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Yanks March Through Atlanta, Throw A Tea Party In Boston

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Well  we can’t complain, although I will,  the Yanks faced 2 last place teams on the road and came out the other side with  a 5-1 record.. Atlanta was just  a bad team, anything but a sweep  would have been very discouraging

 Boston finished August 15-12,  and their offense had pretty much ascended from the dead, led by Wardrobe Police Wizard Grand Papi Ortiz, fire plug Mookie Betts, and Punch and Judy Bogaerts, King of the soft single but high batting average

(In all fairness, Bogaerts did smack a 389 foot HR off Tanaka earlier, but then again, who doesn’t hit HR’s off Tanaka?)

Actually the Yanks should have taken all  6 games but the Monday loss was a Boston gift the Yanks kept on giving back

Yesterday could have been a laugher, but we had to endure  the Joey DayCare Fantasy Baseball Camp, every bad pitcher in the system came in to  pitch after Tanaka left with 8 outs to get and a 9 run lead..

Maybe every bad pitcher is a stretch, in reality Andrew Bailey, back from  2 yr shoulder surgery was the first Fantasy Camp  attendee.. I was really rooting for the South Jersey native but he just couldn’t find the plate, and he cost Tanaka 1 extra run on his pitching line.. Bailey faced 4 batters, 2 walked, one hit a sac fly, and Punch and Judy Bogaerts hit his signature single for an RBI..

Joey Claps had to make a 3 clap pitching change after Bailey imploded and he brought in Wilson to  clean  up  the mess, but not before Bailey had thrown gas on a 12-3 fire making it 12-5 after 7 innings

Brian Mitchell recently back from that insidious beaning, was actually worse the Bailey if that’s even possible.. He tried to hold a 13-5 lead but that didn’t go  well either

Mitchell relieved Wilson. 13 5
Shaw singled to right. 13 5
Castillo singled to right, Shaw to second. 13 5
Holt lined out to center. 13 5
Shaw to third, Castillo to second on wild pitch by Mitchell. 13 5
Swihart singled to center, Shaw scored, Castillo to third. 13 6
Bradley Jr. singled to right, Castillo scored, Swihart to third. 13 7
Craig walked, Bradley Jr. to second.

Allen Craig who  was hitting below the Mendoza line at Pawtucket walked twice ( Bailey and Mitchell), and he was Lovullo White Flag inserted  into the game once the Yanks had bashed the terrible Boston pitching for a 12-2 lead..

Unbelievable that in a once 12-2 laugher, Joey Claps needed to  get Betances to  clean up  the last 2 outs in the 8th as Boston  slithered their way back to  13-7

Joey DayCare lost me when he brought in the human Suicide Bomb Caleb Cotham who  after his last outing in NY I would have guessed the kid was on his way  to the DFA line… We get he was a Vanderbilt Alum, but that  doesn’t make him David Price, Cotham in no surprise couldn’t get  anybody out

Cotham relieved Betances. 13 7
León doubled to deep center. 13 7
Shaw doubled to deep left center, León scored. 13 8
Miller relieved Cotham.

Please Cashman don’t bring this kid back to  the varsity, Cotham has a 12.27 ERA, a 2.73 WHIP, in 3.2 innings he’s given up  10 hits, 5 runs… The shocker here is he actually did get batters out in 3.2 innings this season

Anyway Miller had to  come in to  stop  the bleeding, in the process he took a line drive off the leg, so  hopefully he’s ok

Miller relieved Cotham. 13 8
Castillo grounded out to shortstop. 13 8
Holt lined out to pitcher, Shaw to third. 13 8
Swihart walked. 13 8
Swihart stole second. 13 8
Bradley Jr. struck out swinging. 13 8

Game Over Yankees Win the Damn Game

Tanaka Time Out

We can’t say if Tanaka finishes his 7th inning which was very disappointing that he didn’t, the game never erupts into  a “slugfest”…. Joey has all  these relievers at his disposal and By Jesus he was gonna use them, so  the inevitable was bound to  happen.. The Mitchell outing was the most disheartening, we hope the unfortunate incident he had a few weeks ago  hasn’t slowed down his progress

I was pining for Mitchell  to  be a huge addition  in  the pen if the Yanks make October, or just  down the stretch,  and now we have to  wonder if the kid will be in Joey Claps doghouse? Get him back in there soon, don’t let his 0.1 innings, 4 hits, 2 runs, 1 BB fester

As for Tanaka San, what  can you say, he gave up  2 doubles in the first inning to  give Boston a quick 1-0 lead.. Thankfully we don’t have to  watch guys like Lester or Lackey make that  1 run lead hold up, instead the touted Boston farm system tosses one Tomato Can  after another at teams these days.

Fortunately by the 3rd inning Tanaka had an 11-1 lead to  coast on… He gave up  a lead off single in the 2nd, a 2 out single in the 3rd, a 1-2-3 4th, he allowed  a double and a sac fly in the 5th  to make it 12-2, he coughed up  a HR to Bogaerts in the 6th  12-3

He got an F/8 to  start the 7th, then  walked Swihart to  end his day, 96-66 pitches.. His line was OK, 6.1 innings, 6 hits, 4 runs, 1 BB, 5 K’s, 1 HR, his ERA despite the win jumped up  to 3.73

You can process Tanaka’s evolution two  ways, because he’s nothing like the pitcher we saw for 9 or 10 games in 2014.. He’s either nursing the elbow, or the league has caught up  to him, he’s pretty much what  you see a 3.73-ish  starting pitcher in the AL

He’s capable of having a lights out performance like he had in Canada, or you get the constant 3 or 4 runs in 6 or 7 innings..

The hard cold facts aren’t very encouraging, the only starting pitcher the Yanks have with a sub 3.70-ish ERA is Severino…

The only starters with  a sub 4 ERA are Tanaka and Severino (2.17), the rest of these guys might be young, but you better strap on your hitting shoes because it ain’t pretty

Eovaldi …4.17


Pineda 4.07

Sabathia 5.27

Mitchell 4.56

“Let’s Be honest” we’re playing with house money here fellas, ARod and Tex gave us a decent 3 to  4 months, I didn’t expect either player to be as good as they were while healthy..

And to be only 1.5 games behind Team Canada who  had to  sell  the farm  to make a run at October, that’s an unexpected God Send, so lets ride the wave and hope it takes us to  the shoreline come October….

Hit(s)  and Run(s)

With Tex out, and the almost comical musings of Joey wanting to insert ARod at  1st base, we’re fortunate the Line-up  erupted  for double digits

How about Drew and Gregorius, they’ve all of a sudden morphed into  a vintage Jeter and Cano

Gregorius in on a 7 game tear  going 14 for 24, with 2 HR’s a double and 10 RBI’s

Drew is on a 4 game tear, 9 for 12, 2 HR’s, 2 doubles, 9 RBI’s

Let’s see if the middle of the diamond can  actually contribute the rest of the season… We know what  we’ve seen can’t possibly  be pro-rated but somewhere in-between what  they  were and what  we’re seeing now would be greatly appreciated…

Gregorius has slowly moved up  the ladder for a while now, he’s improved dramatically from July until yesterday

Bomber scoring

2nd Inning

Beltrán struck out swinging. 0 1
Headley walked. 0 1
Bird homered to right (390 feet), Headley scored. 2 1
Murphy homered to left center (421 feet). 3 1
Gregorius singled to right center. 3 1
Drew doubled to deep right, Gregorius to third. 3 1
Gardner walked. 3 1
Young singled to left, Gregorius scored, Gardner tagged out at second, Drew to third, Young to second advancing on throw. 4 1
Rodriguez singled to left, Drew and Young scored. 6 1
Cook relieved Owens. 6 1
Beltrán homered to left (370 feet), Rodriguez scored. 8 1
Headley grounded out to shortstop. 8 1

3 HR’s from 3 guys you really enjoy and want to  see rake, Bird, Murph, and Beltran

3rd Inning

Bird walked. 8 1
Murphy flied out to right. 8 1
Gregorius walked, Bird to second. 8 1
Drew homered to right (388 feet), Bird and Gregorius scored. 11 1
Gardner popped out to shortstop. 11 1
Young flied out to right.

Drew keeps compiling HR’s, it’s what  saved his job, now I’m wondering if Cashman  doesn’t offer  him a 2 yr deal  this winter? Refsynder might never see the light of day

5th inning

Bird struck out looking. 11 1
Murphy fouled out to first. 11 1
Gregorius homered to right center (384 feet). 12 1
Drew singled to center. 12 1
Gardner grounded out to first.

Gregorius keeps getting better and better.. We can only hope he stays healthy, he’s been the Yanks best player on both  sides of the ball

8th inning

Gardner doubled to deep left center. 12 5
Young walked. 12 5
Rodriguez grounded into double play, pitcher to second to first, Young out at second, Gardner to third. 12 5
Pirela hit for Noel. 12 5
Pirela reached on infield single to third, Gardner scored. 13 5
Ogando relieved Breslow. 13 5
Headley grounded out to second. 13 5

Not what  you wanted to  see another DP by ARod, but good to  see Pirela hustle for the infield knock, and any extra base hit by Babe Gardner is a welcome sight.. Yanks need everything they  can get from top to  bottom on offense, we’re not exactly watching Glavine, Smoltz and Maddux go to  the mound day in and day out

Day off, then a tough series vs the resilient Rays.. Let’s hope their pitching doesn’t put the Bomber offense in a coma over the weekend.. plus it would be a good idea to knock them out the WC race

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

September 3, 2015 at 8:14 am

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  1. “Let’s be honest” Girardi is rivaling the comical musings of the Jimmy’s, Kimmel and Fallon.. Arod to 1st base hopefully gets overruled by Cashman

    We get the idea, you don’t want to sit Ellsbury or Gardner vs anybody down the stretch, and Young at least has a chance to hit a LHP, but Arod is crawling to the finish line as it is, putting a glove on him will further confuse the issue

    Get your nose out of the binder Joey, unless your trying to figure out a justifiable way to get ARod out of the line-up ???

    15 for 94 with 2 HR’s and 3 doubles, 12 RBI’s, in August and so far in Sept isn’t exactly what your looking for from a middle of the line up guy


    September 3, 2015 at 8:22 am

  2. Very funny about Drew. If he continues to rake I wouldn’t be surprised if Cashman DID offer him a new 2 yr deal! And DiDi, his growth & improvement have been nothing short of remarkable! The last 2 months especially. I’m very impressed with how he’s been going the other way. This trade is now looking like a steal! Who woulda thunk it!!!


    September 3, 2015 at 10:47 am

  3. The Yanks laid the smack down on their candy asses!!!-lol Its obvious Drews body has been inhabited by
    an alien force.


    September 3, 2015 at 10:55 am

    • Hey Big D! I think it’s a “Damn Yankees” thing. Drew has become Joe Hardy, who sold his soul to the Devil (Ray Walston)!!!


      September 3, 2015 at 11:19 am

  4. Moscone,something happened!! I read that many many years ago,did not like it because the Yanks lost!!-lol
    You may be right about Cashman signing him now,they signed Stenchiro to a 2 year deal after he had 2 good weeks!! They really need to get rid of Drew and Ryan after the season and sign one of the free agents-Kendrick from LA who always kills the Yanks or Daniel Murphy,that guy can hit. Its time for them to stop being cheap and start spending the millions they rake in every year. That also includes getting a big name starting pitcher. The back end of the Yankee bullpen is not major league quality,these guys simply cannot get batters out,which is a problem for a pitcher-lol This is not the time of the year to be messing around,especially with the jays winning all the time,they have to win all the time. The media trying to stir things up saying there are problems with GeniusJoe/Cashman about Arod playing 1b. Arod looks like he is on his last legs,he does not need to be in the field. Poor roster management is on the GM and owner.
    Yanks had a great road trip,they could have won all 6,now they really have to take care of business at home.They have 10 games- 3 with Rays,3 with O’s who are sinking,then 4 with the jays-get the couch ready!!


    September 3, 2015 at 12:21 pm

  5. For all the Cashman lovers—-Mark Melancon and Tyler Clippard. I’ll also throw in Frankie Cervelli who he treated like dog shit when I hear what a great General Manager he is, I puke.
    Once in a Blue Moon he gets one transaction right, and when he does, the scribes want to throw him a parade.
    They are not going to win again until his sorry ass, and Girardi’s sorrier ass are out of here. and speaking of Girardi—how is that switch to number 28 working out for you, Joe?


    September 4, 2015 at 7:46 am

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