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As the Yanks continue to overcharge for their TV package ( see Comcast) and their seats,

( see the half empty building despite the attendance being announced as 35, 531 paying fools on Friday night) their mediocre baseball  squad continues to be one of the most boring products performing  on a baseball  field I’ve seen yet this season

After 4 losses in a row, 2  of them to a very ordinary Seattle Mariners team who’s stud Ace barely got out of the 5th inning, had at least 2 baserunners on board in all  5 innings he pitched, and walked 6 batters, let’s at least footnote some of the ineptitude Steinbrenner is charging the Yankee faithful top  dollar for

In these two games the Yanks have had 30 base runners, 13 on Friday ( 6 hits, 7 walks) and 17 yesterday ( 10 hits, 6 walks, and a error)

They’ve only managed to  score 3 of those base runners, a Gardner HR on Friday accounted for the lone run in a 7-1 embarrassing loss… Beltran hit his 3rd HR on Saturday and drove in Teixeira who  actually wasn’t in scoring position, all  the way  from first base on a blistering double to left center field in the Yanks 3-2 loss

It’s safe to  say Brett the Face  and Carlos Beltran, throw in Castro  and Gregarious are not the culprits in this recent crash  and burn that  started in Canada, when the Blue Jays, who  can’t seem to beat Boston, even with Rick Porcello on the bump, by far outclassed the Old Bombers

Hate to  say it but when  you look around the league at other teams play, the Yanks don’t stack  up.. Ellsbury hasn’t even come close to  the player he was for Boston in 2013, no less the player NY was hoping they  were getting when they foolishly handed him $153M for 7 yr’s

Ellsbury would need to  be putting up his one time only (my guess coming off a 2010 injury HGH induced 2011 season) 2011 slash .321 .376 .552 .928 to be worth  a payday like that.. It’s truly amazing that  a whole fan base in New England who  watched the Doughboy play in Boston knew he wasn’t worth  anywhere near that contract, but the analytic pros in CashMan’s baseball OPS department didn’t… SMFH

Yesterday Ellsbury fell asleep on defense and allowed a runner to  score from 1st base on a ground ball  single to  center field.. The media is pointing it’s  finger at that play as the gaffe  that produced the winning run

Yes, it was as absurd a play  as you’ll  ever find on a baseball  field at  this level, but what  sunk the Yanks besides their putrid hitting with RISP,  happened one  batter later when Girardi left Sabathia in this game..

Second time around the line-up,  the M’s had squared Sabathia up in the 5th inning, a HR, and two  singles were proof of that,  and Nelson Cruz who  already  easily doubled off the Old Lefty his first  time up was coming up again, this time  with a chance to wreck the game, and he did….

Cruz destroys LHP, career (.298 /.374 /.545 /.919), but Joey left CC in trying to get Sabathia  to secure 15 outs, or for whatever misguided reasoning he had to keep the Big Man in the game..

I guess this early in the season you let your veterans work out their issues, but CC was cooked.. He’s having the same problem moving ARod down in the line-up

Maybe he gets rewarded moving forward, but at the moment he’s not managing with the same urgency as say the Red Sox are ( Castillo / Sandoval benched despite the paycheck)

I’d hate to  think Girardi after only 22 AB’s by Cruz  vs LHP was playing the Binder, which reads Cruz is hitting RHP better then LHP

Even the nit wit Michael Kay mentioned how Cruz destroys LHP, and neither Paulie the Clown or Al the Bloviator went anywhere near that misstep

Sabathia’s  5th inning House of Cards

Martín homered to right center (419 feet). 1 1
Sardiñas singled to left. 1 1
Aoki grounded out to first, Sardiñas to second. 1 1
Marte reached on infield single to shortstop, Sardiñas out at home. 1 1
Canó singled to center, Marte scored, Canó to second advancing on throw. 2 1
Cruz doubled to left, Canó scored. 3 1
Barbato relieved Sabathia. 3 1
Gutiérrez struck out swinging.

The futility with RISP is now at legendary proportions, even  the National media has picked up on that

0 for 24 RISP last two games


3 for 46 RISP over the last 5 games,

I think  we can bank on ARod being moved out of the 3 hole today,  He’s now 3 for 30  with a .492 OPS, and presently  0-19

He’s batting .091 .167 .091 .258 with RISP.. Yes it’s early for Alex to panic, but he needs to be moved down  the line, can’t keep running this guy in the #3 hole until he gets in rhythm, he’s too  soft of an out

He has 11 punch outs so he’s K’ing at  a 37% rate

Somebody has to  explain too me why McCann  didn’t bat  for Headley, (.154 .324 .154) in the 9th inning..?  I guess you don’t want to use up  your last catcher, but with Hicks on 3rd and Castro on 2nd base, a knock and the game is over

Girardi  isn’t gonna panic and start  to play  the guys with better numbers like Torreyes (.667 .667 1.000 1.667) over Headley or benching Rodriguez, but these loses count and the hot hands are not being utilized correctly like say in Boston  where Castillo $72M was shipped to AAA, and Sandoval $95M is faking a shoulder injury

Just  wondering how long until Beltran is batting 3rd and  DHing, Torreyes is  playing 3rd base, and Hicks in RF?

Girardi is concerned his starters can’t get out of the 5th inning, really Joe, you’re 10 games into  the season, below .500 at home, trading / upgrading a roster is impossible to  do in April,   and now you’re concerned with the rotation???

I’m not so  sure Girardi  and CashMan  would have been fired yet, had GMS been running the show, but I’d bet the farm David Price would have been in Pinstripes anchoring this rotation, with  a chance to opt out after 2 yr’s

On the Good Foot the bull pen was spectacular yesterday

Barbato, Shreve, Betances, and Miller

4.1 innings, 3 hits, 8 K’s.. Miller and Betances punched  out all 6 batters they  faced

Today, Tanaka vs his old mentor Iwakuma

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

April 17, 2016 at 9:16 am

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  1. Boring uninspired baseball
    No heart
    No excitement


    April 17, 2016 at 10:14 am

  2. So, yesterday, I had the whole day planned out. Had to run around doing errands all afternoon, so I DVR’d the game to watch last night with the ability to fast forward during the incessant commercials. A nice relaxing evening shaping up. I spoke to the great Don B during the afternoon, who mentioned he was watching the game as he scolded Tex about running with a refridgerator on his back. I told him not to tell me the score & about my plans for the evening. So, after doing a fatty, to get in the proper state of mind, I sat down to enjoy the game. And what did I get? Just another re-run from the last few days. The ineptitude with RISP has reached epic proportions. I thought I was watching a game from the last 2 months of last year. Could it be I miscalculated? Maybe this is Yankee Classics, where they NEVER lose? But noooooo! It was the same BS I’ve been watching for days! Early on, Capt Crunch looked good…..only to fall apart all too quickly. I’ve seen this movie before…..unfortunately. Always ending the same way. The Doughboy has been a disaster so far. And Headly……he needs to go on the Tessio Ride. Can’t anybody here pitch into the 6th inning??? At this rate, the bullpen will be toast by the end of June! Had to walk away for an inning or 2, while placing it on hold. Hoping if I did another splif, things would change? But, nooooo!!! The game was an exercise in futility. Watching today’s game has proved to be an improvement. The Yanks actually got a hit with RISP! And Arod hit a dinger! TJ Tanaka is slowly letting the M’s back in the game. At this writing we’re up 3-2. Hopefully, today’s outcome will put us on the other side of the ledger.


    April 17, 2016 at 2:45 pm

  3. WTF! I forgot to sign my name. That last post was from me!


    April 17, 2016 at 2:47 pm

  4. Wow the last 12 batters Betances and miller have faced struck out holy shit, i have never seen that ever

    finally got a pitcher to get 21 outs


    April 17, 2016 at 4:32 pm

  5. Am I the only one who only gets the original post on half the screen?
    Responses are full page but Sal’s original rant er post is on left half only ?????


    April 17, 2016 at 6:16 pm

  6. Moscone,I knew it was you posting-lol DonB-it was half page on my phone,full page on computer. Thankfully they won today,the Mariners are not that good of a team. Arod homered but did nothing else,still looks cooked. Headley was benched for Torreyes-how long do you think it will take for Torreyes to turn back into a pumpkin? David Freese was available as a free agent,but cost $$ so no go,stuck with Headley. Nibbles battled through a horrible first inning being killed by bleeders to pitch well and let the bullpen do its job. No game Monday so everyone can rest.


    April 17, 2016 at 8:17 pm

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