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Yanks Go Wild

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It was starting to look like the Yanks were gonna make it to Tuesday on a 7 game losing streak, so  the thought of Today’s game in Baltimore getting rained out brought some relief…

A wise man once said it’s tough to win a double header, I immediately thought, now there’s the opening to get that  one  illusive W, play  a twin bill on Saturday in the Beltway

Of course we’d have to  hope Houston, Anaheim and Minnesota lose a game so  the Bombers could break  the 2 yr hiatus from October Play off baseball

Thankfully Divine intervention wasn’t needed, not sure my bar tab at the Pearly Gates has ever been paid in full  and my  prayers usually get  shuffled to  the bottom of the pile.. No worries, the Bombers went ahead and won a seat at the WC table on their own with a solid win over the pesky Red Sox 4-1

It didn’t hurt that  it was a bone chilling rainy night, Boston sat Ortiz, Pedroia, Swihart and Holt, and pitched former Yankee Rich Hill, who has been surprisingly very good in his 3 starts for Boston in September (1.17 ERA) but it’s still Rich Hill, yes he’s a dreaded LHP,  but no he’s not Dallas Keuchel or Clayton Kershaw

The Yanks countered with Joey Claps’ family friend, CC Sabathia who has had a nightmare season, and on the bricks, the lovable Soup Bone breeds little confidence that he can still be a useful piece in the Bomber rotation..

That  said, in the Clubhouse, Sabathia is a Made Man based on his toughness, and pedigree as a one time Button Man Ace… On the field in 4 starts in August, Sabathia  pitched to  a 3.80 ERA, he was even  better in the 4 games  in  September, 2.25 ERA

In 6 of the 8 games he was averaging 6.1 innings per start, of course he was and is susceptible to a stinker…In 2 of the 8 games he only  lasted  4.2 innings vs Baltimore, and 2.2 innings vs Cleveland, so you never know which Big Man  your getting.. Last night we got the Competitive Sabathia who  went 5 innings, 6 hits, 1 run, 3 BB, 3 K’s 96 pitches

He left the game hanging onto a 2-1 lead and he gave you more then expected, so a very good  job by CC, especially considering Joey Claps actually used his head and piggybacked Soup Bone  with Adam Warren who  was today’s scheduled starter

Even more of a revelation Joey Claps never trotted to  the mound with  1 or 2 outs in any of the 3 innings and yanked Warren based on a match up!!! Nope, Joey stuck with the hot hand until the Bombers took a 4-1 lead into  the 9th, then Betances was summoned to  close  out the game, and the big kid was flawless in a 1-2-3, two  strikeout, 16 pitch  inning.. For the bookkeepers it was his 9th  save of the season

Of course it helped that Wilson and Miller were off limits based on  pitches thrown on Wednesday,

and  the Magnificent 7 ( Pazos, Goody, Cotham, Pinder, Mitchell, Rumbelow, Bailey ) RailRider Shuttle Bus(t) stayed parked in the  garage

The Yanks picked up  a 0.5 game on the idle Astros so  they have a 3 game lead for home field advantage.. It’s a simple conclusion, just  win one of the three games vs Baltimore and we start  the One and Done WC game in  the Bronx on Tuesday

The Angels lost to Texas so  they’re 1 game behind Houston, Minnesota is tied with  the Angels and the hope here is Arizona wipes out the Astros over the weekend, The Twins sweep  the resting Royals in Minnesota, and the Angels who play the Rangers find a way  to  finish behind the Twins…

The trepidation would be Houston  sweeping the D-Backs. The good news, Keuchel is scheduled to pitch  tonight in game 1 which  takes him out of the the Tuesday game on full  rest… The Yanks would then face Kazmir or Keuchel on 3 days rest

Bombs Away

We noticed Girardi or his players on their own  trying to play small ball in the first  3 games vs Boston.. We also noticed,  they’re not that good at it… Ellsbury was picked off first, Gardner laid down an ill advised bunt, Gregorius and Refsynder can’t bunt, and Gardner still  resembles a hog looking at  a wrist  watch when he’s on 1st base trying to figure out a pitcher’s release point

Girardi has insisted his squad is a HR hitting or nothing team  so it’s gonna  be all or nothing despite at least 5 excellent speed guys on the roster ( Ellsbury, Heathcott, Gardner, Noel and Gregorius)

Last night we got All… Beltran, Bird  and Refsynder went Big Fly for 3 of the 4 runs

They  did manage to scratch out a run in their 2 run 2nd inning, but it was Beltran  that  broke the ice and gave the Yanks what  felt like a rare lead in this series vs the Red Sox…

The Bombers did carry a 1-0 lead in game one for 5 innings until Nova coughed up  a  pair of 2 run Taters.. They were out of it immediately in game 2 once One Pitch Pineda allowed 6 first inning runs.. They had a brief 1/2 inning lead after ARod gave them a 5-4 advantage with his 33rd HR in game 3 but Betances coughed it up and the RailRider Shuttle Bust(s) imploded in the 11th

Beltran is a notoriously dangerous Post Season  player and last night was as close to  a Post Season game as you can  get with the Yanks tumbling out of control, so  that  2nd inning Tater  had to  chill  the nerves, getting a 2nd run tacked on was also  a God send

Beltrán homered to right center (381 feet). 0 1
Young lined out to center. 0 1
Murphy walked. 0 1
Bird lined out to shortstop. 0 1
Gregorius walked, Murphy to second. 0 1
Ryan singled to left, Murphy scored, Gregorius to second. 0 2
Gardner struck out swinging. 0 2

Ryan of all people came up with the clutch 2 out knock to make it 2-0

Baby Bombers

Bird opened up  the 2-1 lead in the 7th  when he golfed a 2-2 change up off Machi into  the Yankee bull pen to give Warren a 3-1 cushion. It was his 11th Tater

Refsynder who has earned a spot on the 25 man WC squad made it 4-1 in the 8th when he matched the Betts’ HR off Betances by smacking the first pitch he saw from Hembree to  the back of Boston’s bull pen.. it was a 93 MPH fast ball  that Ref just  crushed 425 feet…. So the  both very likable Baby Bombers gave the Pen some much needed breathing room, and it sure looked like Ref put the final nail in Boston’s coffin.. His 2nd HR, both off Boston pitching, that  should get him a spot on the roster regardless, the kid is  a Red Sox killer

Soup’s On

Sabathia despite some close calls made  the 2-1 lead  hold up through 5

He gave up  a walk in the 1st, a single in the 2nd, a walk and a single in the 3rd but he induced Bogaerts to  smack into  an inning ending DP to  end the threat… A lead off single in the 4th, but another DP nipped that  rally  in the bud.. The 5th  got real  dicy when 3 singles and an IBB cut the lead in half 2-1 but the 21 pitch inning ended with  a Shaw F/8

Marrero singled to left. 0 2
León singled to right, Marrero to second. 0 2
Rutledge bunt popped out to catcher. 0 2
Betts singled to center, Marrero scored, León to second. 1 2
Bradley Jr. grounded out to second, León to third, Betts to second. 1 2
Bogaerts intentionally walked. 1 2
Shaw flied out to center.

Warren took over for Sabathia and stopped the bleeding for 3 innings, 1 hit, no  runs, 1 BB, 3 K’s.. Betances closed with a 1-2-3 dominate frame to  end the Damn  Game

We’ll start to  focus on the WC game roster where there Yanks will  probably pencil in 9 pitchers, 3 starters, 6 relievers, and 16 position players… Most of the position player roster is self explanatory except for the Drew spot.. Will  the Yanks take another pitcher instead and make it 10 pitchers? Or should they take Pirela as a RHB vs LHP?

You figure OFer’s  Young, Murphy, Heathcott, Noel, Ellsbury Gardner…

Infielders.. Headley, Bird, Gregorius, Refsynder, Ackley, Ryan and I’d use Pirela

Catchers Murphy / McCann


Pitchers  Tanaka, Pineda, Severino

Miller, Betances, Wilson, Warren, Rumbelow, Pazos

So  the  question marks could be Pirela or Sabathia  or Nova? They might just  carry Sabathia as a Lefty Specialist / go  to Guru

the Whole 9

the Lo-Down


Written by Sal

October 2, 2015 at 8:35 am

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  1. Need one more win, no doubt Anaheim and Houston throw LHP’s vs the Yanks, not sure what the Twins do they still have a TBA scheduled over the weekend

    Maybe we see Pirela this weekend, in an effort to hit his way onto the roster… Can’t hurt having another RHB on the bench… also can’t hurt having Sabathia as an elder in the clubhouse… not sure Soup Bone could work out of the pen though

    We hope we don’t have to see any of the RailRider shuttle, but you need to carry at least 2 of them, and Pazos would be the other lefty, too bad Shreve imploded down the stretch he was great for a while


    October 2, 2015 at 8:40 am

  2. Sal–love the Gardzilla hog looking at his wrist watch reference. So Gardzilla- like to perfect that technique.
    As far as Refsnyder goes—what in hell is he doing hitting a Ballantine Blast off a right pitcher? That fucks up Joey Matchups flow chart, tendencies and probabilities.
    Could it actually be possible, Joey, that a young rookie right handed batter, if he is good enough, can hit a homer off a right handed pitcher?


    October 2, 2015 at 11:12 am

  3. Thankfully they wrapped it up last night,it was getting scary. CC has been a new man with his brace,makes you wonder why they didn’t try it sooner.Loved seeing Bird and Refsnyder homering,maybe our genius will allow them to play. This game he put the binder away,let them play,no demented pitching changes and pinch hitters and they won-not a coincidence. They can set the roster for the wild card game then if they win,re set it for the next series.They asked GeniusJoe about it in the post game,he would not say anything,said it depends on who they play. They probably will take less pitchers-none of the magnificent 7 losers from Scranton-using Nova,Pinheada,Warren in the pen,with more position players just for the wild card game.We know Drew is out,have to figure Refsnyder is in. Noel may also be in ,even though he actually got thrown out last night for the first time. GeniusJoe was on with BigMike,he predicted they would be rained out Friday,have to play 2 on Saturday. Wonder if they would have to play 2 if even home field for the wild card is clinched by then.Good luck with the hurricane coming boys,hope you all are safe!!!!!!!!!!!!


    October 2, 2015 at 12:27 pm

  4. Rain out in Baltimore, oish,,
    Weird timing for a day-nighter,, hope our over-manager’s head implodes over it so Tony Pena can manage our young-old lineup,
    Keeerist, what else can happen,,


    October 2, 2015 at 6:56 pm

  5. Thanks Bondsie 😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂


    October 2, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    • hahahahahaha great… I knew Bondsie had it in him


      October 3, 2015 at 8:09 am

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