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Yanks Now Sale-ing In No Man’s Land

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The old boys in the Bronx gave us a nice season, but after a tough  4-0 loss to Team Canada, the Yanks are no longer circling the drain for the AL East Title, in fact they might be circling the sink trap headed for the septic system on the whole season if the offense doesn’t somehow figure out a way to unstick  the refresh  button on this listless batting order..

We know they have a 4 game lead for the Wild Card home field advantage over Houston, 5 games over the Twins for the last spot with 11 games to play, but after watching Girardi  stick  with some of the guys who brought him here, the loyal skipper better hope those players batting in key spots can  bail  the water  out of the boat a tick faster then it’s coming in, or Girardi,  his coaches, the money Hal is counting on for a  1 game WC playoff, and all  39 guys in the clubhouse are going down with the ship…

Yogi Time

All day long folks were honoring the greatest winning catcher in the history of the game. Apparently knowing #8 was on borrowed time there were tons of  pre-made anthologies celebrating this iconic American success story.. I had acquaintances  who wouldn’t know a baseball  from a wrecking ball texting me their favorite Yogisms. So it was a day  filled with  sadness but at the same time laughter, remembering what a great man this native of the Hill in St Louis was

Ivan The Not Terrible

A tip of the cap  to Ivan Nova who  up until last night had pretty much pitched his way out of an already  shaky rotation..

Now “let’s be honest” as bad as this rotation is, that’s tough to  do, but Nova managed the near impossible by allowing 29 runs in his last 7 outings for a 7.46 ERA, so he was jettisoned to  the pen with the 15 other guys the Yanks are carrying at the moment

Last night he was the tall thin Willow tree in a hurricane bending almost in half  but never breaking against  a team  that flat out mugged him just 11 days ago at Yankee Stadium..

His night started a bit uneasy

Second and 3rd in the 1st inning but two  punch outs got him out of harms way

A single and a walk in the 2nd yielded nothing for Team Canada, a lead off single went for naught in the 3rd, an E6 and a stolen base  put Canada 1 hit from taking a 1-0 lead but Nova prevailed in the 4th, a 1-2-3 5th, and two outs and a walk ended his night in the 6th after 110 pitches

Joey took  a 3 clap  hook to  the bump  and yanked his starter…Ill Advised? Maybe but with  no  offensive life on the Planet Yankee, in the end, it didn’t or wouldn’t have  mattered

5.2 innings, 4 hits, 1 run  2 BB’s, 6 K’s 110-70, 4.87 ERA.. With  11 games to  go Cya maybe once more Ivan

2016 Auditions : It Got Late Early

In the biggest  game of the year, if you were still  thinking AL East Champions, the smartest man in the room Joey Claps and no  doubt on board with the decision his boss Cashman started a procession of AAA bull pen pitchers, and a 2 yr’s removed from   MLB competition Reclamation project against the best offensive team in baseball, in their home park  where they  destroy even good pitching

House hold names Pazos, Cotham, Bailey and Mitchell were lined up  to  save any chance the Yanks had at overtaking Team Mercenary with the game knotted 0-0 and 4 outs to  go before maybe we’d see Wilson in the 8th…

You had a better chance of making it to  shore floating on an anchor then  having that  quartet protect the Bomber seaport at least until  the 8th inning when Wilson and the New Houdini, Betances were waiting to help dock the sinking Good Ship Steinbrenner

Up In Smoke

The 0-0 score  didn’t last long

Pazos relieved Nova. 0 0
Goins singled to center, Martin to third. 0 0
Cotham relieved Pazos. 0 0
Pillar singled to center, Martin scored, Goins to second. 0 1
Carrera hit for Barney. 0 1
Carrera walked, Goins to third, Pillar to second. 0 1
Revere flied out to left.

With the game still miraculously only 1-0 Girardi  continued the auditions in the 7th, this time with Andy Bailey.. Bailey hanging on to his MLB life by his finger tips blew the game up after being 1 pitch away  from escaping very rough waters

Bailey relieved Cotham. 0 1
Donaldson doubled to left. 0 1
Bautista grounded out to shortstop, Donaldson to third. 0 1
Encarnación intentionally walked. 0 1
Smoak struck out swinging, Encarnación stole second. 0 1
Martin homered to left (378 feet), Donaldson and Encarnación scored. 0 4
Goins struck out swinging. 0 4

Bailey got in trouble with a lead off double by Donaldson, strategically they  walked the Parrot with 1 out, man on 3rd… The overrated Justin Smoak  was punched out on some vintage nasty pitches by Bailey, but on the 5th pitch of Martin’s AB Bailey didn’t get the strike 3 call, a borderline 4 seamer that looked like it kissed the paint but not in the eyes of home plate ump Jim Reynolds

The next pitch was a botched fast ball  that Martin crushed for a 3 run HR to ice the game 4-0

Searching for Mr Clutch

Marcus Stroman was Toronto’s best  starter coming into  the 2015 season, a knee injury knocked him out of competition until 3 starts ago.. After giving up  3 runs in 5 innings in his first  start of the season on September 12th, vs the Yanks, he’s strung together 14 innings, 1 run, 11 hits, 8 K’s, 2 BB’s in his last 2 starts vs Boston  and NY

Last night he looked the best I’ve seen him and I’ve  watched  large portions of all  3 starts

The Yanks went 8 batters before getting a single in the 3rd, they picked up  a single in the 4th, 2 hits in the 5th  and a single in the 7th, unfortunately none of the 5 hits were of the timely fashion..

Fortunately for Stroman he ran into  the slumping Headley in the 5th, and despite Ackley hitting one on the screws it was an At-em ball  for an innocuous F/8 in the 7th…

Yanks Plead the 5th

In the 5th inning Bird got the Yanks going in the right direction but Headley like he’s done too many times this yr either on defense or with his bat took the air out of the room quickly.. What made the Headley DP sting even more, Ackley hit a gap  double that  no  doubt plates a run.. Not sure the Yanks would be able to  hold a 1 run lead with the reliever scheme Girardi had penciled in but you never know

Bird singled to center. 0 0
Headley grounded into double play, first to shortstop to first, Bird out at second. 0 0
Ackley doubled to deep right center. 0 0
Gregorius grounded out to shortstop.

One More Shot

After Girardi’s auditions allowed an inherited run in the 6th, the Yanks were still only down a run and they mounted their 2nd and last rally of the game off Stroman or anybody else for that matter in the 7th

McCann flied out to left. 0 1
Beltrán walked. 0 1
Bird flied out to center. 0 1
Headley singled to center, Beltrán to second. 0 1
Heathcott ran for Beltrán. 0 1
Ackley lined out to center.

Ackley once again hit the ball very hard but it sailed into Pillar’s glove for the 3rd out… The very next inning Bailey pulled the plug on the game allowing the 3 run Tater  to Martin.. Extremely painful  watching the catcher the Yanks let get away end their chase for the division title

Yankees RISP: 0-5 (Gregorius 0-1, Heathcott 0-1, Bird 0-1, Ackley 0-1, McCann 0-1)
Team LOB: 6

Rough Sale-ing

The Yanks have 8 home games coming up (Chicago / Boston) before heading to Baltimore for the last 3 games

Of course the White Sox pushed Sale back a day  so he will  be on the bump  tonight, if you think Stroman  was tough, maybe it’s best to  skip  this one and take in a movie with the little lady, why further torture yourself

The Yanks counter with Pineda, Sabathia, Warren  and Severino.. If Tanaka pitches the opener vs Boston that gives him 8 days before a potential play in game on Monday October 6th … He’s scheduled to pitch September 28th vs Boston  then again on October 3rd vs Baltimore

Obviously I would guess they  skip him on the 3rd, unless the Yanks need him to keep  their hopes alive.. They  could skip Pineda on the last day of the season  and ready him for the play in game, or if they need both  games then it looks like Sabathia on 6 days rest would pitch the Play in game most likely vs Keuchel and the Astros

Yanks magic number to make the play offs is 7

The Rangers play  the Astros  for 3 games starting Friday, Houston has 9  games left… Texas’s magic number to  clinch the AL West is 8 so  they’ll be  pedal  to  the mettle… Houston’s schedule softens up but they  do  go on  the road for the last 6  with  3 vs Seattle ( no King Felix) and 3 vs the Diamond Backs ( no DH)

It would behoove the Yanks to go  hard here

Tonight Pineda vs Sale

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

September 24, 2015 at 8:43 am

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  1. Just wondering how Gibbons has Cecil and Osuna to relieve and the Yanks have Season 1 of You Too Can Be A Baseball Reliever ?

    the offense was nonexistent so it doesn’t matter but in case it did

    Was girardi trying to win the John Wayne award ?

    Trying to secure AL Manager of the yr away from the Astros or Rangers

    Sending a message to Cashman to get more starting pitcher depth so he’s actually got somebody to pitch 7 or 8 innings every 5 or 6 days

    How insidious is it that Cashman can’t find 1 AAA pitcher that can be counted on and Toronto has a 20 yr old kid closing??????


    September 24, 2015 at 9:00 am

  2. Pretty strange dynamic to this must win if you really want to take the Division from Team Canada… Not that it mattered at the end of the day, the offense couldn’t buy a clutch hit, but with Nova on a TJ pitch count, Miller off limits thanks to his implosion and 40 something 2 inning outing on Tuesday did Cashman really think the AAA bullpen and one reclamation project is holding down the best offense in baseball?

    Again, How come Gibbons had Cecil and Osuna ready and Cashman had the RailRiders pen at his disposal?

    we know your ordered to not add much if any payroll, but you can’t think anybody will take your team serious in 2016 unless you get a few innings eaters in the rotation, that means an Ace that actually can pitch 200 innings in a season

    I’d say it’s pretty embarrassing when a $217M payroll’s top innings eater is Sabathia with 155.2 innings.. Sabathia should be your #5 not your top dog Re: innings pitched…

    If you don’t want to add payroll, that’s fine Hal, just don’t charge top ticket prices at the gate, or insult our intelligence with you’ve done everything in your power to field a championship team next yr


    September 24, 2015 at 9:22 am

  3. Since the All Star break (and his All Star appearance), Gardner is hitting at a Mendoza Line average of .200.
    He strikes out a ton and except for a few homers (one against a position player), all of his offensive stats are dismal. Nevertheless, Girardi insists that he will continue to bat second for the rest of the season.
    There are other options and just maybe both Cashman ( who loves Gardner) and Joey Claps, who is always on top of all statistical trends, might come to the realization that their love child is a corner outfielder who is a ,260 something lifetime hitter, who no longer steals bases and whose current defensive metrics are rather average


    September 24, 2015 at 9:25 am

  4. In the postgame GeniusJoe said it was the pitch count monster that got Nova,who pitched very well. You can second guess him for it,but since the Yanks got shut out,it didn’t matter.The Yanks have been one reliever short all year,and last night it finally killed them. That’s on the front office. Russell Martin,ex-Yankee great and former Black Hole,has 18 rbi vs the Yanks this year,most of any player vs the Yanks. Maybe they should have kept him along with Granderson,Cano,and Swisher. Speaking of Cano,he got hit #2000 last night-of course no one knew about it since he chose to play in Loserville. Yanks do have a lead for the wild card,especially in the loss column. Jays dominated the Yanks in the season series which is the main reason they are in first. Now that they no longer play each other-thankfully-Yanks should be able to get the wildcard.


    September 24, 2015 at 10:27 am

  5. After hearing that Sale was on the bump tonight, I’ve decided to make other plans. I’ll be meeting up with one of my Latina Lovelies! Tonight, it’ll be “Ingrid”! I figure between the dental surgery this past Monday, and watching the Yanks lose to the Jays, why should I subject myself to this Chinese Water Torture??? Sal, I think I showed you a picture of this babe a while back. Outstanding!!! At least I’ll tune in the game after with a smile on my face……which I’m sure the Yanks will wipe away immediately.


    September 24, 2015 at 10:48 am

    • yes mB you did show me a photo, my only question was is that her promo picture on her web page, or the day she graduated from high school ??

      Yes sounds like you should get your neck massaged tonight, in between cigarettes check the blog for updates


      September 24, 2015 at 10:52 am

    • As pure as driven white snow! No website pic. That was the babe on all fours on the couch. Should be hanging in the Louvre! Will check in. Plenty of time…..appointment at 7


      September 24, 2015 at 10:57 am

  6. hey boys great takes …

    Sherman has it right, in two areas …. Girardi won’t shake the tree and yes Gardner and Headley should be moved around

    I thought the other day it might be good idea even L/R stuff if Headley was batting between DD and Doughboy… Too bad we can’t get Babe and doughboy to get hot at the same time

    Babe Gardner hasn’t been the same since he backed into the All Star game… Maybe he took his foot off the pedal, or maybe he’s living up to his baseball card

    Cashman needs to try and flip Ellsbury but he might be able to flip Gardner easier based on contract… One of them has to go, the Yanks no longer under Girardi need to have speed guys at the top of the line up they don’t use their legs to create anymore anyway..

    it’s nice having them on first when a double is hit but forget about stealing a run or two…

    Yes it looks like A WC is in the bag, but i’m not betting the farm on it I will bet a broken snow blower though


    September 24, 2015 at 10:50 am

  7. Moscone, Ingrid is not a latina name-lol Enjoy!!!


    September 24, 2015 at 11:28 am

    • Hey Big D! None of these ladies use their real name. It’s all a game……I tell them my name is Raul! lol!!


      September 24, 2015 at 12:10 pm

  8. bubbaband

    September 24, 2015 at 11:33 am

    • Looks like we lost one of our best men
      Betances has finally gone over the deep end
      Maybe it’s time Dr Joenstein
      Stop using the formula
      Let Wilson finish an inning
      Houdini needs some rest


      September 24, 2015 at 9:29 pm

  9. Ten walks in last 32 at bats vs Betances.

    Sale is so hard to hit I don’t know anybody has a hit off him

    Betances has returned to spring training Betances
    big break getting the DP
    Thank God Sale is out of the game


    September 24, 2015 at 9:43 pm

    • This thing has been going on with Betances for some time now. For some reason, his command has been off. Especially with that devastating breaking pitch. So, he’s thrown a lot more pitches on an already escalated count for the year. Is he fatigued? Are his mechanics off just a hair? Is he wondering where he’s going to get his next high rise fro done? Who the fuck knows? But, it ain’t good. He better right the ship……and fast!


      September 25, 2015 at 12:05 am

  10. Great win

    Betances red flag alert


    September 24, 2015 at 10:03 pm

  11. Betances is fried! Pitching more than an inning every game!! I am surprised his arm hasn’t fallen off. Its like NoMaas-remember them?-had a picture of Tanyon Sturtze with stumps for arms with blood gushing.
    He needs rest. I guess we have to take back all the bad things we said about Beltran,he has been great lately. What a starting lineup tonight!-oy!! But they beat Sale,who was 3-0 vs them. Sale really has not been pitching that well,still a great win tonight,getting closer to the wild card.


    September 25, 2015 at 12:20 am

    • Big D! That Tanyon Sturtze comment was laugh out loud hilarious!!! I’m still laughing! Man, Torre wore him out!


      September 25, 2015 at 12:25 am

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