try to  get 1 more inning out of DFA Sabathia, good luck with that..

How about this, maybe see if Lindgren can be your Eduardo Rodriguez, after all it’s not a 13 run lead but this is the worst team in the AL.. If Lindgren passes the test, right there you’ve established a new face, a new weapon instead of trying to get blood from a stone

Bottomed Out

The pitching took it on the chin last night, Carpenter got to  wear the Goat horns back to the hotel, Sabathia per usual escapes the wrath of the press because he’s Sabathia, and the Yanks did score 4 runs, but they were 1-6 with RISP, and left 7 men on base.. They  went 0-17 with  the bottom of the order hitting rock  bottom once again. The offense at least has to take an honorable mention in this deflating  loss

Drew and Young had men on 2nd and 3rd in the 4th  but couldn’t deliver. There were 2 men on base in the 6th  but the Roman gladiator Useless Gregorius had no  clue how to  drive one of them in. Headley had a shot to  tie it in the 9th but the F/8  ended the game. Not that NY had any way  to keep  the A’s  from  scoring even if they  did tie the game, this one was lost when Sabathia couldn’t hold the lead, and Carpenter allowed two inherited runs to plate

The Hit and Runs

McCan’t hit his 7th HR in the 2nd, his 1st outside of Yankee Stadium. He singled home ARod in the 4th, ARod hit a sac fly in the 5th, Gardner who had 3 hits doubled home Black hole Jones who  walked in the 9th

Onward Through the Fog

Yanks try to get up off the mat tonight, good luck, the A’s throw their best  pitcher Sonny Gray  (5-2, 1.77 ERA) who earned the decision in Sunday’s 7-2 win in Tampa Bay, despite being limited to five innings because of an  ankle injury. He allowed four hits and has the AL’s lowest ERA, as well as the fifth-lowest by an Oakland pitcher through 10 starts during the designated hitter era.

Then Yanks by Jesus counter with the Human White Flag, a man who needs no introduction, Beano Capuano, who  hopefully will be making his last start  as a NY Yankee with Tanaka  possibly scheduled to  come back vs Seattle

I’d rather witness the growing pains of Severino and Mitchell learning on the job then watch Beano stumble through 3 or 4 innings and destroy the already overused Fabulous Underbellies

If your looking to  win  a series, Game One was a huge loss with this match  up on tap tonight

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

May 29, 2015 at 6:54 am

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  1. “Let’s be honest” this game had Fuck me Fuck you written all over it.. No Terminator Two available, and DFA on the bump….The offense needed to hang double digits on the A’s to be sure of a win

    Can’t blame the O for not scoring at least 10, would have been nice if the bottom feeders would have helped just a little bit

    this team definitely has become transparent , as transparent as the class system they have at the Mall On Rivera Avenue where they cater to the haves and the have nots

    they have the Big 4 at the top,

    the Bottom feeders Drew, Jones, and the Roman Gladiator Useless Gregorius

    the Once a Week club, Beltran McCan’t and Headley

    the the Fabulous Underbellies led by Carpenter

    and the Terminator Two

    The rotation is Pineda and Warren and the rest are borin….


    May 29, 2015 at 7:33 am

  2. Reading CC’s comments above reminded me of the guys who fought Tyson when he was in his prime. Michael Spinks–Pinklon Thomas–Marvis Frazier–and even old Larry Homes. It was almost always the same comment after they got obliterated—” I was doing fine and then just got caught.” That meant that they took a shot flush which put them on queer street. CC is virtually saying the same thing now.
    And when Girardi says some of the stuff that he seems to always do after a loss like this one—it’s as if he’s trying to make chicken salad out of chicken shit. He’s always the same and it’s old now.


    May 29, 2015 at 8:42 am

  3. CC pitches just well enough to lose,seems to always make a mistake that kills him. Burns hit his 2nd homer of the year,Lawrie his 3rd!!,guys that usually don’t homer,manage to hit them off him. I was surprised he came out for the 7th inning but with Carpenter as the only choice,it was playing russian roulette.Yanks need to find a righty for the bullpen that can actually get people out. They went from having one lefty in the pen(Logan)for years,to now having 4.They need some more balance. Its pretty pathetic that Drew keeps playing every game with a .160 ba. I understand they need him for his defense since they don’t trust Pirela and his frying pan glove,but Drew simply cannot hit. In the last homestand,he was 1-18,
    the 3 run homer.Last night came out with runners on 2nd & 3rd,popped up to the infield on the first pitch!
    Garbage! BTW,Tex should have been on 3rd when McCann singled in Arod so that when Beltran grounded out,he would have scored instead of just moving to 3rd and getting stranded by Drew. Tough way to start the road trip.


    May 29, 2015 at 9:56 am

    • Hey boys solid stuff great takes spot on channeling
      we’re all seeing the same mirage
      I’m trying to buy into what this team is some things they can’t fix like the guys with too much money on the books
      Carpenter I understand has to twist in the wind until a better replacement shakes loose
      Why he’s here in the first place is what I want to know
      Gotta be able to develop a 1 inning pitcher on the farm no?
      Definitely need a rhp but until that creature arrives I’d like to see Lindgren get Carps high leverage innings
      Just to see what he can do
      The game is out of control with Carpenter anyway and the kid is supposed to have reversible splits let’s see it


      May 29, 2015 at 10:45 am

  4. West coast games suck anyway,, go to sleep ahead 2-0 after Alex steals a run, wake up to pee at 430am, ck the score and fuk me,,
    C. C. Spit the Bit again, where is the pride of him and Beltran?
    Admit yr done and fall on yr sword.
    Fuuuuuuuuuuuk me,,
    Game 7 tonight
    Go Rangers !!!


    May 29, 2015 at 4:57 pm

  5. hahahaha fall on your sword hahahah

    I guess we have to root for the Rangers, the Don I found out is a big Rangers fan, so we can’t leave no man behind.. Plus he bet the farm on them and if they lose guess who’s gonna have to lend him the money

    take out the one hand clapping machine lol


    May 29, 2015 at 6:43 pm

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