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Secret Weapon ?

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Secret Weapon

Sensie Joel Sherman put one in the can yesterday, he wants Betances to be like the 1996 Rivera, and pitch twice a week..

think of Betances as a twice-a-week, four-to-six-out weapon with plenty of rest between outings. The presence of Miller/Chapman as a standard endgame should allow Girardi to utilize Betances in an even more targeted way. That 3-3 game after five innings, in which Girardi just does not believe his starter can go around a lineup a third time, is ideal for two innings of Betances. Obviously, the games do not line up perfectly, but the rule should be four-to-six-outs for Betances, two days off and then he can be used again.

That’s great, but there are 6 games a week, so  what  does Joey Claps do the other 4 days? And when Chapman and Miller have worked 3 days in a row and only Betances and the No Name Shuttle Butts are available, who’s bridging to Betances who is now the closer, which  ends his multiple inning weaponry for the following game  ?

How about this, Hal gets some pitchers who don’t have a glass jaw in the starting rotation, instead of worrying about how much profit he’s pocketing?

Rivera worked 107.2 innings in 1996, Mo had pinpoint control, he could hunt for squirrels with a rock  from 30 yards out… Betances already  admitted he was a little fatigued in September after 84 innings last yr, and 90  the yr before, but he’d never admit he won’t take the ball, nor would any pitcher

For Betances to hit a squirrel at 30 yards he’d need a high powered scope on his BB Gun.. Mo Rivera was 1 of a kind

“Toward the end of the season I felt a little fatigue,” he said. “I fought as much as I can to continue to pitch, but I like the multiple-inning stuff. I want to go out there and pitch as much as I can.”

Betances went through a stretch  where he wasn’t very good, walking 12 batters in September, he said it was his mechanics, Joey Claps said he was just  human.. My guess if your overused your mechanics go, and we’re so  glad the Spinmeister Joey Claps cleared it up  for us by saying he didn’t Scott Proctor his 27 yr old reliever..

Buyer Beware

Free agency ain’t what it used to be

I did read a great  article on why MLB is no longer in love with the player who is on the wrong side of 30.. Yes we all know it was banning drugs from the game that has morphed the present day MLB into  a young man’s game..

We’ll  address it maybe tomorrow, no  time today, but some Bullet points

1. The problems with the qualifying offer system, highlighted by Howie Kendrick‘s contract with the Dodgers and the lingering free agency of Dexter Fowler, Ian Desmond, and Yovani Gallardo.

2. The unhappiness of some owners in regards to their view that some teams are “tanking” in an attempt to stockpile high draft choices and the bonus pool allotments that go along with those picks.

3. The continued silliness of the international signing rules, and the perverse incentives created by the system for signing players from other countries.

Also  why the draft isn’t working, which directly is causing teams to tank.. The Rays did it back in the day, Astros did it, Phillies are doing it, Boston did it by gutting the team  and finishing last 3 of the last 4 yr’s, now they’re chalk to  win the East, go  to  the Series

As for the QO, what’s wrong with it? If you want to  end it as a player, and your not a bona fide elite talent like David Price, just  take the projected $17M for 1 yr..,

That isn’t exectly chump  change, then  go  to  work and have a great  season, hit free agency, and either grab your payday or take another QO

Soon the owners will  get tired of paying the freight, is Cody Rasmus, Matt Wieters, and Brett Anderson worth this yr’s $15.8M? Maybe Wieters, but as a catcher that’s stupid money for a dude who played in 78 games, hit 8 HR’s had 25 RBI’s hitting in a band box half the time

If the QO is $17M, do  you think Hal Steinbrenner is gonna give that money to Teixeira? Especially if it means he goes over the Lux Tax yet again? How many games will  a 38 yr old Tex play?

It’s greed, handing OK talent like Fowler, Desmond, and Gallardo a QO was greed on the owners part looking for the premium draft pick.. Not taking the $15.8M was stupidity on the trio’s part

Kendrick at 32 yr’s old didn’t accept the QO, now he working for 2 yr’s $22M, he lost $4M.. The point, soon the player won’t accept, or the owner won’t dish it out,

It’s obvious the draft pick means owners have a shot at cheap  help in 3 to  4 years, and youth has much more value then guys North of 30 yr’s old


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February 9, 2016 at 8:18 am

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