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Mike Donkey Kong Francesa

Footlong Francesa had Cashman on his show, my guess he was on a bunch of media outlets, Cashman  was hawking his Show tonight with Boston’s Dave Dombrowski, hosted by Red Light Waldman

Only $150 bucks to get in and listen to  these two GM’s spin like a pair of bald tires on an icy hill

 Thanks Big D for hipping us to  the audio we can post

“Let’s Be honest” can’t blame Footlong for the  puff piece, he follows off season baseball  about as much  as we follow Australian Rugby so 28 minutes of slow pitch softball, not exactly him going after Rex Ryan

Francesa starts with  the Bird injury, and now who  backs up Tex, same stuff baseball has covered all  winter…Ackley is your back-up

Sanchez was next, Cashman gives him a shot to make the team out of Spring Training, which is typical GM speak… Francesa never brings up  stalling his clock  for 35 days, so  softball lob # 2

Francesa never met a star who’s leg he didn’t hump so  Chapman  was 3rd on his prepared list of obvious softball lobs to his Breakfast Club buddy

Footlong asks Cashman what his mindset was acquiring Chapman.. The Glass Jaw 5 can’t get past the 3rd time around a lineup, and Chapman’s off the field antics dropped his price tag to  a bag of balls and a fungo bat, so it made sense to grab him before the rest of the politically correct league pounced and the price goes up

No questions about the arbitration discrepancy of $4M… Chapman  wants $13.1M Cash-Brenner offered $9M

The 6 man rotation is next,  Cashman continues to pile a workload on Starlin Castro and his ability to become a back-up 3rd baseman.. That move, if it works,  allows Cashman to put a minor leaguer disguised as a Shuttle butt candidate on the varsity.. He won’t have to  find or pay for a pro utility player

We don’t like it but under the circumstances it makes sense, wait until one maybe falls in your lap

Good job by Francesa asking about the injured players, although Cashman  never leaves his script and it’s all been covered on the internet

Eovaldi is in Tampa and doing well after his 2015 injury

CC Sabathia who Wally Mathews writes is in a starter competition is in the “best shape of his life”

Tanaka just  returned from Japan, and he’s just as good as ever

Nova is 100%, never asked about his trade value, although we already know, it’s his walk  yr, he’s making $4M and he stunk, so he had no  trade value

Severino, the next Marichal, he’s our 1 hope until Kaprelian

Is Gardner on the block… Everybody is on the block Mike, it’s a matter of return, but why trade a decent pitching piece under team  control for Gardner when you can get guys like Fowler and Parra for half the money and not lose a prospect, in Fowler’s case  a draft pick.. the offers we hear are for 2 yr’s $20M for Fowler, Gardner has 3 for $39M left

Tex / ARod, can  he count on them, what  do  you think he’s gonna say Mike…?

Ellsbury is still  a puzzle to guys like Francesa… He has to get better is the company line…   Even  the Boston fans knew Ellsbury was over the hill and always hurt… Francesa should have mentioned how Ellsbury is the worst contract in NYY history

The Yanks are selling trying to get younger, Severino had a great  start, Bird has the chops but is he injury prone? Judge couldn’t hit AAA pitching yet, again we’ll  wait on the returns, been there done that  with NY propaganda

The audio is status quo stuff, but better then Newton bashing, Knick whining, and NHL commissioner Bateman talking over Footlong’s head

Faux Starter Compétition 

Remember those fake Hughes / Joba 5th  starter spring training battles? The fix was always in, this yr Wally Matthews has Sabathia and Nova duking it out for that final rotation spot

Cashman  has been telling anybody gullible enough to listen he’s not just  handing Sabathia the gig, Pantload has to  earn it.. Right, and Moose butt Chris Christie and Ben Carson have a shot winning the Republican nomination

The Yanks owe Sabathia $50M, he’s never pitched out of the bull pen, and Nova has about as much a future with the NYY as Bernie Sanders has chairing a KKK meeting

If I’m Sabathia I take a portion of that $69M he stole over the last 3 yr’s and some of that $50M he’s robbing from Steinbrenner in the next 2, and hire a few body guards..

I wouldn’t put it past  Levine and Trost to hire a House Painter to somehow damage Sabathia’s left shoulder

2017 salary guaranteed if Sabathia 1) does not end 2016 on the disabled list with a left shoulder injury, 2) does not spend more than 45 days in 2016 on the disabled list with a left shoulder injury or 3) does not make more than six relief appearances in 2016 because of a left shoulder injury

Nice angle Wally, you guys need to  spend more time running Cashman  down about moving Castro  to  3rd base

$508 million and $8.1 million.

Nice job by Yahoo’s Jeff Passan digging out why the Yanks went no  fly zone on this years free agent class, despite some big time names on the docket

Yanks bring in over $100?M in revenue and the profit is only $8M…..

Hal  can cut into  that payment by getting under the Lux Tax.. The Yanks are chalk to land Bryce Harper in 2018, 15 yr’s for $600M is the projection

$40m per for 10 yr’s is more realistic….

Gotta give the Yanks credit, they have been transparent about this want and need to  duck under the cap.. not to mention after blowing just about every Free Agent signing in 2014, maybe it’s a better idea to not get involved with free agents at the moment


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February 11, 2016 at 8:25 am

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  1. Man, are we ever going to miss Mikey when he rides off into the sunset. My question is what the hell is up with Glazer? Bad enough getting close enough to peek, but then going public with Mikey’s anatomy? You know, deep down, Mikey is loving this.
    I, for one, can’t wait for things to start. This football/basketball/hockey stuff is like a lumberjack on a Nutrisystem Diet.
    There is nothing quite like hearing the crack of a bat after hitting one on the good wood. Of course now, that’s called “barreling it up.” Everything gets reinvented. Then there’s the pop of the catcher’s mitt, with a little puff of dust coming out when a Goose Gossage type stretches one out. Can’t wait.


    February 11, 2016 at 8:49 am

    • lol hey noogsie, Glazer lost all credibility with me with that rant… Then again It’s been yr’s since Mikey could actually see his package so it would take a weido like Glazer to inform him

      Yes totally agree, Mikey’s head just inflated to the size of his ego, and there will be a void that irreplaceable …. Next week we get to start the MLB wheels in motion

      Mikey as a porn star hahahaha


      February 11, 2016 at 10:39 am

  2. Thought Keith Law’s notion of trading Trout was crazy, a bit of hyperbole, but just the fact he brought it up shows you how serious these analytic guys are about depth and youth

    but since we were on the subject of Keith Law, I thought I’d post his take after he submitted his farm system rankings ( Yanks were #13) …Again it’s a bit exaggerated of course, but his point is youth, farm systems, draft picks, International drafts and free agency etc are premium value at the moment in this post PED era

    Law’s quote:

    “I’ve been doing these rankings for eight years now, and this is by far the worst system I’ve ever seen.

    They need a big draft this year to start to restock the system or we’re going to start talking about whether it’s time to trade Mike Trout”.

    Trading Trout would restock LA’s whole system, so it might not be as far fetched as we think…
    MLB’s biggest value asset might be depth, and Trout more then any player in baseball might bring back the biggest haul

    Trout has 5 yr’s and $140M left on his extension, he’ll be 29 yr’s old when his contract is up in 2020

    Rememeber ARod was Trout when Texas gave him $250M but they couldn’t put a team around him so they flipped him

    Some folks don’t think Trout ever gets traded, along with Harper and Stanton


    Harper has 2 more yr’s before he’s a FA and will cost 4 times as much as Trout, he’ll be 26 when he hits the open market, so If Washington doesn’t want to pay him as a FA they might flip him, but they won’t get the return Trout will, based on he’s a rental and Boras is pulling the strings… they will get more then a draft pick though

    Stanton’s real money starts in 2018, he’ll have 10 yr’s $295M with a $10M buyout so 10 yr’s $305M left on his 13 yr deal.. My guess Loria tries to flip him soon, he’s now 26 yr’s old


    February 11, 2016 at 7:31 pm

  3. Cashman Dombrowski live


    February 11, 2016 at 7:43 pm

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