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People Get Ready, for Yankee Propaganda

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What  a surprise, the Bomber Press and media Spinsters have already started the propaganda on what  went wrong with the the two guys at the top of the order who  along with ARod and Teixeira provided 3 months of Fools gold in the Bronx in 2015

Yesterday  we got news from newly hired / retained hitting coach Alan Cockrell that Babe Gardner’s wrist was injured, hence his 2nd half decline

“I know it happened early in the season, and then he was hit again repetitively two or three different times on or very near the initial hit by pitch,” said Cockrell

We also  got an  extensive article on the rise and fall of Jacoby Ellsbury from the Blind Boys of RAB.

The Ellsbury article is chock full of stats proving when Ellsbury is healthy he’s a good, ( not worth $21M good) Punch and Judy leadoff hitter, capable of  achieving a 40% on base, a .380 Slg %, a tick under an .800 OPS, maybe 15 HR’s, and 30 stolen bases

There’s one disclaimer on both  Bomber set the table guys, they’re always hurt, so what’s the point?

Both  guys are old(er), Gardner will be 33 in August, so  the skills the Yanks adored in his game will  diminish moving forward, they’re not gonna get better.

Ellsbury will be 33 in September, and it didn’t take long for us to  realize what  the Boston  fans knew 6 years ago, he’s always injured, and once that  chronic affliction takes over his body, he’s minimized to  a replacement level player being paid SuperStar money

The Ellsbury deal  could be  the worst contract of them all, at least Teixeira, ARod, and Sabathia gave the Yanks a few premium years before the back end of the long term  deal caught up  to  them

Ellsbury and Gardner should be traded ASAP before it’s too late, it’s already too late for Ellsbury, don’t make the same mistake with Gardner, who has already  abandoned his contact / running game..

Of course we know  neither guy  will be flipped, Gardner is a homegrown heart throb, relatively inexpensive, the Yanks would have to  add payroll  to  replace him, something they don’t want to  do, and Ellsbury’s contract was as vacuous a knee jerk  signing as any the Yanks have ever procured

In keeping with Cockrell’s recent toeing the company line garbage, he points out something we all  saw this season, the Yanks were way to one dimensional in their  approach at the plate.. Last year’s copycat  flavor was building a stout bull pen based on the success KC had with their 3 headed monster

This yr after watching the Royals peck away  at the elite Met starting pitching by using a diversified attack, Cockrell vows to shy away  from just hitting HR’s, something that Cyborg Joey insisted was the only way  the Yanks could win..

Nevertheless, against good teams in bigger ballparks, Cockrell said, the Yankees need to be able to manufacture runs, more in the style of Royals, who used a diverse, contact-heavy lineup to win the World Series.

“It’s just utilizing each and every guy on our team and realizing what their skill set is,” he said. “We have guys that can hit homers and we also have guys that can manipulate the bat a little bit and guys that can use the field.

That’s fine Cockie, but tell your uptight one dimensional Cyborg manager that…

The Yanks are what  they are on offense, they need to  count on  over 35 yr olds to  carry the slugging, and they need to count on two over 32 yr old top of the line up  table setters to not get hurt, swing to  contact on pitches outside of their zone, get on base, work the counts, steal bases and stay healthy

Good Luck  with that…


Written by Sal

November 5, 2015 at 8:37 am

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    I find it confusing when batting coaches talk shop… Kevin Long was anointed when the Mets were tearing up mediocre pitching… They went cold in the WS, a few guys got on a hot streak vs LA and Chicago

    but if Long or Pentland and now Cockrell found flaws and fixed them how come the Mets couldn’t buy a clutch hit vs a Royals rotation that was suspect at best?

    We’ll see if Ackley who was all of a sudden hitting in a Band Box and not a bone yard (Seattle) learned anything by putting more weight on his back leg

    and was cockerel trying to justify himself and Pentland by stating Gardner and Ellsbury were banged up? Why didn’t Pentland change Gardner and Ellsbury approach if the wrist and knee were hurt, they both looked like they wanted to hit everything as far as they could with every ASB too me

    and that comes from the GM and the manager’s concept of what type of team they envisioned


    November 5, 2015 at 8:59 am

  2. We’s in a heap a trouble, son! I’m all for backing up the truck (make sure the wheelchairs go in first!). I wish they would get creative & somehow jettison Babe, Tex, Headley, & the Doughboy. That would probably involve eating some large donuts. So be it. It would be addition by subtraction & build for the future. I doubt it, but let’s watch the movie & see what happens.


    November 5, 2015 at 9:50 am

  3. Its going to be difficult if not impossible for them to build runs with that roster.They all go station to station,no one can bunt,they are dead pull hitters that continually hit into the shift so good luck!!! Who knew the new batting coach can actually speak? He never said a single word the entire season!! He was never interviewed,was nicknamed the Phantom.We will find out how serious they are about really being a championship team if they go out and sign some free agents,especially pitchers.


    November 5, 2015 at 9:59 am

  4. hey boys, yes lets see if they really want to shuffle the deck, I don’t see it.. the link I just dropped states nobody is off limits, and Gardner is their biggest chip but why would you trade for Gardner when you can buy Fowler/Jackson/Parra andf keep your prospects?

    I can see Gardner traded if Hal wants to bring in Upton, but will he want to spend the money?

    The only possible way to trade Tex to Baltimore is take back bad paper Jimenez $26M eat $5M of Tex’s dough… Never happen, Gammons is right Tex will want an extension and Baltimore won’t go there

    We’re really stuck with the position players, only hope is to trade off guys like Nova Warren Mitchell and make a splash for Greinke or Price, even Samardizjia and Chen might be too expensive


    November 5, 2015 at 10:17 am

    • Francesa is lost on the Sabathia contract calling it a total win

      It’ll be 4 good yrs 1 ring
      and 5 yrs of dead money after the contract is finished which Francesa thinks it’s over in 2016
      If Sabathia’s shoulder doesn’t blow out they owe him $25m for 2017
      So from 2013 until 2016 that’s $92m in bad paper add the $25m for 2017 and that’s $117m in bad paper


      November 5, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    • About 6 months ago, I pointed out how they screwed up his contract. Where they put in a contingency to not have to pay if his arm or shoulder went south. Who knew the knee was going to be the culprit in wasting more money???


      November 5, 2015 at 1:54 pm

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