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Today’s Dog Days Trick, Yanks Roll Over and Play Dead

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Well  there were two 40 year old players who went Big Fly last night, Tim Hudson who’s team won, and ARod who’s team  didn’t.. Rough night in Mudville for our local heroes from the Bronx, meanwhile the Flushing Toilets sent their fan base home with delirious joy after taking out the DC Fakers with a tremendous comeback win

We have a tale of two Boroughs in the making, the $217M  Bronx Yankees who  are trying to run out the clock  to  2018 but are still trying to  fake a playoff run in 2015,  and the day to  day Queens Mets who have great  young pitching, maybe the hottest offensive player in baseball  who is hitting his way  to an Ellsbury type contract exciting the Citi Field Fanatics

The Yanks built up  all  their currency in the first half of the season, but unfortunately the book on them was,  to be contenders they’d need to  stay healthy for 162.. Right now and for the last 6 weeks they’ve been anything but in the best of health, so  MLB’s M.O on the Bombers has been  rearing it’s ugly head  in the 2nd half of the season

Both the Mets and Team Canada upgraded their rosters at  the break infusing energy into the team’s schema, we understand why the Yanks didn’t want to give up  young talent, so  they  brought up  a few Double A kids instead..


What  we don’t understand is why Cashman  and Steinbrenner went into  the 2015 season counting on an older middle of the line-up and the fact they  didn’t want to  buy the third weapon coming out of the pen in Free Agency?

Here’s a memo to Hal Steinbrenner and his decision makers, it’s not about firing coaches, how’s Kevin Long doing in Flushing?

It’s about talent on the field, and it looks like the Yanks threw their money on the wrong horse(s)… Last night they  didn’t get 1 hit in the last 4 innings, and Jacoby Ellsbury who was paid $153M can’t carry his own weight no less a baseball  team

A combination of McFarland, O’Day  and Britton gave up nothing but a measly walk to  the last 13 batters they faced after ARod’s 30th HR  knocked Gausman out of the game in the 6th inning to  tie this “pitchers duel” 1-1

5 though 9 in the Bomber line-up  went a combined 1 for 18 on the night, the one hit came from Private Ryan.. Maybe with nothing but Tomato Cans available in the pen  the offense just  figured what’s the point?

Previous to  the last pathetic 4 innings, the Yanks had 2 men on base in the 1st, 3rd and 5th innings but couldn’t get  the timely hit

Bird couldn’t do it in the 1st with RISP.. Arod had a shot in the 3rd, and McCann  blew his chance in the 5th, the Bomber offense sans ARod’s HR in the 6th went quietly into  the night…

Play-In Tanaka

Tanaka   was very good on  5 days rest, and he no  doubt won the play in game start, if there is one that is, so  we have a consolation prize winner!!!

TJ Tanaka San’s   only blemish was  a 2-2 meatball that a .216 # 9 hitter   smacked for a HR in the 6th, …8 innings, 6 hits, 1 run, 1 BB, 1 K, 1 Big HR…His next outing will be on 4 days rest vs Team Canada, so  don’t get your hopes too high

Shreve the best Tomato can Joey Claps had available in the pen didn’t want to  walk  the lead off batter in the 9th, we get that, but it’s the AL HR leader kid,  maybe once your down 2-0, walk him and hope you can get the future Hall of Famer Jimmy “everybody loves a” Paredes to help  you out…

Then  again 4 through 7 in the O’s line-up  went 6 for 15, and  4 though 7 in the Bombers line-up didn’t, so we understand the Beltway Murderers Row was coming up and Shreve didn’t want to  walk  the go  ahead run.. Shreve just  cut to  the Chase and coughed up  the smooth easy  swing Tater.. A much  quicker death for sure…

While the O’s pen shut down the Yanks for 4 innings, the first guy out of Joey Claps pen gave up  3 hits and a run in 1 inning of work

The notion NY’s pen is a strength of this team is a myth…. ( New York is now 21-23 in one-run games this season)

Yes the 8th  and 9th innings are  light’s out, or used to be before they were over used, Wilson in the 7th is good, but not great, and the rest of those guys are living on Betances and Miller’s coattails

Again Hal, if you want to  ween off bad contracts at least build a three headed monster in the winter, once you wait to  get the 3rd head at  the deadline it’s too late, especially if you don’t want to give up  elite prospects

Let’s use this season as a learning curve on how the deadline thing works moving forward… Cashman isn’t gonna save the day in July anymore, do your damage in the off season if you don’t want to  give up  young talent

NY has more money then  talent available in the minors, so use your strength, Money….

There is a reason only 30 thousand fans showed up on Labor Day, this team has no  buzz, the 2nd half of the season has played out as expected, the old guys ran out of gas or got injured, and regardless of pitch counts or previous Tommy John surgery’s, a 25 yr old starting pitcher you were counting to  eat innings, succumbed to an  elbow injury…

We also understand the need for defense, so yes Ryan  and Drew get the nod over Refsynder and Pirela, but why Zobrist wasn’t brought in boggles the mind…

As good as Bird has been, you see how a few bad defensive plays adds to  a pitchers pitch  count, and in this era pitch counts rule.. The few Bird miscues didn’t hurt Re: runs scored, but they  did add to Tanaka’s 104 pitches, not that the Bombers were gonna plate a run, but you never know, if Shreve isn’t put in a high leverage spot and God forbid Tanaka actually pitches 9 complete innings, maybe you steal this game..

Good luck today As Wounded Knee Sabathia tries to  save the series vs  yet another almost last place team

Jimenez is coming off a nice start vs Team Canada .. Maybe taking last night off refreshed the anemic Bomber offense, they  could sure use a Win, then  again with Price, Estrada and Stroman on tap, maybe it doesn’t matter

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

September 9, 2015 at 9:36 am

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  1. what a comatose performance from the offense, then again maybe they’re picking their spots,

    although your best pitcher is on the bump, he even throws a gem, maybe lets take Wednesday’s game off and get ready for Canada, but figure out a way to beat Cy Gausman and his endless diet of fastballs

    Today you play a few kids, let the oldies freshen up, Sabathia will get pounded anyway, what’s to defend?

    That’s great that ARod did something that equaled Hank Aaron, does anybody care? Maybe Fatso Francesa cares so when he’s mailing in a show he can argue the point…

    Poor Met fans hopefully they get their ya ya’s out because I’ll be playing for the Flushing Toilets before Cespedes next yr…


    September 9, 2015 at 9:42 am

    • Happy that we are going down to the Mississippi Delta in October so i can soothe my wounds about not being a Contender.
      The Blues can cure it along with Fried Catfish and Greens,, 😎
      This Team is so disappointing.
      Cashless must go,,
      Fuk Kevin Long btw, Sal,, lol,,


      September 9, 2015 at 10:15 am

  2. Shreve did not want to walk the leadoff man,but you cannot let the only guy in the lineup beat you,and he did. But it was the lack of offense-again-that cost the game. Its incredible that they cannot hit these bad pitchers,get shut down by nobodies. When I saw Ryan was in the starting lineup,I vomited,but he actually had a good game-for a change. I was very upset listening to Cashman on wfan,saying Bird will be in the minors next year. I saw a projection on Bird if he played this entire season,he would have 35 homers.125 rbi-now we all know these projections don’t mean shit but he has done ok for the Yanks. Whenever I hear them saying they want younger players,the bullshit alarm starts ringing. They HATE playing young players,
    has anyone seen Refsnyder since he was brought back? Bird back in the minors next year-according to Cashman due to Arod,Beltran,Tex under contract-how about trying him in the outfield to get him in the lineup? No can do!!! Stupid thinking,no imagination,no chance for young players.They really need to stop bullshitting us-the fans-go out and sign the free agents like they used to,trade the young players and lets get back to being the NY Yankees. Hal is just jacking us around,making a fortune,not spending,hoping we keep our eyes closed to the bs. They will never play the youngsters.


    September 9, 2015 at 11:35 am

    • Hey boys lots of great points thanks

      Cashman is playing the big contracts no doubt

      I think Beltran’s caddy will be Judge next yr

      Bird will back up Tex and Alex
      Both kids might get a lot of playing time and where the clock starts might be a ploy
      Since sll those spots are blocked I’d like to see
      A Big pitcher
      A third big weapon in the pen
      Let’s see who springs loose to fill 2nd base


      September 9, 2015 at 3:06 pm

  3. Mikey got out of his Fox deal
    Or they got out of him
    All of a sudden it’s Us not me

    Mikey has a new company ready to take over
    But they have to wait until the girls JV hoops team finishes their season the high school gym won’t be available


    September 9, 2015 at 3:13 pm

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