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TGIF 1/22/16

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Yo What’s Up ?

exclusive sit-down with Yoenis Cespedes of the New York Mets at Roc Nation Sports

According to two sources with knowledge of his thinking, he prefers to stay with the Mets.

Wow not 1 but 2 people have knowledge of Yoenis Cespedes’ thinking, and here we thought he was nothing more then  a misguided Cuban missile..

Any chance Cespedes wants the DC Nats to  up  the $100M offer by leaking he wants the Mets?? Way to  earn and endear respect in DC Yo….Leak  you really want to play in NY

Here’s a fix Yo, if your that in love with  the Mets take less dough, have your agent put in some incentive clauses, work  hard for the money

.. All  the braniacs in NY like Francesa saying he should work on a pillow contract for Fred Wilpon, make and crush the World Series stage, then hit free agency as a 31 yr old are forgetting

A) He would be strapped with  a QO which  will make getting signed long term even tougher unless a bottom feeder team signs him, then you don’t have to  cough up a first  rounder ( At the moment there is speculation the QO will be banned in the new CBA agreement, but there are no  guarantees in life, only Father Time and 50/50 hindsight are undefeated)

B) Cespedes will  still have the same disclaimer on his personality flaws, and teams will  think he jacked it up in a contract yr, plus now he’s a yr older towing around  a draft pick

C) Francesa’s thought the Mets only need him for 1 year because thats all  they  want to  offer him is hilarious.. Cespedes isn’t the ideal player for Alderson and his analytic heavy front office, plus Wilpon doesn’t have the money to pay anybody 9 figures long term

Who  wouldn’t want a 5 tool player for 1 year, and it’s possible only an underachieving desperado  team like the Nats would offer him 5 yr.’s, but that  remains to be seen.. We can only hope the Nats keep piling on the inventory, the more they hand out to guys like Cespedes, the less they have to  extend Bryce Harper, who  would look much better in Pinstripes then DC Red

Met fans might want to  rejoice, Francesa’ sources said no  way Cespedes comes to  the Mets on a 5 yr deal

Chappy Is Happy

This one pissed off Steve Sommers…. Aroldis Shotgun Chapman was found innocent of all domestic abuse charges in Fla..

Broward Assistant State Attorney Stefanie Newman wrote in a closeout memo on the case Wednesday that conflicting accounts and insufficient evidence meant there was “no reasonable likelihood of conviction.” The Davie (Fla.) Police Department earlier had declined to charge Chapman, who was not arrested the night of the incident.

Chappy is still under investigation by MLB commissioner Rob and Steal Manfred who  has instilled a new domestic violence rule and I bet he wants to  take target practice with  that  sucker ASAP

Reyes, Puig, and Chapman,  3 bad boy Latino’s  could be made examples of by the new sheriff, so  the the Yanks and chapman  aren’t out of the woods..

Something tells me Steinbrenner pulled some strings on the inside and he had intel Chapman would be free and clear, even from Manfred’s short arm of the law, hence the trade and the potential for backlash from Woman’s Groups

If Manfred really wants to take a Louisville Slugger to the the Yankees knees he’ll  suspend Chapman to  start  the season, but not long enough to void his free agency in 2017...

If he’s suspended for at least 46 games (50 would be the likely length to get there), he won’t be a free agent after next season as previously scheduled.

It would be a bitch  to suspend him for say  30 games, Yanks lose him in April when it’s freezing cold and who  wants to  hit off a 102 MPH fast all in 30 / degree weather?

Mikey 2 Chins Intel


Mikey 2 Chins has had some decent intel over at his Yankee site, the Queen of Queens has been a busy boy in his Grandmother’s 2 room basement apartment

Cashman’s Revolving Door Plan

Hell yeah, why pay 25 above replacement players when you can pay 24, lets just make the last spot on the roster a Shuttle between SWB and the Bronx….How bad does Hal  want to tear up  that  50% Lux Tax???

Let’s hope Castro  can handle the hot corner, Refsynder stops the madness and hits his way onto  the team.. The only revolving door should be in the pen, and Bird when Tex and or ARod go  down

Also  the OF when the Doughboy, Beltran and Gardner get hurt

Chapman The Complete Package

Good job here by 2 Chins gathering Chapman intel, plus a quick  video of his slider and change-up.. If Betances Miller and Chapman  come as advertised, man this is must watch  TV for the last 9 to 12 outs

In one of those Cashman links we dropped, he mentioned how the Reds who projected Chapman  as a starter out bid the Yanks

A) How the hell  does a Red front office outbid a Bomber front office, that’s like the me and the  Don B out bidding Donald Trump  on a Repo building..

B) Cashman  claims, and no media guy  disputed him, the Reds gave Chapman starter type money  when they  signed him???

5 yr’s  $30M is starter money bonus? Who’s he kidding, middle relievers / 7th inning guys are making that type of dough…

Cashman said he always profiled Chapman  as a reliever, that’s fine, but he was a potential weapon, and Cashman missed the boat on projecting what players would be worth due to inflation, and TV money… Chapman was inked in 2009 not 2005

Grand Papi To Be Honored in Yankee Stadium


OK Don B is in line as we speak trying to get tickets for this extravaganza..Who’s gonna bring him his gifts ARod?

Thanks to  Boston Fan PatSox for pasting the Buster Olney top 10 in baseball for us.. I would have dropped the link but it’s a paid subscription and we don’t have it.. Chad Vanilla Jennings had the Bomber insert

1. Chicago Cubs
The addition of Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist makes the Cubs even better and deeper, both at the plate and in the field, and they also added a reliable rotation plow horse in John Lackey.Their greatest challenge might be doing everything they can to win the National League Central over the course of the long season, because they’ve witnessed first-hand how a great team like the Pittsburgh Pirates can be reduced to a one-night-stand wild-card game and subsequently eliminated.
The Cubs are the early pick here to take another step forward this year and do something they haven’t done since 1908: win the World Series. And they’ll beat the …

2. Kansas City Royals
If you’ve been paying attention to statistical projections this winter, then you know that once again, some metrics suggest the Royals will be a sub-.500 team. I’m not smart enough to understand why it is that Kansas City’s model doesn’t seem to translate well in these metrics. Maybe they don’t take into account the true impact of a home ballpark that
protects and cultivates pitchers, or maybe they don’t measure the culture of loyalty that has developed within the organization.

The Royals are an excellent team toughened by their postseason experience, right in the middle of their window of opportunity. It will not be easy for another American League Central team to knock off a club that makes few mistakes defensively, and has arguably baseball’s best reliever in Wade Davis. Also, the Royals’ rotation has a chance, it appears, to be K.C.’s best and deepest in recent seasons.

3. Boston Red Sox
Boston’s progress was demonstrated in the final months of the 2015 season, and this offseason the team added three high-impact pitchers in David Price, Craig Kimbrel and Carson Smith.
Boston also should have a good, and deep, lineup, although they have a lot to sort through and questions that need to be answered, particularly surrounding players theoretically in the middle of their batting order. Can Hanley Ramirez can be a first baseman? Will Pablo Sandoval produce? How much can the team expect from aging stars such as David Ortiz?
After back-to-back seasons of finishing in last place, there will be continued pressure on the Red Sox to win the division following some of their big offseason deals, and David Dombrowski, the team’s president of baseball operations, has a history of making big moves. So this will be a team to watch leading up to the July 31 trade deadline, as the Red
Sox define their needs.

4. San Francisco Giants
The Giants have bet $220 million that the 2015 problems of Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzijawere aberrant rather than a sign of things to come, and if they’re right, the Giants will be a serious threat to take back the NL West, given the improved depth of their rotation and the overall strength of their everyday lineup. San Francisco has more pitching depth than it has had in a long time. They just have to keep their fingers crossed that Buster Posey, who turns 29 in March, stays healthy, which is the inherent risk you bear when a catcher is the centerpiece of your lineup.
Plus, as any Giants fan would note, 2016 is an even-numbered year, and that has worked out for San Francisco of late. (Just kidding …)

5. Texas Rangers
The Rangers were 80-58 after May 3 last season, overcoming a slow start to reach the postseason, and if they can avoid some of the devastating injuries that hammered them last spring — to Yu Darvish, in particular — they should be better from beginning to end. Cole Hamels leads their rotation, with Darvish expected back sometime during the season, and Rougned Odor and Delino DeShields are now established at second base and center field, respectively. More importantly, the bullpen that drove their midseason turnaround will be a
whole lot better at the outset of ’16 than it was in ’15, with Sam Dyson, Jake Diekman and Keone Kela on board from the start.

6. Houston Astros
Unless the Astros add another starting pitcher before Opening Day, Houston will go into this season with some rotation depth questions behind Dallas Keuchel, Collin McHugh, Mike Fiers and Lance McCullers. But the Astros likely will have the flexibility to patch and fill as needed, and the addition of Ken Giles strengthens their bullpen. Meanwhile, shortstop Carlos Correa is just starting his journey as one of the best players in baseball.

7. St. Louis Cardinals
They have dominated the NL Central for more than a decade, making the postseason 12 times in the past 16 seasons — including the past five years — and winning the World Series in 2006 and 2011. But they lost out to the Cubs in the bidding for Jason Heyward and watched one of their most reliable starters, John Lackey, move on to Chicago as well, and they aren’t sure how many games Yadier Molina can play after multiple surgeries on his thumb. Heyward innocently fed into the perception of the Cardinals as an aging team — without malice or intent on his part — with his choice of words at his introductory media conference. “For me, [it was the Cubs’] winning attitude and culture and the fact that this was such a young group that I could grow myself with and be 26 years old,” Heyward said. “I would rather grow up with a bunch of guys and make them family.”
For the Cardinals, these were words worth noting. “I don’t think it’s going to ring too well with our club,” St. Louis manager Mike Matheny told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
St. Louis has a ton of talent and a culture of success, and the games between the Cardinals and Cubs in 2016 will be must-watch.

8. New York Mets
The team’s fan base is restless because the Mets haven’t spent much money this winter, choosing to target more practical, modest choices such as Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera rather than throwing big dollars at Yoenis Cespedes. Let’s face it, this is like buying a Toyota when it’d feel better to spend on a Lamborghini. But if holding off on a big-ticket item like Cespedes now means having more flexibility to make a midseason fix, that might be the way the Mets should go, because by July, they’ll have a better idea how much David Wright can contribute, and whether Juan Lagares is actually going to get better.
This is a luxury you have when the Mets’ starting pitching is as great as it is, at the top of a generally Jekyll-and-Hyde National League. Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz, Bartolo Colon and eventually Zack Wheeler will give the Mets time to understand

9. Pittsburgh Pirates
This has not been an easy winter for the Pirates, following a second consecutive one-and-done wild-card defeat. Pedro Alvarez was cut, A.J. Burnett retired and, as always, Pittsburgh has been carefully sorting through its nickels and trying to find ways to keep up in a high-rent district in which the cost-of-living standard is set by the Cubs and Cardinals.
St. Louis and Chicago battled over Heyward, the Cardinals spent $80 million on Mike Leake, the Cubs paid big dollars for Lackey … and the Pirates landed Jon Niese in a value deal and made a bet that John Jaso can play first base.
The Pirates will still be pretty good again, and have demonstrated the ability to find and foster pitching. But overcoming the Cardinals and Cubs and avoiding the wild-card game again will be an enormous challenge.

10. Toronto Blue Jays
They led the majors in runs scored last season and their lineup remains intact, and though they didn’t retain David Price, they did manage to bolster the depth of their overall staff by hanging on to Marco Estrada, signing J.A. Happ and trading for Drew Storen, not to mention they expect to have Marcus Stroman all season. One possible pitfall: If the Jays need help during the year, they almost certainly will not make anything close to the sort of trades made last summer to augment another run at the playoffs.

Best of the rest
Los Angeles Dodgers:
FanGraphs’ early projections have them winning the most games in the National League. The team does have a ton of roster depth, as well as questions about exactly which guys will carry the load over the course of the season. If Scott Kazmir, Brett Anderson, Kenta Maeda and others pitch as much — and as well — as the Dodgers expect, then L.A. could win the NL West for a fourth straight season.

And finally, you have: the Arizona Diamondbacks, greatly improved but in a competitive situation; the New York Yankees, who are hoping their starting pitching and older players hold up; the Cleveland Indians, a team of strong pitching but little margin for error; and the Washington Nationals, who need big years from Anthony Rendon and Stephen Strasburg.


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January 22, 2016 at 6:43 am

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  1. good point by Axisa… Upton 6 for $132M or Ellsbury 7 for $153M

    Bone-headed signing by Cash-Brenner, and we have to eat the cold turkey on payroll


    January 22, 2016 at 6:58 am

  2. You Don would only go to the Stadium on PoopI Day just to BOOOOOOOOOO !
    I would like to spit in his hands for him and clap my hands over his steroid-enlarged cabbage head.
    Fuk Little Pooper, punk ass beeeeyatch 😠😠😠😠


    January 22, 2016 at 7:19 am

    • lol….no bobblehead for you then Donny


      January 22, 2016 at 9:06 am

  3. I think Donny’s holding back here. He should let us know how he REALLY feels about El Papacito!


    January 22, 2016 at 9:36 am

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