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Junior’s Whine and Cheesy Party

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Whine Week

Congrats on the Yankee organization  for their HOPE Week work, part terrific community service, part Photo Op stuff for Al Yankzeera..

If memory serves, George used to  be charitable without all  the hoopla, but of course with the new Bosses now running the Mall on Rivera Avenue any chance to Adulate the Brand has been saturated to The nth degree.

Usually after a long hard day I like to  take a shower before watching my favorite boyhood baseball team the NY Yankees, but recently the takeover by  Junior, Levine, and Trost, using events to grab even more of your hard earned dough, while making sure the YES talkies spread nothing but biased reporting, I always need to  take a shower after watching YES’s Al Yankzeera

I’m sure the few folks who  actually stayed to  the bitter end of last night’s 15-1 beating while having to  endure the mail in job of the year, a long hot shower was maybe the first  thing on their bucket list when they  finally got home…

HOPE Is Gone?

I’m not sure if HOPE Week  has passed, but what  hasn’t left the building in the last two  series has been Whine Week.

It started with Girardi’s fumbling offense’s inability to hit Cleveland pitching, so  the strike zone was questioned ad-nauseaum..

Joey the strike zone sucks for both  sides, get over it, or don’t put guys fading faster then a new pair of Blue Jeans after the 10th  washing in the middle of your line-up

Last night after Ivan Nova didn’t have the guts to  compete, and a well  rested Young Houston Astros team embarrassed Slo-Nova and the Yanks, the Whining started once again

“I think some guys took exception to the way he flipped the bat and started yelling to the ball, and we’re getting beat, 9-0, and then when he came back he started yelling at me,” he said. “I wasn’t the guy that said anything. It’s a kid that, he plays hard, but there have been a number of clubs that have taken exception to some of the things that he does on the field,and it just got a little heated.”

The problem I saw from my vantage point, Gomez was playing the game hard and Girardi’s team had quit after Nova gave them no  shot against  a Cy Young Candidate who could have shut the Yanks down  with  a 2-0 lead..

The Astros know a chump on the mound when they  see one, and they mugged  Nova for 5 quick runs in the first inning, turn out the lights right there

The Yanks quit after the 2nd inning and the Stros eventually laid a double digit crooked number on a minor league kid, a guy  who should be back in Massachusetts coaching a little league team, and on a collapsing Bomber offense who was just looking for the Exit Door.. Suck it up boys, stand and fight, or STFU and take it like a pro

“I don’t care what Joe Girardi says. … If [the Yankees] feel frustrated, that’s not my problem. This is part of the game, part of the nature of competition, and those who don’t know how to compete, can just go home and cry.”

 Carlos Gomez

Take it easy Hot Shot  that was El Beano you hit a HR off of, the ultimate human  white flag, the 45th man on a roster of 40 who holds the distinct record for DFA’s in a season…

BeaNo More!!!!

 Beano, show some pride, move on, live on your feet not your knees, unfortunately we understand Cashman gave you a gift of $5M and your indebted to him, and he keeps calling you back, so maybe your not the problem

When Brendan Ryan is the best pitcher on the field, your having a bad night, actually when Brendan Ryan is starting at  any position on the field, your GM might need some R&R

Brendan Ryan 2 yr’s $5M

Stephen Drew $5M

Beano Capuano $5M

Garrett Jones $5M plus the $3M Prado payout

Those players are not the reason the Yanks are collapsing, but the $17.5M could have been put to better use, and anybody like Mike Francesa who  just  accepts the fact those guys are still getting AB’s in a pennant race, obviously have their nose stuck in other sports and other types of Races most of the time.

You can  try to  lengthen your line-up knowing you have fading super stars, then again enter Hal Steinbrenner who  still  wants to  cut payroll cold turkey, but charge an arm and a leg for his product….

Not much  you can do with  fading Icons like ARod, Sabathia, and the fragile Teixeira, who combined are eating up $67M of your payroll, and during the 2nd half collapse have been basically useless


In August Teixeira is 10  for 56, that’s a .179 BA,  nobody cares about his BA, but he’s only hit 3 HR’s, and 7 singles, RBI’s are a product of guys getting on base so we won’t pick on the 6 RBI’s.. He’s also missed 8 of the 23 games played in August, and now he can’t run at  all, so  unless he hits HR’s he’s a real  problem


It’s unacceptable to have a #3 hitter batting .145, 11 for 76, with  3 HR’s  while striking out 29% of the time.. Again his RBI drop has to  do  with guys like Ryan, Drew, Ellsbury, and Gardner not getting on base, but there is no  excuse for  a

.261 on base /  a .263 Slg, and a  .525 OPS from your prime spot in the batting order


The Yanks finally got him and his 5.27 ERA, 164 hits in 138.1 innings, 26 HR’s and his 1.45 WHIP out of the rotation…


Unfortunately they now have Ivan Nova who in August  has a .593 ERA, is averaging a tick over 5 innings per outing, and last night he didn’t compete, which is the unacceptable

Home Cooking? Might Wanna Eat Out

Can  we stop  the we have home field advantage in the 2nd half or don’t have to  travel.. How is Team Canada doing on the West Coast?????

Remember all  the BS Spin Joey Claps was telling Brickhouse and the Girls after they  came back from a good 6-4  ten game road trip?

Well they  went 2 and 4 vs Boston  and Cleveland

They  went 3-4 on their 7 game road trip

They are now 5-4 with one game remaining in this 10 game home stand where they  were supposed to make some hay..

So  the Yanks are 7 and 9 in the 16 Home games since the 10 game Road trip, 10 -12 in the last 22 games

Team Canada is 18-4 since the Mercenaries went to Canada

Looks like one team  got hot at the right time and one team did what old teams that  don’t bolster the roster at  the deadline do Collapse

Days Gone By

Not worth the Whole 9


Written by Sal

August 26, 2015 at 8:14 am

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  1. that was really bad, I get the smack talk, I don’t get not throwing down after Gomez stood them up.. again Gomez was playing the way you wanted to see the Yanks play….If Nova had half of Gomez’s passion he would have picked up the Doughboy

    You were never gonna touch Keuchel, but they flat out quit


    August 26, 2015 at 8:25 am

  2. I told you and Moscone bb weeks ago this Team has No Heart 💔💔💔
    Cashman needs firing, our Mgr needs replacing,
    A C K !


    August 26, 2015 at 10:49 am

    • Donny i think they have heart based on their track records, but you can’t fix old, and Hal wanted to cold turkey the pay roll.. Instead of just part of a 40 man roster the Yanks were counting on really old fragile guys as the middle of the line up… they are what every body thought they’d be a mid 80’s win team


      August 26, 2015 at 12:36 pm

  3. Horrible performance last night for a team “fighting” for first place. Capuano is going to get his money regardless, he only pitches in lost causes and makes them worse. Is he that much worse than all those stiff righties they shuttle back and forth from Scranton? Yanks figure they have to pay him,might as well use him.
    Truthfully the team looks like they are done,especially Arod and Tex who have really carried them. Sad to see them at bat. We finally found something Ryan can do-pitch!!!-lol Even the Astros announcers could not believe
    he made that error! He is a defensive specialist that can’t field-we know he can’t hit!! Drew is another lost cause. 10 million dollars at 2b thrown in the toilet. Its just incredible Cashman has done nothing to upgrade at 2b-inexcusable really. All of the contenders made moves at the deadline and improved-jays,mets-while the Yanks brought up Severino(been terrific) and Bird(ok). If Arod and Tex don’t come around and start hitting again,its going to be a long last 6 weeks. Sal your favorite cafeteria lady-Ramirez-is working on transitioning to 1b for the sux! And we think the Yanks have problems-lol


    August 26, 2015 at 10:52 am

    • lol Big D, I thought they’d wait until ST for him to try it, what a joke that move will be

      I can’t believe that joke Doughboy is hurt again wow with all the bad contracts Cashman and Hal have given out the Doughboy’s is trending toward the worst ever


      August 26, 2015 at 12:35 pm

  4. and yes Capuano is getting paid so a mop up is expected, I had no problem with that but he couldn’t even mop up right…And it’s why he was even given $5M in the first place that irks me


    August 26, 2015 at 12:38 pm

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