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Thankfully baseball is back tonight with the Yanks going up  against Cadillac Cano’s Seattle Mariners,  let’s hope Caddy doesn’t decide this weekend is his 2015 coming out party, we want him to  stay in whatever funk  he’s in, at least until sometime next week

 I forgot the ESPY’s were on, but unless Hannah  was getting some hardware for her SI Cover, and she was picking it up in beach attire, I was gonna take a pass, but it is fun just  catching some of the sound bites..

We’re glad Bruce Jenner is the Most  Courageous, but why didn’t the original Bruce Jenner  Renée Richards  hand him the Title Belt? Just a thought, but maybe ESPN and Hollywood need a reality check on the true meaning of courageous

It was fun watching Sext expert Brett Farve give a free clinic on why you don’t mix  booze and OxyContin, one or the other Davy Crockett, not both

Our favorite moment came when we  found the sound bite by my favorite Brawler, next to my wife, Ronda Rousey

“I wonder how Floyd [Mayweather] feels being beaten by a woman for once,” Rousey said. “I’d like to see you pretend to not know who I am now!”

I’d bet  the over Ronda could take out Sir Floyd of Mayweather, and rather quickly

And last but not least now that Pope Mikey 21 is on his 6 week  vacation this summer we’ll take over and present our random Golf Reports…  A TGIF shout out to  the Lady Aztecs, mosconebailbonds tell  your driver to pull the Limo over before watching this, you just  got out from under that last fender bender….

There is more to Paige Spiranac than her collection of stunning Instagram photos, but it’s the reason the golfing beauty is breaking the Internet.

Sensie Joel Sherman once again comes up  with a gem, well maybe gem is a reach, he throws a talking point out there is more like it..

One that is as obvious as the befuddled look on Brett Farve’s face as he watched Bruce Jenner prance by him at the ESPY’s.. Not many good ole boys in Brett’s hunting party that look like BJ, so we understand the culture shock bestowed on Jen Sterger’s favorite Mississippi Gunslinger

Sherman enlightens his fiefdom that if the Yanks can  stay out of the hospital they  can win the East!!

True that for the Yanks, and just  about every other contending team, they need Tanaka, Pineda, Betances, Miller, Ellsbury, Gardner, Shreve, Wilson, and McCann to stay  whole..

They have some pop gun depth to take over for Ellsbury and possibly Gardner, that’s if Williams and Heathcott get healthy, and Flores actually gets a chance to play  some.. Young has to  continue to mash LHP, it would be a shot in the arm if Refsynder could turn into Kolten Wong for 3 months, and Beltran and Son could muster up  enough  bat  speed to  duplicate his May June results

Also  helpful in lighting up an October stage would be contributions from Eovaldi  and Nova.. Sabathia’s worth moving forward is being  the first  guy out of the dugout in a bench  clearing incident, that  and 5 to  6 innings, 3 runs every 5 or 6 days is about all  we can  expect

For me the difference makers will be if  Teixeira and ARod  can  continue to provide the Bronx Bomber Power surge…

It is now a defined template, the Yanks need to  hit HR’s to  be successful.. They manufacture  runs about as well  as the USA manufactures sneakers, try finding a pair that isn’t outsourced to Asia or anywhere but the good old USA, that’s fucking disgusting

And so are the Bombers when the ball  doesn’t go over the fence, they’re 2nd to Houston with  116 Taters.. Maybe Michael Kay or Bryl Cream Curry can  summon Alias to tell us just how many of the 409 runs (2nd to  Toronto) have come thanks to  the Ballantine Blasts?

We’d love to  scan  all  the box scores but we are on a deadline here at  the Paint Store..


The best we could come up  with from scanning the splits, the Bombers are a combination of small ball, ( top of the order) followed by power (Tex, Arod, McCann) and despite it appearing they never get the clutch hit and they leave a million men on base, they’re actually producing better on base and slugging percentages then their opponents or the league average


League RISP / .255 / .333 /.402 / .735 .

Bombers RISP / .253 / .338 / .466 / .804

Opponents RISP /.261 / .333 /  .385 / .718

A small snapshot but it tells us the boys don’t get  as many hits, but when they  can  slug in those situations, they put up  the old Earl Weaver more often.. Good old fashioned Smash Mouth AL baseball

The pitching Match Ups for Seattle

Mike Montgomery vs Masahiro Tanaka

Hisashi Iwakuma vs Michael Pineda

Felix Hernandez vs CC Sabathia


Written by Sal

July 17, 2015 at 8:27 am

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  1. I remember this Montgomery kid being pretty good, his numbers are sick, this could be a nightmare if Tanaka isn’t sharp

    Yanks look like the have decent numbers off Iwakuma, but he’s been hurt, not sure if he’s whole or not but they need to win Friday and Saturday if they want to take the series..

    I know they laid the wood on King Felix in the last game in Seattle but lets not get crazy here, the King vs the Coco Puff eating champion could be a mismatch…

    If Coco Puff can get to the 6th with 3 runs and they can grind the King into submission, then work on the pen, you never know


    July 17, 2015 at 8:38 am

  2. Beningo should just go away
    Bring him back for football season
    At least he has a passion for that sport and he follows the content available

    Baseball, he’s a Met nazi has no clue about any thing else which is fine. But shy should he hi Jack prime time air

    I guess if your a Mets knucklehead you love it

    Glad he’s guaranteeing the yanks make a big move


    July 17, 2015 at 1:23 pm

  3. Tanaka looks like he has llimited command tonight

    Yanks better figure out Montgomery


    July 17, 2015 at 7:58 pm

  4. meatball Tanaka


    July 17, 2015 at 8:39 pm

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