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RIP Little Luis Arroyo

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RIP Little Louie

little louie

There won’t be a bunch of Jazz dudes who  wouldn’t know David Bowie from Jim Bowie posting  about his unfortunate passing, or many MLB pundits and JR GM’s sending condolences, but Wednesday  us old time Bomber fans lost the 1961 Life Saver Award winner 88 yr old Luis Arroyo, or Little Louie as we fondly remember the Yankee announcers calling him

Back in the day Elroy Face from the Pirates was famous for his fork  ball, Little Louie was known to  dazzle hitters with his Screw ball, a lost pitch in today’s game

The Screwgie as the boys in the booth used to  call it, broke in the opposite direction  as a curve ball, and if you subtracted velocity on the screwgie  after showing a fast ball, it probably acted like a modern day change up with more action on it

The beef about this pitch, it was bad for your elbow, sure enough Arroyo after a stellar 1961 season blew out his arm  the very next Spring

Baseball’s famous Screw Ballers


Arroyo  started out with  the Cards later pitched for  the Pirates and Reds  before coming to  the Yanks in 1960

Whitey Ford won 25 games in 1961, he pitched 283 innings, but never hurled a  complete game, Little Louie pitched in 65 games that yr and finished 54 of them, a lot of them nailed down  a win  for Whitey

Luis pitched 119 innings in 1961, gave up 84 hits, struck out 87, walked 49, 8 of the walks were intentional.. He was credited with  29  saves and compiled a 1.09 WHIP

In 1961 Arroyo  was a killer on LHB .173 / .283 / .227 / .511

 RHB’s didn’t do much better .208 / .284 / .293 / .578

Arroyo  fared much better when Blanchard ( BAA 1.74)  and Howard ( BAA 2.04) were catching, with Yogi (BAA 2.73) putting down  the fingers hitters had a better chance in 1961

 Arroyo was the first Puerto Rican to play for the Yankees, and despite his earlier struggles, he quickly became an important contributor to the club..

American League hitters had little success against Arroyo’s screwball, and after a solid contribution at the back of their bullpen in 1960, he enjoyed the best season of his career in1961. That year, Arroyo pitched 119 innings with a 2.19 ERA, while winning 15 games as the team’s relief ace. His totals of 65 games pitched and 29 saves both led the league, he surrendered only five home runs in a season where league-wide offensive totals were very high by historical standards, and was named to his second All-Star team while finishing sixth in AL MVP voting.[1][2]

Arroyo’s glory was, however, short-lived. He injured his arm the following spring; while he pitched for two more seasons, he never regained his prior effectiveness. Arroyo retired after appearing in only six innings in the 1963 season. Over the course of his MLB career, he pitched 5311⁄3 innings with a 3.93 ERA, collecting 40 wins, 32 losses, and 44 saves.[1][2]

RIP Luis, his Yankees career was short lived, but one of my all time favorites


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January 14, 2016 at 7:42 am

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  1. ok so they insist on Castro to back up 3rd base leaving a potential 6 man rotation and a revolving bench, basically rendering August a bad month thanks to wearing guys like Castro out

    On paper it looks like all is covered, once again the computer spits out the analytics but in reality they need a real Swiss army knife like Brock Holt, Martin Prado, Ben Zobrist…. Those types of players are priceless in this era…

    GM’s are starting to get it RE: the bull pen, they’re paying guys or starting to use young starters with innings limits out there ( see the Cardinals)… Now they need to find at least two bench guys that channel Holt Prado and Zobrist especially when you have two DH’s ( ARod and Beltran) clogging up the 25 man roster

    Lucky the media’s darlings Boston has two also, Ortiz and Ramirez, but they have Hot who can play any position but carter and pitcher, everyday….Yanks don’t have that….

    If your not gonna spend the money on a real Ace type innings eater (Price) then spend it on a full fledged bench that doesn’t leave a black hole on offense or defense when they’re replacing players on rest days


    January 14, 2016 at 8:20 am

  2. Sal—Little Louie from Ponce Puerto Rico–an unforgettable Yankee for our generation. I remember he always seemed to have a little bit of difficulty vaulting that 3 ft fence as he was coming in from the bullpen.
    He made Whitey’s year in 1961.
    Number 22 was 14-9 that year, but when you now look up the modern day saber stats, his year was almost as good as Whitey’s. His 2.68 ERA was second in the league. He had one more good year and then blew out his shoulder his first start in the snow in ’63 in Kansas City. No pitch or inning limits back then He was all of 24 then.
    Thanks for the memory.


    January 14, 2016 at 8:31 am

  3. Sad to hear about Little Louie. I remember they had some type of ceremony and he popped out of a giant Lifesaver. RIP another of our childhood heroes gone!!


    January 14, 2016 at 10:23 am

  4. Chirping in from Jamaica boys. So sad to hear of the passing of another piece of our childhood. Sal, those pics of the screw ballers on their baseball cards brought me back. I could almost smell the bubblegum!!!


    January 14, 2016 at 12:17 pm

  5. hey fellas great stuff RE: Luis… Noogsie good point on Billy, I never checked his metrics, good one and on my to do list

    Big D, I distinctly remember the life Saver incident, so much so that I’m wondering if we happened to be in the ball park or did I see it on TV?

    hope all is warm and fuzzy in Trenchtown mB, and yes I found those photos in a NY Times article on the lost screw ball.. It’s really a good article


    January 15, 2016 at 6:06 am

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