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Yanks Slam The King

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Yanks Slam the King

King Felix had a bad night, shit happens, usually the King has those cumbersome outings vs the Red Sox, but  when he faces the Yanks it’s always total  domination

( 11 career shutouts, 2 vs the Yanks.. Hernandez had dominated the Yankees in recent years, going 3-0 with a 1.50 ERA in his six previous starts and 9-5 with a 2.87 ERA in 17 career meetings. It was his first loss to the Yankees since May 12, 2012.)

So  coming into  this game, the Yanks on a slide, you figured the bad road trip  would continue to plummet out of control

Yes there was a small  chance the cliche “That’s baseball Suzyn” would kick in but you weren’t holding your breath.

The game started out with Felix looking like he was gonna continue his last complete game dominance ( a 3-0 complete game gem vs the Rays) by getting the Yanks in order on 6 pitches in the 1st inning, he sent them down 1-2-3  on 9  pitches in the 2nd, and 6 pitches in the 3rd inning.. 9 outs, 21 pitches, 3 Strike Outs, The place was delirious…

Hit(s) and Run(s)

In the 4th inning the worm turned and the Bombers opened the frame with 2 consecutive singles as the line up turned over. A wild pitch plated the Yanks 1st run. Felix in an uncustomary  manner walked ARod and Teixeira to load the bases with  no outs

McCan’t put a pin in the Bomber balloon by bouncing into  a DP, the run scored but the buzz of a potential  big inning died, still Pineda was afforded a 2-0 lead

With Hernandez looking as uncomfortable as a married man trying to hide his girlfriend from the wife, the Yanks took advantage and knocked the King out in the 5th

A lead off walk, a single, a walk,  a sac fly (3-0) a single, and the big bomb, a Teixeira Salami made it 7-0. McCan’t struck out but a double by Beltran  ended the King’s reign,  4.2 innings, 6 hits, 7 runs, 5 BB’s, 4 K’s 1 HR, 2.63 ERA

The Yanks shut it down after that, 4.1 innings 1 hit, no runs, 4 K’s vs Guaipe and Leone.. For some reason with rain in the forecast the brainiacs that  run SafeCo field had the dome open for a while until  they  finally closed it. It rained like hell, the mound got muddy, and Hernandez looked like the muck  was giving him some trouble, but the excuses weren’t used at the presser

“I don’t know what happened,” Hernandez said. “I just lost my command and fell behind a lot of times. A lot of walks killed me. I made a lot of mistakes.”

Was the muddy mound any issue?

“I would say yes, but that’s not what happened,” Hernandez said. “I was just making mistakes, I fell behind, I threw a lot of walks and then [Mark] Teixeira beat me with the grand slam. … I was just kicking dirt out of my cleats. But it’s not that. It was just one of those days. It was on me.”

 His manager Lord McClendon followed suit and mentioned Hernandez was human, (good to know) just had a bad night

Pretty much the skinny on Hernandez was his lack of  command, his ball was moving quite a bit, the Yanks got patient, he got frustrated, made a mistake vs Teixeira and Bob’s your Uncle.. Maybe some blowback after his complete game 4 days previous, we saw Pineda falter for two  outings after his 16 strike out gem

“His stuff moves so much, I think that’s what got him into trouble a little bit,” Teixeira said. “His stuff was moving so much, it was tough to control and he walked a few guys. Give our hitters credit; they didn’t swing at the bad pitches when he threw them. We made the adjustments. “

You almost couldn’t believe your eyes, but we’ll  take it and move on, it was a big win, but only if the Yanks can take at least 1 of the next  two  against the flailing Mariners who have now lost 3 in a row, are 3 games under .500, and have a negative 23 Run differential

PineTop Delivers

Pineda was very good, he gave up  4 hits through the first  6 innings, punched out 9 and walked only 1 batter.. His shut down bottom of the 4th  with a 7-0 lead was indication the Yanks just needed to  run out the clock or get to  the 8th inning with a lead then hand the ball off to D & A and steal game one

Pineda cruised until  the 7th  when he crumbled like a stale cookie. Three straight hits, a single, triple, double, and a walk  ended PineTop’s night, so  you didn’t get the length expected from your Ace, but let’s not get greedy, they  won the damn  game, Final line: 6 innings, 2 hits, 2 runs, 2 BB’s, 9 K’s, 3.33 ERA

Joey Yanked Big Mike and brought in Wilson, 10 pitches later Wilson had a punch out and induced an inning ending DP to  stop  the bleeding, nice job

Betances pitched the 8th and struck out the side, more impressive it was the  top of the order Morrison, Cano  and Cruz.. He needed to get 4 outs after a wild pitch punch out afforded Cruz first base, but no problem Seager grounded out on the first  pitch so  a 15 pitch wipeout by D-Bet

Chasen Shreve who along with Wilson, have strung together two  good outings in a row, closed the game out. Shreve gave up  a lead off single that Gregorius made yet another throwing  error on that landed Ruggiano on 2nd base, but the lefty got the next 3 batters on 15 pitches to give the Yanks the much needed Win

The Yanks picked up  7 hits, everybody but McCan’t and Gregorius had a knock, Teixeira (HR) and Beltran (double) racked up  6 total bases on two  swings

Yanks were 2-5 with RISP, they left 4 men on base, Teixeira’s Salami was the big blow that iced it

the Whole 9

Ducky Sabathia vs Mike Montgomery

On paper the Yanks catch a break not having to  face Paxton

the Lo Down

the # Mikey 21 Back  Afta Dis Segment

Big D turned us on to  a Bob Klapisch article Re: CC Sabathia, I originally skimmed through it and didn’t think  much of it, except I was glad a pundit with some pitching experience was calling Sabathia what he is, finished..

Enough with the hope and dreams garbage we get fed by the YES talking heads at Yank Al Jezeera that  he will become Andy Pettitte or Mike Mussinia… Not that he didn’t try to morph his 300 pound frame into a finesse pitcher, he’s made the attempt for 2 years, he just  can’t get the results, and Klapisch  and a scout explain why, perceptive stuff

If your a pitching expert that  got his knowledge from staying at  a  Holiday Inn last night, like me, your theory is simpler

If your trying to turn a duck into a frog,  but the duck keeps quacking and doesn’t croak, guess what, it’s a duck

So thanks to Klap  we get closure on Sabathia’s pitching from two experts, ( Klapisch  and the scout, not me) now I don’t have to  keep  whining about him anymore, but I will

What I think Klapisch  cleared up for me was Ducky Sabathia’s contract, the 2017 season option was a bit unclear, but I should have known once Mike Francesa just  blew off the option  yr and immediately mentioned the buy out comes into  play regardless of the language in the contract, I should have realized we were originally right

Francesa claimed the Yanks  get away  with  the $48M  they  owed him starting in 2015, ending in 2016, then  just  another $5M for the buy out in 2017, a grand total of $53M

For the longest  time I took the contract language at  face value, and always added the $25M he gets in 2017 to  the rest of the baggage Ducky carries with him, s Klapisch clears up #Mikey 21 misnomer

The other option is to turn Sabathia into a long man, specifically to neutralize lefties. You can forget about that ever happening, though, since the Yankees are paying Sabathia $48 million through 2016. And unless he ends next season on the disabled list with a left shoulder injury, or doesn’t spend more than 45 days on the DL with a left shoulder injury or doesn’t make more than six relief appearances because of a left shoulder injury — then his contract rolls over for another $25 million in 2017. 

The next time #Mikey 21 tries to argue how Sabathia’s contract isn’t debilitating and that  your now paying for the first  4 years of brilliance, remember that  extra yr and that  extra $25M, and do  the math, He very well  could be owed $74M over the next 3 yr’s, that  my friends isn’t a Frog, it isn’t a Duck, it’s an Albatross

Ducky Sabathia’s deal makes the ARod contract look like a hometown  discount


Written by Sal

June 2, 2015 at 8:09 am

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  1. Some good intel in this link..GK2 confirms our suspicions that Capuano will land in the pen with TJ Tanaka coming back, probably means Lindgren packs his bags for a while, see you kid, hopefully we see you soon

    Pirela should be back in the line-up with he Lefty montgomery taking over the start tonight

    GK2 smacks Pirela around also, the kid has a shot to take the job? That’s what the radio media was squawking about yesterday..Cashman has a man crush on Drew, so Pirela will have to really rake if he wants to get playing time
    Catch 22 for the kid, but getting sustained PA’s isn’t in the Bomber front office DNA, Pirela will have to really earn the job

    there is also a blurb about Refsynder who is kind of mired at AAA

    Nova has one more extended ST outing before he hits the rehab trail


    June 2, 2015 at 8:29 am

  2. Great quote from Lord McClendon

    “The fact is that if Robby Cano, Cruz and [Kyle] Seager don’t hit, then you are not going to win,’’ McClendon said. “If they continue not to hit then you will be talking to somebody else. I’ll be driving a garbage truck.’’

    HoJo says Cano is pressing, trying to pull everything, just tell him he’s not in Yankee stadium Howard.. Once Cano settles down my guess he’ll go on a run still wish we had him back in NY


    June 2, 2015 at 8:33 am

  3. Man I miss the Q, what a great band they were, nuts as fruit flies but great…. Big Al still with them on this one


    June 2, 2015 at 8:35 am

  4. A very unexpected result last night. Pineda seemed to be on a mission and he was throwing smoke with movement. It is amazing how this team can come up big when you least expect it and then go into a coma when you think they’re getting on a roll. It’s been like that all year.
    Thanks to Dallas and Sal for the article on CC. I also don’t feel that he can reinvent himself as a finesse pitcher who can paint the corners. It would be equivalent to telling this big Soup Bone that he should try being a Ballerina. Maybe Bruce Jenner can master it, but not this load.
    As far as Mikey 21 goes–he addressed the recent Raissman DN article a little bit yesterday. Big trouble brewing there and he has little extra time to devote anything meaningful or factual to “tricky” contract clauses, other than to tell anyone who disagrees with him that they are full of shit.
    In terms of who is really out of sorts and primarily causing problems, Mikey would never admit that it’s him and not them.


    June 2, 2015 at 8:53 am

    • hahaha.. he noogsie #Mikey 21 had his 4th eulogy for the Rangers today, it moves the chains on his “busy show” at least that’s what he had on tap for the show, that and more hoops nobody in NY cares about.. I did check in for 10 seconds and he was talking soccer politics, why because Fox had it? no wonder they pre-empt #mikey 21’s show, the new cure for insomnia I missed the Cano interview, maybe it’s on their website I’ll check….That was a good spot, to bad there was nobody to ask Cano the tough questions, like why Robbie you could have been the first Dominican Yankee captain instead of crying in the rain


      June 2, 2015 at 7:28 pm

  5. All good stuff gents. Regarding the errant throw by Inglorious last night. On the replay, while the throw was up the line, you could clearly see it was a ball that Tex should’ve & could’ve handled. Flash took note of this as well. The look on Tex’s face told the whole story…, I shoulda had that.


    June 2, 2015 at 9:45 am

    • Inglorious gets out of jail then, good eye bondsie


      June 2, 2015 at 7:29 pm

  6. How can you figure out this team? Get shutout by Chavez,then score 7 runs vs King Felix! I think the rain had a lot to do with the win.Felix was unhittable before the rain,then got totally distracted and lost focus about the mud in his cleats like a jr. high pitcher. Fortunately they took advantage of it,especially Tex with his grand slam.The person who decided to keep the roof open is probably unemployed today. Loved what
    McClendon said about driving a garbage truck-its better than hanging off the back of one!! Yesterday Joe Benigno thought Caitlyn Jenner was another Kardashian daughter-lol Have to be very careful not to run into Caitlyn late one night!!-lol


    June 2, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    • hahaha.. hey Big D heard that Beningo take….Joe was lost on Monday he was prepared to talk hockey for another week


      June 2, 2015 at 7:31 pm

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