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The Final Countdown

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1 Day remaining until the Bombers pitchers and catchers report to  camp, workouts start  on Friday

We’ve been over this bull pen thing before but it was almost a month ago, not much  has changed but on Monday  Vanilla Jennings had a nice preseason pecking order article

Jennings is running with  a 7 man pen, which we agree will be the count most of the time, then  again a lot depends on the Glass Jaw 5, and if Castro  can play multiple positions

The whole thing made sense on paper, barring injuries, and the unknown RE: Chapman’s suspension.. Chapman was found innocent by the Law, so I’m not sure what point Manfred wants to make with him, Jennings’ speculation is a 15 day  suspension

Just enough to  screw up  2 weeks worth of games, not enough too void his 2017 free agency..If the Yanks fall out of it the way PECOTA predicts, the only concerns are what will they get for him in a  deadline trade, or where will  they pick with his draft  choice after he rejects Cashman’s QO..

If the Yanks do indeed fall out of the race, it’ll mean  a higher draft pick, so QO’s going to Teixeira and Chapman will be interesting scenarios..

A quick look  at Jennings’ list

The top  3 are locks, barring injury and Chapman’s suspension

Betances, Miller, Chapman

First man in we have the Warren replacement Ivan Nova.. Sabathia can be in this mix if you opine, but I don’t see them putting $25M, plus a guy who never pitched out of the pen in this long man / spot starter role

Sabathia will  really have to  stink to not make the Varsity, or he’ll get DL’d, so  barring injury to anyone in  the Glass Jaw 5 Nova becomes Adam Warren

He’s making Chasen Shreve chalk to  win the 5th spot, based on the majority of his 2015 season, not his crash and burn down the stretch that cost him a roster spot in the Wild Card game.. Shreve will have to  earn this one, is my guess, it’s not like he has a multi year track record to  build on

That leaves only 2 spots open and here are the contestants

Additional long relief possibilities
6. Bryan Mitchell
7. Anthony Swarzak
8. Diego Moreno
9. Tyler Cloyd
10. Luis Cessa

I don’t see any of these guys making the varsity out of camp, probably depth at AAA, with Mitchell the guy  to  watch.. So this is Nova depth

Additional left-handed options
11. James Pazos
12. Jacob Lindgren
13. Tyler Webb
14. Tyler Olson

I’d like to  see Lindgren become what he was touted to be, a stud reliever so he’s my choice for the 6th man

Additional right-handed options
15. Nick Rumbelow
16. Branden Pinder
17. Vinnie Pestano
18. Kyle Yates
19. Nick Goody
20. Johnny Barbato

These guys are all  the same pitcher, we’ll see who’s off season training advanced their game, or if they  remain status quo, then all  they are is depth

Based on the home grown factor you’d like to  see Rumbelow, Pinder, Goody, or Barbato get that  last spot, but hopefully one of these guys emerges with a big Spring


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February 17, 2016 at 6:48 am

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  1. Glass Jaw 5. Too funny & oh so true! I have all their records! As far as the contestants on the game show “This Is Your Team”, I have a feeling it’ll be Mitchell & Lindgren Attorneys At Law. In today’s NY Post, for the 2nd day in a row, the Mutts are plastered all over the back page. Yanks get a line on the bottom. Wilpon must have pics of Murdoch with underage boys. How else can you explain this sudden love affair? When they sucked, you saw very little of them. Now after the WS run, it’s all Mutts all the time! Infamita!!!


    February 17, 2016 at 9:26 am

    • Mets are chalk to win after grabbing the Cespedes mB, Yanks are running an old age home lol… Maybe the boys can sneak up on the league, but we have players older then the Don’s swag haul from the old days


      February 18, 2016 at 6:26 am

  2. I have shirts older than half our entire roster, Sal,, 😊😊


    February 18, 2016 at 8:41 am

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