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Bandwagon Jumping Can Be Hazardous To Your Limbs

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Let’s Bring This Kid Up

Have Ellsbury go  back on the DL

Yankees checked in on Prado
The Yankees were one of several teams to check in on Martin Prado prior to the trade deadline. They were presumably looking to bring him back to play second base, or at least spend some time there while bouncing around other positions. Prado is under contract at a pricey $11M next season — the Yankees are paying $3M of that — and he’s not having a good season, hitting .268/.310/.351 (82 wRC+) overall, but he still hits lefties (111 wRC+) and is versatile, which is not nothing. You can do worst for your tenth position player. The Marlins seem to have allusions of contending next year and Prado is penciled in as their starting third baseman. Source the Blind Boy of RAB

Shields clears trade waivers
As expected, James Shields has passed through trade waivers unclaimed, reports Buster Olney. That’s not surprising. Big salary guys almost always clear trade waivers. His contract is backloaded — Shields made $10M this year and has $21M annually coming to him from 2016-18 — and I think there’s at least a small chance the Padres would have dumped him on the claiming team just to rid themselves of the contract, but no one bit. Shields is having his worst season in a long time (3.75 ERA and 4.22 FIP), and at age 33 with all those innings on his arm, you have to wonder if this is the start of his Sabathia-esque decline. Either way, the Yankees can talk to San Diego about Shields if they want, he’s already cleared waivers. Jack Curry says they’re not interested, for what it’s worth. Source RAB

We’ve been posting Shields’ deal, ($65M with  buyout) we’d be pitching in NY before Shields

Adam Warren

Yes, Warren absolutely should have faced Justin Smoak with the bases loaded Saturday (this isn’t second guessing, it was clear Nova was out of gas when he was left in to face Smoak),

My 2nd guess was Warren, my first  guess was I was cool  with Pinder, I like his potential.. The Yanks once thought Tyler Clippard or Melancon were steaming piles of dog shit too, and I’m sick of guys like Martin, Carpenter, Vazquez, Feliciano, Rogers, Logan, and on and on and on…  Pinder got into  a jam in the Tanaka game but punched out Joey Bats before he was given a 2 Clap Hook..

Warren  came in to  relieve Tanaka, Walk, Single, Walk…. Wilson came in and stopped the bleeding, two Punch outs and a put out… Any guarantees Warren  gets Smoak out?? How about Joba?

According to simulations by the statistical site NumberFire.

This website / graph got all  excited by the Jays bringing in Price, Tulowitski, Revere, Lowe, Hawkins, and the Yanks brought in Dustin Ackley who  is now out for the season

Also  can  we drop  the knuckle ball  spin, per the numbers we came up  with by doing our own intel yesterday some of these guys went South long before they  faced Wright and Dickey

But at least we know Penty is aware that  some of these guys have hit the skids and he hasn’t been just  playing bingo in the Rec Room at the Riverdale Nursing Home… For a while I thought Girardi hired Penty, his assistant, and Joe Espada because he needed 3 guys for his Poker games in the clubhouse

Mets Soar Yankees  Bore

The Jays certainly left a scare on the NY media this weekend, it’s almost like they  threw the last Flower on the casket as it lowers into  the ground after the Yanks couldn’t muster up  the same intensity the Jays did. Pundits like John Harper have  jumped ship,

After all, the Jays and their home-run bats are steamrolling along at a pace that makes a case for their GM, Alex Anthopoulos, as the slam-dunk Executive of the Year.

You knew that dealing for Troy Tulowtizki and David Price, among others, at the trade deadline could have an impact on the AL East race, but who knew it would make the Jays practically unbeatable?

 Wow, that’s incredible, seasoned reporters write stuff like “unbeatable” “Executive of the year, Alex Anthopoulos” was an inch  from losing his job so  he emptied the farm  system, took on almost $115M minus the $48M owed Reyes to  save it

Guys like Davidoff are just  about ready to get into Tandem Skydiving leaping from  the Bomber Helicopter especially if the Yanks continue to not hit or go back to not pitching when they  visit Cleveland who  has all but packed it in

Maybe if the Yanks picked up Tulo’s $114M over the next 5 yr’s ( not counting the 50% Lux Tax) or gave up  a package for Price that  would have excited Dombrowsky more so  then Daniel Norris, Matt Boyd and Jairo Labourt, the Yanks would be trash  talking and high  fiving each other too, but

Let’s go back five years and play out a could’ve-been scenario that still exists in Yankees lore:

Pretend the Yankees did trade for Seattle’s Cliff Lee in July 2010, giving up Jesus Montero, Ivan Nova and Zach McAllister, instead of Lee going to Texas.

Pretend that Lee pitched brilliantly to lead the Yankees (as he did the Rangers) into the World Series … and then went 0-2 with a 6.94 ERA against the Giants (as he did for Texas), resulting in a San Francisco title … and then turned down a substantive Yankees package (as he actually did) in favor of less total money from the Phillies, the team he never wanted to leave in the first place, and left the Yankees a pair of compensation draft picks behind.

Pretend that Nova turned out to be a valuable, mid-rotation starter for the Mariners … and because the Yankees already dealt Montero to Seattle for Lee, Michael Pineda never made The Bronx his home workplace.

 Would you still deal for Lee?

Where the Hell is Eddie Nunez when we needed him?

Raissman Jumps In  On The Sand Kicking Party

Predictable Bob Raissman, poor Bob and Phil MushMouth don’t have  Pope  Fat Ass to kick around so  the Yanks tumbling like a weed in Texas over the weekend was a God Send for those two “GasBag” wanna B’s…Come on pinhead who  doesn’t know the unbiased YES covers it’s product with Sugared Vanilla ?

“It’s hard to explain the (Jays pitcher Marco) Estrada situation. You can explain away a knuckleballer (facing R.A. Dickey on Friday, two days after facing Boston’s Steven Wright) — a freak show — you don’t see that pitch that much,” an exasperated Kay said on YES. “…You can explain David Price… But to get shut down so completely by Marco Estrada, that’s beyond comprehensible.”

“Part of it is psychological,” Cone reasoned.

Considering what went down after Toronto’s 2-1 win Friday night, Cone was on to something. Jose Bautista broke a 1-1 tie in the 10th with a home run off of Branden Pinder. Shortly after producing the game-winner, Bautista was in the Jays clubhouse providing psychological offense with his mouth.

I thought Kay went against the unbiased format of nothing but biased reporting on YES about as far as any broadcaster could take it without receiving a Pink slip.. His ESPN show is unwatchable, and he has a wife and kid to  feed, O’Neill only sends him so much  child support each month, so  he needs to  tread lightly on the Bomber Telecasts

The Voice of Reason

That  a boy Wally, when  everybody Zigs, you Zag.. Better to be different then good, or right !

Jacoby Ellsbury, .129 and.523. Brian McCann, .167 and .658. Brett Gardner, .182 and .462. Alex Rodriguez, .185 and .593. Mark Teixeira, .200 and .673.

Don’t let those numbers bother you, it’s not the dog days of summer when one time surging teams hit a wall, the Yanks haven’t resorted back to  what  the pundits said they  were gonna be, it’s the Knuckle Ball Clap

So you see a Doctor in Cleveland, because Cleveland Rocks and Rockers all get the clap so they have the best  drugs to  cure the dreaded Knuckle Ball-norrhea

By tomorrow everybody in the media will be typing back in their respective cubicles and not on the ledge of the Tallest  building where the Blue Jays just leaped  off of on their way to an undefeated season

Severino  vs Carasco


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August 11, 2015 at 7:50 am

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  1. appointment TV, it’s almost like Levine paid these NY writers to “tease” the telecast.. I wonder if Paulie War Story will be in the booth, Cleveland is close to Cincinnati….


    August 11, 2015 at 8:00 am

  2. Hey Men,
    Am i the only one that has to refresh this blog to get recent posts?
    Might be my phone, not sure, but i am way behind on some posts, it says 3 comments then after refreshing i see 14 lol,,


    August 11, 2015 at 3:30 pm

    • donny depends what post your on I’m gonna set up a Cleveland post see if you get to that one.. We had no comments today and i wasn’t around to add content


      August 11, 2015 at 6:46 pm

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