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Yanks Brave the Elements

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Heidi, Smoltz, and Harper

Smoltz  tries to  get a word in edge wise but Heidi Eye Candy pulls a Francesa and hogs the interview.. Heidi is still  the Queen on the sidelines although they’ve cleaned her up in LA and her show, (with the sound on mute) is must  see TV….


Yanks Brave the Elements

The Bombers were one of the few teams to  get their Grapefruit League game completed yesterday in what  sounded like a rain soaked Florida

the start  time was delayed but once the bell  rang the boys were able to  scrimmage for 9 innings with the Yanks winning 3-2

The biggest positive was Pineda going 4 innings, 4 hits,  1 run, 4 K’s  and working out of some trouble instead of throwing in the towel like we’ve seen him do on days he doesn’t have his A stuff

He was actually stronger in the 4th inning then his shaky beginning, an anomaly or a trend?

And Yankees manager Joe Girardi was about the only one as giddy as Pineda, whose fastball in his 62-pitch (41 strikes) effort went from 96 to 99, while the slider clocked 85 to 88 and the changeup moved from 77 to 85.

“He has done a good job. He is in a pretty good spot,” Girardi said. “We need to continue to build him up and get him to 75 [pitches] the next time, maybe a little more and go from there. But I have been happy with his spring.”

Pineda probably has 2 more starts, so  the next time out the hope here is he gets 75 to 80 pitches under his belt.. Pineda also  seems to be healthy, but we’ll  see how long that lasts, his high water mark as a Yankee was last  season 27 games,  160.2 innings..

If he wants to  hit his goal of 200 innings, he’ll need to  pitch more then an  average of 6 innings per outing or he’ll need to take the ball  33 / 34 times…

The Big Negative

Well Ellsbury being healthy didn’t last very long, yesterday he got plunked on the back of his hand / wrist  with a pitch… There goes the neighborhood, despite the X-rays coming back negative, does anybody really think  this won’t impact  the DoughBoy?

This guy walks past an MRI machine and gets hurt, getting whacked on the hand will linger for a while, too  damn bad the Doughboy looked like he was actually worth $23M so  far this Spring

John Sterling had just  finished saying this is the Ellsbury who  could hit .310, smack  20 HR’s, get on base 37% of the time, and steal  you 30  bases, plus catch anything near his area code in center field, then he gets hit by a pitch……

“You don’t want to see it,” Girardi said. “I remember seeing it with [Curtis] Granderson a couple of years ago in his first [spring training] at-bat and it scares you. Keep your fingers crossed he is OK.

“He was in pain and he had seam marks on his wrist.’’

Jesus Sanchez?

With Cashman trading away JR Murphy, the Yanks we’re counting on Gary Sanchez to pick up  the  baton.. At one point in time the Bomber’s  catching position was  the deepest spot in the organization

Jesus Montero was supposed to be the next Big Thing, behind Jesus was Cervelli, Murphy, O’Brien, Romine, and then Sanchez…

Romine was given a shot every yr, but in the 4 yr’s he’s had a cup of coffee with the varsity the 4 A catcher has never put up higher then a .558 OPS.. In 183 PA’s he has 1 HR..

In  2013 he played in 60  games, his slash line was .207 .255 .296 .551, but buckle up fellas, it looks like Romine who is out of options will be on the 25 man  roster backing up McCann

Montero  was traded for Pineda and Campos, so far that has worked out better for the Yanks, I wouldn’t hand Cashman an Executive of the year  award for making that deal but Pineda has been  a bit better then Montero

Cervelli was traded for Justin Wilson who  was traded for Luis Cessa and Chad Green… Green was shipped out early in camp, Cessa was holding his own until his last outing when he was shelled

He’s pitched in 3 games, 6 innings, 7 hits, 3 runs and his BAA is .292.. Pretty much, Cashman has turned Cervelli into Luis Cessa / Chad Green…

Murphy was an outstanding young catcher last yr, 67 games .277 .327 .406 .734

He did have a 25% K rating, but he was very efficient on both  sides of the ball.. Mr Hicks  will  get a chance to  fill  Murphy’s shoes, if he wanted playing time he came to  the right place, with Gardner Ellsbury and Beltran all being fragile individuals

Anyway Sanchez is 1 for 16 so  far, and looks lost at  the plate, Girardi  thinks he’s pressing.. I haven’t watched him enough to  bitch about his defense or his handling of pitchers… I did see him extend a Kaprelian inning by dropping the ball on  a sure out at the plate….

Girardi conceded Sanchez — who is 1-for-16 (.063) in 10 games after an 0-for-1 — may be pressing. 

“Probably a little bit,” Girardi said. “The first time you have an opportunity to make a club, I am sure there is a lot of excitement in that young man. We really believe he is going to be a really good player.”

That  should be enough evidence for us, Girardi putting his stamp of approval on a player… Sort of like Honest Mike Francesa picking Wichita St to  go  to  the final  4

Honest Mike also  didn’t think Gonzaga would get out of the first  round

Sunday Go To Church With Nicky 2 Fingers Cafardo


We all would love to have our children join us at work, but White Sox executive vice president Ken Williams was 100 percent right when he asked Adam LaRoche to scale back the time his 14-year-old son, Drake, spent in the clubhouse.

Nicky chimes in on the LaRoche deal in Chicago… Here’s a question  for Uncle Nick,

 If LaRoche was hitting 33 HR’s, putting up an .860 OPS, rocking a 127 wRC+, would Kenny Williams have told Drake LaRoche to go find a school yard to play in?.. There was another report that some players were whining about the kid in camp behind LaRoche’s back..

Here’s my guess, If LaRoche was still  bringing it, his son would have an office in the White Sox clubhouse…

Chris Sale, LHP, White Sox — I understand Sale’s emotion in the LaRoche matter, but you don’t blast your boss in public like he did. Sale should be reprimanded for his rant over “being lied to” about whether LaRoche could have his son in the clubhouse. By the way, Sale hasn’t even moved the needle on whether the White Sox would trade him. One team official said, “No chance. There was no chance in the offseason and no chance now. We’re building our team around Chris Sale.”

I wonder if Nicky jumped on the Paper Boy  Pedroia when he blasted Valentine in public, and I wonder if that’s the same White sox official  that  told LaRoche he could bring his kid to  the clubhouse, before LaRoche started to  trend the wrong way


Man  why can’t Sabathia take what LaRoche, Cuddyer and Dempster did to  heart and quit… Cut a deal with Hal, Knee Cap, and save everybody  including yourself a lot of aggravation

Sabathia coming out of the pen in anything but a mop up  role could result in some bad results..If your tied, or down by a run or two, how easy is it to get men on base by just  bunting to  the left or right of the pitchers mound?


Written by Sal

March 20, 2016 at 9:29 am

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  1. Damn, Gamel might be better then Heathcott of Denorfia

    From LoHud

    In their second round of cuts, the Yankees have sent seven players to minor league camp. Only one, Ben Gamel, was on the 40-man roster, and he was unsurprisingly optioned to Triple-A. The other six were simply reassigned to minor league camp. These are the seven players no longer in big league camp:

    OF Ben Gamel — After a breakout year in Triple-A, when he put up some of the best all-around numbers in the entire system, Gamel was added to the 40-man roster this winter and finally invited to his first big league camp. He had some very good moments this spring, including an incredible diving catch in center field, but he ultimately hit just .222 with one extra-base hit. He will compete for call-up opportunities this season.

    What to make of it: With Jacoby Ellsbury undergoing X-rays, the Yankees made the cut when there was at least some chance that an outfield job could be available on the big league roster. of course it didn’t come to that, but Slade Heathcott and Chris Denorfia now stand out as the next two in line should something else happen (I’d probably bet on Denorfia because Dustin Ackley can also play some left-handed outfield). Worth noting that Cesar Puello has lasted longer than Gamel in big league. I didn’t expect that when camp opened.


    March 20, 2016 at 9:43 am

  2. Diaz and Soloman were also cut.. So it’s Refsynder or Kozma

    What to make of it: These cuts further thin the options for that fourth spot on the bench, perhaps making it a little more likely that Rob Refsnyder wins a roster spot. The only other utility types still in camp are Pete Kozma (a defensive specialist just returned from a back injury), and Ronald Torreyes (who’s on the 40-man roster but has hit just .158 this spring). All signs seem to point toward Refsnyder getting a bench job out of camp, and this helps solidify that belief a little bit.


    March 20, 2016 at 9:45 am

  3. From Chad Vanilla Jennings after cousin Vinnie Pestano was cut… Yanks still haven’t found those missing pieces to the pen.. I’d hope they cut the search down to 2 and carry Mitchell plus Nova or Knee Cap

    By my count, there are still 10 relievers in camp fighting for probably three bullpen spots (not counting Cessa, and assuming Chasen Shreve and Ivan Nova/CC Sabathia are in the pen).


    March 20, 2016 at 9:48 am

  4. Noogsie
    Still waiting for your review !!!!
    Thumbs up 👍👍👍👍


    March 20, 2016 at 11:25 am

    • Don Butchie—I talked about it a little with Sal on yesterday’s blog. To elaborate now—it was over the top great from start to finish. The audience loved it, sang along and clapped like hell. I’ve been wanting to see Sal perform for a long time and am delighted that I finally had the experience. The lady friend came into all of it kind of blindly Friday night, with not much prior knowledge. She loved it. She also told me that we weren’t leaving until I said hello to Sal. Since Sal didn’t know what I looked liked, he had no idea who I was when I said hello. For all he knew, I could have been from Barzini’s family, still pissed off about losing Captain McCloskey and Solozzo.
      Sal and his band are very great musicians.


      March 20, 2016 at 7:18 pm

  5. DVR’d the game yesterday & watched it on & off thru the tears over 8 hrs. Physically, Pinetop looks the best I’ve ever seen him. Svelte? I dunno. But looks to be in great shape. Overall, he was impressive. Almost as impressive as the rack Brickhouse showed off in that blue dress during her interviews with Mushman & Pinetop. No question Heidi is Queen, but Brickhouse could take her in a mud wrestling match. Which come to think of it, could be a great event. Maybe not for Al Yankzeera, but this is right up ESPN’s sleeze ball alley. Shreve continues to impress. The Doughboy has looked awesome in the outfield! Again, yesterday, he made an amazing catch after a long run in deep right center. Hope this is just a minor setback, but Sal’s right. This guy can get hurt walking by an MRI machine….with Texeira right behind him.


    March 20, 2016 at 11:39 am

  6. Only thing Smoltz wanted to get in wasn’t a word, Sal,, lol
    Looks like Nova had bupkiss today??? 4runs??


    March 20, 2016 at 7:30 pm

  7. Only thing Smoltz wanted to get in wasn’t a word, Sal,, lol
    Looks like Nova had bupkiss today??? 4runs??

    Very Cool Noogsie,,
    He is the s**t for sure, talented friends too.
    Glad ya got to Rock with da Man ,, thanks


    March 20, 2016 at 7:31 pm

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