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Ground Control

I guess the best  way  to  describe what  the Old Yankee offense was facing last night in Canada was, picture a wrecking ball  traveling at 95 MPH, then in a split second the heavy object just darts like a smart bomb toward earth, and the contact by the batter, if any, is barely audible.

The result a ground ball right at  some defender, who  based on the runner being equivalent to molasses pouring from a bottle, has plenty of time to secure an out.

Marcus Stroman the genius young Ace for  Team Canada faced 30 damn batters,

17 of them  grounded out,

4 of them hit the ball in the air for outs, (2 in the 8th inning when he started to  tire just  a little bit)

3 of them struck out,

2 of them were lucky enough and patient enough to  walk,

3 of them  somehow were able to  find a piece of synthetic turf the ball  could land on for singles,

and one batter was grazed by a pitch just enough to be HBP

That my friends was Yankee baseball last night as the boring Old Bombers lost the rubber match  to  their  better Division rivals 4-2

From our vantage point, a more patient approach  at the plate may have been the operative, and seeing how Old and seasoned most of the Bomber line-up is, you’d think patience would not only have been  a virtue, but an engrained philosophy when facing the young and easily rattled competitor on the mound

Nate  the Skate

As for Eovaldi, like David Cone said, he needs to learn how to pitch inside, shaking off McCann then tossing cream puff slider’s, his 4th best pitch,  to  an animal like Donaldson is what middle of the rotation pitchers do

The Yanks have nothing but middle of the rotation type pitchers, with Severino the only guy capable of breaking that  trend, so  the offense better wake up and soon

And where were the 100 MPH heaters from Eovaldi?

Eovaldi  wasn’t a total palooka, but he folded like an ironing board in the 5th inning when Donaldson ate him alive

Inning-by-Inning Pitch Totals
Inning Pitches in Inning Strikes in Inning Strike% in Inning Cumulative Total Pitches Pitch LWTS in Inning
1 16 11 68.75 16 -0.364
2 14 10 71.43 30 -0.848
3 9 7 77.78 39 -0.848
4 18 10 55.56 57 0.297
5 17 11 64.71 74 1.756
6 16 10 62.50 90 1.411
7 8 7 87.50 98 0.259

Here was his pitch  selection

Pitch Statistics as coded by PITCH INFO
Pitch Type Velo (Max) H-Break V-Break Count Strikes / % Swings / % Whiffs / % BIP (No Out) SNIPs / % LWTS
FA (Fastball) 96.8 (98.9) -7.21 7.37 43 25 / 58.1% 15 / 34.9% 0 / 0.0% 6 (1) 19 / 51.4% -0.72
SL (Slider) 89.1 (91.5) 3.46 2.79 21 15 / 71.4% 10 / 47.6% 3 / 14.3% 4 (1) 11 / 64.7% -0.07
CU (Curveball) 76.0 (77.1) 8.73 -8.10 8 6 / 75.0% 2 / 25.0% 0 / 0.0% 1 (1) 5 / 71.4% 0.72
FS (Splitter) 88.9 (90.2) -5.58 0.75 26 20 / 76.9% 17 / 65.4% 8 / 30.8% 8 (4) 12 / 66.7% 1.74

Eovaldi  almost got through 7 innings

 6.2 innings, 7 hits, 4 runs, 2 BB’s, 7 K’s, what killed him were the 2 HR’s, so he at least stopped the streak of 5  / 6 inning outings, but unfortunately the Offense couldn’t touch Stroman

The Yanks come back to  the Bronx with  their tails between their legs, obviously they have a lot of work  to  do if they  want to compete with the more complete power production Team Canada rolls out there every night, As ESPN points out

The Jays, though, have stars that are younger. Donaldson is 30, while Tulowitzki is 31. The rest of the middle of the order — 35-year-old Jose Bautistaand 33-year-old Edwin Encarnacion — match up well with the 40-year-old Alex Rodriguez, the 35-year-old Mark Teixeira, the 32-year-old Brian McCann and the 38-year-old Carlos Beltran.

The Rogers Centre rocked at the end of last year. With both rosters a year older, it is pretty easy to imagine that happening again this year.

Cano  and King Felix come to  town, should be an interesting week end

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

April 15, 2016 at 8:44 am

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  1. Canada wanted that game more then NY, Stroman is a ticking time bomb, not one batter tried to rattle his cage by just laying off the offerings, or disrupting his rhythm

    He loses his shit when guys hit the ball hard off him even if it’s an out, I would think that’s a character flaw that needed to be attacked


    April 15, 2016 at 8:50 am

  2. on the positive, Barbato looked good once again, I know he’s been successful, so that breeds love for the player, but beyond that, this kid looks like he means business on the mound.. no funny stuff, he’s got a game face, and some decent enough stuff to get through a few innings of relief

    So far a very good find by CashMan’s intel posse, Once chappy gets back Shreve and Barbato have proven worthy pen-mates now we have to hope this Chopped Liver rotation doesn’t burn them out


    April 15, 2016 at 8:56 am

  3. Same shit different toilet with scrub ass punk Eovoldi. How many fucking times can the same thing happen over and over again. Its fucking nauseating to watch him look unhittable for 3 innings and then get drilled. Its easy to see how 2 other teams gave up on this kid. For someone that is 97+ how does he NOT put hitters away. As much as it pains me- Alex said he had his A swing…..hitting one hoppers to the infield is not his A swing. Ripping shots to the Gap is an A swing. Dropping 2 of 3 is not the end of the world but I am sick of the blow jays.

    Pretty Ricky

    April 15, 2016 at 11:52 am

    • Solid take Ricky, couldn’t agree more.. and I don’t like dissing Arod either, but he’s hijacked the 3 hole, gotta bring it…


      April 15, 2016 at 12:28 pm

  4. Honest Mike leading off with how to process the NFL schedule, are you kidding me.. Now he’s a scheduling Guru and a sports psychologist on how teams and players react to the schedule.. And he’s telling all you NFL fans how to process your team’s schedule… now he’ll get 10 nitwit gamblers call him and kill an hour..

    The other day he brings on a College player he might have seen play once, and tries to generate some draft chat, every call for an hour was about the Mets

    I wonder how he’s gonna block for ARod today.. Or will he avoid it like it’s a salad diet?


    April 15, 2016 at 1:21 pm

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