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Hump Day 1/27/16

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Looks like it was a Let’s  take a swipe at  the NY Yankees week..

We’ll  review

Yanks Only MLB Team  To Not Sign Free Agent


Last  night  Mikey 2 Chins Axisa jumped into  his snuggly footie pajamas and wrote an article for CBS Sports about his heart throb the NY Yankees

The mighty NY Yankees are the only team in baseball who have not signed a Free agent player  to  a major league contract

Yes it’s true, Cash-Brenner is hell bent on getting under the Luxury Cap, and they’ve disguised this notion / let’s pocket more profits, by saying they  want to get younger..

If your going to Free Agency your not necessarily getting younger, unless you sign Justin Upton or Yoenis Cespedes who  are both  younger then Brett the Face Gardner, Jacoby DoughBoy, and Beltran and Son

Every free agent pitcher on the market was younger then Canadian Club Sabathia, and the two  things the Yanks need most is starting pitching and a young slugger in the middle of the order

It’s not a surprise Bomber Groupie Axisa never mentions once Steinbrenner’s main objective is to crawl under the soon to be raised $189M Luxury  Tax penalty.. The old CBA terminates on December 1, 2016, the new CBA will no doubt raise the ceiling on that $189M cap

The Yankees are intentionally avoiding big free agent contracts and are attempting to get younger in the post-Derek Jeter world. It’s a big change. This team is known for throwing money at big-name free agents, and I’m sure they’ll get back to doing that eventually, but right now that is not in the cards.

Cashman and his staff are looking to get younger via trades — what do Castro, Hicks, Ackley, Eovaldi, and Gregorius have in common? They all fell out of favor with their former teams and the Yankees bought low — while promoting from their own farm system, a la Luis Severino and Greg Bird late last season.

We understand Steinbrenner’s concerns, he had a horrendous 2014 Free Agent class come to  town, but that’s his problem not ours… We buy the product, so it’s our team, not his, and he never called one of us to  confer on paying out $468M to Ellsbury, Tanaka, Beltran and McCann

We would have paid the plane ticket to  and from Japan to get Tanaka based on the intel being doled out in the media, but we weren’t the ones watching him pitch  for 5 yr’s in Japan

Tanaka lasted 20  starts before his elbow crashed and burned, he’s been a #2 /#3 at best, making $23M per thanks to that balky elbow that he refuses to get fixed.. We can only hope he opts out after 2017 so he can clear the books of that $23M AAV..

He’ll be 27 yr’s old in April 2016,

he’ll be 29 yr’s old when he starts his 2018 season hopefully for another team…

Or the Yanks will be stuck  with him for 3 more yr’s and $67M until 2020 when he’s 31 yr’s old..

Tanaka could get TJ surgery this season if he breaks down, but he won’t come back until mid-way  through his opt out season, so unless he pitches lights out with a new elbow, who is gonna give him more then $67M as he enters his 30’s?

BTW the Yanks signed yet another Minor league player yesterday, Carlos Corporan to a minor league deal.. Get ready for Corporan  a lifetime .218 hitter to  win the back up  catching gig or provide depth once they give it to Romine while Sanchez’s clock is stalled at AAA

So Mikey 2 Chins can add Corpran to  that stellar

RHP Anthony Swarzak, IF Pete Kozma, IF Jonathan Diaz, IF Donovan Solano, RHP Vinnie Pestano, Waiver Claims: OF Lane Adams haul Cashman  brought in

Let’s not forget he traded Wilson  who  was clogging up  the payroll  at $1.5M for Cessa and Green two  minor league depth pitchers who  may or may not get a spot start

Steinbrenner did add payroll, Castro is making $7M and good chance Chapman will get close to or his actual $13.1M arbitration money

The Miami ARod’s

CBS took another shot at  the Yanks and this time ARod was the bulls eye.. There was no  writer credited for this gem, can’t blame them… The premise was ARod’s $22M salary could field a whole team, and there are a bunch of All Stars on it

Actually ARod is making $20M per Cots, and $21M per so not sure where they  got the contract numbers… Actually the Yanks are being charged for Tax purposes $27.5M AAV so you could really field a great  team  with the extra $5 to  $7.5M depending on who’s doing the accounting, but the writer elected to  use the cold hard cash on the barrelhead fee

Anyway, why pick on ARod who  was a 2.7 WAR player and he put up a 129 wRC+

How about Hanley Ramirez -1.8 WAR wRC+ 89 who  makes $22M,

or Rick Porcello 4.89 ERA 172 innings, 196 hits who makes $20M or

Jacoby DoughBoy  0.9 WAR,83 wRC+ who makes $23M?

The Moncada Monster

Phase 3 in our 4 step NY Media bashes Hal post,  centers around the potential mistake the Yanks made losing out on Yoan Moncada

Now we can only hope Moncada becomes a bust once he starts to see the game speed up, but at the moment he’s trumping all comers his age, so  the media has Moncada-sanity

Boston’s timeline actually doesn’t coincide with Moncada’s due date, Pedroia still has a long way  to go (6yr’s) as their Jeter-esqe iconic player

Unfortunately the money isn’t back breaking

16:$13M, 17:$15M, 18:$16M, 19:$15M, 20:$13M, 21:$12M

but soon they’ll have to  either extend Bogaerts and Betts, keep paying Price for at least 3 yr’s maybe 7, and they have a useless $21M sitting in the minors with Alan Craig….

Soon  all  their tanking and team gutting will produce a lot of cheap help with Moncada, Benintendi and Devers on the way, plus Swihart will be a cheap value at  catcher

Pedroia is blocking Moncada who isn’t exactly a defensive whiz, so  he’ll need to start playing LF.. Devers’ timeline might work  with Sandoval’s contract, although the last 2 yr’s with Sandoval will be a problem, Devers should be ready in 2 to  3 yr’s

Boston has a healthy problem, too many top prospects and not so many positions to  fill, but they  are Out Field heavy at  the moment

The Cespedes Wins the Off Season

Yes ESPN takes the final punch at Hal’s Pals with the Mets have won the off season article...

“Let’s be honest” the Mets are not only chalk in NY but in MLB after Fredo Wilponzi bought Cespedes, Bastardo, and Cabrera and traded an overstocked pitcher (Niese) for Walker who  will  replace Murphy

 Meanwhile the Yanks traded for  demoted bad boys Castro, Hicks, and the fastest gun in Cincinnati, Handgun Chapman

Cashman being creative yielded minor league free agents

It remains to be seen whether any of the Yankees’ 14 free agents — Pete Kozma, Vinnie Pestano, Donovan Solano, Anthony Swarzak, Francisco Diaz, Cesar Puello, Juan Silva, Sebastian Valle, Jose Rosario, Jhony Brito, Spencer Mahoney, Daniel Marten, Tyler Jones or Kyle Higashioka (a re-signing) — will ever see the inside of Yankee Stadium without buying a ticket.

Once again Hal  will justify his moves by telling the unwashed masses his payroll  exceeds the Mets by $90M dollars…

Hal’s Pals remind me of a Junk Yard, yeah the lot is filled with quantity, but what  comes crawling from the wreckage might have to  be sold as scrap metal….


Written by Sal

January 27, 2016 at 7:27 am

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  1. Sal- I like the Castro deal. He is 25 years old, has had a 200 hit season already and has been an All-Star a few times. I think it is better than many of the Free Agent Signings made this winter. He might be just the type of player who takes off big time in New York. One never knows, but I am optimistic about him.
    My doctor friend, who is as big a Yankee Fan as any of us, told me that there were rumblings about Tanaka’s soup bone even when he was in Japan and before he signed with New York. If he pulls a roberto Duran “nio mas” on his stool this year, it is going to be really a bad reflection on the brain trust.


    January 27, 2016 at 8:27 am

    • hey Noogsie I too am looking forward to the Castro era, with the icons still in the mix, he could really focus and that might help…..

      Good intel on Tanaka, and yes they wanted to make a buzz so bad they rolled the dice…

      Maybe by 2018 $23M for a starter might be what $16/ $17M used to be, and having a number 3 that pitches 175 innings 3.60 ERA for $23M might not be so bad

      The upcoming yr’s will really dictate how the Brain Trust pans out, they need a core of youngsters to make the varsity and be above a replacement level

      Judge, Sanchez, Bird, maybe Mateo pans out and Castro moves to 3rd when Headley is done, all glass half full stuff

      Add Severino Kaprelian and Lingren, maybe Mitchell and we have a core in the making


      January 27, 2016 at 9:06 am

  2. Fred Wilponzi, Handgun Chapman, just brilliant! I’ve heard the names Cessa & Green enough for a lifetime since December. I thought they were a Law Firm. Or the opening act for Seals & Croft.


    January 27, 2016 at 10:59 am

  3. lol… Seals and Croft…hey mB, hopefully we’re not hearing Waldman and Sterling mentioning their names as starters in May


    January 28, 2016 at 7:06 am

  4. Toilet bowl reading

    pitch framing, another Metric Geek phenomenon, about as useful in MLB as picture framing


    January 28, 2016 at 7:10 am

  5. How will they ever replace Adam Drysdale Warren?? Maybe with the law firm of Cessa and Green


    January 28, 2016 at 7:11 am

  6. Poor Ken Davidoff needs to start paying visits to Dr Jennifer Melfi, he’s confused how the Cespedes is loved and Cano was hated

    Save your money Ken, come to Dr Sal or any of the practicing Shrinks here at our Paint the Black Medical Institute for Psychiatric Treatment…..

    the simple answer and take these 2 pills is, One guy left a rumored $115M on the table from a rival team and took $75M to stay in NY…. So he’s a hero, everybody loves a hero

    OK so in the fine print on his contract, that Met fans can’t see or don’t care to read, Cespedes can opt out after 1 yr and be paid an extra $2.5M as an incentive to do so, making his total haul, ARod old school money $27.5M.. But even before that little incentive, the Cespedes took down the highest AAV of any position player in MLB this off season $25M…

    Cespedes’ money in DC was also deferred so when you put the pencil to it, his value wasn’t anywhere near $25M per, based on inflation etc…

    So between his ears, the 3 for $75M cash on the barrel head makes him a made man in the MLB…

    Cadillac Cano turned down $175M to go play in the wilderness of Seattle, but can you blame him, for 10 yr’s @ $240M..

    Big mistake for both Cano and the Mariners.. Cano is rich but unhappy, and both the GM and the manager got fired after Cano’s mediocre 2015 season

    In NY the complaint was something about not going 100% every play, like Pedroia, who is always hurt because the little shit head thinks he’s an NFL fullback, and he plays like one but he misses a lot of games or plays hurt which impacts his performance… No worries, he’s white, diminutive in stature, he gets dirty, and he talks smack, so there is an illusion he’s an All American dirt dog

    Yankee fans never liked Cano, only a handful of us did, although I do admit $240M was a suicide deal, but the Yanks never tried to get creative with Cano, make him an offer he couldn’t understand, or at least try… They made him an offer they knew he could beat, although it was a surprise when Jack Z was the offerer….

    Th Yanks have a million Brand names in the line-up, the Mets have stud pitchers, so the Cespedes is their Babe Ruth… how come the Yanks never get creative with contracts? the Cespedes was begging to come to the Bronx?


    January 28, 2016 at 7:42 am

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