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YES No Ratings?

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Mikey 2 Chins Axisa dropped a link a around Thanksgiving time pissing and moaning about the Yanks not raising payroll, while stating they had increased revenue..

Maybe somebody in his family tree snagged the last piece of Pumpkin pie at dinner, I don’t know, but he wasn’t happy

Then 5 days later Bob Nightengale over at USA Today does the heavy lifting and breaks out the Lux Tax penalty’s and WahLa, guess who  had to pay in $26M worth of Tax penalties, right the Yankees.. The Yanks ain’t cheap, just Dumb

Nine days later Mikey 2 Chins drops a link that  states “Wait a second” the Bombers have dropped in attendance 

Which side of the coin are we picking Mikey revenues Up or Down?

“Let’s be honest” the drop  wasn’t that  significant, and what  would you expect, no Jeter farewell  tour, and the team played with about as much  energy as you would witness in the afternoons at the
Zen Mountain Monastery up here in Mt Tremper NY

Still  the Yanks haven’t moved the needle one iota this off season in a effort to  excite the Universe..  They flipped a back  up  catcher that maybe pissed off the Don B and JR Murphy’s NY landlord, for a guy  they  don’t have to pay who might live up  to his past hype..

He’s older then Murphy BTW so the getting younger mantra sort of backfires on Steinbrenner press secretary Brian Cashman..

During the Winter Meetings Cashman picked up a Cub overstocked infielder who  the Cubbies couldn’t afford after signing Ben Zobrist. So  the Cubs who  are the now Darlings of Baseball on the upswing, brought in a guy  9 / 10 yr’s older then Starling Castro for $20M more over the length of the contract..? what  a sad indictment on Castro, No?

The Yanks actually added payroll so  this was really a move to  get better, whether Cashman  achieved his goal  remains to be seen, but he had a 2nd base platoon worth $3M in Ref-Ackley, so Cash got Creative on this move

What  this Tells us,  Cashman has had a man  crush on Didi Gregorius  and Starling Castro  for quite sometime.. We get both moves, both players came into  the league as highly touted prospects who  didn’t live up  to  the hype so in essence Cashman  bought low

Mikey 2 Chins has a crush on Gregorius, DD can’t do any wrong in the RAB world despite him not being anywhere near as good a Bogaerts, Lindor, or Correa when it comes to  the New Era SS in MLB.

Castro on the other hand is a “meh” acquisition per Mikey and the thought process is the Yanks flipped Adam Drysdale Warren for a 2nd base Bust  trending the wrong way…

Anyway the whole point is the Yanks aren’t getting better, per the media.. They had no interest in signing David Price who  came in 2nd in the  CY Young Award, but hands down snatched the Nick Swisher Playoff Bust Trophy

The media is now concerned that Pink Hat Universe isn’t gonna tune in to YES with  regularity any more, NY needs to 1)  have Stars in the line-up and 2) they have to put more then  an  84 / 85 win  team on the field to  generate interest

Hal Steinbrenner sold 80% of his YES holdings to Ruppurt Murdoch, so What The Fuck does he care if he’s got a few million less viewers tuning into  Mousse Curry, Bourbon Bob, NyQuill Nancy, Big Head Kay, Paulie the Last Comic Standing O’Neill,   Kenny I wish  the O’s would hire me Singleton, and Al I just  snorted a gram of blow Lieter

That’s  Murdoch’s problem now, Hal is looking to make increased profit margins for his family and his minority owners.. This is called a Rebuild in 28 other team’s cities, in NY  and LA it’s called shifting deck chairs on the fly

The Yanks have made so many bad decisions one big Star like Price here, or one questionable WAR induced signing like Hayward there will mean nothing if ARod, McCann, and Beltran  run out of gas, which is a no doubter, Gardner and Ellsbury get hurt, which is a given, and Headley clogs up  the hot corner for 3 more yr’s which is a reality

The rotation is self explanatory, Severino is the brightest light but expect growing pains,  Tanaka and Eovaldi are  decent, but #3’s, the rest of the rotation is middle of the road to mediocre, Sabathia, Pineda, Nova and Mitchell…

We  an only hope Gardner gets traded, and the haul is  they  get a prospect that has Kaprelian upside and will be ready to  contribute by 2017.

The big  immediate net return in a Gardner trade is  you lose the $13M salary,  so Hal  can get closer to his  ego driven Alpha Male goal of not paying  a Lux Tax.. Let’s get  there sooner rather then later or we’ll always be hovering around middle of the pack

We need to  start  the Severino, Kaprelian, top of the rotation in 2 yr’s  haul for Gardner, and Miller, and add those guys to Tanaka and Eovaldi

Teixeira isn’t waiving his no trade so  we’re stuck, and until he gets hurt we won’t see Bird

Beltran on the other hand is retiring after 2016, so Cashman needs to  work hard trying to  flip  him, he won’t want an  extension, he’s already lived his dream  as a NYY, now maybe he wants one more shot at  a ring and it won’t be in NY

We should monitor Kendry Morales in KC, if he goes down with  an injury, Cashman should have Dayton Moore on speed dial and get Beltran and his pro rated $15M out of here


Written by Sal

December 13, 2015 at 8:21 am

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  1. yanks get to keep German, that’s good, more depth to trade, or below replacement level starters when the first string gets hurt… a bit of a gamble but if you pick him in the Rule 5, then said player needs to be put on a 40 man roster.. We did lose Cave, but we have 5 or 6 Cave’s


    December 13, 2015 at 9:15 am

  2. Seriously this is one Bad Mother


    December 13, 2015 at 10:22 am

  3. Sal—you do make me laugh my ass off.
    And Holly Holm would make a helluva bouncer.


    December 14, 2015 at 12:06 am

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