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The Not Really Free, Agents Lists

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  As of now there are 139 Free Agents available 

The  start  of a wild offseason took place on Friday, which was the deadline for clubs to extend $15.8 million qualifying offers to free agents, and we have a new high water mark, 20 players were on the receiving end of 2012’s CBA brain child.

The  20 lucky or unlucky players were the most in a single offseason since the system was put into place prior to the 2013 season.. It’s amazing how deep  this FA class is, but unfortunately, per the tea leaves, and the fact the Bombers have no money coming off the books, the Yanks  aren’t gonna be big spenders this winter, so our wish lists may be left by the wayside

Obviously there we’re no Qualifying Offers extended to Beano Capuano, Chris Young or Stephen Drew, so the Bombers will not get any sandwich picks, which might not be  so bad, last  season Cashman  wasted the #30 Robertson pick on Kyle Holder, a no hit SS who  was batting 9th  for  the Staten Island Yankees toward the end of 2015

Holder makes Brendan Ryan look like Carlos Correa on offense, and the hand full of plays I saw him make were of the routine variety so I have no idea if he’s a magician with the glove, but that  was his forte at San Diego St..

All of the QO’s need to  be filed by November 12th

Ace right-hander Zack Greinke got a qualifying offer from the Dodgers, as did Jordan Zimmermann from the Nationals, Hisashi Iwakuma from the Mariners, Yovani Gallardo from the Rangers, Brett Anderson from the Dodgers, Wei-Yin Chen from the Orioles, John Lackey (Cardinals), Jeff Samardzija (White Sox), Ian Kennedy (Padres) and Marco Estrada (Blue Jays).

Qualifying offers also were extended to a who’s-who of star position players: outfielders Jason Heyward (Cardinals), Alex Gordon (Royals), Dexter Fowler (Cubs), Colby Rasmus(Astros) and Justin Upton (Padres); slugger Chris Davis (Orioles); catcher Matt Wieters(Orioles); and infielders Howie Kendrick (Dodgers), Ian Desmond (Nationals) and Daniel Murphy (Mets).

One of the loop holes in the 2012 / 13 CBA, if any player is traded mid season  they  can  escape the QO, which is extremely beneficial in this era of Prospect Porn

High-profile free agents such as David Price (traded from Detroit to Toronto), Yoenis Cespedes (traded from Detroit to the Mets) and Johnny Cueto (traded from Cincinnati to Kansas City) weren’t part of this group because they were dealt in the middle of the 2015 season.

This MLB list  forgot to  add Ben Zobrist to  the non QO recipients, which  will help his market… Despite a fantastic Post Season for the Royals, at 35 yr’s old he’ll probably command a 4 yr deal in the Gardner / Headley range or maybe even higher (4 for $60M?) so he won’t come cheap, but team’s won’t have to  cough up  a first  round pick for him

Unofficially, the Think  Tank at Paint the Black, feel  the  QO will hurt  players like Murphy, Rasmus, Fowler, Anderson, Kennedy, Chen, Estrada, Samardzija, Gallardo, not only will  you have to over pay  them, your losing a first  round pick… No player has ever rejected the offer so until  they  do, we’ll  go  with the chalk and say  20  for 20 accept

Stephen Drew is the most famous player to  take a QO but not have a market

Most of the pundits I’ve read have a top  50 Free Agent list, thoughts on how much they  get, and to what teams..


SB Nation


The Whole Google Enchilada 

Pundits putting any of the top FA pitchers, or offensive sluggers on a Yankee list are simply working from a revisionist history  point of view.. Take MLBTR for instance stating the Bombers land Jason Heyward at 10 yr’s $200M

Jason Heyward – Yankees. Ten years, $200MM. Since his 2010 rookie season, Heyward has quietly been one of the game’s best outfielders. He’s an excellent defender and baserunner with a solid on-base percentage and some pop. Heyward hit a career-high 27 home runs in 2012, but only 38 in the three seasons since. He doesn’t have the typical power output of a $200MM player, but his all-around game makes him a sabermetric darling with six wins above replacement this year. A very long term and an opt-out clause are on the table for Heyward because he broke into the Majors at age 20, and is now just 26. The Cardinals will try to convince Heyward to stay, but teams like the Angels, Yankees, White Sox, and Astros could make a play. For more on Heyward, click here.

The Yanks are no longer run by a wide eyed baseball star fucker groupie like Papa George Steinbrenner.. His kids inherited the family business and they run the show like it’s a car dealership… They have about as much passion for baseball  as I do Ballet, so  it’s a bottom line drawn scenario for the Steinbrenner family

And like a poorly run car dealership, the owners are stuck  with  a plethora of older automobiles on the lot they can’t sell  at face value.. They  also refuse to open spots on their trending the wrong way roster  by trading or selling off these poor decisions, which require eating the over valued portion of said players existing contracts, or actually admitting they made a mistake in the first place

So “backing up  the truck” isn’t an option, instead we’ll get a steady diet of injury excuses, we made the playoffs and could have gone deeper  if Teixeira, or Eovaldi hadn’t gotten injured, and as we found out after the fact, TJ Tanaka had a slew of displaced bone chips floating around his elbow.. ( Nice Scouting job Cash)

Not only did it take $175M to bring in this damaged mook, they  scouted him in Japan  for 5 yr.’s, imagine the bill submitted on that little F Troop scouting mission?

Ken Davidoffever the pessimist, gets it right with his excellent Monday morning quarterback  article.. Even if the Yanks don’t go  big, which they  won’t based on a 50% Lux Tax for any incoming mercenaries, they  still need

  1. RH reliever: we hope it’s Darren O’Day, an AL East  battle tested weapon for the 7th inning or whatever
  2. Swiss Army knife: Ben Zobrist, but he named his new Baby, Royal,  actually  that’s her middle name… He didn’t name her Pinstripe, Bomber, or Bald Virginia, so he might have his sights set on staying in KC, with a home town  discount as a possibility… Hal isn’t paying the man  what he can get on the open market, and who in their right mind gives the NY Yankees a home town  discount?
  3. Cashman needs to  bring in some starting pitching, we want David Price, but we’re not getting him or any Free Agent pitcher for that matter, so  we can  expect an Eovaldi  type trade
  4. We want Ellsbury and Gardner, one or the other or both, out of NY..
  5. We want Teixeria traded to  free up money, and we  want Beltran  jettisoned, again to  free up salary and a roster spot so  the Yanks can  start  to get younger
  6. None of this  will happen


The F-Group 


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November 9, 2015 at 8:50 am

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  1. We can only hope Boston trade top prospects for an Ace type

    Henry is on public record not wanting to spend long term dough on 30 yr old and over Starters but Dombrowski might change his mind on Price or Cueto

    We also want to see them keep Ramirez to play 1st base, and be stuck with Sandoval…

    We’ll have to seriously guess who Cashman trades for, but the FA trail despite a million good players looks like a no win for us


    November 9, 2015 at 8:54 am

  2. Sent the link to this post to Duke Castiglione.
    Brilliance on the Web, bro,


    November 9, 2015 at 9:02 am

  3. Too bad these high priced Faded stars can’t man up, admit they are toast, take their million $ and go home, in the best interests of “their Team” , yes??
    Get the ef outta town with yr ill-gotten big bucks,
    Phony over the hill losers, these days,
    Fold your tents and save AL N. Y. Baseball


    November 9, 2015 at 9:19 am

    • Donnie B–that’s what we all want them to do. However, they are no different than almost everyone else. No one leaves money on the table if they can help it Especially paper with so many zeros on it. and for the interests of their team? We fans are always more invested in that. As great of a Yankee as he was, how many games do you think Jeter got to watch this year? did you read the recent answer he gave on that? Very few. that’s the rule rather than the exception for almost all players/ex players.
      The real crux of the problem is the jackasses in the front office who immediately re-up Sabathia when he opts out, or sign guys like Ellsbury when no one else is bidding against them, or a 12 Million payday to Youkilis when he is cooked. And so many others–Carl Pavano, Kei Igawa, Jared Wright, Pedro Feliciano, Nick Johnson, Travis Haefner, Kevin Brown, Pudge Rodriguez, Capuano, Drew, and believe me, I am just scratching the surface here


      November 9, 2015 at 11:04 am

  4. BTW
    Mariano Rivera is up at Mohonk Mountain House today
    Room 638 $899 a night,,


    November 9, 2015 at 9:21 am

  5. Spot on noogsie

    Tell Mo to talk some sense into Hal Donny.. What’s he in the tower? $900 a night, in Mo’s last season he made $15M he pitched in 64 games he made $235 Large a game… $900 bucks is tip money
    get an autograph Donny and sell it on Ebay lol


    November 9, 2015 at 6:17 pm

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