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The Flushing Toilets Have Joe Maddon Circling the Drain

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So far Cubs manager / amateur Genius Joe Maddon isn’t quite pulling of his best Erno Rubik imitation in these NLCS games as the Mets have driven Maddon and his North Side Community College baseball  team to  the brink of 2015 extinction with a 5-2 Game 3 win

The Mets are 1 win away  from  stealing Maddon’s Thunder and crashing his coming out party.. The Flushing Toilets are now overwhelming chalk to be going to  their first World Series since 2000

Maddon, MLB’s self appointed baseball  wizard has tried everything in an  effort to  reinvent the baseball is 90 percent mental  and 50 percent physical wheel…Mind readers, snake charmers, talking birds, dressing his troops in whacky clothes, his recent motivational  experiment involved blaring the Rocky Theme Song from his office at Wrigley

No offense Joey but that played out corn ball anthem  would make me wanna throw knuckle curves in the dirt too.. Yeah it worked in the movie but that  was your generation’s mojo, Jorge Soler knows who Rocky is?

Maybe he does, he hit his 3rd HR of the Post Season to  tie the game 2-2 in the 4th off Goldie Locks deGrom,  but then again maybe he doesn’t ? An ill-advised decision to  lay out for a Wilmer Flores bloop single turned Cubs nightmare in the 6th inning reassures there were no Rocky 1 through 5 VHS tapes in the Soler La Habana household

Anyway, the way it’s starting to  shape up, Joe will have to  resume his Genius status next season once Cubbie bossman Theo Epstein gets him a few more weapons to help pull off the Maddon Magic Show properly.. Joe has been inheriting top  young prospects in Tampa and now Chicago for years, and his mad professor / Sorority Counselor routine works well on young MLB players, we’re not sure  older rosters would buy into  the schtick, but someday maybe we’ll  find out.

The Cubs unlike the Mets will keep buying what  they  need to  break  the donkey curse, and it looks like pitching should be their number 1 priority in the off season. Perhaps David Price a former Maddon Frat Boy will gladly help Tom Hicks release some of the extraneous Dead Presidents that litter his over flowing coffers

The Cubs  could also use a good solid position player veteran or two in the clubhouse, a few guys that tell inspiring baseball war stories… Go to guys that  take the heat off all the 20  something yr old Prospects Epstein has assembled, who now look  shell shocked at what is transpiring

The Cubs went into  this series with a 7-0 record vs the Mets, but so  far the Met pitching, Daniel Murphy and the Baseball Gods  have all  sided with  the Flushing Toilets.. Perhaps the curse of Bernie Madoff neutralized the Billy Goat Curse  that  has inflicted nothing but pain on the Cubs for 107 years.

The Met 2-3 and 4 batters went a collective 8  for 14 last night.. Wright and Cespedes had 3 hits apiece, Murphy had his 5th HR in the last 5 games, plus he legged out an infield hit that helped ignite a 2 run 7th, sealing the game 5-2

Cespedes who had been pedestrian of late, jumped  back into the Murphy driven Super-Hero Mobile with a clutch 2 out RBI double in the 1st inning to  stake the Mets to  a 1-0 lead..He singled, stole 3rd and scored on a wild pitch in the crazy 6th inning, and the future ex Met mercenary  closed his performance by smacking an RBI single to make it 4-2 in the 7th

The Captain David Wright who was close to getting benched, at least in the minds of Met Mutt Fans after Wright started the Playoffs going 1 for 19, has joined Murphy and Cespedes as Super Hero Action Figures, and is now 4 for 8 in his last two  games with  2 doubles, 1 RBI, and 3 runs scored

The Met pitching has been as advertised throughout the Cub series.. deGrom  who  was brilliant in the Dodger NLDS got his first  crack at the NLCS, and after a dubious beginning, settled in for  a satisfying pitching line, 7 innings, 4 hits, 2 runs, 1 BB, 7 K’s, 2 solo HR’s

Tyler Clippard had a 1 hit, 11 pitch  unscathed 8th inning,  and We Are Familia once again closed it out with  ease

Familia has pitched 8.2 innings, given  up  2 hits, No runs, 5 K’s, 1 BB, and has saved 5 games..

Hit(s) and Run(s)

Mets 1st inning

Wright singled to left center. 0 0
Murphy struck out looking. 0 0
Céspedes doubled to deep left, Wright scored. 1 0

Cubs 1st inning

Schwarber homered to left (374 feet). 1 1

Mets 3rd Inning

Murphy homered to center (419 feet). 2 1

Cubs 4th Inning

Soler homered to right center (424 feet). 2 2

Mets 6th Inning

Cahill relieved Richard. 2 2
Céspedes singled to right. 2 2
Duda sacrificed to catcher, Céspedes to second. 2 2
Céspedes stole third. 2 2
d’Arnaud grounded out to third. 2 2
Conforto struck out swinging, Conforto safe at first on wild pitch by Cahill, Céspedes scored. 3 2
Flores hit a ground rule double to deep right, Conforto to third. 3 2
deGrom flied out to left.

Mets 7th Inning

Wood relieved Cahill. 3 2
Granderson struck out swinging. 3 2
Wright doubled to left. 3 2
Murphy reached on infield single to third, Wright to third. 3 2
Grimm relieved Wood. 3 2
Céspedes singled to left, Wright scored. Céspedes to second, Murphy to third advancing on throw. 4 2
Duda grounded out to first, Murphy scored, Céspedes to third. 5 2
d’Arnaud struck out swinging. 5 2

Young Steven Matz will  try to shut baseball in NY down until  next Tuesday tonight vs Jason Hammel

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Written by Sal

October 21, 2015 at 8:07 am

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  1. We are Familia,, lmao, Sal,,
    Great stuff today, Bro,
    Love Madden going down again,,
    Sorry Tullio, no Ring for Chi-Town dis year,, hahahaaaaa,


    October 21, 2015 at 10:52 am

  2. Ditto Sal, great stuff today! Not to change the subject, but what about the recent Yankee front office decisions? They fire Pantload, who deserved it, but then fire Tuck as well?? Tuck is one of the best in the biz, & was instrumental in turning Bubba into a force throwing out potential runners trying to steal. Makes no sense. Maybe they’re going to bring back old friend Mike Hargitey who recently got canned. And what about Jumpin Joe Espada? What has he done to sustain his position with the team??? Bring back Mick Kellerer, Jeter’s favorite head rapper. Everyone loved him & he did a good job. If this is the beginning of the changes they are going to implement, we’re in for a long disappointing winter.


    October 21, 2015 at 11:36 am

  3. Oh how I wish I was a sports writer in Chicago, tonight,,


    October 21, 2015 at 9:23 pm

  4. A Tip of the Cap,,


    October 21, 2015 at 11:57 pm

  5. They were truly amazing! And Murphy did a Joe Hardy and sold his soul to the Devil! Man, it’s going to be a long winter. Where have you gone Kevin Long?


    October 22, 2015 at 1:05 am

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