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The Yanks won their 5th in a row last night, an 8-2 beat down of Mike Scioscia’s .500 Anaheim Angels. They  whupped up on  a hell of a good pitcher Garrett Richards in the process.. In fact the Bomber offense added to their first inning scoring prowess by scoring 6 runs, knocking Richards out faster  ( 0.2 of an inning) then Mike Tyson took out Trevor Berbick  to  win the WBC Title in 1986

That’s the good news, the better news

The guy we love to put back in the Yankee bull pen, Adam Warren, just had another really  good start !!

No  he didn’t  overwhelm and match David Price’s 9 inning, 5 hit, 1 run  gem, or Clayton Kershaw’s 8 inning, 1 hit, 11 K master piece, hell he didn’t match  King Felix’s 7 inning, 2 hit, 1 run mastery over the team  breathing down the Yanks neck in the AL East,  the Tampa Rays,


For a starter, turned reliever, turned back to a starter, who is now a # 3 ( sorry Eovaldi) in the Bomber rotation,  his 6.2 innings, 4 hit, 2 run, 3 BB, 2 K’s, 1 HR, 3.64 ERA was pretty damn good

“He took the job,” Joe Girardi said after the Yankees’ extended their season-high winning streak to five games with an 8-2 win over the Angels.

How much  would you pay CC Sabathia to pitch that  well ? Imagine if Nate Eovaldi consistently  ever went 1 out shy of 7 innings on 4  hits and 2 runs?  Yes the Yanks would be running away with the AL East.

Don’t be fooled by Eovaldi’s 5-1 record, talk  about a devalued stat, W-L numbers  on a pitcher’s record might be as skewed for pitchers  as UZR is for describing defensive prowess. It makes my skin crawl  when #Mikey 21 blurts out  a pitchers record as the go to barometer  when he’s tutoring  one of the kool aid drinking knuckleheads that  call his show

I know  old school pundits occasionally use the stat too, sometimes old habits die hard, or don’t die at all, like the wife nagging  you, she says she misses you when your not around, Why?  She has nobody to pick on she told me, how’s that  for a back hand?

Well we kept nagging Cashman  to  get Warren  back to  the pen, they need somebody who  throws right handed to  help  shore up  the 7th  inning, on certain days the 8th inning, what  the hell, if Betances and Miller need to get the last 10 to 12 outs  once or twice a month Joey Daycare could use a closer for a day while D-n-A recuperate

Warren is that  guy!

Adding Warren to Betances and Miller, float in Shreve, Wilson  and Lindgren and now your starting to  approach what Dayton Moore of the Royals has put together in KC, all  you need is a better long man then Esmil Rogers, and Bob’s Your Uncle…

Can’t do it, sorry, not the way Warren is dealing, but in about 3 weeks the Yanks will have to make a hard line decision on what  to  do  with Sabathia, Warren and  the returning Ivan Nova..There are worse things then trying to fit 6 starters into  5 rotation spots,  maybe they  can  go  to  a 6 man scheme to protect Tanaka and Pineda’s innings conundrum, but if  the Yanks want to  stay  in the modern traditional  5 man  rotation format  then somebody has to  go…

Of course we’re putting the horse ahead of the cart, but that’s our forte

1) First Nova has to prove Tommy John agreed with him, then he needs to  build up his innings, then he has to  actually pitch  well consistently,…Nova has always been an  enigma even when he was healthy, so  a new bionic elbow doesn’t guarantee anything

2) Tanaka, Sabathia, and Pineda have to  stay  healthy before we can  start  to  think we now have an over abundance of starters

3) This might be the biggest  cross to bear, Sabathia is owed $23M this yr,  $25M next yr, and if he doesn’t land on the DL because of a shoulder injury, his vesting $25M option kicks in for 2017..  That little gem negotiated by the Bomber front office  could make the $6M Hal  doesn’t want to pay A-Rod look like a Hank Steinbrenner tip at a Tampa Strip Club

Sabathia isn’t going to the pen, guys owed $73M don’t pitch 1 inning a game, plus he’s the Yanks former Ace, and I don’t think they  want to make a diss Jorge Posada type decision on this guy

I don’t want to endorse the modern day Quality Start  stat, but for bookkeeping purposes Warren pitched his fifth straight in succession. No one on the staff has had more in a row this season.

Sabathia — who starts on Sunday — leads the American League in losses. While losses are a devalued statistic, it’s not just run support that have been Sabathia’s issue. He allows way too many hits — opponents’ 83 are the third most in the AL. His ERA is 5.45. (source ESPN)

While 8 other pitchers in the AL have given  up more HR’s then Sabathia, he leads the Yankee staff with 10. Sabathia (.312) and Eovaldi (.314)  sit 57th and 58th (AL)  from the top  in BAA… The dynamic duo Eovaldi  and Sabathia also rank #52 and 53 in OPS

Ironically Shane Greene and Phil Hughes  are 51 and  54 on that  list.. Sabathia (3) and Eovaldi (6) are also  top  ten in hits allowed

I’m not sure Warren has an intriguing upside as a starter, this might be what he is, but in this era, in  this league, with a salary that  earns him less then Esmil Rogers, ( but not for long he’s arb eligible after this season) that might be what  you want / get from a middle of the rotation  starter..

He ranks 21 in WHIP,  (1.21) in 11 starts he’s compiled 64.1 innings, that’s a tick  under 6 innings per outing, ( that needs to  get better)  he’s 10th in P/ PA a tick under 4, 20th in P/ IP (16.1) despite his  high-ish pitch per inning rate he’s well below league average in strikeouts.. His  K/9 is 5.32 which  ranks 51st,  but he does sport a 3.64 ERA, good for 29th in the AL

If you don’t want to  bother with crunching the tedious peripherals and just  use you eyes and common  sense, Warren is the 3rd best  starter on the Yanks based on results. Keep in mind Warren is the recipient of of a stout run support number, he ranks 15th  with  a 6.037 runs per game ( 64 innings-43 runs)

Long story short if all  the present starters stay  healthy, the Yanks will  either have to  go  to  a 6 man  rotation once Nova gets back, or they’ve found that illusive   missing piece to what  could be one of the top  2 or 3 bull pens in baseball

the Whole 9

the Lo Down

Yanks go  for the Sweep today at 1:05

Sabathia vs Wilson

Both pitchers have decent numbers against  the opposition.. So  far i’ve been wrong in both games picking the Angels and their pitching match-ups, I’m hoping  for the hat trick and a Bomber sweep


Written by Sal

June 7, 2015 at 8:07 am

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  1. Sabathia does have good numbers vs the remaining players that still wear Angel laundry, and with Warren pushing Sabathia I can’t imagine he’d fall asleep at the wheel today

    wilson has always been tough on the Yanks so this could be a dog fight.. Yanks already won the series, will Joey Daycare take his foot off the pedal and rest guys today?

    I would think Pirela should be in the line-up with Drew loitering around as a late inning replacement.. Gregorius might get a chance to see some LHP

    Gregorius is 6 for 16 in June

    his splits vs LHP not so good 5 for 32

    Drew is 5 for 19 in June

    His splits vs LHP better then Gregorius 11 for 46

    Betances, Miller, Shreve, and Lindgren are rested, thanks to Beano not imploding in the 9th inning last night with a 6 run cushion….I’m not including Rogers, as they say in the movies, he’s dead too me


    June 7, 2015 at 8:24 am

  2. Yanks couldn’t hit Wilson with a tennis racket


    June 7, 2015 at 1:36 pm

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