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Well  that  was certainly an exciting night in LA, and  for the 2nd night in a row we got to watch great pitching, something NYY fans rarely saw this season..

Here’s one disclaimer, Re: getting that  Big Ace, Ace 1A, Solid 3 and 4 and decent #5 innings eater, you better get yourself at least 4 trusty weapons coming out of the pen… I’d ask for 6 but MLB hasn’t caught up  to  the reality of their own game just  yet, and bull pen arms are still undervalued.. With shades of Money Ball casting a dark  shadow over modern  analytics, relievers are still  viewed as Red Headed Step children and their value is mostly based on per innings pitched, not to mention guys who  can’t quite make it as starters

I had a discussion with a Red Sox fan who  wondered if Wade Davis’ $8M option  would get picked up  by the small  market Royals?.. Dayton Moore should get into  another profession if he decided to not pick up one of the top  5 Weapons out of the bull pen for a measly $8M club option … If David Glass who purchased the Royals for $96M in 2000
(Forbes magazine valued the club at $700M in March, 2015), can’t afford the $8M, he to should find another business to putz around in, because the game has changed, dramatically, and there’s no immediate escaping the current trend

How dominant was Noah Syndergaard last night? I bet the Red Sox were drooling over deGrom  and Syndergaard, in the first  2 games of the NLDS..

I know the Nation’s Jr GM’s have  tried every combination of prospect package imaginable in an  effort to snag one of the Met Stud  starters…

Of-course they  don’t want to  include Betts, Bogaerts, Swihart, Moncada, Rodriguez, Devers or Margot in any package, so  they  can  keep handing over 4 yr’s $82M (16:$20M, 17:$20M, 18:$21M, 19:$21M) to guys like Rick Porcello  and hope the money morphs an average at best starter into  a true Ace..

Syndergaard throws  a fast ball (101-98 MPH ) / sinker (98) / change-up (90)  / slider (88) / and curve (82).. Last night he distributed them all, quite a bit, FB (32 times), Sinker (29) / change (22)  / slider  (17) / curve  (11)

Hell of a show, except with  1 out in the 7th Terry Collins went and got him after 115 pitches, 6.1 innings, 8 more outs to  get at a time when good teams get desperate and the degree of difficulty increases.. It’s also  the 3rd to 4th  time around a line up, that’s another analytics Bogeyman, and they have the data to prove it…..

The old school manager has no  choice, either follow the GM’s baseball Ops blueprint, or take the Tessio Ride, so out went the Stud, probably tired from throwing gas all night, and in came the Let’s throw shit against  the wall and hope it sticks relievers,  Bartolo Colon and Addison Reed..

Regrettably Colon is a #5 starter without a game to pitch, and Reed like a million guys we’ve see out of the pen ( Andrew Bailey) was once really good.. Neither guy is Syndergaard who was yanked leading  2-1 after a  walk and a single by Villain de-jure

Chase Utley

Noah Syndergaard pitching for New York NYM LAD
Grandal struck out swinging. 2 1
Hernández walked. 2 1
Utley hit for Greinke. 2 1
Hernández stole second. 2 1
Utley singled to right, Hernández to third. 2 1
Colón relieved Syndergaard. 2 1
Kendrick grounded into fielder’s choice to second, Hernández scored, Utley to second. 2 2
Flores at shortstop. 2 2
Reed relieved Colón. 2 2
Seager flied out to left. 2 2
Gonzalez doubled to deep right, Utley and Kendrick scored, Gonzalez to third advancing on throw. 2 4
Turner doubled to deep right center, Gonzalez scored. 2 5
Niese relieved Reed. 2 5
Ruggiano hit for Ethier. 2 5
Ruggiano struck out looking. 2 5

Oops, that  didn’t go  well  for the Flushing Toilets, yes Chase Utley Sucker Punched Ruben Tejada who suffered a broken leg on a definite illegal,  brutal take-out body block while his back was turned, and Utley should have been called out..


You can’t say the DP gets completed, the flip from Murphy playing 2nd base, ranging to his right to  grab the bullet sent up  the middle by Kendrick was high, and Tejada was ready to make a 360 in an effort to gun down Kendrick for the DP.

Utley clipped Tejada mid turn, it wasn’t even a slide, flipped him over, took a knee to  the head himself, and broke up  the potential DP.. Tejada was carried off the field and Utley not only got away with assault and battery, Donny Baseball  challenged the play and sure enough Tejada didn’t touch the bag… Neither did Utley, but he got the benefit of the doubt by the umps who called him out and returned to  the scene of the crime…

Colon left, in came Reed,  and 1 out and 2 doubles later the game was in the Dodgers favor..

The 2nd Guess

Of course the Utley play turns the worm, but once we move on from that  debacle you still have to  stop  the bleeding

Why take out the Ace 1A after 115 pitches?

Why not bring in Niese to  face Utley if your making a move ?

  Niese vs Utley .094 .194 .094 .288

Why is Colon a  40 yr old starter, or Reed in the game in a high leverage spot with an October ERA of 13.50?

The real  problem is, Why did Money Ball virtuoso Hurricane Sandy Alderson who has a pittance $100M payroll not build a better bull pen to  go  with his cost effective 4 Ace’s who combined make what Brendan Ryan  makes, $2M ?

Again memo’s to Cashman Steinbrenner, even with stud starters you need a stout pen.. With delicate flower / glass jaw starters  who  are lucky to get through  6 innings, Cash-Brenner better think  about quality arms out there… We already went through the insidious experiment looking for Mr Right using the Railrider Shuttle, and none of those guys can be considered Weapons.. Maybe with some work yes, but in the meantime,

Start  thinking about trading for Chapman, Kimbrel, stealing back  Robertson, or free agents  Darren O’Day and Joakim Soria… Better yet try to steal one of your analytics darlings that  aren’t reclamation projects..

Simply resigning Robertson adding Miller ( a combined $20M per yr) would have sealed the deal, saved a lot of heartache, and we could have moved on to only thinking about finding an Ace starter, trading Teixeira, Beltran,  and Gardner, DFAing Ryan and looking for a Big RHB…..

the Mets Dodgers Whole 9

Cubs / St Louis Whole 9

Games Today

KC / Houston with Keuchel pitching at home 4PM ET

Texas / Team Canada Estrada vs another LHP Perez 8 PM ET


Written by Sal

October 11, 2015 at 8:41 am

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  1. how good would Soler look in pinstripes about now? big RHB

    Cashman fucks up again on a Cuban kid missile

    9 years/$30M (2012-20)

    9 years/$30M (2012-20)
    signed by Chicago Cubs as a free agent from Cuba 6/30/12
    $6M signing bonus (half at signing, half by 1/13/13)

    12:$1M, 13:$1M, 14:$2M, 15:$2M, 16:$3M, 17:$3M, 18:$4M, 19:$4M, 20:$4M

    once eligible, may opt out of remaining salaries and into arbitration
    agent: Praver-Shapiro

    ML service: 0.033

    the key here is you still have 3 yr’s before he can opt out for arbitration, so you extend him and a really save money… Yanks need to wake the fuck up, stop being arrogant and get with the program


    October 11, 2015 at 8:58 am

  2. Sal

    October 11, 2015 at 2:10 pm

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