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So far this week the Yanks have made three minor league deals, Swiss Army knife Donovan Solano,  SS Jonathan Diaz and my bad thinking Kirby Yates was a starter, he’s a reliever that Tampa traded to Cleveland who eventually DFA’d him

I guess picking up an overstocked pitcher from  two of the best pitching teams in the AL isn’t so bad, but when  you look  at Yates’ 2015 line, he’s the quintessential analytics reclamation project / AAA depth

7.97 ERA / 1.4 WHIP / 23 hits 21 innings, 21 K’s 7 BB’s, 10 HR’s

Same applies to Solano  and Diaz, if either of these two guys are on the bench  for the Varsity, something has gone drastically wrong, so  we’ll  leave it at  that

Chad Vanilla Jennings has the entire projected AAA team listed over at LoHud

Slade Heathcott CF
Rob Refsnyder 2B
Greg Bird 1B
Aaron Judge RF
Ben Gamel LF
Mason Williams DH
Donovan Solano 3B
Sebastian Valle C
Pete Kozma SS

We know that Austin Romine is now out of options so he either makes the varsity as McCann’s back  up or he becomes a minor league Free Agent and we can  wave him  good bye

What  we want is Gary Sanchez to take over JR Murphy’s gig and he gets 3 days a week as McCann’s understudy…  Doing so, he gets his game calling and defensive chops together, while scaring the beJesus out of LHP with  his supposed power

295 .349 .500 .849 in 35 games at AAA with  6 HR’s

262 .319 .476 .795 in 58 games at AA with  12 HR’s

Now that’s  a pretty good looking AAA offensive team, sort of the way  the Red Sox Pawtucket group looked before Betts, Bradley and Swihart graduated to  the varsity

Where the Yanks are really hurting is starting pitching

Bryan Mitchell
Luis Cessa
Brady Lail
Richard Bleier
Chad Green

If any of these guys sans Mitchell is pitching for the varsity, other then  a quick one or two game shuttle run, something has drastically gone wrong

In-fact  we hope Mitchell breaks camp  as Warren’s replacement and he’s part of the bull pen that  can pitch  multiple innings along with Nova

So our varsity 13 looks like this

Tanaka, Severino, Eovaldi, Pineda, Sabathia

Our Bull Pen is a touch  different then Jennings

Chapman, Miller, Betances, Shreve, Pazos, Nova, Mitchell

Jenning’s pen makes more sense and you keep Mitchell  starting at AAA every 5 days, but I’d rather see him  with  the varsity hanging with the big boys and learning from them.. As long as Sabathia stays sober

When one or two of the Glass Jaw 5 go  down,  you slip first Nova then Mitchell into  the rotation  as  4  /  5 inning starter(s) keeping them  away  from the 3rd time around a line-up, but gaining varsity experience

Nova already  has big league chops, but Mitchell  can learn more in the Bronx then  riding a bus in the Bushes

The AAA reliever shuttle at the moment consists of

Nick Rumbelow
Nick Goody
Johnny Barbato
Kirby Yates
Jacob Lindgren
James Pazos
Diego Moreno

Pack light fellas, and keep  the suitcase in the apartment hallway

ESPN Bold Predictions????

I found this link from yesterday, where ESPN beat  writers make 1 Bold AL prediction on the season

We’ll  stick  to  the Yanks here, if you want to  see the rest click  the link


The Yankees will fly out of the gate quickly before faltering around June, forcing GM Brian Cashman to contemplate going for the wild card or reshuffling the deck. In another un-Boss-like move, the Yankees will choose to disarm, trading Andrew Miller and Brett Gardner at the deadline for top, high-level minor league prospects. The Yankees, around five games back in the wild card, will claim they are not giving up on 2016, but it will be clear they are trying to reload for 2017, when Luis Severino, Greg Bird and Aaron Judge could be fully leading the way. — Andrew Marchand

Dave Schoenfield the head honcho at ESPN, has Boston  winning the division  with Betts being an  MVP candidate  and the Yanks trading for Sonny Gray

When the A’s stumble out of the gate and sit in last place in late July, Sonny Gray is traded to the Yankees for a package that includes outfielder Aaron Judge, catcher Gary Sanchez and second baseman Rob Refsnyder. — David Schoenfield

So per ESPN, Miller, Gardner, Judge, Sanchez, and Refsynder get jettisoned out of the Bronx, and the Yanks get Sonny Gray  and a slew of prospects who  are knocking on the Varsity door…

How does Marchand think Steinbrenner continues to fake a playoff run trading Miller and Gardner for prospects?

And does Schoenfield really think the Yanks can  compete for Sonny Gray?

Once Sonny Gray  is on the trading block 10 other teams will have a better package then  the Yanks to land Gray who not only is an All Star  caliber Starter, but he has 5 yr’s of team  control, after 2016

Nicky 2 Fingers Goes To Mass


Uncle Nicky 2 Fingers Cafardo makes Ken Davidoff and Billy pour me a double, hold the ice Madden look like the Amazing Kreskin, but we still love him based on he’s never right

I do have to  agree with him on how the Marlins should handle Ozuna.. when Donny Baseball and Barry Bonds say keep  this kid, you might want to listen

 Jeffery Loria and Fredo Wilpon are the 2 worst owners in MLB, and Loria might be baiting the hook looking for a huge haul  for Marcell Ozuna, based on the endorsement hitting coach Bonds, and Manager Mattingly bestowed on this 24 yr old slugger

I don’t know where you play  him but Cashman should look into FA Ike Davis, imagine if they  could unlock his problems? Davis would hit 35 HR’s in Yankee Stadium with one arm  tied behind his back

Unfortunately Bird is already blocked by Teixeira, so I doubt Davis would come to NY, and Cashman  would probably not waste his time

Chappy Finds Out His Fate

Looks like Manfred will  wait until March to nail Puig, Chapman and Reyes… What’s the hold up? Let’s get the show on the road Manfred, we don’t want to  wait until  camp hits, give the 3 Amigo’s respective tams time to plan, let’s get this thing ironed out by Feb 1st

How long does it take to  gather intel?????


Written by Sal

January 10, 2016 at 7:05 am

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  1. looks like Gardner to the Nats falls through with Storen going to Canada for Ben Revere… Not sure we wanted to waste the Gardner chip, as small as it is, on Gio Gonzalez, he’s a bit older, he gets whacked third time around a line-up and he’s only got 1 yr plus a team option before he’s a free agent… Not exactly what Cashman is supposed to be looking for

    It’s obvious with the Giants grabbing Span and the Nats trading for Revere, Gardner isn’t as economical or in demand as some of the NYY pundits would like to believe


    January 10, 2016 at 8:10 am

  2. I’m down in Jamaica men, chillin with Little Feat. Wasn’t going to respond, but had to when I saw Marchand’s inane comments. What an asshole! How could he possibly predict what happens to the Yanks in the early going??? “….You can’t predict Baseball, Suzan!”


    January 10, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    • enjoy mB, Make sure you don’t say I Do, remember Grandma Sal’s saying, thanks for coming thanks for leaving….

      no worries on Marchand they do it every yr, part of the there is no baseball to write about, always fun to look back and see how their takes went….


      January 11, 2016 at 5:54 am

  3. I’m up to my knees in a muddy backyard walking our new rescue Hound in this Effin Monsoon and I gotta hear from friggin Jamaica ???
    Yeah, we really need your comments, Consigliore,
    An Infamnia !!!


    January 10, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    • Donny so Harry has a sibling? Hope Harry is ok…. your muddy backyard will be frozen solid today… glad this wasn’t snow, my old plow truck is down and not a minute to get under the hood… thank God for Global Warming…at least for the time being…


      January 11, 2016 at 5:57 am

  4. Sadly Sal, we put Harry to sleep a while back, 8 months or so,
    Coop is our only boy now.
    Bays like a coon hound, is playful but headstrong,, lol
    He fits right in,, 😊😊
    Ice in the back there this am for sure, friggin MBA in Jamaica, 😠😠😠😠


    January 11, 2016 at 8:33 am

    • I heard that….


      January 11, 2016 at 4:28 pm

  5. Bondsie sent me pictures of Jamaican Sunsets, Sal,,
    We need to shun him, fellas,,
    Rat bastid,,,


    January 11, 2016 at 7:34 pm

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