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Good Friday, Bad Pitching

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A little catching up  to  do today, we couldn’t get into  the office yesterday so apologies for some dated content and banter.

DC Nats 13 Yanks 0

From what we read TJ Tanaka looked about as soft as one of Tom Brady’s footballs the other day vs the Nats.. My  internet feed kept losing signal  so I missed Tanaka’s excellent adventure, but apparently the Nats fighting to get to  their bat  rack made Papelbon choking Harper look like a  Monday night knitting circle at your local town library

They racked up seven runs off Masahiro Tanaka, six of them coming during a third-inning explosion. Stephen Drew and Wilson Ramos each homered during that rally. Anthony Rendon rapped out three hits of his own off the Yankees right-hander, including a pair of doubles.

”Obviously, the results are not there,” Tanaka said. ”I think the good part is the body is healthy. I feel good. Other than that, I need to try to get some more results.”

Even Joey Day Care seemed like he was pissed off, I mean this pansy ass Japanese pant load is scheduled too  start  opening day, can  he at least try to  act like he wants to  compete even  though it’s a scrimmage?

After all he robbed the Steinbrenner kid’s daddy’s money to  the tune of $175M, let’s try to put some energy into  these last 2 dress rehearsals TJ..

”You want to get it going,” Girardi said. ”His next start is obviously really important because you want players to feel good about themselves going into the season.

”He’s got a big week of work ahead of him.”

Maybe Tanaka knows the Yanks have about as much chance beating Dallas  Kuechel on Opening Day  as Chris Christie has losing 10 pounds over the Easter Week End, and he’s trying to get some other sucker to  take the Game 1 beating?

Stephen Strasburg dominated the Yankees’ traveling lineup, striking out nine over five scoreless innings and needing only 68 pitches (51 strikes) to do it.

Courageous Cat Sabathia

Speaking of beatings, Knee Cap Sabathia the other crook robbing the Yanks without a gun was on the bump  last night vs the Rays in a 6-2 Bomber loss

The Bomber front office exhaled a sigh of relief that Sabathia didn’t totally suck vs a tired from it’s trip  to Cuba Tampa Bay Rays

Knee Cap apparently had a good game, or as good as can be expected compared to  what?

There was no TV for this scrimmage played at GMS, and per the Rays radio  guys they were still half asleep  from the trip  to Cuba…..


It didn’t stop Tampa Bay from smacking Sabathia around just enough to  get their work in, but not enough to knock him out of the Yanks starting rotation

The last thing any AL East  team wants to  do is discourage the Bombers from releasing Sabathia… In fact  MLB needs to  beef up  their Security  around opposing team’s bat  racks during his outings

Sabathia went 5 innings, 6 hits, 2 runs, 1 BB, 4 K’s, 1 HR… The good news he was better then Nova or TJ’s last outings, the bad news, like last yr the Yanks might as well  start out down  4-0 in any Real game he pitches in

At one point the Rays announcers were wondering how this guy  would get anybody out with the stuff he’s dealing.. Soft 89 MPH fast balls that  will need some sort of late life on them, or we’ll be seeing 89 in  and 189 exit velocity going out

Through five innings against the Rays, Sabathia allowed two runs, struck out four and got six groundball outs. Four of his six hits were grounders, the other two were a home run and a double that Carlos Beltran lost in the twilight.

“He needed to throw well,” manager Joe Girardi said. “And he did.”

Yes compared to what Girardi  has seen this week sans Severino, Sabathia was Warren Spahn no  doubt

“Two-seamer was good,” he said. “Got a lot (of ground balls) today. … I got some good ground balls from (the changeup); a couple swing-and-misses. I’ll continue to keep working, hopefully just keep getting better and better. It’s going to be a pitch that I need this year.”

Yes  the 2 seamer was so  good Evan Longoria hit a Bomb that landed back in Cuba.. Hopefully it broke up all that ass kissing Obama was planting on Castro Jr’s  Butt

It was a first-pitch two-seamer that Evan Longoria hit for a first-inning home run.

In all  fairness to the one of Hal’s Stopwatch Gang members  ( Tanaka is in line to be Sabathia’s shotgun rider)

Four innings later, Longoria struck out on a slider. Sabathia also struck out leadoff hitter Logan Forsythe twice. His last three innings were scoreless with two singles, a walk and three strikeouts.

T Jimmy Olsen Done?

It looks like Mikey 2 Chins pick to make the bull pen cut Tyler Olsen is punching a ticket out of camp

 Tyler Olson, who wound up allowing three hits and four runs in two-thirds of an inning. Of course, the inning started with Cesar Puello diving and missing while trying to make a great catch on what would be a triple (my guess, Ellsbury would have caught it). Walking a batter and hitting two more, though, made the inning especially rough. Most of spring training, Olson has been terrific.

No  doubt Mikey laid the Blind Boy  curse on the kid, he never stood a chance once Two Chins gave him the pop

Also  getting shipped out was Gary Sanchez who was 1 for 22 on offense, and word on the bricks, his defense may have taken a step back too…Sanchez has been around  the Bombers since he was 16 yr’s old, this thought he’s still  too  young could possibly be a smoke screen that  the  front office is terribly disappointed..

Sanchez was the favorite to be Brian McCann’s backup catcher when camp opened but failed at the plate, and according to scouts, his defense went backward lately. In 13 games, Sanchez went 1-for-21 (.048).

“I think it’s important Sanchy goes and plays and gets it going,” Girardi said. “He is going to be a really good player. I think there are little things he could work on defensively and offensively.”

At 23 yr’s old, he’s 3 yr’s older then Carlos Correa, and he’s 2 yr’s older then Bogaerts and Betts when they  came up  for Boston


Really, that’s Joey Day Care’s nickname for the kid? No  wonder he couldn’t concentrate on hitting or fielding.

Ellsbury in no  surprise still isn’t ready to  hit, the propaganda was he’d be in the line-up  yesterday, now we’re hearing  maybe Saturday.. Does it really matter when he gets back? He’s got a bruised wrist  / hand, he’ll be virtually useless

the Whole 9

From Lo-Hud

  • Minor league start for Michael Pineda today. Pineda has looked great this spring, and obviously the Yankees are more curious about seeing Nova in a big league game. 
  • Still hitting just .176 this spring, utility candidate Pete Kozma did triple today. Another utility possibility, Ronald Torreyes, doubled.  
  • Two hits for Brian McCann, who doubled and is now hitting .355 this spring. Carlos Beltran had the Yankees only RBI and is quietly hitting .276 but with only one extra-base hit.

Well it looks like Mikey “da only time I eva soar dis team play was in da 2nd round of da tournament” Francesa once again acted like he’s Hoops Weiss when it comes to scouting and predicting a College Team, player, or NCAA basketball game

Here’s a guess, Honest Mike has seen the  Loch Ness Monster pop  up more times on his beachfront then he’s watched any college hoops this season.. Mike makes up his scouting reports after he watches glimpses of certain games once the tournament starts

And if you took his Duke ova Oregon tout because “dare Duke, and day live in dees games all ye-ah long” shame on you, and we hope you didn’t lose Grand Pa’s farm in the process…

My God will  this Gas Bag ever be missed when he wobbles off into the sunset

Oregon 82 Crushes  Duke 68

Speaking of our Horney POTUS

Bam  dancing

What’s the over under this passive aggressive Liberal panty waste POTUS got the  phone number of the Argentinian Hottie he was doing the Tango  with?

Don’t cry for me Argentina, how about you Tango into  the Oval office next week Avita ?


Yes Yes like another great Chicagoan Ernie Banks once told a room full of musicians at  a city fund raising benefit, “where’s all  the white women”?

bam  selfie

Tell me something Baby, did you get that name Helle Thorning-Schmidt because your so  damn hot?


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March 25, 2016 at 8:55 am

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  1. Sal

    March 25, 2016 at 5:14 pm

  2. tough day on the farm, Rob Refsnyder committed two errors at third base in that tenth inning, that can’t help.. Nova was shellacked, no big deal, he was heading to the pen anyway…

    Refsnyder took a hard hit ground ball to the face. It took a weird hop and jumped up on him. He was bloodied and left the game with a cut up near his eye. That’s the only damage. Just the cut. The third base experiment will continue, according to Joe Girardi. [Bryan Hoch]


    March 25, 2016 at 5:27 pm

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