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Hump Day 1/13/16

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No Pinstripes for “Lazarito”


The Yanks won’t land Cuban 16 yr old phenom Lazaro Armentaros who  recently   showcased his talents in front of 140  scouts..

I haven’t read or heard if Cashman  sent any of his crew to  watch  the kid, hopefully he did, but it could and no  doubt will all be a moot point… The Yanks blew their International FA budget in 2014 after Hal Steinbrenner finally woke up  and realized Cashman had not developed one position player for the Varsity

Hal  went from asleep  at the wheel to  dumping all his eggs into one basket, blowing through his allotted International  cap in an  effort to  bolster the Farm… Last yr he made an offer to 20 yr old Cuban man  child Yoan Moncada of $25M

The Red Sox offered  $6.5M more ($31.5M) and despite a cameo visit from El Duque, Moncada took  the extra money.. The kid obviously wasn’t enamored by  Bomber mystic or this old dude El Duque, show me the money bro

Moncada ended up  costing Boston $63M with  the 50% International tax penalty, he’s due to hit the Boston bricks in 2017 / 18, so  good chance you see him at Single A for a cup of coffee, then Double A Portland

Boston will have to  move his position, Pedroia is blocking Moncada at 2nd base, a recent article by Fangraphs had Moncada Boston’s #2 prospect and a switch to  the OF… Mookie Betts was also  a 2nd baseman  and he flawlessly made the switch  to CF, so good chance Moncada can man  the LF position in a few  yr’s

Maybe Cash-Brenner should send Chapman  to  talk  to  the kid, you know, show the kid his Colt 45, take him to  a shooting range and impress him… After all I’m sure Lazarito  will  turn down Millions of dollars and except the $300K the Yanks are only allowed to  offer, in exchange for Pinstripes…Obviously now that money is flush throughout baseball, Pinstripes are about as appealing as your old man’s leisure suits

 More Quantity  Not much Quality


Cashman keeps trading players he’s given up on for players other teams have DFA’d in yet another minor league depth swap that will have little impact on the 25 man roster

Despite the reports stating these players will be fighting for a 25 man  roster spot, if any of them are breaking camp with the Varsity, the expensive Pinstripe train that  can’t will have completely run off the tracks

The Yankees announced Tuesday night that they acquired left-handed pitcher Tyler Olson and infielder Ronald Torreyes from the Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for infielder Rob Segedin and a player to be named later or cash considerations. 

Cashman has now filled the last 2 spots on his 40 man roster… I guess this is Cashman  working hard, ( “more work  to  do”) these are probably important but unsexy moves, but for some reason it reminds me of those 8 county workers patching a pot hole, with 7 of the 8 guys leaning on a shovel while one dude rakes the blacktop

Cashman still hasn’t moved the needle RE: that  4th  bench spot, I guess we’ll have to expect it to be a work in progress.. This is no  doubt Cashman being creative, although he’s much better at writing checks with at least 9 figures on it

Gotta love Mikey 2 Chins Axisa’s take


In a nutshell, the Yankees upgraded the 39th and 40th spots on the 40-man roster, which weren’t even occupied to begin with. Olson and Torreyes give the team some more optionable depth — the Yankees can send them up and down as needed next season. That’s about it. Maybe Torreyes can be a useful bench bat. Probably not. Didn’t cost much to find out.

Mikey there was nothing there, even  you would be an upgrade……  It’s more Nothing from Nothing leaves Nothing…..

Mike and the Mad Dog Sell Out

Looks like Mongo Nation  came up  big for the March 30th Mike and the Mad Dog reunion.. Mikey 21 announced the joint is sold out and there will also be simulcasts, so  the event has made a Million bucks that supposedly goes to charity

That’s a good job if all  the dough does reach it’s destination, but I know from participating in benefits, they put a lot of money in the performers pockets, then the charity gets it’s cut, but we’ll give the Big Blow Hard and his whacky side kick the benefit of the doubt

Maybe this will  jump  start  a complete reunion, both Clowns are barely watchable / listenable on their own… Mad Dog at least is on MLBTV so his subject matter is more appealing to my tastes… Pope Francy the Only tries to pull off a Gumbo  mixture of sports that he fails miserably at, but that’s why we love him, he’s such an ass hole he’s actually entertaining in his badness




Joey Claps confirmed Alrodis the Sniper  Chapman will be his closer..The Dude’s gonna be a free agent, you want him sulking in the bull pen as a set up man? No brainer move… Miller is already paid, and why raise Betances eventual arbitration  money as a closer?

Cashman confirms Refsynder  will not get a chance to play  3rd base

We already know ARod will be a DH

The  Glass Jaw 5 are also in place

Tanaka, Severino, Eovaldi, Pineda, and Canadian Club Sabathia… Nova by default will be #6,after that Mitchell  seems like the best  available contender unless Cashman finds another reclamation project

Here is the good, the bad and the ugly on this rotation

click the arrows for the intel




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January 13, 2016 at 7:20 am

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  1. Bondsie can hear his Don groaning all the way down in Jamaica, I’m sure,,
    Used to be fun reading the speculation all winter leading up to an exciting Spring.
    Now,,, Grrrrrrrrrrrrroaning,,
    Bronx Bombers ??
    Not by a long shot, these days,,
    Texeira ?
    Gardiner ?
    Bellytron ?
    Our faux CF ??
    Yeah,, No,, as AP used to say,, ey Sal ?


    January 13, 2016 at 8:21 am

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