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YANKEES WIN, the yankees finally win

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Prayers and much  good luck go out to Mike Aviles and his family as they  fight for their  young daughter’s life

Who Needs A Hitting Coach Over-Here

Who needs Jeff Penty Pentland and whoever his assistant  hitting coach is, I mean Hal can hire a 15 yr old to  set up the dvd player and program the remote.. The Don B made one stinking phone call to the clubhouse and fixed the scoring problem, the call  went something like this

“Yo Pent-load, tell that  scum bucket Democrat Rothschild Ya wanna score runs,, pitch Eovaldi, 😊

Boom next thing you know, you don’t know, which is no doubt the 3 words Kevin Long’s replacement utters when Joey Claps asks WTF is going on with my $217M offense?

Yup  the Don B  was right, but when is he ever wrong?

The Yanks pitched Eovaldi  and they  finally scored a touchdown and ran  for two extra points, speaking of football channeling baseball, thankfully nobody punched Bubba McCann or Stephen Drew in the jaw, both under achieving Bombers went Big Fly to help the Yanks squeak by the last place Indians 8-6

Bird Man From SWB

In a huge surprise, Hal Steinbrenner no  doubt got a hold of Cashman on the Emergency Red Phone and ordered him to  call up one of the kids he shot his mouth off about to  the NY Post, ASAP

“I don’t think we kind of had the glaring need that you would address by giving up one of your Triple-A prospects,” Steinbrenner said at the Major League Baseball quarterly owners’ meetings. “I just wasn’t going to do it. Especially not for a loaner, for a guy you’re going to have three months or so. It’s just not something we were going to consider.”

Like the rest of us working scrubs, Junior Steinbrenner had finally either seen, or was told by an advisor he’d seen enough of his struggling NY Millionaires, and no  doubt ordered Cashman  to rush neophyte 1st baseman Greg Bird to  the varsity in an effort to  give the Two Old Gumbies in  the middle of the order a breather

Bird went 0-5 with  2 punch outs, but 2 of the outs were peas that  found leather.. His first AB saw Bird fight off a 1-2 count  and rip  a bullet to right field that Chisenhall  made a nice running catch on. .AB # 2 was a hard hit F/7 that featured Bird’s inside out Jeterian swing, the 3rd an innocuous  F/7.. The two punch outs, a swinging strike 3, and a welcome to the MLB room  service strike zone kid!! Yup  that’s a strike up here if we want it to be, now fuck off

Bird played a flawless first base, the kid looks 22 acts 35, can’t wait until he has his day in the sun, hopefully it comes this weekend.. What  a pleasure it is watching young blood in the NY Yankee line-up, thanks Hal

8 Is Enough, Barely

The Yanks had scored 9 runs in 7 games during their  recent slumber party, last night they  racked up 8, and they  needed every Got Damn one of them

Ellsbury took game 2 off so he and Beltran  could watch  video, or at least that was the spin from Yankee Press Secretary Joe Girardi, confirmed by Yank-Al-Jeezera beat reporter Brickhouse and her Girls of Summer

The Doughboy still looked like a thief robbing his first  bank at the plate but the results were there last night with two  knocks and a walk.. He singled to left to  start the game, Babe Gardner walked, ARod who is still  asleep  at the wheel and coach Beltran  both popped up to  create a same old same old scenario..

Bubba McCann the youngest  of the Oldies then picked up  both old timers with a larger then life clutch  3 run Ballantine Blast just inside the foul pole in Right for a 3-0 lead.. No offense to  the Don B, but what  the Yanks needed was to  face a meatball  artist, and Tito had the perfect candidate in Wing Nut Trevor Bauer on the bump last night

Bauer might be good someday, but this guy is the poster boy for over hyped prospects, and finally Tito, who  doesn’t have many of them, put his 2nd Tomato can this series on the mound ( Shaw was TC #1 in game 2) and that’s what  the Doctor ordered for the Yanks to  snap out of it.

Drew hit an 86 MPH BP fastball into  the right field seats for his 15th Tater of the season to make it 4-0 in the 2nd inning.. Drew’s big night 2-4, 4 runs, 2 RBI’s puts an end to  the Chase Utley rumors… Drew bought out the rest of August  after combining with Ellsbury and Gardner for 7 of the 10  Bomber hits

A single by  Gregorius and doubles by Drew and Gardner made it 6-2 after 4 innings

An  error, a walk and a Gardner single made it 7-2 after 6 innings.. A walk and singles by Ellsbury and Gardner finished off the Bomber scoring as they grabbed a 8-5 lead with  6 outs remaining


Nate Eovaldi who has been pretty good (2.87 ERA over his last 9 starts) after that embarrassing pounding the Marlins gave him on June 16th, joined the Mail It In Club last night, thankfully for the Yanks he picked a good night to be off his game..

Staked to  4-0 and  7-2 leads,  Eovaldi  couldn’t get out of the 6th inning.. 5.1 innings, 7 hits, 4 runs, 3 BB’s, 4 K’s, 104-67. 4.26 ERA.. It was painful to  watch Nate miss his spots, his body language was total frustration, and he had about as much  rhythm as a Grand Wizard’s dance party

He walked 2 in the first inning but slithered out of trouble, a nice 1-2-3 2nd made you think  we might be able to take the rocking chair out of storage and chill for a night..

The 3rd inning ended  any thoughts of a laugher when Nate gave 2 of the 4 runs back, 3 singles, a BB, and a sac fly made it 4-2

He settled down  and got the next  6 of 7 batters but imploded in the 6th despite the luxury of a 7-2 lead.. Two  doubles and a single and Evo  was gone after only 16 outs.. Warren faced 1 batter and stopped the bleeding inducing a 4-6-3 DP but the score was now 7-4

See you in 5 days Nate, better luck  next outing…

Robot Managing

With  all  the talk of computerizing balls and strikes, Joe Girardi is making a great  case for a Dr Frankenstein type robotic manager.. Programed pressers, programed in game decisions, and how hard would it be to write Java script that  would allow the Robot to clap twice as it waddles to  the mound to  replace a struggling reliever?

Not that hard, some 10 yr old kid on summer vacation could just  type in the game circumstances and in a matter of seconds  even a dugout full of monkey’s could “make the call”

After Warren induced the DP on 4 pitches that  was it for Adam..

Why, because Wilson is Joey Claps 7th inning guy that’s why.. On a serious note Joey might be saving Warren’s innings and his pitch counts for the upcoming battle with the Canadian All Stars this weekend.. That  said, maybe it’s not a bad idea to  save Wilson’s innings,  and the fact we just  saw Warren get his feet wet, maybe stick  with him..

Ramirez and Lindor are switch hitters and Brantley is a Lefty.. Ramirez hits a tick better from the left side, Lindor hits a lot better vs LHP,   Brantley is Brantley he mashes both,  and Santana hit’s LHP a tick  better.. So i can  see the confusion mounting between  Joey’s ears

Best to go formula when you can’t feel the pulse so Wilson it was… He’s been great recently, “no worries” but last night he didn’t get it done

I’ll be damed if Lindor and Santana didn’t get knocks, so  the formula was to  call Betances… D-Bet threw two  text book knuckle curves to  the dangerous Gomes who missed them by 10 feet.. Then Betances mustarded up  4 straight balls to  walk Gomes.. A Wild pitch made it 7-5 before D-Bet punched out Almonte.

The Yanks got the run back in the top  of the 8th, Betances despite a lead off double escaped the 8th  with  two K’s and an F/8

Good job except the Wilson inning not going according to plan cost Betances 29 pitches on the night, so  while Warren  and Wilson are fresh your best pitcher had to  throw 29 pitches rendering him useless in one of the games in Toronto

The Yanks had a 7-2 lead but needed all  their earners to  escape the last place Indians.. Omen or just  baseball Suzyn?

Miller came into his normal  save situation and coughed up yet another run on 2 hits  as he continues to be a very worrisome closer despite striking out the very tough Brantley and the replacement level Almonte

Miller is an  enigma ever since his DL stint, he has shades of brilliance and touches of mediocrity, and “let’s be honest” the  one time untouchable Yankee pen is no longer  a chip shot with Miller anchoring the back  end

Cashman went after Kimbrel  for a reason, and it wasn’t to  soothe the savage fan base, Miller hasn’t been right and it’s worth keeping the Tums close by when A-Mil enters the contest

Price vs Nova as the Battle for 1st place shifts to Canada

I’m sick of hearing about Canada and how good they  are,  time to  send a message


the Whole 9

the Lo Down


Written by Sal

August 14, 2015 at 8:17 am

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  1. nice win, but almost like kissing your sister in law, the one you know talks bad about you behind your back

    Good job by ESPN finally realizing Arod looks like he owes Heidi Fleiss a back debt and he’s trying to pay it off before September

    ARod probably won’t sit vs Price so he’ll be a prop in the line-up tonight.. that’s dope, you don’t want Bird mixing it up with Big Dave, and it’s time McCann and Beltran carry the water for a few weeks until Bird can help Tex and Alex get whole

    Yanks get Estrada on Sat vs Tanaka and Hutchison and his skewed 12-2 W/L and is 5 plus ERA record

    Yanks counter with Little Louie which should be fun


    August 14, 2015 at 8:36 am

  2. Thanks Sal,,
    I simply made them an offer they damn well better not refuse,,
    This,, cough cough,, is the Business We have Chosen,, cough cough,, ,,,😎


    August 14, 2015 at 4:17 pm

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