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Yanks Maul Mr Kate Upton

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Baseball is easy, at least when it comes to how you feel  about certain players and what perception you have of your own  team, both  emotions fluctuate on a daily basis, it’s a love hate relationship. When they  win  you love em, when they don’t, they’re bums, it’s simple, anybody can  do it…

Take ARod for instance, who actually wanted him here this winter, maybe a few  die hard Alex fans, I wasn’t one of them, I guess his teammates had to wear smiley faces, and of course his manager…

Well you can’t count his manager, Girardi is a company man, so what comes out of his mouth has to  be taken with  a grain of salt. He’s equivalent to a White House Press Secretary, he spins the issues at hand and sugar coats them in an effort to  protect the Yankee Brand, that’s fine I bet we’ve all  chased an inquisitive wolf or two away from our door

ARod’s had one hell of a ride in 2015, he went from a media inspired circus freak, to everybody’s best teammate, to Rob Manfred’s Ambassador for MLB, and we haven’t even hit the beginning of Summer yet.

Last night ARod took a page from the Derek Jeter School of High Drama and Theatrics book by poking the first Justin Verlander fast ball he saw into  the right field seats,  the HR was his milestone 3000th hit, just like Derek’s was..

ARod an 28 other players have reached that goal in their MLB careers, only 3 have done it via the Big Fly, Jeter and Wade Chicken Boggs were the other two

More importantly for the Pinstripe bleeding die hards it gave the Yanks a 1-0 lead in the first inning… “ Let’s be honest” with  2  yr’s left on his $275M deal, the minute he morphs into Carlos Grand Pa Beltran, the Rodriguez Love Boat is gonna sink faster then Mike Francesa’s FOX Sport 1 and 2 TV Ratings, but for now ARod is the King of NY…

Congrats to Big Al, we hope you get your Bonus money, after all, MLB is cashing in, the Yanks would have nothing even resembling a buzz without ARod, the team Cashman  has assembled is somehow only 1 game out of 1st place, but it’s about as exciting as watching an NFL Pro Bowl Game

When anybody but Shreve, Betances or Miller are  pitching out of the bull pen you might a well be sitting in a dentist chair getting your teeth drilled without novocain, and despite the offense scoring 16 runs in the last two  games, your #6 hitter last night entered the game with  a .603 OPS

Anyway the Yanks kept pace in the AL East with a rocking chair 7-2 win over the surprisingly struggling Tigers.. That  said the Bombers might have caught Verlander on an  off night, he’s only 2 games into his 2015 season, but he still  threw 117 pitches, hit 95 on the gun 4 or 5 times, thankfully  he made  his fair share of mistakes, something you can  expect from a guy still  shaking off some DL rust, and the Yanks took advantage hitting 3 Yankee Stadium HR’s runs off him

There’s a good chance once Mr Verlander / Upton gets in rhythm, he might once again be the Verlander of old, but we won’t have to worry about that, the Bombers only play  the Tigers 2 more times in this regular season, tonight and Sunday

The money shot Buzz in this one was ARod’s milestone, but for the rest of us blue collar blokes the Worker Bee satisfaction was Adam Warren’s 8 innings, 7 hits, 2 runs, 2 BB’s, 7 K’s, 110 pitches, 74 for strikes, and his  now 3.62 ERA

We also have to  pull out and dust off the one hand clapping machine and  tout Brett Superstar Gardner who was a one man  wrecking crew. The Face went 4 for 5, he hit his 7th HR in the 5th inning, at the time it was a huge clutch 2 run shot to  put the Yanks up  4-2. He  laid down a  beautiful bunt in the 7th, then eventually scored from  third base on a wild pitch that  didn’t bounce too  far away  from home plate… The Face knocked in 3 runs while scoring 2 himself, so he gets the Mike Francesa fake chrome plastic buckle for a job well  done

The Face didn’t bust out of the gate so heroically, after a lead off single to  start  the game, he was picked off first base, the misstep  was swept under the rug thanks to the ARod milestone Tater, then it vanished into an Elias Sports Bureau  trivia question as the game progressed and Superstar Brett and the Yanks turned the tables on Verlander…

Gregorius also had a HR, his Tater was well  timed, after Warren  coughed up  the lead in the top  of the 2nd, Gregorius tied it up 2-2  with his 3rd HR… It was actually the longest HR of the 3, it traveled 396, Gardner’s 388, ARod’s 373, all Taters were Park Factor Ballantine Blasts to right field

As long as we’re passing out fake Francesa Chrome Buckles  DD-minus has also been playing a much better defensive SS, with Shane Greene in the minors and Manny Banuelos not getting high leverage varsity outs like Chasen Shreve, Cashman  is looking not bad, so let him try on a buckle too, at least for a day

On any other night, Warren  and Gardner get carried off he field like a Rudy Movie, Warren especially with nobody but Branden Pinder as back up was simply brilliant.. He finished off the Tigers in the 7th  and 8th innings on 18  pitches, it helped when the Yanks kept tacking on runs, they  scored in 5 of the 8  innings they came to bat and plated 3 big runs in the last two innings

The play  that caged the Tigers for good  came in the 6th inning with the Yanks still only up 4-2. Kinsler led off with a single, Miggy followed with a  single to  right field, Grand Pa Beltran actually fielded the ball and in one motion threw to  third, the ball  got away from Headley for his 15th  error of the season

Kinsler ill-advised headed for home, the Yanks caught a break  when  the ball  caromed right back to Headley who made a great throw to Junior Murphy who  tagged out Kinsler..

Warren easily got the next two Tigers out on a pop  up, and a 6-3 groundout, at that moment the air came out of the Tigers balloon.. Detroit got a lead off single in the 7th  but a 5-4-3 DP killed any attempt at a rally.. An easy 8th, and Pinder with a 5 run cushion gave up  4 fly balls, one landed in front of Gramp Pa Beltran for a single, but the next 3 found outfield leather for the Yanks 37th  win of the season

Another swept under the rug dilemma thanks to  the ARod euphoria is Mason Williams getting injured, he’s out hopefully only the rest of the weekend, which means we have to  endure Beltran  and possibly Jones in right field, an unmitigated disaster waiting to happen, especially with Nate “the Hit Machine” Eovaldi on the bump  tonight

Tanaka who  doesn’t need to  struggle through extra outs might also  suffer with the extremely bad defense the Yanks will  throw out there for the next  2 games.. Unfortunately despite two  tough RHP’s going for the Tigers, Chris Young will  have to play center field so  there will be no one to replace Beltran in right field, unless it’s Jones who  also  sports a concrete glove.. This spot on the field will no doubt be the Bermuda Triangle for the rest of the weekend

Enjoy the Old Timers today  at 4 PM

the Whole 9

the Lo Down


Written by Sal

June 20, 2015 at 8:03 am

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  1. I know Blind Boy is calling this guy who caught the Arod ball a Tool, but come on, this is a free enterprising system, might as well get some pub, let Trost and Levine squirm, then cash out
    but like all good businessmen, you gotta see what the stakes are first

    Yes dopes like me would hand the ball over for a few perks, I might hold out for season tickets, maybe cash in that way… Get a signed bat, a few balls I could sell to collectors, and let the Yanks and Alex have their day

    If it was a Boston player, i’d hold out just like this guy


    June 20, 2015 at 8:09 am

  2. Papelbon is gonna make somebody a good closer, I wonder what they want for him??

    I checked his contract and he’ll want to close his option vests by finishing off 55 games..

    Yanks don’t need an expensive starter rental, like Cueto, they need a killer bull pen guy to add to Betances and Miller.. If numb nuts would have gotten it done in the off season it wouldn’t be an issue at the moment

    12:$11,000,058, 13-15: $13M annually, 16:$13M vesting option
    2016 option guaranteed with 55 games finished in 2015 or 100 games finished in 2014-15

    Papelbon better get to a contender he’s at 76 games finished between last yr and this yr only 24 this yr

    Go get him let him close Keep Warren in the rotation

    nova can’t be trusted…..


    June 20, 2015 at 12:20 pm

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