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Players in Red Laundry Clobber Yanks 13-4

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Pig Feats Cespedes

Well we’re glad Terry Collins has stopped the Circus atmosphere around Mets camp, maybe getting their ass kicked by the Nationals on day  1 will  wake them up..

Not that  driving to  work everyday  with a modified car, $1M worth of vehicles by Pig Feats Cespedes, or rolling into  town on a couple of horses like Noah Meet Me 60 feet 6 inches away Syndergaard and Pig Feats himself did this week is necessarily a bad thing

Probably healthier then  Mickey, Billy, and Whitey coming to  camp  with open bottles of pain meds in an effort to kill the headache from an all night drinking and pillaging binge, right?

All  good fun really, come on TC

I hate to  take this  hog story lightly so I won’t, it pissed me off back in the day  when El Pollo Martinez was proud of his Cock Fighting expertise, and it pissed me off the other day  when I read Pig Feats Cespedes is sending his $7,000 Prized Hog to  the slaughter house

The Red Necks in Florida apparently have a law you can’t board pigs, why?

I’ll bet a tour’s wages the pigs are smarter then the local yokels where Cespedes owns a huge ranch, that’s why……

Dude, please,  send it to  a sanctuary, buy one less car, and pay to have it live out the rest  of it’s days just  laying around slopping in the mud…Like your gonna end up  doing if you don’t stop  spending all  that money Fredo Wilponzi is hoping some other team will pay  you after this year…

I know the Mets and the ESPN media think it’s funny, but Me and Dioner Navarro  don’t

If you can’t spoil a pet, don’t own one… That  said the little red neck  who  sold Pig Feats the hog probably had BLT’s for a whole year in mind when he fattened up  that Hog for Snakes…

Phillies 13 Yanks 4

It’s not like you can  tell if the Phillies are sending at least 4 MLB caliber starters on road trips this Spring, with the tanking job they’re doing in Philly, I don’t think  they have 4 qualified MLB starters on the whole 40 man  roster….?

That  said, whoever they  sent to Tampa yesterday, kicked the pig shit out of the Yanks at GMS 13-4

Yeah I know it’s early, but Cashman’s Calvary  has coughed up 22 runs in the last 18 innings, these guys are taking Girardi’s statement that “your not gonna impress me this early in ST so  go  easy” to heart…

Most of the damage being done outside of 5 runs from Severino  and 1 run yesterday  from Nova have been created by the Shuttle Butts, the group Cashman is planning on using out of the pen this season

With Shotgun Chapman out until May 9th the Yanks only have 2 weapons out there, Betances and Miller, Chicken Shreve based on his success the first half of the season is the incumbent Bridge to the Big Two..

The rest of these guys were in over their heads last yr, and who  did they  face all  winter to close the gap on how bad they  were in 2015?

Have no  fear, both Girardi  and Cashman said the Shuttle Butts will get better because we said they  will, because they’ll have already experienced an ass kicking, and will be more prepared this year, that  we rushed them last year…

Did anybody hear about Winter League games where any of these guys worked on what  they  couldn’t do in live situations in 2015?

Or are we being sold a prize 700 pound bag of pig shit because Hal wants to get under the Luxury Tax so his Grandchildren can live happily ever after?

“Look, when money comes off the payroll we do everything we can to put those assets back into the club,” he said. “It doesn’t bother me because I know how special George was to a lot of people, but I also remember the ’80s and the first half of the ’90s, when not too many people were happy with him. But so many championships in such a short amount of time breeds expectations. I get that. I know it’s just the way it is.”

Of course we’re  just  having some fun, we won’t start  to get hot under the collar until March  15th, that’s Girardi’s time table when it’s no longer “Too Early”

For some reason there was no telecast of yesterday’s scrimmage, so  we missed the one swing Tater ARod hit his first  time up

Judging by the Box Score maybe we didn’t miss much, the Yanks picked up  6 hits and Rodriguez’ Tater was the highlight..

What  we did miss was watching Refsynder, Wade, Mateo ( both Wade and Mateo were caught stealing) Adams, and Sanchez

Larry the Stable guy  ran 8 pitchers to  the mound, the only one who didn’t give up  a hit was the highly touted prospect Jacob Lindgren, that’s because he walked 3 batters, plunked one, and coughed up 4 runs before they pulled the plug on the kid..

Nobody was gonna get a hit off Lindgren, by Jesus, I mean you gotta be wilder then Johnny Manziel and his posse at  a Strip Club  to walk all  those hitters… I would think  guys want to  swing the friggin bat after not seeing  live pitching all  winter? No?

And this kid was gonna be the next Big Thing and replace Justin Wilson ?

The only pitcher who  didn’t allow a run was Pinder, 1 inning, 1 hit, 2 K’s

15 hits, 13 runs, 5 BB’s, 6 K’s, 2 HR’s, I bet these Philly kids can’t wait to  see the Yanks again on the next 2 Sunday’s

We read that Nova  looked good, got a bunch of ground balls and he felt good… If Severino can’t figure out how to get in rhythm working out of the stretch, Nova will take his spot in the rotation…

It’s hard to  read Cashman, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him  start Severino  in the AAA bushes, despite all  the Ace chatter in the off season

Nothing like a  handful of bumpy rides on a bus to get your attention

He’s not scheduled to pitch for a while. The Glass Jaw 5 start  their games on Sunday, and all  those guys are being paid real money.. It’s cheaper to keep  them in the rotation, just  ask the accountants in Hal’s board room

“We have a lot of money coming off the payroll in the next two years, $100 million from four guys,” he said, in reference to the expiring contracts of Alex RodriguezMark TeixeiraCarlos Beltran and CC Sabathia. “And we’re going to put a lot of it back in. But that doesn’t mean I need a $240 million payroll.”

The pitching rotation for the next 7 games

Friday: Brian Mitchell
Saturday: Tyler Cloyd
Sunday: Masahiro Tanaka
Monday: Michael Pineda
Tuesday: CC Sabathia
Wednesday: Ivan Nova
Thursday: Nathan Eovaldi

the Whole 9

the Lo-Down


Written by Sal

March 4, 2016 at 7:11 am

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  1. I have news for Hal, once 2018 hits those guys on the market, if they haven’t already been extended will take his payroll back up over $200M

    Harper will cost anywhere from $35 to $40M per yr… He’ll need some pitching unless he extends Pineda and Eovaldi and why would the Yanks extend those guys until they can prove they’re not health risks?

    Tanaka opting out? and get paid more then $69M for 3 yr’s by who? Especially with an elbow that could blow out any minute?

    tell your grandkids to save their pennies Hal, unless your boy Cashman starts to develop some farm hands it’s gonna get pricey trying to keep your old man’s dream alive….


    March 4, 2016 at 7:32 am

  2. pretty good article with some facts.. I remember Boston put together their 2015 staff based on ground ball pitchers, and ground ball pitchers seem to have a premium value attached to their game


    March 4, 2016 at 8:32 am

  3. I am hoping that by saving money now and getting below the tax threshold,Hal will spend the money on Harper and other free agents. If not,time to burn the stadium down. Its hard to believe they cannot find a reliever that can get people out. Lindgren is certainly not living up to his #1 pick status-lets chalk it up to recovering from surgery. Tyler Cloyd is pitching Saturday vs the sux,televised on YES-George is spinning in his grave. Tanaka should be starting-lol


    March 4, 2016 at 9:18 am

    • lol.. I hear you Big D, we’ll let him slide until he gets this shit out of his system, but he’s got until the winter of 2017 /18

      Yes Lindgren gets a mulligan, but he hasn’t been able to throw strikes from day one, maybe he was always hurt… or maybe Cashman fucked up

      Good chance they don’t want Boston to get a glance at Tanaka, like it’s gonna matter, they play them 19 times…When Tanaka is on you can’t hit him even knowing what’s coming

      I think the Boston game is in Tampa, funny the Phillie game is away per the schedule coloring…


      March 4, 2016 at 9:45 am

  4. Tigers announcers like Mitchell’s arm, good sign when the homers wax poetic about the other team’s kid pitcher, 2 nice innings for Mitchell

    no TV just internet radio…


    March 4, 2016 at 1:48 pm

  5. My Cousin Vinnie Pestano just got smoked for a 3 run Tater, by Miggy… Cash for Clunkers


    March 4, 2016 at 2:11 pm

  6. Tigers announcers raving about Kaprelian… Too bad we can’t see it


    March 4, 2016 at 2:46 pm

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