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TGIF ..10/30/15

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Some really great  stuff from Action Bill

And from the Franceser Tweeta

Meet The Mush

One of our favorite things is the  Mushnick / Raissman watch, I really get a kick out of both  dudes.. Raissman  is a TV fixture with Joe Butt Head Beningo, they  appear on that used to be un-watchable SNY show, but with those two “Stahs” on the panel it’s comedy central.. I did notice a lot of ex WFAN B listers on SNY the fat loud mouth guy, Ma-use-less, Beningo, come to mind

Beningo like Waldman  really is a trend setter, he had to be the very first  reality radio sports talk host when he went from  selling food in New Jersey to  selling the Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Ranga’s on WFAN

When you listen  back to  the callers, every one of them is a Beningo, so  the stranger then fiction  concept works, same deal  with  the Pope of Pomposity, Mike Francesa

“Let’s Be honest”, the contrived nonsense  displayed by Michael Kay and his posse of ESPN wanna B’s currently on YES is diluted saccharine compared to  the talent displayed by Beningo, Roberts, and Francesa.. The school boys on ESPN / YES are trying to  be whacky nitwits, while the WFAN 3 headed monsters from  10AM to 6:30 don’t have to try, nitwit  comes Natural

WFAN is still looking for the “next Beningo” he’s Francesa light, when it comes to  clueless, please never retire Joe…. I do  a lot of late night traveling, that’s when all  those Fantasy Talk Show winners like JJ After Dark are put on the air, it’s unlistenable

FOX World Series coverage: Loud-Mouthed Distracting and Senseless

Yes that  was the headline for Phil Mushnick’s paid article in the NY Post..  Mush, thank your lucky stars  that Fox is a bull in the china shop, as is ESPN, or you wouldn’t have such a cushy job

 Mush Man  takes the Fox broadcast on a Tessio Ride, apparently when the feed went down in World Series Game 2 the Bozo’s who  track and chastise the talking head Fox bozo’s turned a normal electronic feed glitch into drama, or a paid column

Yeah Fox fell all over themselves trying to let their viewership know the feed was out, actually when your listening to  the radio  broadcast, which is a somewhat  better listen ( Howie Rose / Josh Lewin) you had no idea the feed was out so  thanks for the  warning…

Mush also got upset when the Fox 3 Stooges  didn’t take Terry Collins to  task for yanking Addy Reed who had a sharp inning, and replaced him with Tyler Clippard who  didn’t

And Tuesday, Reed again was spotless, three up, three down on 12 pitches.

But apparently neither Harold Reynolds nor Tom Verducci — both seem to be devoted adherents to baseball by its latest “Book” — found it unfathomable or even dubious that Mets manager Terry Collins removed a spotless reliever in Reed for Tyler Clippard, who has been a high-intrigue reliever since joining the Mets.

Ah, but Clippard, not Reed, is “assigned” to pitch the eighth. Even in the World Series. Yep, it’s right there in “The Book,” the one-formula-fits-all that lists recipes for food poisoning and other self-afflictions.

Four batters later — including a hit, a walk and a wild pitch — and Clippard, brought in to improve on perfection, was relieved with two out in the eighth.

Somehow Terry Collins has managed to  lead a $94M payroll into  the World Series, anybody ever think that maybe  Reed only has 1 good inning in him, that maybe the Royals saw all  they had to see in those 12 pitches and the next inning Reed morphs into  road kill?

Addison Reed and Tyler Clippard aren’t exactly 2014 Kelvin Herrera and Wade Davis setting up  for Greg Holland..

Mush  also  kills ARod, who happens to be, and hands down, the best  analyst Fox has in it’s employ for the Series..Yes he took PED’s, yes he tried to hide it like the 75 percentile who  hid it before him, but  Arod has fixed what  was broken and has turned into a solid citizen

That said Mushman, as always, a very entertaining article

Fred’s Fanatics?

I’m wondering if Fred Wilpon is paying the NY media to  tout the Flushing Faithful as The X Factor in the next 3 games at Citi Field?

Why not, it might be all  they  have at the moment, they need the Worm  to turn and fast..

So  far the Royals have solved Harvey, Familia, Niese, and deGrom, 4 of NY’s strengths.  Cueto  got on a roll  and shut down Babe Murphy, the Cuban 4 Iron Cespedes, the Captain, and the Kid (Conforto)

Per Bobby O, the resident expert, the Met game plan has been too heady, an over abundance of  analytics porn, too much  wasted energy  trying to  expose the Royals weakness and not flaunting the Met strengths

Harvey pitched backwards and it didn’t work, deGrom  didn’t pitch  backwards and that  didn’t work, “he pounded the strike zone with hittable pitches” yeah maybe he’s fried after throwing 216 innings, an increase of 75 innings off his 2014 season

Familia wasn’t tired enough so his 97 didn’t sink, young guys do get over-amped…

So Syndergaard has been instructed by the media to just pitch his game, don’t think, throw 100 MPH, don’t get cute….

The media has a tendency to  come down hard on players who  don’t perform up to their expectation, or better yet, their expert opinions….When players screw up, it makes the media take look  bad, that’s not good…

Let’s Go Mets, we want this thing going 7, we want a Met parade, we want Steinbrenner to be embarrassed by his $94M Cousins from Flushing..

We just  don’t want Hal  to knee jerk react and waste valuable flexibility on Ellsbury / McCann type contracts, we want him to  try and shed his payroll, by finding suckers for Teixeira, Beltran and  Gardner, 3 players Cashman might have a shot at  trading. We want him to  stop  faking playoff runs and start to rebuild his core

Cashman drafted Kyle Holder with the First Round pick he got from the Robertson Free agency deal.. Holder is a decent defensive player, touted the best in the 2015 draft, ( by guys who  said Severino  was nothing but a reliever)

When I saw Holder play he was OK, nothing special, and he was batting 9th on  the Staten Island Yankees, a rookie league team???? That game of course is a small  sample size, another media cliche that  works when you need it to

What’s not a small  sample size  is Holder’s slash, he’s a college kid, Mookie Betts Xander Bogaerts age not a 17 yr old high  schooler….213 .273 .253 .527, out of his 48 hits  only 8  were for extra bases, 7 doubles, 1 triple…

That’s a wasted draft pick  fellas, probably would have been much better off trying to  flip Robertson at the deadline and getting a more useful player, closer to helping the varsity instead of faking a playoff run or trying to make the last month  of the Jeter box office bonanza have a bit more buzz… The minors are littered with decent fielding No Hit SS’s, in fact the Yanks have already  drafted guys like that, don’t they  already have that market cornered?


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October 30, 2015 at 9:04 am

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  1. Arbitration raises for 9 Bombers..

    The number in parentheses next to each player is his Major League service time (Years.Days) through 2015 (172 days constitutes a full year of Major League service, per the collective bargaining agreement).

    Andrew Bailey (5.034) – $900K arbitration projection; has $2MM club option.

    Ivan Nova (5.024) – $4.4MM

    Michael Pineda (4.099) – $4.6MM

    Dustin Ackley (4.087) – $3.1MM

    Nate Eovaldi (4.013) – $5.7MM

    Adam Warren (3.036) – $1.5MM

    Justin Wilson (3.035) – $1.3MM

    Didi Gregorius (2.159) – $2.1MM


    October 30, 2015 at 9:27 am

  2. wow no wonder the poor basted JR GM’s that read NYY intel are confused, Pinstripe Alley a paid publication for the Bombers gets extremely delusional here

    Yankees get: Chris Sale

    Chicago White Sox gets: Didi Gregorius; Ivan Nova; Brady Lail; James Pezos

    that’s only half of this comedy routine, the dude sets up a poll asking do you really want to give up Gregorius for Sale…. 44% actually said no….thankfully 56% of Bomber fans that read this site came to their senses


    October 30, 2015 at 9:38 am

  3. Yeah, listening to the Fan late night is torturous with the cast of characters they have on. Listening to the Fox knuckle for a head’s was torture after the feed returned. They tried to make it into a big story & all about them, as if the game couldn’t go on without them. Nobody cares. The MLB feed was fine. Without question, Arod was hands down THE best analyst on the panel! He brought so much more insight to the game than the others combined. I think he might have a future in this gig. Hey, I want this thing to go 7, anything to stave off the incessant football talk, which we’ll be subjected to for the next few months. But, I can’t see the Mutts winning 4 out of the next 5 games against this team. I think they’re toast.


    October 30, 2015 at 11:05 am

  4. I hope they put the Smoltz interview up on their site, that was great


    October 30, 2015 at 2:29 pm

  5. That 3rd strike to Cain in the top of the 6th was just nasty! Hellacious!! The kid, who was close to getting an early hook, has really turned it around. Although, with 2 outs, he appears to be getting into a little trouble. Btw, Arod is by far, the best analyst on the broadcast. A lot of inside baseball, well thought out & spoken.


    October 30, 2015 at 11:06 pm

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