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Yanks Go 4 The Sweep

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Yanks Out  of the Cellar 

We finally got to  watch  the Bombers crawl out of the basement with a 5-1 win over the hapless A’s.. If Pineda can beat  Oakland today, MLB might need to investigate what’s going on with Billy Beane’s MLB Triple A farm team..

How come it’s always the visitors clubhouse bathrooms that  don’t work?

That  said, Oakland is on the schedule, their players cash MLB paychecks, and the Yanks have beat  them  3 straight, keep it going  fellas

Couple of Thoughts

Four decent outings in a row by Joey Claps starting rotation, can  the A’s be the cure all  for Pineda too?

I wonder what Refsynder is really thinking?

“My job’s to prepare and help the team out any way I can,” Refsnyder said. “That’s what I focus on every time.”

What he meant to  say  was: This friggin geek CashMan said I didn’t profile as a right fielder.. I was MVP of a College World Series playing right field you dork, not to mention  you have Captain Gardner already installed in a corner out field spot, I didn’t realize he was such a slugger!!

CashMan reminds me of music producer David Rubinson, who iconic jazz / fusion / funk drummer Mike Clark said, “Rubinson knows just  enough about drums to be dangerous”

Hopefully Refsynder gets a chance today, but the A’s are throwing Hahn a RHP, and I would be surprised if  Engineer Joe goes against the robot intel.. It Would have been fun to  see Rich Hill vs the Yanks, Ref would have gotten  a start, and Hill  would really be a test  for the offense

With ARod coming back Tuesday, Ref will most likely be a goner.. Ronnie the Jockey  Torreyes is a made man in Engineer Joe’s stable… The only other option is to banish Dustin Ackley, but there is no  first base back up…

Amazing how bad the first base production has been for poor CashMan

Texy: 191 .296 .284 .580 with  3 HR’s and 11 RBI’s

Ackley: .152 .273 .152 .425

If that  ain’t the worst in MLB, it ought to be, league average for first base offense is

.246 .322 .410 .732

The Yanks are  30th which is Last in MLB in hits for first baseman with 26,

Last in OPS .535 /  Last in Slg % .257 / Last in BA .171 / Last in RBI’s 12 / 28th in HR’s with  3

and 28th in OBP .278

Mind boggling

We touched on the Don B’s favorite RF / DH Carlos Beltran and how much value he brings as a DH, it’s night and day..I’m surprised CashMan hasn’t set up another hot date  for ARod with Anne Wojcicki.. The last time Alex got mixed up  with  this hot cougar, he came up lame running to first base the next day, and they  got rid of him for almost 3 weeks

Gotta say,  the girl  must have game between the sheets, or maybe it was just  a coincidence

Anyway Beltran  has been on fire

Making it easier to keep Rodriguez on the DL is how well Carlos Beltran is hitting. The switch-hitter, who had a run and RBI in Saturday’s 5-1 win over the Athletics, has been the DH in 11 of the 18 games Rodriguez has missed and is batting .356 (16-for-45) with three homers and 16 RBIs. In his past 13 games, Beltran is batting .340 (16-for-47) with 14 RBIs.

With Beltran as the DH, Girardi was playing Aaron Hicks in right field where he is a better defender than Beltran. Saturday, Girardi inserted Rob Refsnyder in right for the first time as a big leaguer.

“It makes sense to give [Rodriguez] a couple of extra days,’’ Girardi said. “He wouldn’t have played [Saturday] because he did so much [Friday, working out]. Really, you are weighing one day and one day gets you a couple of extra days.’’

The Yankees are 12-6 without Rodriguez, who, when he surfaces, will be hitting .194 (14-for-72) with five homers and 12 RBIs.

Mushnick Hammers Francesa

I have to  say his  Bill Simmons take was spot on, Pope Francy the Only was in rare form..Popesy dropped more names then Sammy the Bull

Fatso Colon got the business too from  the Mush… This POS dirt bag has two  families, but only pays  for one of them.. Stick  your dick in anything you want Dumbo, but don’t be a dead beat  with  the support

Yup,  saying I love you just before you cum has taken many a man  down, but lose the Alligator arms Bart

Hoisted On His Own Petard: Tuesday, Mike Francesa’s show was preempted for Daniel Murphy’s back-in-New York press conference. Murphy, despite Francesa’s repeated expert-based insistence that “he will never hit big league pitching,” was leading the majors, batting .400.

And when the press conference ended, Francesa lectured on the best way to pitch Murphy. He is such self-deluded, Grade-A serious fool!

Also last week, based on Franceca’s expert take on Phil Mickelson’s alleged insider stock deal — “Phil” is another of Francesa’s imaginary pals — Phil has little to worry about. Uh-oh, that means he will get the electric chair!

Incredibly, Francesa presented a financial seminar during which he claimed that because Mickelson may have only banked nearly a million bucks in alleged illegal gains, all he has to do is surrender that money. Sure. Why not write 100 times on the blackboard?

As for Bill Simmons, last week he indulged Francesa’s worsening megalomania for five hours. Francesa endlessly told him how great he is, how he has been everywhere, seen everything (and from the best seats), is tight with every big shot, and knows all — though he regrets turning down an invite to sign the Declaration of Independence.

Simmons should take care to avoid playing ball with Francesa, a voluntary exercise that places one’s credibility at risk.

Still, even from a week in which Francesa said NYCFC and the Red Bulls are the same team — as usual, he then made matters worse trying to baloney his way out of it — the best, as heard on RN’s Funhouse — the cure for all Francesa “lost tapes” — was his insistence to a caller that “I never called the Thunder awful.”

But in touting the Spurs to easily beat the Thunder — Thunder won in six — the Funhouse audio revealed this from Francesa: “The Thunder are awful.”


Written by Sal

May 22, 2016 at 8:59 am

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  1. It was a really good feeling to see Refsnyder hit one in the gap. He also lined out on a previous at bat.
    Who knows how he will turn out, but I do think that almost all other teams would have given him a fair shot
    to find out a long time ago. It’s not as if Headley has been Brooks Robinson on third, so find a spot for him for a couple of weeks at least.
    Sal–funny stuff by Mushnick and as a footnote, Mikey got the Preakness wrong yesterday as his 3 to 5 favorite finished third. We could all be millionaires just booking Mikey’s bets.


    May 22, 2016 at 9:47 am

    • Hey Noogsie, yes the Refsynder cameo was enjoyable, bummer he may go back… I was wondering who Mikey picked in the horse race, lol….What are we gonna do when he leaves…


      May 22, 2016 at 8:15 pm

  2. The A’s came into the stadium and swept the Yanks,now the tables have turned.They have no one in the lineup that scares you having given away all their good players to save money.They should be disbanded.
    Tex just looks like he is done,he simply cannot hit.He is incredibly stubborn and stupid for a college man,refuses to change his approach,so is headed below .200. Ackley is a Cashman favorite,he has had a hard on for him for years,even though he has repeatedly failed to produce for the Mariners and now the Yanks. He had 2 good weeks last year,so they re signed him. First base this season is as horrible as second base was last year,the people playing there suck. How can you figure out what they are doing to Refsnyder? It reminds me of how they fked up Joba,with the starting/relieving/rules. He was an outfielder in college,MVP and winner of college world series,so they made him a second baseman. We all know how they screwed him and yo -yo’d him last year. This season,he was playing third base-he ate a few balls in spring training.Then a couple of weeks ago,they moved him back to the outfield,where they also have Judge!!! Can anyone say WTF!!!!!! There is a reason they have had no good prospects since Cano-they are fkn morons!! Its not a coincidence they started winning when Arod vanished. Beltran got to dh,he started hitting and Hicks improved the outfield defense. I am sure they are excited about having Arod with his .194 ba coming back Tuesday. No rush getting him back.


    May 22, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    • Hey Big D, can’t argue with anything you’re saying, we have a room full of monkeys pushing the buttons lol

      Nice win today fellas, Pineda got through 6, Miller had some tough luck with the D letting him down, but 5 in row… Let’s see if Team Canada has rebounded from Odor pushing out Joey Bats


      May 22, 2016 at 8:17 pm

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