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Fellow Yankees fans, are you down in the dumps ?

“Let’s be honest”  by the end of this Free Agent season nearly $2B (billion)  dollars will have been spent on free agents and the mighty Bombers have only shelled out about $38M of that net, and that’s spread out  over the next 4 years….

Have no  fear, and by no means should we hope time flies faster then the the Don B can rip into  a Liberal Democrat at  a town meeting, but by 2018, yes that’s the year ARod and Sabathia will have finally come off the Steinbrenner or whoever owns the Yanks by then (Trump’s?) books, the biggest  free agent class ever will have hit the market

The free agent Class of 2018, as it stands, is a collection of players so good it seems impossible one market could absorb them all at once. Both MVPs from this season, Bryce Harper and Josh Donaldson, will hit free agency after the 2018 season. So can the greatest pitcher of this generation, Clayton Kershaw, along with the current American League Cy Young winner (Dallas Keuchel), two of the finest arms in the big leagues (Jose Fernandez and Matt Harvey) and the pitcher who just signed the biggest-money contract ever for a pitcher (David Price).

Price we hope stays in Boston for the remainder of his 7 yr deal, the Nation is giddy thinking they  signed  a mere 3 yr $93M contract and they nabbed Price in his prime.

If you think  the voodoo we put on Carl Crawford, the 2014 Jackie Bradley, and the last two  years of Boston baseball was lethal, wait until  our Witch Doctors whip up  this super batch of Gris Gris and put a spell  on King David from Nashville

That said, WAR pays, Heyward, not a power hitter, but a contact / defensive wizard  got two opt outs in his Cub deal, so opt outs are the new team  friendly contracts.. It’s not the upfront money that hurts it’s the years attached

8 years/$184M (2016-23)

Heyward’s deal has two opt-outs: One is after three years, the second after an unknown time frame, according to ESPN and multiple reports.

You think Cashman learned his lesson on Opt outs? Thanks for coming to NY Tanaka, and Thanks for leaving…That  should have been the dialogue with Sabathia, but we were in  a different time / era/ money dynamic,  and the Bombers weren’t very good at looking into  the future of TV media revenue, despite owning their own Network.

Probably more arrogance and Machiavellianism then  stupidity, although you  wonder

By 2018 the only Albatross money on the Yankees books, unless they  do  something stupid next year when $38M ( Teixeira $23M and Beltran $15M) vanish will be

Ellsbury who  will have about 3 yr’s  $68M,

Tanaka who may opt out after 2017, but if not, he’ll have 3 yr’s $67M

Lesser annoyances will be

McCann 1 yr $17M

Headley 1 yr $13M

Gardner 1 yr $13M

Miller will have 1 yr $9M, Castro 2 yr’s $21M with  a $16M team option or $1M buyout

That’s it for ball breaking contracts, and really only the Ellsbury / Tanaka deals are hindrances… Headley and Gardner will be blocking younger players, but by then hopefully Cashman in his effort to get players to pay the Yankees to play will have jettisoned both guys to far away places.

Like Kershaw and Price, Jason Heyward in 2018 can opt out of the deal he agreed to Friday for $185 million. Don’t like him in the outfield? Andrew McCutchen and Adam Jones will be available. Prefer an infielder? Manny Machado will be there and, like Harper and Fernandez, will be just 26 years old. If Heyward gets multiple $200 million offers at 26, three years from now, with revenues growing by nearly $1 billion a year, Harper, Machado and Fernandez may get a billion combined themselves.

Forget Joe Espada, what Steinbrenner and Cashman  should hire is a

Contract-ologist to  figure out how to draw up  creative deals for prime talent, front load the contracts in most cases, then tack an opt out on the back end

As long as the MLB TV  market doesn’t go via the Stock Market Crash, the money is going up  not down, so once again the Bomber front office has mis-read the trends

The Steinbrenner kids and George for that matter, are lucky Stick Michael, Bob Watson, and Buck Showalter were visionaries while George was booted out of baseball  for a while in the early 90’s

That’s when they drafted  intelligently, and kept the right prospects. Once the core was established, the modest secondary contract players were embedded around the Core 5 and boom, a mini  4 to 5 Yr Dynasty was born

We got about 17 yr’s of fun baseball, and 5 Rings out of those decisions, of course George the ultimate Star Fucker would  cripple the roster with  bad signings, but for the most part Pettitte, Jeter, Posada, Williams, and Rivera kept the Yankees relevant, despite George’s frequent buffoonery

Unfortunately  the Steinbrenner kids ran the fucking wheels off the Rolls Royce and now they  have to  start  from scratch while faking a playoff run

I mean Brett Friggin Gardner is your only home grown Face, that my friends is a really really sad indictment on how this Front office has turned the Candy Store into a Welfare Hotel

Anyway not all  the names on Passan’s list will  make it to Free agency, but Harper, Kershaw, and Harvey will, so will Machado who  we know the O’s may increase his AAV, but possibly not franchise him

By 2018 Trout’s extension of  6 years/$144.5M (2015-20) will look like a pittance, although they  did back load the deal  so he will make his big money about the same time his peers do

  • 15:$5.25M, 16:$15.25M, 17:$19.25M, 18:$33.25M, 19:$33.25M,20:$33.25M

Once again, teach your kids  or grandkids to grow up  and be baseball players, or  get real estate licenses in and around the Tri state area, notably Westchester County and NJ…

Mr Harper and is peers will be looking for a condo in the City and a farm in NJ, I can  see it now, No more Mall at Rivera Avenue

It’ll be Disneyland at Harper Boulevard as Bryce becomes the first $40M a yr player sitting on a $450M contract in the Bronx

Matt Harvey might even open his own Modeling Agency and tuck it in some small  corner of the new Yankee Stadium as the Yanks shell out close to  a billion  dollars in contracts for the H & H Boys


Written by Sal

December 12, 2015 at 8:19 am

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  1. A couple of good links dropped by Mikey Two Chins Axisa

    this was a good piece, makes Chapman look like a choir boy

    And my take on TV revenues and their sustainability should be questioned.. something I didn’t take into account, the death of cable TV.. I don’t see that happening just yet but it’s eventually coming


    December 12, 2015 at 8:39 am

  2. Why can’t we get guys like Cuddyer and Ryan Dempster
    These guys quit on their stools and the team gets salary flex and it opens a roster spot
    That was a brilliant signing lol


    December 12, 2015 at 10:51 am

  3. @EderMik Yeah I have a hard time getting worked up about FA class three years away. Harvey, Kershaw will be ~30 with ton of IP on their arms

    Yes very true Mikie 2 Chins
    Kershaw Harvey Price will be bad investments
    But Harper won’t


    December 12, 2015 at 7:36 pm

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