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Flatlined at the DeadLine?

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The Face vs the Doughboy

The Yanks face their kryptonite tonight when  they  will be up  against  their 3rd LHP of the young season… So far they’re 0-2, the NY Post lobs a question who sits,  the Doughboy or Gardner

No brainer the Doughboy should be glued to  the bench, in fact the Doughboy should get so frustrated, he demands a trade, and CashMan and Steinbrenner should oblige him, get this fugazy Red Sox outta here, and suck  up  the cost to  do it…

And take Headley with  him

The A’s send Eric Surkamp (0-1, 4.00) to the mound for his third start. He failed to last five innings in his first two, giving up two runs and throwing 96 pitches in 4 2/3 of a 5-1 loss to the Los Angeles Angels on Wednesday. The left-hander has never faced the Yankees.

Who Goes at the Deadline?

The Yanks are at best  an 85 win team, maybe they can sneak  2 or 3 more wins in there if the bull pen stays intact all  season and some of the top players in the AL East go down  with  an injury..?

So  what  does that mean if they  do  sneak 88 games into  the Win column ? They get bounced in the Wild Card game, or best  case, steal the WC game and go out quietly in the ALDS?

This isn’t a team  that will make Girardi change his laundry number to  29 in 2017.. The starting pitching isn’t good enough, the line-up is too old to  battle the attrition of a 162 game schedule, and the player  they  thought would be their most talented, Jacoby Ellsbury, is a dog that  won’t hunt

So  at the deadline in July if the Bombers are 5 games out, you know damn well CashMan isn’t gonna mortgage the future in an effort to  bring in one or two  big pieces, just  to  win one round of the playoffs

Maybe the smartest thing I’ve heard from Honest Mike Francesa in 20 yr’s was his take on this Bomber team, “they’re in a holding pattern” until the albatross contracts evaporate and the young prospects coming through  the system actually get here (2 or 3 yr’s)

Nothing wrong with  that, what’s frustrating will be if the Yanks once again try to fake a playoff run…


The one disclaimer in that whole sell high theory is this bull pen being on the trading block in an effort to  grab cost controlled starting pitching..?

You don’t need a Harvard / Princeton degree in baseball  to know the Bull Pen along with Castro  and Gregarious are the only things worth  watching and getting excited about on this team.. So if we’re excited, imagine other teams looking to get deep into  the playoffs, and the final pieces being weapons coming out of the pen in crunch  time for them  to get over the top

Sherman beat  us to  the punch, but I bet we all  were thinking the same thing after Betances and Miller for the 2nd straight game looked un-hittable.. OK so it was the same team, the M’s, but they  did send up  their offensive earners to  face the Nastier Boys and it wasn’t even close

So  the question Joel Sherman is presenting, is it overkill having this bull pen? My take is no, it’s the only thing sans, the development of SS and /2nd  exciting happening, leave it alone

Sherman brings up how Miller was almost flipped this winter, but the Astros and all their infinite wisdom elected to   trade with the Phillies for Giles,  and Philly was rewarded by securing Vincent Velazquez, who in two games shut-out the Mets for 6 innings, and blanked the Padres for 9 innings striking out 16 batters

Just  a quick  reminder to Mr Sherman,  the Padres were shutout 5 of the 10 games they’ve played in, and at the time Velasquez blanked the Mets, they  couldn’t hit water if they  fell out of a row boat

Let’s see Mr Velasquez continue his phenom act once the league  catch  up too him..Yes the Yanks might grab some decent prospects for Miller, Chapman,  and Betances, but do  we have any faith in CashMan’s Baseball OPS department’s ability to pick  the right pitchers that come back in said trade?

“Let’s be honest” finding stud starting pitching hasn’t been CashMan’s forte, unless all of a sudden Tanaka returns to his first  13 game as a Bomber Tanaka, and Pineda and Eovaldi  start to  fill  up  the stat lines with top of the rotation  type numbers

The Yanks needed to  sign David Price and anchor him at the top of the rotation  for at least 2 possibly 3 yr’s, then  let him opt out… It would have purchased enough time for Severino  to figure out how to become a real pitcher, and would have given Kaprelian a chance to get his varsity chops together

Sherman  also opines if the Yanks should have flipped Robertson and Cano at the deadline?

Yes, but what  are you getting back for a rental closer and a rental  2nd baseman with $200M contract aspirations? The Yanks blundered the #30 Robertson pick by grabbing no hit decent fielding Kyle Holder who is a dime a dozen type player, at least that’s what he’s shown so  far…

I thought they  grabbed Kaprelian with the Cano pick, but not the case

Scratch that, Feinsand issued a correction. The Yankees will indeed forfeit the Cano and Granderson picks for free agent compensation. That’s what the CBA says. One is already gone for Ellsbury — or will be as soon as his deal is official — and the other will go if they sign another qualified free agent. So much for that.


Written by Sal

April 19, 2016 at 8:33 am

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  1. Good to see Arod get a few hits
    But Cy Surkamp is mowing them down
    Lol career 6.12 ERA looking like Koufax vs these old timers


    April 19, 2016 at 8:24 pm

  2. Looking at the A’s lineup before the game,that team looks horrible,no one scares you. They even showed
    Lowrie was 0-13,so naturally he got 4 hits!! The Yankees just plain suck,they are the cure for insomnia.
    1-7 with risp, the post game said they were 1-17 the last few innings! Its just pathetic,horrible to watch.
    Lost the series to the M’s who are garbage,now lost to the A’s who are even worse!! The fans who have Comcast and can’t watch the games are the lucky ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    April 19, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    • Comcast dumping their ass was also a smart move Bkig D.. Steinbrenner should be arrested trying to sell the public this team


      April 20, 2016 at 6:21 am

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