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We’ve been saying this for weeks now, who on this team  is appointment TV? Maybe Starlin Castro, because he’s a new face, but even the excitement level on the Prime Minister’s AB’s are starting to  dwindle as the season progresses..

Finally George King has joined the Bored and Restless in NY

This bunch is professional, but who among the 25-man roster makes you stop and watch?

Do you ever look around the office at 3 p.m. and suggest to your fellow workers they leave early to watch Jacoby Ellsbury play?

King also points out a take from the Great Maury Allen

Sitting courtside at Madison Square Garden in the mid-’80s, the late Maury Allen was watching the Knicks sleepwalk through another loss that had the crowd howling.

“You can be bad in this town but not boring. You can be boring if you are good,’’ the former Post sportswriter said. “But bad and boring in this town is a death sentence.’’

If you want to say it’s too  early, have at it, why ruin your summer on May  1st, so  whistle past the graveyard, I have no  objection, but you can’t fix old…We’re one month out of the gate and the Bombers check  every Suck Box available..

The back of the Bull Pen K-BMC, are  the only thing worth tuning in for.. But can this rotation  and offense actually get to  them with a lead?

In two games, the Boston Red Sox led by King Papi  and his Merry Band of Youngsters, have totally exposed the old, boring, Hapless NY Yankees, affectionately known as Hal’s Pals

All I can  say is get the back-up lights on the truck  fixed Junior, you’re gonna need them come July.. In fact, you might need them  come June, especially if real playoff bound teams lose a DH, a first baseman, a Left /center fielder, and especially a closer / late inning weapon.. Romine won’t bring you back  much, but he’d make a terrific back up  catcher, and soon Sanchez will be brought up to infuse some energy,  and Romine is out of options, so get the phone lines working CashMan

I’m sorry but this team never looked like something that  could make a run.. The Brand names are there to  hoodwink you into  thinking maybe if they  stay healthy, but when you watch  MLB in 2016, you realize it’s a young man’s game.. OK so  you might float  an over 35 yr old player in the mix, but said player needs to be surrounded by Youth, and the power slots in NY’s line-up  are trending the back 9

The first red flag was your right fielder, Carlos Beltran, the dude is way too old to be playing a defensive position in the yr 2016

Sorry CashMan,  you don’t put 39 yr old players in the Out Field everyday, a spot start maybe, but it’s becoming embarrassing for Beltran..Last night, the latest gaffe, Mookie  Betts dunked a pop up  that any Right Fielder in baseball  catches, but Beltran played it into  a 2 run double, game over with the way  this old boring offense is performing…

Carlos is also stumbling with the lumber

 Carlos Beltran is in a 5-for-31 (.161) slide and could sit against Price.

With Sabathia on the mound, all  you need to  do  to  start  a rally is lay  down a few swinging bunts that he needs to  field, or cover first  base on, and boom, automatic men on base.. That’s juxtaposed to Sabathia’s 5.06 ERA, his 25 hits in 21.1 innings,  and his 1.688 WHIP

Chase Headley, really dude, you’re owed $39M from today until the end of 2018, and he has 9 hits, none of them the  extra base variety, he’s batting .150 .268 .150 .418

Headley has more stolen bases 3, then RBI’s, 2, his .418 OPS is last at 102 of all  the qualified position players in the AL

Ellsbury your lead off batter .235 .278 .341 .619

How is your lead off batter setting the table with a 27% on base?  He’s presently next to last in the AL in OBP for lead off hitters.. He’s also  3rd worse in HR’s/ per AB 85

The Captain Brett Gardner

CashMan repositioned Rob Refsynder to  2nd / 3rd base based on his lack of profile as a corner out fielder.. So  tell me how does he justify Brett Gardner as a legit Corner?

Gardner is 25th in the AL for out fielders in Slg% and 18th in OPS.. The Captain is tied for 18th  in HR’s with 2, and he’s 31st in RBI’s with  5, 32nd in extra base hits with 4….

Mark Teixeira

Has a .707 OPS, that’s 42nd in the AL he’s tied for next to last  in Extra base hits for first baseman in the AL.. Teixeira isn’t killing the Yanks, but for $23M per yr, he’s not carrying them  either

Tex was 9 for 20 in a 5 game span but he’s now 0-9 in his last 3 games, and has done nothing in Boston


Is 5 for  his last 20, his last game in Texas a 3 for 3 breakout  looked like he might potentially snap out of his season long slump, but he’s 1 for 7 in Boston and his season looks mediocre at  best

185 .274 .400 .674, he’s K’d 19 times in 65 AB’s.. In the all important metric stat wRC+, last yr Rod’s 129 wRC+ was over what’s considered an average number (100)

Right now he’s at  a pedestrian to bad 88 wRC+.. It’s only 65 AB’s, so  we can’t get crazy, but we also  can’t expect a 40 yr old DH to  carry the offensive load

McCann has been respectable, his 120 wRC+ is  verygood, and he’s right up  there with Salvatore Perez 1-2 in a lot of offensive catagories

That  said

McCann who started Saturday night’s 8-0 loss to the Red Sox at Fenway Park in a 2-for-19 (.105) slide that might be the product of the foul tip he took off the big toe on his left foot April 12 in Toronto. Following that problem, which forced him to miss the following game, McCann was 6-for-44 (.136) going into Saturday night’s action.

Castro has been very  good .305 .345 .488 .833

not Pedroia good .311 .360 .485 .846

but comparable to Cano .226 .301 .516 .817

Except Cano  has 8 HR’s, 2 more then Castro  and Pedroia combined

Gregorius, .224 .254 .343 .597

Is next to last in OBP, and  OPS for SS in the AL, he’s also 13 out of 15 in hits for SS

(50 PA’s minimum)

If you want to  feel better  he’s had 1 more hit the Tulowitzki


Has been  atrocious .087 .160 .087 .247

he’s 2 for 23

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

May 1, 2016 at 8:42 am

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  1. I’m glad I don’t have to bash the Yanks much anymore, the media has finally taken over…They’re no longer waiting on the “it’s early” card, one month in has pretty much defined this team

    Can they get better, sure, they’re in last place, and last place is the bottom of the barrel… They’re also last in a lot of offensive categories, so they can’t get any worse


    May 1, 2016 at 8:48 am

  2. Last night in Albany BondsI and I were checking our phones to see our boys go down to defeat again.
    Told a friend about our little joint here, he may join us.
    Hope so,, a true Ream em kinda guy.
    Hates Girardi
    Hates our old decrepit millionaires too.
    Come on JV,, 👍


    May 1, 2016 at 9:48 am

    • No Sal,, not THAT JV,, his brother lol


      May 1, 2016 at 10:58 am

    • they never showed up Donny, you me and Moscone could have scored no runs


      May 1, 2016 at 11:11 am

  3. tell Jerry to jump on board, although he won’t, but that’s kool

    I just did some intel on the Cafeteria Lady Hanley Ramirez, I’ve come to the conclusion he’s a $22M a yr singles hitter this season

    They haven’t gone after him because Boston is scoring runs and hitting singles and doubles, and Ortiz is killing it, but if his below 700 OPS continues and his HR’s vanish ( he only has 1) watch out Hanley


    May 1, 2016 at 11:09 am

    • Hey Sal, yeah, last night Donny & I were checking out how the Hitless Wonders were doing with the Sux, only to see 3-0, then 8-0. Thankfully, the Medicated Goo that Don B supplied eased the pain. Man, this squad has looked historically bad!!!


      May 1, 2016 at 5:32 pm

  4. If the Yanks can somehow turn the tables on Price tonight, and win this one, the Nation will be up in arms tomorrow lol… Big If, but it’s worth watching, I think


    May 1, 2016 at 11:10 am

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