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Yanks Beat the Triple A’s

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Torture Chamber

I’ve watched this NYY- Oakland game twice now and I still  can’t focus on this team, and that’s after a Win!.. It’s a terrible grind trying to make it through 6 innings until  the Three Kings enter for the last 9  outs

That  said, let’s re-visit that  fake playoff run… The Yanks have a good shot at  winning 3 of 4 in Oakland, in fact that’s a must win  scenario for Hal’s Pal’s

“Let’s be honest” the Oakland A’s under  the insidious Billy Beane are baseball’s version of Guantanamo Bay.. Every A’s player knows he’s in prison just showcasing their talent and hoping to get traded to  a real MLB team

Balk Don’t Run?

I’m not sure what  balk move Headley saw, but maybe that’s why he had a rough  April, bad eyesight? Gregorius keeps proving his baseball IQ just hasn’t caught up  to his exuberance yet  .. Beltran should day dream  about his next team while on the bench, not on the base paths

With Graveman on the ropes in the 6th inning, up  to  94 pitches, the Yanks could have blown this game open, and rested the Kings, but Headley was caught daydreaming and got picked off, Gregarious tried to  run the Yanks out of a big inning, thankfully Hicks picked them  up  with the RBI double

Headley singled to center. 1 1
Headley picked off first. 1 1
Ackley singled to center. 1 1
Gregorius singled to right, Ackley to third, Gregorius out stretching at second. 1 1
Hicks doubled to left, Ackley scored. 2 1
Rzepczynski relieved Graveman. 2 1
Ellsbury grounded out to first. 2 1

Girardi  is taking a lot of heat  for overusing the 3 Weapons of Mass Destruction relievers, but if the offense continues to spin it’s wheels and you wanna win close games, why on earth would you ever trust Eovaldi or Nova, two of the biggest  chicken heads in baseball  to hold the fort?

I guess if you were gonna try to  trust  them, leaving the consumate knuckleheads in vs two of the worst teams in baseball  the D-Backs and A’s would be the litmus test.. Then again, if you lose to  the D-Backs or the A’s, man you’re not only circling the drain , you’re already in the septic system on May 19th

It wasn’t until  the Yanks  broke it open in the 9th, but not enough to  call on Yates, that Chapman was brought in, and  things got a bit more comfortable..Despite both Betances and Chapman  giving up lead of knocks

Rodriguez relieved Axford. 2 1
Hicks grounded out to second. 2 1
Ellsbury grounded out to shortstop. 2 1
Gardner walked. 2 1
Beltrán homered to right (390 feet), Gardner scored. 4 1
McCann flied out to center.

If I’m  CashMan, I’d be looking to  beef up  the pen even more, as crazy as that  sounds, but you just can’t have starters pitching for 15 to  18  outs every night and create  the prolonged winning streak it would take to get back to  even a fake playoff run

Then again with Sonny Gray pitching tonight, maybe Girardi knows the 3 Kings get a night off? That  said, Gray hasn’t been  Vintage.. His last outing was a total beatdown mugging by the Red Sox, a team that  was starting to line up  their touted farm system in an effort to  trade for Gray

Thankfully Gray  spit the bit in front of owner John Henry and president Dave Dombrowski, so  the Jones for Gray has subsided, but if Gray  turns it around, Beane will get a huge haul  for him..

Gray is in only his 2nd yr of service time, 2017 will be his first  arbitration yr, so he has 4 yr’s of team  control.. If he starts to pitch like 2015 Gray, you’re looking at coughing up 3 of your top  prospects, plus a viable MLB ready player for him

the Whole 9

Food for Thought

It’s now in every team’s video library, once you get on base vs Betances, his mechanics are so  slow to  the plate, a decent baserunner can  be 3/4 of the way  to  2nd base before Betances’ pitch reaches the catcher

If you guess right, you run on one of those big breaking pitches and it’s an automatic RISP.. Of course the equalizer is Betances can be lethal and punch you out

In May Betances has pitched 8 innings, 6 hits, 2 runs, 3 BB’s, but 14 K’s

Are the Met Mutt’s on WFAN radio’s 10  o’clock  show   worried about Matt Harvey yet?

“Having Betances, Miller and Chapman in the seventh, eighth and ninth, we feel very good about winning the ballgame,” Beltran said.

Every night? Nova 62 pitches 6 innings, 4 hits, 1 run, Eovaldi 6 innings, 1 hit, 1 run, 85 pitches, and Joey Claps yanks them..

The metric stat that  proves pitchers start  to  turn into batting practice hurlers after 80 pitches seems to be a constant for Joey Binder

That’s fine, I’m all  for building this pitching staff  from the back to  the front, but  don’t fuck  around with your middle relief then….At least look for  another weapon in the bull pen.. Forget this  shuttle nonsense and these 4 A fill-ins you don’t have to pay.

Maybe add Severino  to  the pen once his fake injury is healed, he looks like a nice 1 or 2 inning weapon, at least until he figures out how to  pitch 6 or 7  “quality” innings

Brian McCann’s caught stealing was at 37% in 2014. He credited Gary Tuck with improving his throwing. NYY fired Tuck over the winter.

Katie Sharp @ktsharp

If Hal insists it’s the players not the coaches why did Kevin Long  and Gary  Tuck  get  shit canned?

Mikey Two Chins, wants the NYY to  give Nova an extension

FA pitching market is a wasteland this winter. Wonder if Nova would take 3/24 right now (Hughes money). Little risky, but NYY can afford it.

Or How about trade him at  the deadline if he looks like he’s turned it around, and you can get a decent return.. How many times has this guy  looked good for awhile then he resorts to being a chicken head..? I will  admit he looks like he has a hop in his step ever since Sabathia went down  and Severino spit the bit, but an  extension??? I’d back up  the truck….

.296/.345/.426 for Headley in May so far. 

Another sell  high  candidate

OK so  the Knicks hired Moscone’s future Ex -Wife’s father to  coach the team

Buy season’s ticket’s ‘Scone


Written by Sal

May 20, 2016 at 10:11 am

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  1. Girardi won’t have the Holy Smoke tonight, only 2 of them… If they do get to Sonny Gray they’ll need to figure out how to get to the 8th inning.. only 2 biggins tonight


    May 20, 2016 at 10:12 am

  2. Stayed up and watched till the 8th inning. Nov-uhrr had 62 pitches through 6! Why bring in Betances after 30+ the night before? Simple Jack said he needs starters to go deeper and scrub ass Eovoldi and Nova actually have decent pitch counts through 6 and they get pulled……..

    The base running yesterday was so fucking bad, they tried to give this one away. The only team dipshit graveman can get outs vs is the Yanks…..

    PS- looking forward to seeing Nova lose his spot in the rotation to Severino soon…

    Pretty Ricky

    May 20, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    • Hey Ricky good rundown 62 pitches might be a world record lol

      Let’s hope Severino and Nova are both rotation worthy

      We need to flip Nova and get a return
      Or we could use an extra starter to give Nibbles Tanaka an extra day


      May 20, 2016 at 12:59 pm

  3. Met mutts are delusional about Murphy

    Some caller just took their lunch mentioning what a versatile player he is

    2nd 3rd and 1st base not the best of on D, but still he can fake those spots on D and give you A+ offense

    With Wright cooked and Duda being Duda Murphy would look good in Flushing


    May 20, 2016 at 12:54 pm

  4. Big day for Francesa he gets built in drama thanks to Harvey

    Mikey kissed Harvey’s ass so much it was embarrassing

    The other day he picked Harvey to have a better career then Strasburg

    Today he drove the snow blower over him

    Franny acting like he’s gonna deliver breaking news on Harvey by talking to drunken Eddie C who hasn’t been to bed yet

    Mikey forgets any Harvey news will break on Twitter way before he gets an update
    And I don’t consider his mother in law as an inside Met source


    May 20, 2016 at 1:22 pm

  5. I see Knick Season Ducats in Bondsie’s future, men,,,


    May 20, 2016 at 10:08 pm

  6. Its a good thing they brought up Refsnyder to sit on the bench and guard the double bubble. Tex looks like he forgot how to play baseball.


    May 20, 2016 at 10:58 pm

    • Hey fellas

      Girardi is waiting on a LHP. Binder says only LHP for Ref

      At least we won’t have to worry about giving Tex another yr or 2

      be nice if he would start to hit can’t trade a dud

      Man it’s now official Sonny Gray has lost it
      Imagine if some team handed over 4 prospects got him

      One year ago today NYY put Ellsbury on the DL with a knee injury. He’s hit .239/.290/.352 in nearly 500 PA since


      May 20, 2016 at 11:23 pm

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