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Cashman: I Had A Dream

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I Had A Dream

On paper the names have some value, but on the field, it hasn’t worked.. Cashman  had a dream, he dreamt the team that shocked the world for the first  3 months in 2015, was the team, plus Castro, he was getting in 2016..

Bad gamble Cash, first off the team  you brought back was the team  we all  saw spit the bit from August until October

Counting on ARod  to duplicate his 2015 comeback party was always a long shot..

Teixeira getting off hot in 2015 was the outlier, he’s back on schedule in 2016 with a .211 BA, and a pathetic .631 OPS

Headley is what he is, a complete bust,

Ellsbury, you can get and injury prone .259 .314 .698 for a lot cheaper then $153M

Gardner is a decent role player but when your #2 hitter is batting .204 .350 .388 over the last  15 games, where are you going?

Hicks who  has been much better has another 40 AB’s to prove he’s not a .211 .247 .571 hitter

Beltran has been fine, we only hope he hits enough to  have value in July…But the fact he roams the right field pastures moving like a new born Fawn is just  bad team  building on Cashman’s part

Mix in this line-up  with  this  rotation, and you get a 16-22 record, last place in the division, 7.5 games out,  4 and 12 on the road,  with a negative 34 run differential over all

Cashman’s Dream has turned into  a nightmare

Snake Bit or Cured?

Imagine paying  Greinke a 32 yr old pitcher $206M over a 6 yr span and his first 8 games he’s pitching to  a 5.26 ERA with 13 more hits then innings pitched!!

$18M signing bonus (paid in $3M installments each 5/31, 2016-21)
16:$31M, 17:$31M, 18:$31M, 19:$31.5M, 20:$32M, 21:$32M

Well no  worries, here come the 2016 NY Yankees, a miracle cure-all remedy for what  ales you.. Greinke finally gave his new bosses something to  smile about as he magically returned to  vintage form in a 5-3 D-Backs win

“He threw the ball well,” Diamondbacks manager Chip Hale said. “He used his changeup, was really working the ball down. We saw in the eighth there, he started to elevate and they got a couple hits on it, but before it was a knockout pitch for him.”

7 innings, 5 hits, 3 runs, 7 K’s, no BB, 1 HR, 5.08 ERA,

Greinke has a 6 pitch  arsenal, last night 76 of the 99 pitches were fast ball (42) and Change Up (32) .. He got only 8  swings and misses, 5 came via the change-up, and 3 from his slider..

On paper what made Greinke successful, 27 of the 32 change ups were strikes, 10 of the 12 balls in play  off the change were for outs…   He kept the ball  down for at  least  21 outs, inducing soft contact, while affectively adding and subtracting velocity..

Striking out 7 batters and walking none didn’t hurt either.. His only blatant  mistake was Castro  hammering a meatball into  the left field seats in the 2nd inning

The performance was much better then the line.. As Hale mentioned, with a 5-1 lead in the 8th, he gave up  two  singles, both  runners scored as inherited runners on Danny Hudson’s watch

We’re glad everybody in Arizona’s front office slept well last night, but I’d  wait to  see Greinke pitch against a team that isn’t last in their division, 6 games under .500, 7.5 games out of first  pace, and playing as inconsistently as their record dictates.


Two  pitchers the Yanks were counting on to keep them in contention have completely dropped the ball,  and for the most part have imploded

With Pineda and Severino on the mound, the Bombers are 2-12, they’re 14-9 with  everybody else….Pineda is so  bad, at one point, Joey Claps went up  to him in the dugout and pretty much told him what he thought of his performance

It didn’t look like the Joey Day Care, “I love you man” personality, more like the Cape Fear Joey

“It’s easy to say it will turn, but it’s been too long,’’ pitching coach Larry Rothschild said following Pineda’s latest lousy outing Tuesday night at Chase Field, where the Diamondbacks hung a 5-3 loss on the right-hander in front of 30,913. “We are almost a quarter of the way through his starts. We need to straighten it out, especially in the stretch. He is going through a major bump in the road right now.’’

“He gets ahead in the count and the numbers worsen,’’ Rothschild explained. “From the stretch position the quality of pitches are not the same. We need to fix that.’’

The dude quacks like a Duck  fellas,

1-5, 6.60 ERA,  1.62 WHIP. 58 hits in 43.2 innings..

Last night 5 innings, 9 hits, 5 runs, 9 K’s 1 Bb, 1 HR, 81 pitches..

It seems like Pineda either strikes you out or gives up  a hit,  he did induce 10 ground ball outs, and 5 fly ball outs, but in between he gets battered like Mike Tyson’s first  37 opponents. With Pineda and Severino  bottoming out in May, the Yanks have nowhere to go  for help

We saw what Cashman’s Calvary looked like on Monday… Never mind fellas, we’ll  figure out another way  to save our lives…

For 6 weeks we’ve witnessed what Pineda and Severino,  the projected # 2 and #3 in the rotation  have been, busts…That leaves Sabathia, Eovaldi, and Tanaka… Tanaka can’t string  good outings together on 4 days rest, Eovaldi loses his marbles halfway  through a 6 inning marathon, and Sabathia is being held together with Duct tape and gorilla glue..

The Good Stuff

Shreve: 2 innings  1 hit, no  runs, 2 K’s

Yates 1 inning, no  runs, 2 K’s

Castro had two hits, 1 a HR

Ells bury is batting .333 in May, 9 for 27, 3 doubles, 1 triple, no HR’s.. The problem  with Ellsbury his career line is .288 .343 .424 .766

His 2016 line .259 .314 .384 .698

Unfortunately Ellsbury is closer too now, then career…

This and That

BTW, on offense last night the only spark  after the Castro  HR in the 2nd inning, came in the 8th inning after 2 consecutive singles.. As you can  see, after Beltran  and Ellsbury scratched both inherited runners home, Gardner and Teixeira made sure any complete come back was a thing of the past for this present Bomber squad

Hudson relieved Greinke. 1 5
Beltrán hit for Shreve. 1 5
Beltrán grounded out to pitcher, Gregorius scored, Hicks to second. 2 5
Ellsbury singled to left, Hicks scored. 3 5
Gardner struck out looking. 3 5
Teixeira struck out swinging. 3 5

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

May 18, 2016 at 7:44 am

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8 Responses

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  1. Mikey 2 Chins is back on Yuck duty lol

    I swear, the 2016 Yankees are allergic to sustained success. They went 7-3 on the homestand only to come out and drop the first two games of this series with the Diamondbacks. Tuesday night’s final score was 5-3. The Yankees are 16-22 and it’s been three weeks since they were within even three games of .500. Yuck.


    May 18, 2016 at 7:51 am

  2. I was surprised how many NYY fans were in the house until the last inning when they came alive..

    then Captain Gardner and buck private Tex shot everybody in the foot


    May 18, 2016 at 8:09 am

  3. When I lived in Arizona in the early 70s we only had the Cubs in Mesa.AZ in spring training.
    That was it for Sports teams.
    Times have changed in the Valley of the Sun 🌄🌄🌄


    May 18, 2016 at 8:44 am

  4. For me the really depression thing is I have no faith in this heartless Souless “team”.
    At 10:05 I knew we weren’t capable of coming back against the D-Backs. No shot.
    We go to sleep knowing it will be a L in the am when we check our MLB app.
    Depressing,, and we have 2/3rds left in this hideous season.


    May 18, 2016 at 9:29 am

    • Losing isn’t so bad Donny
      It stops the fake playoff talk and we get to draft higher

      Plus if it gets worse they might dump walk yr contracts at the deadline and speed up the youth movement

      Win win season


      May 18, 2016 at 12:02 pm

  5. Greinke had allowed lefties to bat over .300 against him this season,until the Yanks came into town!! They are like a traveling Lourdes,will cure what ails you. The pregame had GeniusJoe and Brickhouse talking how Tex was 3-4 and getting hot-then he went 0-4 as usual.Flaherty mentioned Tex was hitting .160 as a lefty-oy Flaherty was also all over Pinheada,and rightly so. He is just a pinhead,his numbers get worse when he is ahead!! He is just another in a long line of Yankee pitchers who get to 0-2,then get hammered.
    Something is seriously wrong with him,mostly mental. Yanks gave us hope after the 7-3 home stand,then
    came these last 2 disasters. GeniusJoe was very calm after the blowout throwaway game but was back to his usual self after last nights loss. He said Arod will probably not be back as expected on Thursday. He is 40 years old,he is not going to recover in 15 days! Why even say he will be back,then when he isn’t you look stupid. Maybe they really are stupid.


    May 18, 2016 at 9:51 am

  6. Pinetop needs to go into the Witness Protection Program. Yankee fans are lining up for the chance to whack him. JDC looked to be out of patience with his walk to the end of the dugout to confront Big Mike. Apparently, Joey needs to take a few more Tony Robbins courses before he can inspire anyone, least of all Pinehead. Say what you will about his numbers, which have been on the rise as of late. But watching Aaron Hicks on the field every day, you can see what a superb athlete he is. Tremendous arm, really good speed, & a great athletic body. There’s nothing he can’t do well……..except hit the ball consistently hard. Even that’s starting to come around with every day play. I can see the attraction for CashMan in this instance. Maybe he finally puts it all together. But I don’t think that happens with truncated playing time. And how ya gonna do that here? See, this is a problem. Without at least semi-regular playing time, maybe it never happens for him here. We’ll see.


    May 18, 2016 at 10:07 am

    • MB

      keep Arod as a platoon with Beltran or hope Beltran gets traded

      Hick’s development is more important then an occasional win or an occasional 2 or 3 game winning streak

      Focus should be on Castro Gregorius Hicks Romine Ref and Sanchez

      Tanaka Eovaldi Severino Betances Miller and keeping Chapman healthy until the deadline


      May 18, 2016 at 12:08 pm

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