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LuACE Severino ?

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As we pointed out the other day  the Yanks have had at least  6 Ace’s this year, boy that Cashman  fella must  really know how to put together a juggernaut pitching staff..

Well not exactly, that’s why in almost 5 months of watching this NY Oldies show, at least 6 different starting pitchers have worn  the Ace crown..

Tanaka was the default Ace in April, based on his $155M contract, his Japanese rock star  status, and maybe his first  9  starts in the Bronx  before ripping up  that overused elbow ( thanks Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles)

Who  needs a stinking innings / pitches limit?? As an 18  yr old Tanaka threw 186.1 innings for the Golden Eagles. In 7 seasons,  the 25 yr old  ( he’s now 26)  tossed 1350 innings before the Yanks found $175M in Hank and Hal’s petty cash  fund to  wrest  him away from his motherland

Juxtaposed  to Jon Lester, at  the age of 26 Lester compiled 585 innings in 5 yr’s, in 7 yr’s Lester had thrown 981 innings, Lester also didn’t start his Boston  career until he was 22 yr’s old.. Long story short, TJ Tanaka San has logged more work time then a night watchman in Finland during their Polar Night season

So  to  say  the Yanks bought damaged goods might be an understatement, he’s still a decent starter, a # 2 or 3 on a good team, but he’s no  Ace every 5 days..

Ace #2 was Cashman’s prize possession PineTop Pineda who for a while was one of many reasons Jack Z was fired in Seattle, and Cashman  was anointed Thief of the Year after it looked like he absolutely stole Pineda from the now unemployed Jack Zduriencik.

Well  that didn’t last long either, on May 10th, Mother’s Day, Pineda was maybe the best pitcher in the AL, his 16 strike out gem vs Baltimore was Kershaw-esque, and he looked un-hittable… Pineda has put together maybe 1 good outing per month, since that date

May 27th vs KC, June 17th vs Miami, July 4th vs Tampa, and we’ll  give him July 10th  vs Boston.. In his last 3 starts  he’s compiled a 7.88 ERA, and he has a 10.38 ERA in his one start in August, he like Tanaka has also hit the DL

Ace #3 was Adam Warren who had the best  ERA for maybe 2 or 3 starts before being jettisoned to mid leverage duty in the bull pen..

Ace #4 lasted one outing, Ivan Nova’s first game back from Tommy John, a stellar  6.2 innings, 3 hits, no  runs…

It   was like trading for a big Free Agent pitcher!! That  was the headlines coming from Al Yankzeera’s YES Talking Knuckleheads.. Slowly but surely Nova morphed back into the enigma he’s always been, nothing more nothing less.. Now when media pundits talk  about potential Bomber playoff staters Nova’s name isn’t even in the conversation

Cashman’s 5th Ace was / is / was Nate Eovaldi, the 25 yr old Tarzan from Texas with triple digit heat and low 80’s splitters, un-hittable stuff, off the charts work  ethic, Larry the Stable Guy’s prized pupil

Now enter in some circles Ace #6, 21 yr old man  child Luis Severino, the kid every team  wanted  in a  deadline trade, the kid ESPN pundit Guru Keith Law and his disciples like Blind Boy Mike Axisa said was nothing more then  a reliever based on his mechanics

Since arriving in the big leagues after general manager Brian Cashman labeled him untouchable prior to the July 31 trade deadline, Severino has done very little wrong. In 29 innings he has allowed 21 hits, fanned 29 and walked 11.

Little Louie after his 6 innings, no runs,  4 hits, 3 BB’s, 5 K’s vs the rebuilding  Braves, is sporting a 2.17 ERA, he has the mound presence of a wily veteran, like Eovaldi  he has more energy then a room  full of turbo  generators, and  he’d make  “Wild Bill” Hickok proud the way he stares down any hitter he’s facing in a power vs power shoot out

Even just 24 days into his major league career, there is not a starting pitcher in the Yankees’ rotation more reliable than Severino. “I feel good when he takes the mound,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “I’ve liked what I saw from him from day one.”

Sounds like Ace #6 too ESPN’s Wally Matthews, the kid is athletic, and if I’m managing that  game last night he bats in the 7th inning not the obvious intentional BB waiting to happen ARod, especially after almost putting one over Markakis’ head in his 1st AB in the 2nd inning…. That line drive might have been the hardest hit ball  by any Bomber all night

The almost base hit aside, I keep Severino in the game for 1 more inning, based on his 12 pitch 6th inning, and the fact he only had 88 pitches, had worked out of 3 jams with RISP, and really only had one 25 pitch  laborious  inning

“Everything was working tonight, change-up, slider and fastball,’’ said Severino,

Excellant, everything is working so yank him, so  we can  see ARod walk  and two LHB’s get overmatched…

Girardi  did say if it was an AL game he runs him back out there, so once again Joey Claps goes formula instead of gut.. The obvious ARod PH although with two LHB’s coming up, an open base, and a tough lefty on the mound sort of negates the ARod move.. Gonzalez brought the lefty in to  face  the top of the order  and neither Ellsbury or Gardner had a clue against Marksberry

With Severino out, the Braves let out a collective sigh of relief and

Wilson immediately coughed up  a run to  cut the slim 2 run lead in half

Wilson relieved Severino. 2 0
Bethancourt singled to center. 2 0
A. Simmons singled to right, Bethancourt to second. 2 0
Gomes hit for Marksberry. 2 0
Gomes grounded into fielder’s choice to first, A. Simmons out at second, Bethancourt to third, Bethancourt scored on error by pitcher Wilson. 2 1
Bourn ran for Gomes. 2 1
Markakis flied out to center. 2 1
Betances relieved Wilson. 2 1
Bourn stole second. 2 1
Maybin walked. 2 1
Freeman grounded out to pitcher.

Betances was also  rusty from not working for a while and with the offense back on hiatus this game got palm  sweaty, even  with the neophyte Severino grinding his way  through 6 and seemingly having his way you never felt comfortable from the first inning on.

Wisler’s A Mother

Severino was very good, but so  was Matt Wisler, the kid Atlanta got in the Kimbrel  trade.. 6 innings, 4 hits, 2 runs, 4 BB, 4 K’s, and a day  removed from their 15 run onslaught you could  set your watch to the fact the offense would be in sleep mode..

The Yanks scored in the 1st on a lead off Ellsbury double and an eventual wild pitch.. They  went up 2-0 in the 7th when they  picked up  a legit run

Headley doubled to deep center. 1 0
Gregorius doubled to right, Headley scored. 2-0

Wilson gave one back in the bottom of the 7th, and the Yanks finished the scoring in the 8th off Eddie Jackson

Jackson relieved Marksberry. 2 1
Beltrán walked. 2 1
Young ran for Beltrán. 2 1
McCann doubled to deep right, Young scored. 3 1

So far a nice two nights for McCann in his return to  Atlanta

Betances gave up  2 hits in the 8th, a walk in the 7th so his rust was prevalent, but he escaped with no  runs allowed in 1.1 innings

Miller closed the 9th with 2 K’s and a 6-3 putout

Yanks kept pace with Team Canada who bludgeoned Detroit 15-1, they maintained a 4 game lead in the WC over the red hot Rangers who  are 7-3 in their last  10 games with a 3 game winning streak intact

If the playoffs started today it would be Eovaldi vs Hamels in a one game shoot out in NY

Yanks need Eovaldi  to keep his Ace like streak going today, you really can’t count on this offense to give you much  run support..

Severino right now is a more comfortable watch then either Pineda or Nova, who  will  pitch in Boston… And he’s working his way  up  the ladder to actually surpassing Tanaka..

If Severino looks like Wild Bill Hickok staring down an opposing batter, Tanaka  for the most part has looked  like he’s taking an  eye exam without his glasses on, at least until he finds his rhythm, and by that  time it could be too late… Tanaka almost blew a 5 run lead on Friday, and thanks to  some real  shoddy Atlanta pitching  the Bombers gave TJ San a comfortable cushion to  work  with

Severino isn’t the Bomber Ace, he’s not David Price who has pitched to  a 1.98 ERA, since joining Team Canada, but he’s also not gonna cost some team $185M…. and he’s 9 yr’s younger.. BTW, Happy Birthday David, I remember when I hit the Big 3-0

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

August 30, 2015 at 8:46 am

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  1. might be time to run Headley and Gregorius ahead of Bird in the line-up…. Too bad Refsynder or Pirela aren’t up to break up all the LHB

    I guess if you move up Headley your stacking 4 LHB’s in a row… the pitcher is an automatic out too, but as it is now your stacking 3 LHB’s in a row

    Bird is giving them decent AB’s, and you kinda like that he uses the whole field, but Gregorius and Headley might be the next 2 best hitters next to Beltran and McCann

    Not looking forward to the Boston series, those guys are playing for their jobs next season, and with Nova and Pineda pitching I smell a blood bath

    Boston held serve with deGrom yesterday got up on him and the Mets are starting to cool down on offense…they gave it everything they had to beat Colorado and Philly, and underestimated Boston…

    Let’s hope for a Boston sweep, that will turn all the giddy radio Met chatter into chaos this week, plus it will set up the law of averages for the Yanks, Boston is 7-3 in their last 10

    not to mention if the Mets are stumbling it might hold off some ad-nauseam Football talk for a week

    Yanks will miss Miley in Boston, who seems to have their number, they get Porcello who had a great outing his last time out, Rodriguez, and Owens

    We throw Nova, PineTop, and TJ Tanaka…..


    August 30, 2015 at 8:58 am

  2. I, as well, am hoping for a Sawx Sweep! Anything to make the Metsies fans on the radio STFU! Especially on the FAN. It’s all Mets all the time. Brutal! And don’t get me started on the mindless football talk as if it’s mid-season! Jeez! I hate that crap. I mean, the back page of the Sunday NY Post, has featured a pic & headline of the Jets beating the Giants in a who-gives-a-fuck pre season game. While the side bar lists stories on the Yanks & Mets. Has the world gone mad!


    August 30, 2015 at 11:37 am

    • Lol. I hear you dog


      August 30, 2015 at 12:04 pm

  3. Friggin Mensa Eovaldi

    7 run lead walking guys

    Might have lost his stuff and can’t command

    On the radio side so I wouldn’t know
    Sterling is more interested in what time he’s leaving Atlanta and arriving in Boston
    Need a rested pen this week


    August 30, 2015 at 2:50 pm

  4. Damn shame they have to waste Warren with a 6 run lead

    Evo unable to go 6 is a shame

    Get him outta there Joe he’s been reading his own press clippings man he sucked today


    August 30, 2015 at 3:43 pm

  5. Yanks in mail in mode

    Letting this team back in this game


    August 30, 2015 at 3:52 pm

  6. Holy shit 20 runs

    That means no more runs for a week

    No hitter

    The Mendoza babe sounds like an easy listen
    Nothing beats Heidi on quick pitch
    They spray paint those form fitting dresses on the girl
    She cleaned up nice from her days banging the Red Sox players


    August 30, 2015 at 10:38 pm

  7. Funny stuff
    Here’s this mornings article on Eovaldi present Ace

    After that stinker today now he can’t be trusted

    This morning


    August 30, 2015 at 10:44 pm

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