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Yanks Back Into the Future

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So much  for the Orioles being in turmoil so  they’d be easy Pickens, the easiest pickens in baseball  at the moment is facing the NYY..

When  asked how they  felt about facing the NYY,  the Astros tried to  be politically correct but they couldn’t hold back


Instead of celebrating a must win on the field, the NYY front office sent  the D-Backs a Tweet, thanking them  for saving Hal million$ in lost WC revenue and travel and hotel  expenses


In a game the Yanks needed to win in order to  secure home field in Tuesday’s WC Russian Roulette one and done affair, raise your hand if you had the over on the # 6 / 8 and 9 hitters in the Bomber line-up  being your only offensive production

OK so out of 100 participants we have 98 hands up, that’s about right, after all  3 of the Yanks best hitters down  the Stretch from Hell were Greg Bird, Dustin Ackley and DD Gregorius… Actually Beltran was also  a major contributor, but adding him  to my list lessen’s the affect of my point

Now same scenario, once Pineda couldn’t get key outs, with some help  from Beltran in right field, and Ackley at 2nd base who is the first Relief pitcher Joey Baseball turns to down 3-1, 4th inning, man on 1st, 2 outs and an 0 for 20, .202 LHB coming up??

3 guesses,

No not Pazos, but good guess… No don’t be silly, not Wilson it’s the 4th inning, jeez, the Binder states 7th inning for Wilson, maybe the 6th but only for 5 outs.. One more guess, Sabathia? Please… OK 3 strikes your out, the answer is


Yes Beano the clown who has been DFA’d 4 times, a world record, he’s the guy Joey Baseball  called on to  stop  the bleeding…

Why not leave One Pitch Pineda in there, the single that plated the 3rd run really should have been picked or at least stopped if say just  an  average 2nd baseman is manning the keystone, but Ackley is yet another in a long line of Cashman  acquisitions that  can either hit or play  defense, he can’t do  both…. Cashman and Hal  don’t want players who  can  do  both, they  want to  channel  football,  you have your defense and your offense

The guy  who makes that play, the guy  who  can play on both  sides of the ball, the guy  you could have had at 2nd base if you played your cards right, is in Seattle……

Joey’s take on One Pitch Pineda

“I didn’t think he threw horrible,” Joe Girardi said.

Not Horrible is better than  putting a loaded gun to  your head and pulling the trigger which is what using Beano would equate to… Shreve is toast, Joey was probably saving Pazos for a special binder match up, but do  you really need to  match  up  there vs Flaherty? And if all  you have to  count on is Warren, Betances, Wilson, and Miller, why not stick  with One Pitch Pineda?

Anyway it’s been a while since Girardi  pushed the right button(s) in a game, he’s had as bad a 2nd half as Ellsbury, ARod, Gardner, and McCant, and if you want to  say it’s because Teixeira went down for the season  that’s fine… Maybe if Tex at 36 yr’s old could have pro-rated his first  half you might be right, but he was 10  for 57 with  3 HR’s  in August before he got shut down

Bird has done a decent enough job, yes he always seems to have 2 strikes on him, yes he’s missed some clutch AB’s and muffed some plays on defense but in the last 20 games since he was benched for 2 games he’s hit in 15 of those 20 games

He’s 4 for 12 in October, He’s had only 4 less extra base hits in 49 games then Ellsbury has had in 111, not to mention  4 more HR’s then  Ellsbury.. No  the real  culprits in this crash  and burn have been the top of the line-up

Ellsbury hit .252 in August, .217 in September, and 0.00 in October, he went 0 for the Orioles series

Gardner hit  .208 in August, .207 in September and .147 in October

Arod hit .153 in August, .230 in September, and .187 in October

McCant hit .224 in August,  .177 in September and .143 in October

That’s all  you need to know… $72M worth of Bust right there

It’s obvious Ellsbury and Gardner should be batting way  down in the line-up vs Keuchel, or anybody for that matter but there isn’t anybody to  replace them nor would Girardi mess with  his line-up

Actually I would sit Gardner and play Young, I’d play Murphy and sit McCant, plays Refsynder sit Ryan and Ackley, and move ARod out of the 3 hole, put Beltran in there, but none of that  will happen, Girardi  will  challenge the challenged and hope for the best vs The BoogieMan Keuchel

As for Pineda he had some tough luck relying on his defense, but he also got mugged in the first inning

Reimold struck out looking. 0 0
Parra singled to left. 0 0
Machado flied out to right. 0 0
Davis doubled to deep right, Parra to third. 0 0
Wieters singled to deep right, Parra and Davis scored. 0 2
Pearce popped out to second.

Yanks got 1 back in their 2nd inning

Bird hit a ground rule double to deep left. 0 2
Headley grounded out to first, Bird to third. 0 2
Ackley grounded out to second, Bird scored. 1 2
Gregorius doubled to deep right center. 1 2
Ellsbury struck out swinging.

Pineda righted the ship  for 2 innings then unraveled in the 4th, but not enough to  warrant bringing BEANO in the game

Wieters doubled to right. 1 2
Pearce flied out to left. 1 2
Clevenger struck out swinging. 1 2
Hardy singled to center, Wieters scored. 1 3
Capuano relieved Pineda.

A better right fielder guns down the  led footed Wieters at 2nd base or holds him to  a single, a better 2nd baseman  stops the ball  from going through, based on those two incidents I let Pineda pitch to  the 0 for 20 Flaherty.. The smartest Man in the Room  went Left on left and it blew up on him… Everybody knows bad hitting can beat  bad pitching

Capuano relieved Pineda. 1 3
Flaherty doubled to right, Hardy to third. 1 3
Reimold intentionally walked. 1 3
Parra singled to center, Hardy and Flaherty scored, Reimold to third, Parra thrown out at second attempting to advance on play.

Capuano would still be pitching the 4th inning if Parra didn’t get called out at  2nd base, actually they  blew the call  but it wasn’t overturned

Yanks made it 7-2 in the 6th

Headley flied out to left. 1 7
Ackley singled to left. 1 7
Gregorius tripled to deep center, Ackley scored. 2 7
McFarland relieved Tillman. 2 7
Ellsbury popped out to shortstop. 2 7
Gardner grounded out to catcher. 2 7

NY got the tying run to  come to  the plate in the 7th but that  was as close as it got

Rodriguez grounded out to catcher. 2 7
Beltrán singled to center. 2 7
McCann singled to right center, Beltrán to second. 2 7
Bird singled to right center, Beltrán scored, McCann to second. 3 7
Brach relieved McFarland. 3 7
Headley walked, McCann to third, Bird to second. 3 7
Ackley grounded into fielder’s choice to shortstop, McCann scored, Headley out at second, Bird to third. 4 7
Gregorius popped out to shortstop. 4 7

That  was it for Joey, he threw in the towel after future Yankee reliever Darren O’Day easily went 1-2-3 in the 8th… Then Joey got weird in the bottom of the 8th, he used Wilson and Miller to get some work in but took them out and brought in

Kamikaze Cotham who  gave up Chris Davis’ 47th HR to ice it 9-4… The Yanks got word Arizona did their dirty work  for them and the 9th inning was mailed in, so  a lost weekend in the Charm City, nice job boys

We’ll start  to  focus on the Roster for Tuesday’s game… Pitching wise not sure who  you would possibly bring outside of Tanaka, Sabathia, Warren, Wilson, Betances, and Miller, your next best option is Brendan Ryan

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

October 5, 2015 at 8:50 am

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  1. I think the Yanks have a legitimate shot here… “Let’s be honest” Houston will look ahead to KC, KC will look ahead to either Texas or Team Canada, Team Canada or Texas will look ahead to the World Series, the Yanks can slip past all of them en-route to playing the Mets in a Subway Series

    Imagine having to face Arrietta, that guy is on a Mad Bum type rush


    October 5, 2015 at 9:06 am

  2. Watching the game was torture,the pitching was bad,hitting was worse. Yanks hit .232 in September,worst in the league;since the All Star break McCant .199 worst in majors,GARDY .208,3rd worst. Watching Ellsbury is nauseating,he is climbing to the top of the hate list. But everyone starts over on Tuesday!!
    I always try to stay optimistic,hoping they will come out of their comas,get a well pitched game and move on. I hope that the Yankee “braintrust” has been watching and paying attention-they better up grade that pitching staff,regardless of the cost because Nova and Pinheada are garbage,can never get the job done.
    They are just not quality pitchers,like all the dreck in the bull pen. They have to go out and get established relievers that can get someone out. Going to enjoy the day off,relish the fact they are in the playoffs then get ready for Tuesday-too bad its on ESPN.


    October 5, 2015 at 11:09 am

    • Hey big D solid take and words of wisdom

      Nice drop on the stats

      The way baseball rolls Yanks will be facing Dodgers


      October 5, 2015 at 11:32 am

  3. Since the All-Star break, Brian McCann has batted .199, the lowest batting average of any regular in the league over that span.


    October 5, 2015 at 11:29 am

  4. ’ Sabathia says in statement that he looks forward to rejoining team next season.

    Of course the Soup Bone has $50m coming over the next 2 yrs

    Abuse rehab
    He’s been abusing us for 3 yrs
    Put Cotham or Beano in his place
    Another great job by the front office


    October 5, 2015 at 1:28 pm

  5. Sounds serious
    something happened in Baltimore
    This is more than just him being pickled

    Anyway I hope he pulls through


    October 5, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    • Cashman : I never asked

      I doubt that


      October 5, 2015 at 3:02 pm

  6. Chris Capuano, Caleb Cotham, Nick Rumbelow, Branden Pinder, and Jose Pirela confirmed they are not on the wildcard game roster. Nick Goody and Chris Martin also had their lockers cleared out, indicating they’re not on the roster either. Cotham, Rumbelow, Pinder, and Pirela will go to Tampa to work out and stay sharp in case they’re needed later in the postseason. Capuano will remain with the team in New York. [Jennings, Brendan Kuty]
    Also not on the wildcard game roster: Chasen Shreve. Hard to believe given how good he was in the first half. Based on all that, it appears James Pazos, Andrew Bailey, and Bryan Mitchell will be in the wildcard game bullpen alongside Andrew Miller, Dellin Betances, Justin Wilson, and Adam Warren. [Marly Rivera]
    Both Slade Heathcott and Rico Noel said they believe they are on the wildcard game roster. Also, the Yankees have at least tossed around the idea of starting John Ryan Murphy and Chris Young tomorrow night because Dallas Keuchel dominates lefties. [Jennings, Buster Olney]
    Brian Cashman said the Yankees hope to replace departed assistant GM Billy Eppler internally, but they will also look outside the organization “because there are some talented people out there.” [Joel Sherman]


    October 5, 2015 at 6:01 pm

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