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A Complete A’s Whipping

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Oakland Lays an A’s Whipping on Yanks

Well  that  was a sobering 3 days, watching  Hal’s Pal’s try to act like a professional baseball team vs an Oakland team  that had more batters hitting below the Mendoza line then not was discouraging at best

And the Yanks never had to  face Sonny Gray, but Surkamp, Graveman, and  the Long Island Ducks Rich Hill made sure nobody back in Oakland missed their best pitcher

The latest and greatest embarrassment came last night after a 7-3 loss.

By the end of this game the Yanks had managed to cover every bit of Suck a team can muster. The Suck Factor started with  the offense’s futility hitting with RISP

4-for-58 (.069) in the previous seven tilts with runners in scoring position —

Tuesday vs the A’s  they  were 1 for 7, Wednesday 0-4, last night they looked better on paper, 3 for 11, but I’ve seen cotton balls softer then Hicks’ bloop  single, Romine’s 14 hopper to  the pitcher, and Castro’s seeing eye single up  the middle

All  3 knocks, counted,  2 of the 3 left you underwhelmed, but not as bemused as watching their strength, the Bull Pen just get torched once a pedestrian Severino left the game after 6 innings tied 2-2

The first  2 pitches Shreve threw in the 7th inning were hit for Bombs by you guessed it, A’s batters hitting near the Mendoza Line, Young .180 and Crisp .195.. The back  to back HR’s gave Oakland a 4-2 lead

The Yanks scratched their 3rd run in the 8th, but Johnny Barbato who I may  have inserted into Cooperstown  a bit too  early then made sure this wan’t gonna be NY’s night when he for the 2nd game in a row coughed up  a HR, this one a 2 out, 2 run shot by Coughlan a .190 hitting 3rd baseman.. Kirby Yates then blew out the candles in the 9th by walking 2 batters, a double steal,  and a sac fly that ended the A’s scoring, making it an insurmountable 7-3 lead

The offense sucks, no  argument from me, but here’s another sobering thought, Oakland scored 7 runs last night, that’s bad pitching from my vantage point, and most of it came from  the touted Bull Pen

OK so it wasn’t Betances and Miller, but with a starting pitching staff that leaves you with  a hollow feeling, and I’m including  Severino in this collection of not ready for prime time hurlers, the pen is supposed to be the group  that  carries Hal’s Pal’s to  a fake play off run.. Last night the pen added it’s talents to  the Suck Pile

Glass Half Full

I never thought I’d say  this, but Paulie the Clown O’Neill actually slipped through the YES Al Yankzeera cracks and forgot to pour the Pinstriped kool aid all over  the YES telecast!

O’Neill, the Cincinnati Goober who’s normal schtick is annoying at  best, apparently  forgot where he was and what he was doing, and actually gave us some unfiltered content..

While most, if not all the YES Al Yankzeera talking heads have anointed  Luis Severino the next Juan Marichal, O’Neill monetarily slipped up  and told the truth,he mentioned this kid has No Out Pitch!

O’Neill finally said what  we’ve seen in  his three outings, where’s the deceptive breaking pitch that looks like a strike, but dives out of the  strike zone with  late movement / break?

Severino needs a Slider with depth, or a curve ball that lays the 2 strike death  sentence on MLB hitters… O’Neill in his best moment as an analyst pointed out Severino has a live arm, and when he elevates his 97 MPH fast ball he can stop  the bleeding on hitters wasting pitches, but he lacks that one killer breaking pitch that  can  elevate him to  top of the rotation  status

Michael Kay  couldn’t believe his ears and questioned O’Neill’s judgement.. O’Neill  briefly wavered and said don’t get me wrong he’s a great  talent for a 23 yr old kid, but he’s missing a huge component in his arsenal

We have to  remember who Severino  was facing here, so his raw talent got him 18 outs with only 2 runs allowed, but vs a real good offensive team, like the Yanks will face in Baltimore, Toronto, Boston, and Tampa hasn’t exactly been a soft out, they pounded David Price yesterday, this kid is gonna be exposed until he comes up  with that 4th pitch

Here’s the bottom line

Pitch Statistics as coded by PITCH INFO
Pitch Type Velo (Max) H-Break V-Break Count Strikes / % Swings / % Whiffs / % BIP (No Out) SNIPs / % LWTS
FA (Fastball) 97.1 (99.1) -3.23 9.83 60 46 / 76.7% 32 / 53.3% 6 / 10.0% 9 (3) 37 / 72.5% -0.92
CH (Changeup) 90.8 (91.4) -8.76 5.77 14 4 / 28.6% 3 / 21.4% 0 / 0.0% 2 (1) 2 / 16.7% 0.76
SL (Slider) 91.1 (93.3) 3.71 2.56 25 18 / 72.0% 15 / 60.0% 2 / 8.0% 9 (2) 9 / 56.3% 0.11

 The Pitch FX shows Severino has 3 pitches, we didn’t need the box to  prove it, but it helps to  dissect the game he threw last night

Only 10% of the 60 fastballs he offered got swings and misses. None of the 14 pedestrian change-ups missed a bat, and only 2 of the 25 sliders induced swings and misses

I’m shocked that Mikey Two Chin’s Kindergarten Wrap  up Show didn’t pick up on the flaw that needs to be fixed, or Keith Law, Severino’s biggest  critic might have a good point….Law’s take, (para-phrased) “Severino  has terrific reliever stuff, but something is missing that would elevate him to  that  status the Yanks really need from a cost controlled home grown  starter”


Two Chin’s Take

Severino, who had a 5.91 ERA coming into tonight, had an outing much more like himself. He pitched six innings of two-run ball while striking out four. He now has a 4.86 ERA with 3.47 FIP. I expect that ERA to keep climbing down in next few outings. Like Nathan Eovaldi last night, I feel like he pitched himself to an outing deserving of a win. However, baseball is harder than that – it certainly isn’t easy when you have the Yankee offense hitting like how they have for past week or so.

You know what Mikey, don’t count on it, by my calculations Severino’s next outing will be in Texas, vs the Rangers next week, that could be another sobering Ouch moment..

Bats MIA

What’s missing from the Bomber offensive attack at the moment is Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez not hitting the way  they  did in 2015…

Teixeira is 8 for 47 with 3 HR’s, but he is taking his walks (13), the fact he continues to  try to pull  every pitch  still leaves you scratching your head at times

His present slash .170 / .350 / .362 / .712

Rodriguez also isn’t completely terrible, but your 3 and 4 hitters need to be much better then not completely terrible

ARod is 7  for 45 with 15 K’s, 2 HR’s .156 / .269 / .289 / .558

Last yr Teixeira (31), ARod (33),  and Bird (11) combined for 75 HR’s, right now Rodriguez  51 PA’s, and Teixeira 60 PA’s, have hit 5 HR’s so  a Tater every 22.2 PA’s

I’m not expecting Chase DOA Headley to give this team much more then what Boston is getting out of Fenway Fats, which is nothing, so it’s not surprising he’s part of the Stink Brothers Hal is trying to  sell  as a Championship Caliber team

 McCann hasn’t been the same player since his toe was mashed by a foul ball, so  the Yanks are getting no help  from those two guys

Girardi and CashMan insist on giving Hicks who has never hit as a MLB player in his brief career a long rope, and so far he’s pretty much  hung himself with it.. He finally got his first knock batting right handed, and it was a soft bloop single that plated a run so maybe this jump  starts his

.095 BA/ .174 OBP / .095 Slg

Maybe the Twins knew this kid has all  the tools but can’t seem to pick the right one in an  effort to get the job done… He’s got a hell of an arm, and when he was drafted there was a choice whether he’d be a pitcher or a toolsy OFer… Well he  throws like a pitcher but he also hits like one so, at the moment  the Hicks for Murphy trade looks less then desirable

Gregorius also looked terrible last season, until he started to show some upside as the season progressed, we’re just not so  sure Gregarious has that  high of a baseball IQ, and possibly the D-Backs weren’t that  far off when  they gave up on him..

Castro has cooled down but we can’t expect him to hit at  the clip he started at, he’s been fine.. Ellsbury did have 3 hits last night,  he’s 14 for 54 on the season with no power in sight

I’ve given up  on thinking he can hit 15 to  20 HR’s but he needs to get his OBP up  above 30% if he intends on being a useful lead off batter

.255 / .293 / .345 / .639

As a team the Yanks are  middle of the  AL pack on offense .239 / .320 / .385 / .705

They’re 6th out of 15 in HR’s in the AL with 16

and they’re 13th out of 15  hitting  with RISP

.197 .303 .352 .656

They’re presently in last place 5 games out, at 5-9

They’re 3-7 in the last 1o games, and have lost  7 of their last 8 games.. The Red Flsg waiving is their 1-5  record on this recent home stand vs Seattle and Oakland.. Over all  3-6 at home and 2-3 on the road

5-5 vs RHP, 0-4 vs LHP

They’ve scored 56 runs and given up  65 a -11 in run differential

We’ll once again be out of the office until Sunday enjoy the Rays series…If possible..

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

April 22, 2016 at 8:39 am

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  1. The Rays can pitch, and yesterday they just mugged David Price, probably have some confidence coming to NY.. this could get uglier with Smyly on Sunday and Moore tonight, two more LHP

    Smyly pitched a 1 hitter vs Boston


    April 22, 2016 at 9:21 am

  2. If there’s a God the NY Rangers lose on Saturday and Dolan’s stage goes dark.. Maybe it’ll force these Sports talking heads into talking baseball

    This new recent 24 / 7 365 NFL chatter is unstoppable, but we can cut the pain in half by losing the Rangers


    April 22, 2016 at 10:03 am

  3. Did Ellsbury just freakin steal home with the tying run?
    Holy Cow,


    April 22, 2016 at 8:53 pm

  4. Good win tonight
    Ream and Reap,


    April 22, 2016 at 10:14 pm

    • Holy shit
      I couldn’t believe my phone lol

      Maybe Hicks getting hurt is a blessing


      April 23, 2016 at 8:54 am

  5. Sal

    April 23, 2016 at 8:57 am

  6. ‏@Joelsherman1
    Something to watch: last 2 yrs base stealers are 52 out of 53 v. Conger. Snell making MLB debut. Expect #Yankees to run if get chances #Rays

    Something me and Moscone talked about yesterday before being interrupted by my dreaded job backing up divas


    April 24, 2016 at 7:57 am

    • Mikey 2 Chins wants to name Brett the Face captain lol

      They should DL Hicks and drop the science project let the DoughBoy and the Face play vs all pitching see if they can get in rhythm
      The don’t need rest and no Hicks stops the Binder BS


      April 24, 2016 at 8:01 am

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