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Yanks Playoff Run Takes A Hit

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Six wins in a row against the 21-27 D-Backs, the  20-28 Oakland 4 A’s, and the last place  now 23-25 Toronto Canadians had Bomber fans giddy for about a week..

Who needs  ARod, watch out the 1971 Orioles starting rotation, here comes the 6 inning heroes  Tanaka, Sabathia, Pineda Eovaldi  and Nova, let’s extend Beltran maybe he’ll  wear  a Yankee cap when he goes into  the Hall of Fame, forget Jeter and Cano  we have Gregarious and Castro, and Ellsbury is back to his old 2011 self again!!!

Let’s not forget that speech Accountant Junior Steinbrenner gave his team via the media, it rivaled anything GMS ever fired off…That must be why the 2016 Yanks were ready to   become the millennials 1961 Bombers,  the best  team  since the 98 Bombers

Then came game 45 on the schedule, a decent starter  who  knows how to  pitch but wasn’t heading to  the DL like Sonny Gray was now standing in the way of a 7 game win  streak over a team stumbling to  find it’s lost identity

Marco Estrada was up  for the task against this CashMan juggernaut.. He was able to stop  the bleeding on a bases loaded no out 3rd inning rally by allowing only 1 cheap  run to  score on a force out.. Four Toronto pitchers held everybody in the Bomber line-up  but Romine, Gregorius and Headley  hitless

Forget all  that,  the real weapon of mass destruction that ended the Yankees 6 game winning streak was the evil Binder voice in Joey Day Care’s analytic skull that  whispered, “left hand batter, you must  call on left hand pitcher”, so  come on down Chicken Shreve

It didn’t take long, in fact it only took 3 batters before a  2 out 3-1 deficit morphed into a 7-1 Toronto  lead in the 7th inning

Shreve replaces Nova

Saunders homered to right (356 feet), Encarnación scored. 5 1
Smoak doubled to deep left. 5 1
Martin homered to right (391 feet), Smoak scored. 7 1

Nova wasn’t great,  but he had a  6.2 inning, 7 hit, 2 run, 107 pitch quality start under his belt until Joey DC pushed the red button.. 18 Shreve pitches later the game exploded into  a million pieces, Tater Shreve had once again imploded…

 Shreve said he  hung a couple of sliders, unfortunately it was a couple of sliders too many, in fact Shreve might need to hang his next couple of sliders at a SWB PA. zip  code

“Tonight I fell behind and my stuff wasn’t good,” Shreve said. “I hung a couple of sliders.”

A year ago, Shreve gave up 10 homers in 58.1 innings. The two HR’s he coughed up last night within 1 inning and 3 batters hiked this year’s total to 7 Taters in 19 innings..

Them’s Duck Quacking numbers CashMan, as the Justin Wilson trade continues to  haunt the Accountants at the Casino on Rivera Avenue.

We all know what Joey DC will  tell us,  “Shreve is a big part of our bull pen and we need to get him right”

The Bombers finally got to Estrada with  back to back HR’s  by  Headley and Gregorius in the bottom of the 7th  to make it 7-3.. After the 7th inning implosion, Shreve came back to  get the last out in the 7th, then  his next 2 batters in the 8th..

With 2 outs down by 4 runs and  Joey Bats coming up the Binder called on  a RHP Nick Goody, because that’s what  we do now in the Bronx, we analytically match up Right on right, left on left no matter what  the situation is…..

Goody was bad

Goody relieved Shreve. 7 3
Bautista walked. 7 3
Donaldson walked, Bautista to second. 7 3
Encarnación singled to left, Bautista scored, Donaldson to third. 8 3

At 8-3 it was over, at 7-3 it was over..

At 3-1 with the potential you’re gonna face one of the worst bull pens in baseball at some point, before Roberto Osuna comes in to close the 9th, the Yanks still had a shot to come from behind

I’m not sure how you prevent the crooked number that Canada hung on Joey DC’s underbelly relievers, that’s why they’re underbelly Shuttle pitchers, they’re susceptible to padding the oppositions stats

Probably if you want to  avoid using CashMan’s Clunkers, then you need to score more runs then  the other team before the 7th inning

Last night that  didn’t happen, so  the Yanks only spent one day as a .500 team, not to mention,  the ticket window for playoff ducats was once again closed for business.

Maybe they  can start a new streak today  before they hit the road  for 10  straight vs Tampa, Toronto, Detroit, and Baltimore..

By June 6th we might  know if our focus should be back on who to trade, and to  what team, and for how many prospects

ARod should be back tonight,  he’s been just murdering AA pitching…

I don’t know what  that means for the roster, Ref, it was nice to  see you cheering on the bench bro, hope to  see you again soon…

Teixeira is hurt, can’t hit, can’t play the field  for a few days but won’t be DL’d..

This is on CashMan  and his boss, hell, I wouldn’t DL Tex either,  the back  up  first baseman for 2 weeks and change would be  Dustin Ackley, or maybe Austin Romine.. At least we have Beltran back  to  doing what he loves best, playing right field like Fred Sanford on ice skates

Now we’re rockin

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

May 26, 2016 at 8:06 am

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  1. Kernan in the Post had an article that the Yanks are built backwards and its keeping them from winning-he is correct. I never saw how the team can win with its biggest stars in the bullpen-as long as the offense and starting pitchers are horrible. Didi is the teams leading hitter at .275-check out the averages of the sux.
    Tex had his usual injury,now starts the game of DL or Not. He needs to take his .195 ba to the dl and get
    his act together.The problem is they have no back up first baseman-Ackley has a frying pan for a glove and hits under .200. Maybe Refsnyder can play 1b,they have tried him everywhere else. They had won 6 in a row,can’t win them all. They can still win the series today before they hit the road again.


    May 26, 2016 at 9:50 am

    • Hey big D good run down

      I understand building from the back when your rotation sucks it worked for the Royals

      They did it because it’s a cheaper way to build a staff, especially if you can’t spend money on long term pitching contracts

      If Hal wants to take this status quo route then he needs to get two more pros who can handle the innings before the Biggins

      Or better pitchers that can hold scores where they are so the offense doesn’t just quit when the Shuttle 4 A pitcher’s implode which they do regularly

      Justin Wilson comes to mind

      Goody and Shreve are mops at best their sample size is big enough to tell what they are

      You can never have too much good pitching in the pen when your rotation is suspect

      Poor Beningo his fix for the Yanks back up 1st baseman is Beltran


      May 26, 2016 at 10:42 am

  2. I watched the game today,an advantage of being old.That said,it was like watching a rerun of a bad horror movie you had seen many times before. CC pitched very well,and as happened so many times to him,his defense let him down.He deserved to win,both runs he gave up were unearned but the offense on this team is pathetic. They have a hard time hitting lefties,especially JA Crapp who has their number.The only run they scored was on Castro’s homer in the first,the rest of the game was a waste of time. We have seen that many times,they score in the first then the offense vanishes. Beltran had a rough day,no contact,striking out 4 times. The announcers say GeniusJoe is trying to get Hicks more at bats-I ask why?
    He wears #31( Dave Winfield) but he hits like Mrs. Winfield. He is supposed to hit well vs lefties,whoever told them that lied.He hit a missile about 2 feet in front of the plate! He is batting a robust .198,is just another failed #1 draft pick(like Ackley) Cashman picked up from the dumpster and should have left him there. Let him prove me wrong. Arod came back to go 0-4-but he had a lot of company. The Yanks have no problem dumping and demoting relievers(Shreve is on the dl,some other lefty stiff brought up) but they
    are not putting Tex on the dl,playing short handed for who knows how long. Makes no sense,their offense
    is putrid to begin with. All the “excitement” of getting back to .500 is gone,now they are 2 under again,hitting the road. A very disappointing game,hard to watch. The Yanks released Slade Heathcott-for the 2nd time-he was on the dl,seems to not be able to stay healthy.He had a great moment with the homer that beat Tampa Bay last year, another wasted #1 draft pick.


    May 26, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    • great rundown thanks big D… At least Sabathia looks like he’s not stealing money, that’s a change.. hopefully he continues


      May 27, 2016 at 5:41 am

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