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Some things will never change, Anna Kournikova waiting for a serve will  always make your heart flutter, Bill Clinton will never look at a Blue Dress the same way, Caitlyn Marie Jenner will never be a Mob Wife,  Kim Kardashian  will never go  a day  without taking a Selfie, and the 2015 NY Yankees will never win a ballgame without hitting HR’s

All  the hoopla ( mostly Met Mutt talking heads) over sitting Bubba McCann on Friday night either picked up  stream or quieted the Media pundits who  don’t really watch Bomber baseball a whole lot after Bubba put the final nail in young Noah Syndergaard’s 5 run day  at Citi Field with his monster 2 run Tater in the 6th inning

Up until  the Met youngster ran into    Beltran and McCann, Syndergaard carried a stellar 2.15 Home ERA into  yesterday’s Subway  Series..

As for sitting Bubba in game 1, Yes McCann’s only 31 yr’s old, yes he gets paid $17M per yr, and yes he actually has better splits vs LHP .257 .333 .465 .798 then RHP .235 .324 .464 .788, but out of his 26 HR’s, 20 of them  have come off RHP….

(Contrary his home and away slash line  splits are night and day with Home numbers glaring off the page  .272 .361 .544 .905 compared to  what Bubba accomplishes on the road, .211 .293 .390 .683)

The next time Joe Girardi  makes a gut  decision without his nose firmly planted in a Binder of stats will be his first, and guess what manager has firmly ratified the notion his baseball  team wins solely with the HR?

Yes Joe Girardi  is the correct answer, you win an all  expense paid  trip to downtown Wheeling West Virginia…

You will never hear me whine about manufacturing runs again this season, the Yanks can’t, won’t, and are not good at doing it anymore, despite having 2 guys who  should have a minimum of 70 stolen bases between them at the top of the order..

The DoughBoy is 18 for 26, and the Babe is 19 for 24, combined that’s 37 for 50… Juxtaposed, Billy Hamilton and Dee Gordon are a combined 109 for 134

When the YES talking heads in the booth, former Championship players not the nitwits like Kay, Rucco, and Bourbon Bob start to wonder why the hell isn’t he on 2nd base yet you know something in the analytics department has gone haywire

Anyway the Yanks got two Bombs yesterday, the first one from Beltran brought the Flushing Toilets back  down  to  earth after somehow the DoughBoy led off with a single, the Babe followed suit, and El YaYo Beltran went Big Fly all in the span of  the first 10 pitches

Ellsbury singled to right center. 0 0
Gardner singled to right center, Ellsbury to second. 0 0
Beltrán homered to right (378 feet), Ellsbury and Gardner scored. 3 0
McCann struck out swinging. 3 0
Bird struck out swinging. 3 0
Headley grounded out to first. 3 0

Pineda made it hold up giving the Mets nothing but 2 singles and a walk while striking out 3 until McCann went Big Fly in the 6th, a two  run shot that  traveled 433 feet

Gardner lined out to right. 3 0
Beltrán singled to right center. 3 0
McCann homered to right center, Beltrán scored. 5 0
Bird hit a ground rule double to deep right. 5 0
Headley struck out swinging. 5 0
Ackley struck out swinging. 5 0

That  was the scoring on the day, 5 runs, all  courtesy of the Old Earl Weaver, a Girardi

Wet Dream

The Bizzarro World of Joe Girardi

Joe Girardi  continued his 2015  trek toward becoming the Smartest Man in the Room with yet another series of wierdo moves that only Joey and his Shrink can  and will  comprehend

He used four 2nd baseman, Joey was either showing off his NL managerial chops by abusing the stupid double switch rule, or he was sending a subtle message to Cashman  to  get a real friggin keystone corner mainstay here next yr

We understand  the fact he only trusts 3 pitchers coming out of the pen, we don’t blame him…The real  sad indictment is on Cashman’s inability to  find at least one call up that can mellow Joey Claps nervous system, and once again his scheme throughout this game was a bit excessive

That  said the game stayed locked at 5-0 from the 6th inning on, so Joey maybe ain’t so “weird” maybe he’s playing the hand Cashman and Hal gave him?

Fly on the wall for the Girardi / Cashman pillow talk  after the game?…

The Joey Claps blueprint was Pineda getting 16 outs, and the mix and match em bull pen getting the last 11 outs with Miller getting the day off…

The fact Pineda couldn’t at least pitch into  the 7th inning is probably the only  negative feeling you can take out of Pinetop’s outing… Daniel Murphy, Mike Francesa’s back in the day  whipping boy, scared Girardi into  yanking Pineda after only 5.1 innings…

After a hit against the shift by Kelly Johnson, a Met deadline icon but a Bomber misfit, and an inside out bloop  single by Granderson off a listless slider,  Joey’s heart  rate jumped up  to catastrophic levels.. Thankfully Pineda punched out The Cespedes on 3 pitches, each pitch delivered made the slumping Met God look worse then the previous..

Joey took a 3 clap hook to  the mound to end Pineda’s day at 86 pitches, and Wilson came in to  face the future Ex Met Danny Murphy.. Wilson walked him to load the bases and it looked like the Met Magic was ready to  erupt with The Captain coming up.

Wilson relieved Pineda. 5 0
Ryan at second base. 5 0
Murphy walked, Johnson to third, Granderson to second. 5 0
Wright struck out swinging. 5 0
Uribe hit for Duda. 5 0
Uribe struck out swinging. 5 0

Wright worked a 3-2 count but got blown away  by 97 MPH cheese for the 2nd out…

Collins took out one of his hottest  hitters Duda, and replaced him with  the Mets Mr Magic, Juan Uribe, who now runs the Met Clubhouse, per Mike Francesa who helps Collins with his game planning, or at least  that’s how the Pope represents his relationship  with Collins on his exciting radio show

Uribe couldn’t find his trick bag and Wilson sliced him up on 3 pitches with fast balls and cutters, Willie looked unhittable in the 6th.. In the 7th Wilson continued to look possessed

Flores struck out swinging. 5 0
Lagares hit for Conforto. 5 0
Lagares struck out swinging. 5 0
Cotham relieved Wilson. 5 0
Plawecki struck out swinging. 5 0

After two dominant punch outs  Wilson was replaced, a very energetic 6 clap hook that cued Gas Can  Cotham who continued the strike out succession

Betances replaced Cotham and increased the strike out streak to 8 in a row  before allowing The Cespedes to ground out to 3rd base to  end the 8th

Joey got weird in the 9th, he hit for Ryan in the 8th  with ARod, then inserted defensive liability Refsynder in the field in the 9th.. Miller wasn’t called on to  end the madness, Joey started to  tinker with a novice kid who  got a strike out, a low risk no  reward reclamation project who  also  got a strike out, then finally after Martin couldn’t close the deal, Miller who had his feet up reading the stock market quotes on his iPhone unfortunately needed to  come in to  get the last out

James Pazos pitching for New York NYY NYM
Refsnyder at second base. 5 0
Pazos relieved Betances. 5 0
Murphy grounded out to shortstop. 5 0
Martin relieved Pazos. 5 0
Wright struck out looking. 5 0
Cuddyer hit for Parnell. 5 0
Cuddyer reached on infield single to second. 5 0
Flores reached on infield single to shortstop, Cuddyer to second. 5 0
Nieuwenhuis hit for Lagares. 5 0
Miller relieved Martin. 5 0
d’Arnaud hit for Nieuwenhuis. 5 0
d’Arnaud grounded into fielder’s choice to third, Cuddyer out at third, Flores to second. 5 0

Girardi  yanking Pineda early despite one hit being on the analytics department for the extreme shift, and a very soft bloop  single by Granderson was a late in the playoffs type move, but the Yanks are needing every win down the stretch so  the earners are gonna have to justify the pay check…

There are 15 games left,  7 on the road plus a potential 20 more post season games on top of that… Play in game (1) LDS (5) ALCS (7) World Series (7)

The Yanks picked up  a game thanks to  the Angry Cousins holding on to beat Team Canada

So they’re 3.5 behind the Mercenaries.. Don’t get too happy Rich Hill pitches for Boston  today

The Yanks stayed 4 up on Houston who  also  won, 5 in the loss column…The Angels moved 1.5 games behind  Houston the Twins who have imploded with 5 losses in a row are  2.5 behind Houston, and the Indians thankfully lost so  they’re 4 behind Houston

Tonight ESPN

Sabathia vs PlayGirl Supermodel Matt Harvey

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

September 20, 2015 at 7:38 am

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  1. heck of a win, exciting yes any win is, but maybe like kissing your hottest cousin, the way they went about it wasn’t awe inspiring…..Re: how the hell is this team still in it

    Night game then off to Toronto who of course will continue to throw every last mercenary at the Yanks, that’s an uphill battle

    Be nice to beat Price, show Stroman some basic reality, and solve Estrada though

    but first they need to get the Mets for another loss especially with the Playboy on the bump… doesn’t look good on paper, but imagine the WFAN tomorrow if somehow the Yanks win tonight?



    September 20, 2015 at 7:45 am

  2. Hello Boys! Just flew in from Paris late last night. Had NO access to communications all week, so I had no idea what has gone on. After going through 233 emails upon my return, it didn’t look like a stellar week for the Yanks. Same old disappointing shit, just different days. They are a Chinese water torture show. Glad I missed it! They are such a tease, all year actually. Would love to see them beat Haaaaarvey tonight! Hey Big D! The women in Paris are ASTONISHING!!!


    September 20, 2015 at 2:32 pm

  3. Moscone hope you had a good time!! Any of them speak English?


    September 20, 2015 at 6:39 pm

    • Some yes, some no. Tragically, many were SO young! Oh, to be 30 yrs younger!!! Still, even the older ones were gorgeous! And always with some shlumpy guy! Loved Paris! The fashion, the women, the food, the women, the sightseeing, the women, did I mention the women??? This one great restaurant we went to, you couldn’t get hired unless you were absolutely gorgeous!!! Seems like I missed a lot of agita concerning the Yanks this week. Tonight will be the 1st game I’ve seen in quite a while. Hopefully, they can hang a L around the Dark Knight’s head.


      September 20, 2015 at 6:52 pm

  4. Tanaka has a grade 1 hamstring strain &will miss his next start,Nova will replace him


    September 20, 2015 at 6:49 pm

  5. Beltran nonchalants every ball hit to him,,


    September 20, 2015 at 9:32 pm

  6. ,,,, but yet he can surely hit,,
    Shocking turn of events,, getting to that quick pitching punk after Matt ” i walk on water” Harvey got yanked,,
    Love it,,


    September 20, 2015 at 10:25 pm

  7. Nice to see the Doughboy start to make some hay…….watching this game on ESPN is absolute torture! The announcers know nothing about either team & refuse to shut up! And who’s this babe in the booth?? She has been espousing the obvious all night! Just STFU!!


    September 20, 2015 at 10:38 pm

  8. Homer Odyssey, , lmao, Sal,,
    I just got it,,
    Very good,, 😎


    September 20, 2015 at 11:10 pm

  9. Just like ya can’t play the blues slow enough…….ya can’t score enough runs against the Mets to make me happy! Think this will shut up those chippy Mets fans???


    September 20, 2015 at 11:20 pm

  10. Beano is just awful!!! Amazing he’s still on the team. Must have compromising pics of Cashman & his harem!


    September 20, 2015 at 11:28 pm

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