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“I mean, my first words to [catcher] Travis [d’Arnaud] when we walked in the clubhouse today was, ‘How do you feel about high and tight for the first pitch?'” Syndergaard said. “I mean, I certainly wasn’t trying to hit the guy, that’s for sure. I just didn’t want him getting too comfortable. If they have a problem with me throwing inside, then they can meet me 60 feet, 6 inches away. I’ve got no problem with that.

Well all  those testosterone gasbags covering the World Series wanted the Mets pitcher Noah Thor Syngergaard  to get nasty, and he delivered on his promise..

I understand the  Royals getting salty when Syndergaard went all Roger Clemans / Manny Ramirez on his first pitch, but like the pitch Clemans threw to Manny, it wasn’t that near to Escobar’s head, but take it from an  old railroad yard rat growing up on the Hudson River, when your that close to  the tracks and a freight train comes buzzing by, it gets your attention

The Royals are good, but their not good enough yet to go trench coat when the Mets in front of their frenzied Flushing Faithful tugged on superman’s cape…. Moustakas seemed to be the most vocal

If you read lips he pretty much said “It’s OK, Alright Bitch, All Right, Fuck You”

Anyway we all  saw the game so I’m gonna post some Twitter and general media stuff that  caught my attention, and poor Mike Francesa said  Twitta is a  disaster lol

Poor Mikey Dinosaur AKA Mikey Flintstone, after last week Mikey you now have missed Sunday 2 times, and as long as the NFL is gonna play in Europe, your Sunday’s  might be trending toward your  FS1 adventure…

Syndergaard’s first pitch made the Royals so uncomfortable that six of the first ten guys they sent to the plate had hits.

Yes this is true, so much to do  about nothing I suppose, but  while the Mets Noah Syndergaard overcame a shaky start to pitch six solid innings, Ventura brought a whole lot of nothing.

The KC media who has watched this excitable boy all yr was thinking out loud

Ventura’s postseason starts are always high on the unpredictability factor. Everybody knows about the velocity on his fastball and the break on his curve. But questions abound when he’s entrusted with the responsibility of performing on the big October stage.

Will he keep his emotions in check and stay focused on the task at hand? Can he maintain his command two or three starts through the opposing team’s batting order? And can he keep the game close for five or six innings before manager Ned Yost pops out of the dugout and starts running through his bullpen options?

Not last night, Ventura coughed up  two leads, after Thor rattled the Royals cage they smashed a double and infield hit and an RBI fielders choice for a 1-0 first-inning lead…

Ventura gave it back by surrendering a two-run homer to David Wright on his sixth pitch of the night, The Captain made it 2-1 with a bone chilling Tater, no Yankee Stadium cheapie there

Granderson behind 0-2 in 1st (worked to 1-2) 1b in front of Wright HR.

Yes once again the Royals were so  upset by Thor’s theatrics they  rebounded to take a 3-2 lead in the 2nd inning, but Ventura gave that one back by yielding a two-run shot to Curtis Granderson in the third.

Noah 0-2 single in front of Grandy HR. Huge 2-strike hits by #Mets

Mike Axisa ‏@mikeaxisa
Why would you ever get rid of Curtis Granderson?

I don’t know but I bet we can find articles you wrote that  had him on the next bus out of NY after his injury induced 2013 season when he was striking out at  a near 29% pace.. The fact they  replaced him with Ellsbury and Beltran for over $200M, makes the questioning valid for sure.. Granderson is 34 with 2 more yr’s left on his contract, but it does look  good at  the moment for Flushing and bad for the Bronx

Joel Sherman ‏@Joelsherman1  
For the umps are screwing #Mets conspiracists: Why would MLB want short series and team with larger TV market knocked out quickly? #Royals

Umps just miss balls and strikes, and judging by how many field calls are overturned it’s a lot harder then it looks from my vantage point.. Life ain’t fair what  can  you say, no  worse then getting a $100 speeding ticket for going 43 MPH in a 30 MPH zone through a small town that makes payroll by compiling speeding ticket fines

The Mets had a 5-3 lead after Duda singled to shallow left, d’Arnaud whacked a wicked double to left, and
Conforto reached on an RBI infield single to first, scoring Duda.. After a pop up out
Duffy relieved Ventura, 3.1 innings, 7 hits, 5 runs, 1 K, 2HR’s

Syndergaard retired 11 in a row after the 2nd inning, he had 3.2 clean innings before Moustakas reached on a 2 out  infield single to second, Pérez walked, Gordon walked, to load the bases but Thor got  Rios to ground out to shortstop.

Mets went text book in this one,  Syndergaard for 6 innings, 7 hits, 3 runs, 2 BB’s, 6 K’s,  to Reed, Clippard, and Familia for  3 scoreless pitch to  contact innings to  close it

The Mets blew it open in the 6th  thanks to Grateful Ned yanking Hochevar and inserting Boston reject Frankie Morales

d’Arnaud grounded out to shortstop. 3 5
Lagares hit for Conforto. 3 5
Lagares singled to left center. 3 5
Flores hit by pitch, Lagares to second. 3 5
Uribe hit for Syndergaard. 3 5
Uribe singled to right, Lagares scored, Flores to third. 3 6
Granderson reaches on fielder’s choice to pitcher, Uribe safe at second. 3 6
Herrera relieved F. Morales. 3 6
Orlando in right field. 3 6
Wright singled to center, Flores and Uribe scored, Granderson to second. 3 8
Murphy walked, Granderson to third, Wright to second. 3 8
Céspedes hit sacrifice fly to left, Granderson scored. 3 9
Duda struck out looking. 3 9

Which inspired  the Royals media to  tweet

Mike Welch ‏@RealMikeWelch
Ned should leave Morales in New York after #Royals win the next 2.

Met’s fateful were digging up  the voodoo

1986 Game 1: Mets lose by 1.
Game 2: Mets lose by 6.
Game 3: Mets win by 6.

2015 G1: Mets lose by 1
G2: Mets lose by 6
G3: Mets lead 9-3

The best thing Ventura did all night was lay down  a nice sac bunt, the best thing the Mets did was have their bats wake up against a kid who left the ball up over the plate in a raucous environment

Joel Sherman ‏@Joelsherman1  
Putting ball in place has forced #Mets to play D in WS, and the D has not been good. Confusion at 1b between Duda/Noah leads to R. #Royals

Joel Sherman ‏@Joelsherman1  
In 12 Ps, Synergaard has as many swings and misses (3) as deGrom had all outing. All on fastballs of at least 98 mph. deGrom had 0 v heat

Poor Mikey Dinosaur, Twittuh is Killing the Radio Star..


No worries Mike you have a fiefdom of Mongos who  want their 2 minutes of radio  fame, just  keep  taking those calls, especially the ones where they  set you up  for a slew of social media content.. Minko isn’t the star of Twittuh, you are

the Whole 9

Matz takes off the Training wheels and Young tries to  bounce back on short rest after a phenomenal 3 innings of relief in game 1


Written by Sal

October 31, 2015 at 8:39 am

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  1. Mikey went all baseball on Friday, I thought his Smoltz interview was great.. i also saw Smoltz making the rounds to ESPN, he pretty much worked off the same template in his interviews, but Mikey got him before ESPN and he was much better

    Still why can’t we get Smoltz on TV and not the Broke Back Cowboys Reynolds Buck and Verducci ?


    October 31, 2015 at 8:45 am

  2. THAT was Baseball.
    From Thor’s 1st “purpose pitch” to the last of the 9th,, Big Fun Baseball,,
    + Thor can hit better than most of the Yankee lineup, lol


    October 31, 2015 at 9:57 am

    • yes, when your #3 hitter is a much better analyst then a #3 hitter, your team is in trouble….Actually when your best player is 40 yr’s old your in trouble


      October 31, 2015 at 11:47 am

  3. I’m happy for that Matz kid,
    Nice story,,
    He bent but didn’t break.
    Rookie Conforto, 2 dingers,,
    Sal and Bondsi are slumming it and missing good baseball,,


    October 31, 2015 at 9:39 pm

  4. Oooooops,,, trouble,,
    Cespedes,, bummer,,


    October 31, 2015 at 11:45 pm

  5. Murph giveth
    Murph taketh away,,


    October 31, 2015 at 11:49 pm

    • Murph is starting to taketh money away from his new free agent contract

      He might become affordable for the Mets if they go out tonight and he stays quiet


      November 1, 2015 at 7:28 am

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