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OFF Season 12/15/15

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Manfred Isn’t Wearing Rose Colored Glasses

Maybe if a new commissioner say Johnny Bench or  Tony Perez ever became  the Owners head honcho  calling the shots for their MLB play pen, Pete Rose will  one day see his plaque hanging in Cooperstown but not anytime soon

Pete admitting he was still gambling is like an incarcerated criminal standing in front of his parole board stating  “Oh I’m a changed man, but yes Warden I still push contraband inside and I’ll leave a shank in some dude if they  try to beat me….

Drool Cup Please

The Yanks were so bad at SS in 2014, and equally as pathetic at 2nd base in 2015 they  went an got Starling Castro who  for the most part was a salary dump  by the Cubs President Theo Epstein

Epstein has been extra busy this off season, a sweep  by the Mets in the NLCS apparently didn’t sit well  with Theo or his sugar daddy Cub owner Tom Ricketts

So far  they’ve landed John Lackey, Jason Heyward and Super Utility man Ben Zobrist in Free Agency, and traded Starling Castro to  the Bombers for Adam Warren.. Both  teams needed what  the other had, Warren  supplies starter  depth since starting pitchers Jake Arrieta, Jon Lester, Jason Hammel and Kyle Hendricks combined for 128 starts, and Lackey made 33 starts for the Cardinals.

But the workloads of all five pitchers were extended in the playoffs, and the Cubs currently have no major league ready starter in their system that could fill a spot in the rotation for a lengthy amount of time.

Sounds like the Yanks, except the Cubs are doing something about it, the Yanks are counting pennies

Anyway the Bombers claim  they can’t wait to have an athletic SS / 2nd base combo and are drooling over their newest acquisition..

That’s fine but why would Epstein dump  a 25 yr old 3 time All Star and replace him with a 35 yr old Zobrist for $20M more then Castro  was owed?

Zobrist can play multiple positions, but he was said to  want to  stick  to just  2nd base?

We’ll  see if Castro  can  rebound from two  abysmal seasons, it does make sense that under the tutelage of ARod, Teixeira, McCann, and Beltran Castro  will be held accountable, and YES will no  doubt use him as a Yank Alzeera feature as they help us whistle past the graveyard this summer

So Castro might regain his one time elite prospect ceiling.

Joey Claps On CenterStage

Joe Girardi took his Yankee press secretary skills to Michael Kay’s CenterStage show yesterday, so if your a big fan of being bull shit to, or you have insomnia and needed a place to  finally fall  asleep,  you had  tickets for this potential Emmy winning broadcast

It was a good chance for the NY beat  writers to  corner Joey Claps and as expected he is  excited over what  his bosses Cashman and Steinbrenner have done this off season

He can’t wait to  see Pazos, Lindgren, Rumbelow, Pinder, Mitchell, Cotham,  and whoever else Cashman shuttles to  the Bronx on a daily bases after the Bombers unloaded Adam Drysdale Warren and Justin Wilson, half of the only 4 guys that  really carried the bull pen load in 2015…

Shreve was good for half a season until Joey Claps wore the kid’s arm  down to  a stub thanks to  the Rotation  having a glass jaw

Maybe these kids can be good, or maybe we’ve been hoodwinked, they were putrid in 2015, but if nothing else the Yanks are getting younger

And I bet when  we price out what Hal is paying for his bull pen, they might be the least expensive 7 man group in baseball

That  said, the new battle cry as we enter December 15th The Yanks aren’t done yet…

International Affair

Kudo’s to Mikey 2 Chins, the most interesting thing we as Bomber fans had to pick the bone clean on was his run down of the Bombers International spending spree that cost them in excess of $30M during the  2014-15  International signing period.

Pretty kool that Hal  spent all  that  dough, but lets not get crazy, the Red Sox spent $63M on one Super International  signing ( Moncada) while the Yanks went and grabbed Quantity, (Looks like about 23 players) but was there any Quality in that  massive haul?

The top 3 kids were

Venezuelan SS Wilkerman Garcia ($1.35M bonus), a 17-year-old switch-hitter who hit .299/.414/.362 (140 wRC+) with 25 walks and 19 strikeouts in 39 Rookie Gulf Coast League games. He’s a solid defender and may wind up at second base long-term, but he offers high-end bat-to-ball skills.

Korean SS Hoy Jun Park ($1.16M) also had a strong debut. Park signed out of high school and is already 19, so it’s no surprise the Yankees brought him stateside for his first pro season. He hit .239/.351/.383 (109 wRC+) with five homers, 12 steals, a 19.1% strikeout rate, and a 13.0% walk rate in 56 games for the new Rookie Pulaski affiliate.

Venezuelan RHP Gilmael Troya ($10,000) is an interesting case because, as his bonus suggests, he was not a high profile prospect at all. The 18-year-old saw his velocity tick up in pro ball, and he now sits in the low-90s consistently. He also has a plan on the mound and the makings of an out-pitch curveball. Troya had a 1.80 ERA (2.97 FIP) with a 27.4% strikeout rate and a 9.0% walk rate in 60 GCL innings this summer. He, Garcia, and Park were the standouts who debuted in the U.S. in 2015.

The article lists all  the Signings and what  and how they did in their first  season…Some will make it, some won’t, but after 2013 when the Yanks couldn’t find one farm hand to help  the varsity the focus switched from buying mercenaries to  growing their own

Still  think  they  should have grabbed Moncada, but maybe Castro  will make us forget that potential blunder


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December 15, 2015 at 7:53 am

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  1. I turned down free tickets to see the human Clipboard tape the Center Stage show.
    I didn’t trust myself not to rush the stage and choke the living shit out of that punk-ass bitch.


    December 15, 2015 at 2:25 pm

  2. I saw they signed a Korean but I was hoping they signed another Korean, a pitcher named One Hung Low.
    Pete Rose is a sad case,I just saw his press conference on mlb network,he now only” gambles legally and has it under control”. To me the baseball hall of fame is a joke without Rose,Bonds,Clemens some of the best of all time not in it.Not to mention Mattingly and Munson!! The papers were quoting Girardi from his Centerstage,he likes the moves they have made,feels the young pitchers will contribute. Who believes that bullshit? These guys came up and got hammered!! Its incredible that they gave Wilson away for 2 minor league scrubs to fill out the roster at Scranton!! What kind of a moron does that? Every other team is strengthening their bullpen,we give away a good lefty for nothing. Where is the outrage? It was just a salary dump,saving $1.5 million with a payroll over $200 mil. But they are still trying for a championship!!


    December 15, 2015 at 3:31 pm

  3. I would’ve paid money to see the Don B rush the stage & choke Joey Claps. That would’ve been one of the great moments in sports. The Rose saga is very sad. This guy has had 26 yrs to clean up his act & get help…..and didn’t. He brought it all on himself. No sympathy. But, there are all kinds of degenerates in the HOF, and maybe he should be judged by what he did on the field & nothing else. MLB was totally in bed, like everyone else, with Fan Duel & Draft Kings that is out & out gambling. But if you’re a Baseball player you can’t bet. I get it. But it’s still fukked up. I agree with Big D. Trading Wilson for 2 kids with records that won’t set the world on fire, was an act of lunacy. Unless, they both will be packaged with more for a young controllable pitcher. Just what everyone wants. I don’t want to believe this was all about saving 1.5mm. Please!!! If it is……I say we take Cashman for the Tessio Ride for Christmas.


    December 15, 2015 at 7:44 pm

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