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One Courageous Cat?

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Here’s a simple question, how many more times /  pre games are we gonna have to  listen to CC Sabathia talk about his addiction to,  hmmm alcohol ?

Is  Brickhouse or any of Al Yankzeera’s talking ass kissers done telling us ad-nauseaum  it took a lot of balls for Courageous Cat  Sabathia to quit on his stool the night before a WC game?

 By now it’s MLB folklore  that  Sabathia stumbled into Joey Daycare’s office and told him  he partied too hard in Baltimore over the weekend and he just had to  enter a 29 day Re-Hab to  snuff out a 3 yr addiction…

Wow, 29  days to kill,  per him,   a 3 yr addiction to Alcohol, and my words not anybody else’s assumption,  maybe a few of alcohol’s best friends, like maybe  some weasel dust, a few thousand pain pills, a blunt or two, hookers packing ecstasy, and the almighty equalizer, Xanax

We get it, been there done that, so have a bus load of my friends and acquaintances, but for the most part the only thing your curing in “29 days” is a massive hangover

It’s tough to keep  that monkey away from your door, so  we do  hope Courageous Cat can keep his head clear, nose clean, liquor cabinet empty, and his anxiolytic family restraining order intact

Yesterday CC “Betcha you  can’t eat just  One” Sabathia  pitched in his 2nd Spring Training game of the season, and it didn’t pan out for our beloved  Warrior

My guess he was slated to  go  at least 3 innings vs the Phillies in his 2nd outing.. Unfortunately Philadelphia is tanking the regular season, but is there any doubt they’re playing like  Spring Training is their World Series..?

Yeah  that must be why Sabathia only lasted 1.2 innings, 5 hits 3 runs, 2 earned, although  Betances, Pineda, Chapman, Miller, Shreve, and the mop up  guy Bleier

 worked a clean 7.1

Teams like the Phillies, the Brewers, probably the Rockies are MLB’s version of the Gold Rush

As a young player how can  you not want to pack your belongings and head to one of those Spring Camps? It’s open season for those rosters, Tank teams are rebuilding the old fashion way, by  cutting payroll, trading veterans for prospects, losing enough games so  you can rape the top of the draft pool, and compiling as many team  controlled  players as possible on their 40 man roster, and beyond.

Sabathia feels he should be handed the last rotation spot on the roster, at least  that’s how Bryl Cream Curry made it sound as he joined Kenny and Kay’s caddie  ‎Ryan Ruocco on the YES feed. So maybe he was just “working on something” which is MLB code for I’m mailing it in today boys

Or maybe Sabathia is what he is, washed up?

The Yanks owe Sabathia $50M over the next 2 seasons, so  they  desperately want him to become Andy Pettitte, but guess what, he ain’t exactly grabbing the concept with authority..

Pettitte was 1. a real home grown Warrior, 2. he was smart /gutsy enough to morph into  a “Crafty Lefty”  once the high octane was gone 3.  there isn’t anything that  resembles finesse or craftiness  when it comes to Sabathia

Courageous Cat made his bones in MLB by throwing 95 /96 MPH heat  past a batter when all  else failed, and it worked for 14 years, up until 2012  when his body started to  break  down

Sabathia signed a 7 yr $161M deal, (2009-2015) with the Yanks, with an opt out after 3 yr’s…Instead of realizing there was not much left in the tank the Yanks instead gave him a 5 yr $122M extension

Sabathia was good for one season under that  deal (2012),  he’s pretty much been stealing money for 3 yr’s and it looks like he’ll be donning the ski mask again this season and next…

Sabathia left after five outs and three runs and a bunch of well-hit balls by the Phillies on Sunday. There are alarm bells. Because the genius is long gone, and a bad day in March fill in the date could be just a bad day or a clue.

Sabathia used the term “it is what it is” a few times. He was speaking of accepting this version of his repertoire and dealing with fighting for a rotation spot.

“I think I can compete in this game and gets guys out,” Sabathia said.

Sabathia seems like a good dude, fuck  with his teammates, or if an opposing pitcher creases somebody in his line-up, he’s the first player out of the dugout looking to square up

It’s not his fault the Yankee front office resembles a bunch of “College Nerd” accountants who  you’d never want to hire to  do your taxes, and they  hand out bad contracts like a bank hands out cheap pens

After a bad  outing, and they  come in droves these days, Sabathia stands in front of his locker and resembles the 3 politician idiots that  are running against the Donald, he recites 25 second cliche sound bites that give the writer something he / she can work with so he lives to  fight another day

We’ll  soon see what  the Yanks are all  about, at the moment,  Nova is out pitching Sabathia, but $25M AAV pitchers usually don’t come out of the bull pen…  Nova is in a walk  year, and he’s pitching for his future, he might have a chip on his shoulder too..

It’s no  secret Cashman spent all  winter trying to  trade him, but GM’s hung up on the Yanks faster then you drop  an  annoying RoBo-call, so  the enigmatic starter should be hungrier then the wolves that  surround Sabathia’s locker after a bad outing

Girardi insists it’s a competition, but I’d believe a George Kingfish Stevens’  business adventure concept before the Bombers resident press secretary

Bomber fans did get to  see Betances, Pineda, Miller, Shreve and Chapman

Counting the 1 inning from Belier mopping up  the 9th, 7.1 innings, 10 K’s 3 hits, no  runs, unfortunately the paying customers also  saw yet  another  offensive wipeout in the 3-0 loss.. Pretty much  everybody but Castro 2 hits, Gregarious 1 hit, mailed it in

The Dog Days of March are here, but now that  the first  wave of roster cuts have taken place we might start to  see guys amp it up sometime next week

The Cuts


LHP Jacob Lindgren — Coming off elbow surgery, I didn’t expect Lindgren to actually make the Opening Day roster, but I certainly thought he would stick around beyond the first round of cuts. Presumably Lindgren will head to Triple-A to get some much-needed innings after he missed the entire second half of last season.

We sent out a memo last week  to make sure you watch Kaprielian , Mateo  and Judge because their Camp  shelf life with the Varsity was gonna be short lived…Sure enough the Highly touted prospects were sent to  minor league camp after yesterday’s game

In all 17 players were shipped out

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

March 14, 2016 at 8:55 am

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  1. These middle relief auditions should start to have some meaning, at some point these creatures of habit need to know their roles.. guys need to get their agents working on new landing spots…

    Outside not Shreve I haven’t seen anybody jump on the bull and stay on it for 8 seconds…Lindgren who was gonna really get a long look, was shipped out already..

    Mitchell is an interesting case do they run him as Warren’s replacement, and if they do what’s Nova’s role?

    I guess it can’t hurt to have 2 guys who can pitch 3 innings working out of the pen.. We already know there is a good chance Girard splits up the big 3 once all 3 are on the 25 man roster… Until then maybe keeping Mitchell and Nova is the way to go

    Miller, Betances, Shreve, Nova, Mitchell and two guys from the shuttle pool, or they pick up a reliever that somebody else cuts


    March 14, 2016 at 9:19 am

  2. Our pal CC started out great,got the first 2 batters easily,the 3rd one hit a dribbler in front of the plate that your grandmother could have gotten but CC botched it,then gave up a double to a lefty(Howard) and things went into the toilet from there. Sensei Sherman had a column wondering if it was just a bad spring outing or a indicator of things to come. Its getting boring and tiring to hear him say I have to make better pitches-do it already!! He can’t field,can’t cover 1b,can’t get batters out but the good news is he is here for 2 more years!!-oy!! Yanks looked like a piss poor t-ball team,making 5 errors.Even the pitching rotation was whacked out,CC,Betances for 1 batter,Miller giving up a few rockets,Pinheada out of the bullpen(????),Chapman. Against mediocre at best lefties,they got shut out-pathetic. I did not know they sent the big 3 down to the minors-why not keep them around to get at bats and play against major leaguers
    while not accumulating time? Sanchez is another one soon to be gone-he is 0-13,get ready for Romine or Chirinos to be the back up. This team just has no buzz,no excitement,its just blah,blah,blah another spring game,soon the season will start. Its hard to get excited about a team whose biggest stars are relievers,one of whom is suspended. They are off today,have to get some rest, the 6 months off were not enough. I am just channeling my inner Goose Gossage-lol


    March 14, 2016 at 10:10 am

    • spot on Big D…


      March 15, 2016 at 6:08 am

  3. Francesacon was held over the weekend,the daily news online had a video of mike and the mad dog together


    March 14, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    • yes thanks D I’ll dig it up, didn’t realize the Francesa-con was this wk end until Mikey’s fabulous show…

      I love when he talks college hoops especially the day after they pick the teams… He’s watched 5 games all winter but the man can he act like he’s Dick Vitale


      March 15, 2016 at 6:10 am

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