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With Alex Rodriguez starting to look like everybody thought he would from day  one, Mark Teixeira exiting with  a contusion right below the knee thanks to  a ricocheting foul ball, and the horrible sight you never want to  see again, Bryan Mitchell getting hit in the face with  a screaming line drive off the bat of Eduardo Nunez that brought back  insidious memories of Herb Score, it sure as hell looked like Team Canada was gonna pick up  an important  game in the loss column and a half game freebie in Standings

The meaning Trap Game was starting to come into  focus the minute Mitchell had to  exit and Caleb Cotham took the ball, you knew there were at least 15 or 16 outs before the Yanks could put the game in capable hands out of the bull pen

Thanks to Bomber hero Bubba McCann’s 2 out 3 run Ballantine blast in the first  inning, the Yanks were up 3-0 when Mitchell  was beaned. The Bomber Rook was cruising with the 3 run lead until the Twins strung together two  2 out singles before the Nunez’s line drive clipped Mitchell to plate Minnesota’s 1st run..

To compound the unfortunate Mitchell mishap, with 22 outs left in the game Joey Claps was stuck using Cashman Clunker Caleb Cotham, who along with Jim Miller you never ever want to see in a game that has huge implications..

Somehow Cotham slipped a slider past Hicks for called strike 3 to end the dreadful 2nd inning that definitely zapped the energy out of the building.

The Yanks went quickly and quietly in the top  of the 3rd but the Twins smelling a kill went to  work on Cotham. Three singles an Error and a HR put the Twins up  4-3..

The Bombers struck  again in their half with Ellsbury who  seems to be waking up and Gardner setting the table with a knock and a walk… ARod managed to slip an E/5 to  left field, and for some unGodly reason Slow Joe Espada went into his best Pete Townsend routine and feverishly waved Ellsbury home.. The Doughboy was just  hitting the 3rd base pillow when the rocket armed Rosario  was picking up  the slow grounder too left

Ellsbury was out easily and the Yanks blew a bases loaded no out gift.. After a confusing F/7, McCann looped a 2 out  2 RBI single to left giving the Yanks a 5-4 lead… McCann  5 the Twins 4

Cotham gave the run back to  the first  batter he faced in the 5th, a HR to Hicks, but thanks to  a caught stealing and a LHB coming up Joey Claps took a 3 Clap  hook to  the mound and mercifully yanked  Cotham.. Hopefully the 27 yr old journeyman  got a good night’s sleep  and has a safe ride back to SWB..

It Didn’t Get Much Better

Shreve and Wilson uncharacteristically both coughed up  runs in the 5th  and 6th innings giving the Twins a 7-5 lead..

Gibson shut the Yanks down for 6 straight outs until Teixeira walked in the 6th after fouling  a ball off his knee..

The Yanks Lucky Charm Greg Bird ran  for Tex and scored when Beltran smacked a two  run Tater to  tie it at 7-7

The Yanks had managed to fight back really bad pitching thanks to McCann and Beltran, with some help  from Ellsbury who had 3 hits on the night

Warren 0.2 innings started to  restore order.. Betances was Brilliant pitching 2.1 innings, 1 hit, 3 K’s, and Andy Miller looked as good as ever in the top of the 10th going 1-2-3, with  2 punch outs

The Yanks with only Sabathia, today’s starter, fresh off his brouhaha outside a Toronto nightclub was the next man up if  the Bombers didn’t score.. They  already blew a chance to  take the lead in the 7th and it looked like they  would never score again the rest of the season the way  they  were missing opportunities

Ellsbury singled to center. 7 7
Gardner singled to left, Ellsbury to second. 7 7
Fien relieved O’Rourke. 7 7
Rodriguez fouled out to first. 7 7
Bird walked, Ellsbury to third, Gardner to second. 7 7
McCann popped out to shortstop. 7 7
Beltrán struck out swinging.

The Twins sent All Star closer Glenn Perkins to pitch  the 10th and I’ll be damned if Greg Bird didn’t greet the All Star lefty with  a gap Double to  right center field.. It was all  down hill  from there for Perkins and the Twinkies as the Yanks walked off with  a huge win

Perkins relieved Jepsen. 7 7
Bird doubled to deep right center. 7 7
McCann doubled to deep center, Bird to third. 7 7
Beltrán intentionally walked. 7 7
Ryan ran for Bird. 7 7
Escobar in right field. 7 7
Headley grounded out to shortstop, Ryan scored, McCann to third, Beltrán to second. 7 8

The Bombers picked up  a half game on the idle Team Canada, and have a 1 game advantage in the Standings, they’re still  2 games up in the loss column

The Surging Buck O’s won their 4th  straight and are 4 games behind the Bombers

Yanks face X Met tonight  Mike Pelfrey vs CC Sabathia

the Whole 10

the Lo Down


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August 18, 2015 at 8:47 am

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  1. the ARod thing is now a problem, we saw it coming and it hasn’t changed

    dude needs some time off, but you know Joey will stick him smack dab in the 3 hole..

    Might have to put Beltran in that spot, but Girardi won’t shake it up, we’ll have to suck it up an hope Alex finds his 2nd wind


    August 18, 2015 at 9:10 am

  2. It’s awful strange that Pineda is coming back so soon, i wonder if he really did have a forearm strain or did they find a tad of inflammation and just push him back for 3 or 4 starts… He was on the back burner in my mind, but now they need him to stop the Girl with the Curls act and step up with Mitchell out


    August 18, 2015 at 9:15 am

    • Best Biningo I’ve heard in yrs

      Thankfully the Mets are in it and they’re giving him agita

      Francesa gets another 90 degree snooze fest training camp where everybody is dope, best shape ever looking forward to a playoff blah blah
      It’s s pennant race both teams in it
      O’s Mets
      yanks with no pen tonight Bird Severino Mccann Beltran Arod and he’s kissing up to the gamblers and the fantasy football roster builders
      They’re probably doubling the ratings just doing training camp stuff


      August 18, 2015 at 10:44 am

  3. Our favorite whipping boys McCann & Beltran are surprisingly carrying the Yanks. I thought last nights game was over after the McCann homer but the injury to Mitchell screwed everything up!! Espada is very lucky George is no longer with us,because if he was,Espada would be heading toward Siberia. This guy is the worst 3b coach I have ever seen,especially for the Yanks. If Tex “needs a day” we will see Bird today. Arod is really the guy who needs a day or two off,not looking good at all. Before the game MKay said Didi had 46 straight games without an errror,so naturally he screws up a play like he hasn’t done since April for an error!!!-lol Get ready for 2 more stiffs from Scranton to be added to the bullpen,start lighting candles now. CC goes tonight,last time the Twins blasted him,lets hope he improves. Blowjays go on the road,we need them to start losing,reverting to form.


    August 18, 2015 at 11:37 am

  4. Bases loaded,,, no runs scored,,
    Sick and tired of that scenario,,
    Show me some heart and put the effin ball in play !
    I agree that our 3B Coach sux, too,,,


    August 18, 2015 at 11:55 am

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